June 7, 2006

9:00 a.m.

Commissioners' Conference Room


Commissioner Bill Dwyer presided with Commissioners Bobby Green, Sr., Hugh Massengill, Barbara Moorehouse, Anna Morrison, and Faye Stewart present. Peter Sorenson was present via telephone.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.












a. ORDER 06-6-7-1H/In the Matter of Accepting an Oil Settlement Grant from the Oregon Department of Justice for Purchasing and Installing Solar Water Heating Systems for Low-Income Families in Eugene.


Craig Satein, HACSA, explained that this grant is from the Oregon Department of Justice as part of a settlement with the Duke v. El Paso federal court case.  He said it is allowing them to pursue a new program in conjunction with EWEB.  He indicated with the approval of the board order, they intend to work in collaboration with EWEB and install 75 solar water heating systems for low income EWEB households.  


Satein reported that after weatherization has been completed on a home, the water heating portion of the energy budget is more significant.  He said they would be able to work on that portion of their energy budget and they will install a solar water heating system.  He noted the solar water heating systems save on average 2,500 to 3,000 kilowatt hours annually.  He indicated that based on today’s rates with EWEB, it is equivalent to about $200 annually.  He said using a conservative four percent fuel escalation rate from EWEB, the value of the savings over the lifetime of the measure  (about 25 years) will amount to about $7,000 per family.  He indicated they are targeting families that have at least four people in the household that are owner occupied.  He stated it was a significant opportunity in the community.  He added there were other benefits in conjunction with this program including being beneficial to the environment.  He said the success of the program will serve as a project template for other community agencies throughout the state of Oregon.  He commented that HACSA and EWEB hope that this will lay a foundation in the community to offer solar water heating as a standard measure in their weatherization program.  He indicated they are starting in Eugene running the program for two years and they expect they would be able to offer this in other communities in Lane County.  He added that EPUD is also offering solar water heating programs and they hope to partner with them at some point in the future.


Satein explained that Attachment A (copy in file) demonstrated the budget they had prepared for the two years.  He indicated it is a combined budget.  He noted the oil settlement grant that the board order is about represents 74 percent of the entire project cost.  He stated that without the full support of EWEB, this project could not be possible.  He added that EWEB is also providing training for HACSA staff, solar workshops, and technical specifications.  He noted that each owner participant will be making a financial investment in the program.   


Moorehouse asked if the breakdown per home would be $150.


Satein said it was and that it was based on a survey that was sent out to 80 households.  He said they asked the customers to respond to the question on how much money they would be willing to contribute to receive the benefits of this program.  He added the customers will be able to see the energy savings the first year.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 06-6-7-1H.


Sorenson MOVED, Stewart SECONDED.


VOTE: 7-0.


4. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660






Jim McCoy, HACSA, recalled that last week in presenting the acquisition of the Norseman Village Apartments, he acknowledged the contribution of a local citizen in helping them complete that transaction.  He outlined other contributions that Clayton Walker had made to HACSA and to affordable housing.  The Board gave a certification of appreciation to Walker.


There being no further business, Commissioner Dwyer adjourned the meeting at 9:20 a.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary