April 13, 2005

9:00 a.m.

Commissionersí Conference Room

APPROVED 10/12/05


Commissioner Anna Morrison presided with Commissioner Bill Dwyer, Bobby Green, Sr., Peter Sorenson and Faye Stewart present.County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




There will be an Executive Session prior to item 8.a.




Cindy Wise, Springfield, asked the Board for support for the OSU Lane County Extension Service in the upcoming budget process. She thought the Extension Service was one of the tax values for the dollar.She said the Extension Service is run with minimal staff and a volunteer base.


Patty Driscoll, Eugene, asked for support for the Extension Service during the budgeting process.She said she has been an OSU Master Gardner since 1993 and is the President of the Master Gardener Association.She said they teach gardening to people in Lane County.She noted that the grassroots garden was started by one master gardener in 1989 and is now part of the Food for Lane County garden program.She commented if the Board didnít support them, the Extension Service could not exist.












a. ORDER 05-4-13-1/In the Matter of Endorsing the Creation of a Community-Based Lane County Food Policy Council.


Morrison read the resolution into the record.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 05-4-13-1.


Dwyer MOVED, Stewart SECONDED.


Dwyer commented that he was concerned that the next step would be for the Council to come to the Board of Commissioners asking for money.†† He said the council needed to find the money.


VOTE: 5-0.




a. Legislative Committee Report


MOTION: to approve the recommendation of the committee.




Tony Bieda, Intergovernmental Relations Manager, reported that the bills that they continue to see of interest to the County pertain to access to public records and what costs they are going to ask to bear and how those fees are recovered.He added that other items deal with what would be considered part of the PERS system for purposes of police and fire benefits that are a higher level of benefit than general service employees.He said by adding work groups to police and fire benefits under PERS, they increase the cost of the benefits.He said there was legislation dealing with the recovery of court fees to help fund the law library.He noted there were bills in the legislature to create a statewide study of the sufficiency of court facilities and recommends something on how to fund them.He thought that a funding mechanism would include some claim on court filing fees.


Bieda said that HB 3309 is an issue that raises how cities and counties have the ability to impose real estate transfer fees.He said that HB 3353 deals with telecommunications on taxes and local jurisdictions being able to count on telecommunications as a potential revenue source and SB 153 pertains to fees for including materials in the statewide voter pamphlet.


VOTE: 5-0.


Bieda indicated that at Lane Countyís request they introduced bills this year to make the annual inspection discretionary instead of mandatory of non-county jail facilities by county commissioners.He noted that the senate bill had not moved.He anticipated that the bill would pass the House and would move to the Senate.




a. Announcements


Van Vactor announced that they were making process on the budget and on schedule for presentation on May 3.




a. ORDER 05-4-13-2/In the Matter of Designating a Tax Foreclosed Property, Approximately 80 Acres, Located in Glenada South of Florence as Parkland Pursuant to Lane Manual 21.4335(3) Located Outside of a Cityís Limits Within Lane County, Oregon.


Todd Winter, Parks, indicated that as a result of several meetings he and staff had attended giving consideration to the environment and the overall benefit of the County and the financial need of the affected departments, a tax foreclosed property has been selected for review by the Board.He added that the Board may by order designate and set the property aside as parkland.He noted the property is located south of Florence.He added that the property selected has been off the tax role since 2002 and the majority of the property has been described as a dune, with a forested area covering approximately 35% of the remaining property.He said that the proceeds from the sale of the property would provide funding for the divisionís consistent purpose with its intent to develop additional revenue sources.


Winter further added that subsequent change of ownership would place the property back on the tax roles and provide benefit to the County with additional funds being paid into the County general fund.He noted that no environmental issues appear to be present on the described property.He indicated an adjoining landowner has requested a portion of the tax foreclosed property be offered for sale as an area for a drainfield that would assist in the development of the property.He added that there exists a small 600-square-foot A-frame structure that is located on the property and that although the property was foreclosed upon, a citizen currently occupies the dwelling.He said they had discussed their option with County Counsel regarding the specific situation and they are confident they could rectify that.He added that on April 4 they were on the agenda for the Housing Policy Board, who reviewed the property and communicated no interest in the property.He said the Housing Policy Board knew of their actions today.


Winter recalled that Lane Manual 21.435 allows for designation of tax-foreclosed property as county parks and recreational areas.He said the property to be designated has completed those requirements set forth in the Lane Manual.He said the property is located outside of the corporate city limits and due consideration had been given to the environment.Heasked the Board for the tax-foreclosed property to be designated as parkland.


Jeff Turk, Management Services, noted that the statute requires that there be a public hearing before park property is alienated.


Sorenson commented that by the Board changing the status of the property from tax foreclosed status to park status that they are agreeing with all of the subsequent steps.He asked if this was to move it to a park status.


Winter said they would carry this foreword and come back with a recommendation to sell the property.He said they could always retain it as parkland.


Dwyer didnít want to offer this on the market as one piece of property.He wanted to see how they could maximize the amount of money that the public receives by subdividing the property into two parcels and having an appraisal done on each of the parcels to see what the relative value would be to the citizens of Lane County and to Parks.


Turk explained that the total ownership comprises 80 separate tax lots.


Stewart favored designating this as parkland and moving forward.He was also in favor of an appraisal and looking at the options and trying to maximize it for the citizens.


MOTION: to move to designate this as park land as part of ORDER 05-4-13-2.


Stewart MOVED, Green SECONDED.


Morrison commented that appraisal for her was important because there are issues that will impact the appraisal because of water and wetland issues.She asked what they were going to do with Mr. Warwick.


Kardell said they have had conversations with Warwick. He said they would need to file a suit in circuit court.He added that Winter discussed selling this property by quitclaiming it, indicating that Warwick is residing on the property, and letting them handle that aspect.


Winter thought the appraisal would take about six months and that Warwick could stay on the property.


Morrison reiterated that they wanted a full appraisal of the property and once they have the appraisal, they need to come back to the Board to get a decision on how to move forward regarding Mr. Warwick and about the disposal of the property.


Winter explained that once the property is designated as parkland, it becomes Parksí responsibility.


VOTE: 5-0.


b. ORDER 05-4-13-5/In the Matter of Appointing Members to a Region 2050 Farm and Forest Committee Task Force to Consider and Analyze Forestland and Agricultural Lands Under ORS 197.656(6).


Stephanie Schulz, Land Management, said they brought this item back for consideration by the Board.She said the last time she was before the Board, she was directed to develop a task force process, advertise vacancies for 30 days and bring the package back to the Board for consideration on appointments to the committee.She said there was an addition last week of Jim Johnson..She added that Johnson was added after the 30-day announcement was closed as he was out of the country.


Dwyer thought Jim Johnsonís application was submitted too late to be considered.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 05-4-13-5.


Dwyer MOVED, Stewart SECONDED.


Green asked if anyone in the group was a younger member.


Schulz indicated that was scheduled as part of the public outreach that will happen through this summer and into the fall where meetings and public forums are being set up in the small cities and Eugene and Springfield.She indicated there would be a session with younger people as part of the outreach and information to be gathered.


Morrison didnít support the motion.She wanted to be consistent with her opposition to Region 2050.


VOTE: 4-1 (Morrison dissenting).




A. Approval of Minutes:None.


B. Assessment and Taxation


1) ORDER 05-4-13-3/In the Matter of Approving Submission of the County Assessment Function Funding Assistance (CAFA) Grant Application to the Oregon Department of Revenue for FY 2005-06.


MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.


Dwyer MOVED, Stewart SECONDED.






a. ORDER 05-4-13-4/In the Matter of Creating a Classification and Salary Range for Medical Assistant 1.


Cindy Tofflemoyer, Management Services, explained that this is a request to create a flex series classification.She noted this was the entry level of the Medical Assistant they would be using in the Community Health Center.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 05-4-13-4.




VOTE: 5-0.




a. DISCUSSION/Board Goal Setting.


Stewart drafted three goals out of the goal direction they had from the previous meeting. He wanted to improve Lane Countyís financial condition.His goal was to decrease and eliminate the structural deficit.†† He wanted to limit the growth of expenses to four percent and increase the revenue to four percent.He said there was consensus to improve the quality of the facilities by building or improving the public health building by Spring 2008.With regard to reforming the criminal justice system by enhancing the public safety to restore public confidence, he came up with the goal to fund and improve the public safety system for the long term with the objective to establish a public safety district by November 2006.


Dwyer had concerns about the goals and how they were going to finance them.


Green thought they should look at the revenue side to balance the structural deficit.He thought they could go to a no-growth expense.He thought they could possibly sell the public health building.


With regard to the public health building, Morrison said she was in favor of selling it.She was also in favor of consolidating other buildings.She commented she wouldnít mind moving everything to the fairgrounds.She wanted to merge the FQHC with Public Health.


Sorenson was also in agreement of replacing the Public Health building.He suggested putting on the agenda:the objective of replacing the public health building.


Van Vactor recalled the Board adopted four strategic objectives in February.


Jennifer Inman, Budget Analyst, explained the Board had directed the management update timelines for the strategic objectives.She noted in the first priority strategic objective, there are certain activities that would get them to realistic objectives.She added much of the work would take place after the budget is completed.


Morrison thought if they built the public health building, it would have an impact on trying to increase revenues.She commented that until the public sees an effort by the Board to do something about the structural deficit, the voters would not give them anything.


Dwyer commented that the services the citizens like are the services they use.He asked how to convey to the people that all of the services are important.He asked how they generate compassion and understanding into a budget message with the point of being able to raise the adequate revenue necessary.With regard to the state office building, he suggested they send a letter to the governor outlining the process considering the state office building. He wanted to tell them they had 30 days. He said they should ask what their intentions were regarding the sale to the County.He added if they donít receive a positive affirmation that they would move on.


Green recommended contacting David Suchart first to see if he was working on it.


MOTION: to accept the three goals and work on trying to set objectives for the goals.


Stewart MOVED, Dwyer SECONDED.


Green suggested taking one goal to work with so they focus on one at a time instead of combining them.


Morrison agreed.


Sorenson agreed this was a good process.


VOTE: 5-0.


Morrison wanted to wait until after the Executive Session to decide on which ones they move forward with.She suggested doing it in agenda setting.








Stewart stated he had attended a LRAPA meeting yesterday.He indicated that LRAPA agreed to add two members, bringing the Board of Directors up to nine.He added that it was a mandatory process.He said due to population, they are entitled to another member.He said to comply with the agreement, they needed to have an odd number on the Board.He said they would add a member that is designated to be from Springfield to bring their Board to nine.He added there is a possibility that when the at-large position comes open, it would be revisited to make the Oakridge and Cottage Grove seats permanent on the Board.


Green distributed copies of the Health and Fitness First Step Healthy Movement Program.He noted that communities had tried to motivate as many people as they can to walk.He wanted Karen Artiaco to review this to see if it was something they could do at Lane County.


Morrison announced she would be attending the Secure Rural Schools Conference in Reno.


14. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

Per ORS 192.660 2 (e), 2(h) for the purpose of consulting with counsel on litigation.






There being no further business, Commissioner Morrison recessed the meeting at 12:00 p.m.



Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary