December 2, 2009

1:30 p.m.

Harris Hall Main Floor

APPROVED 1/27/2010


Commissioner Peter Sorenson presided with Commissioner, Bill Fleenor, Rob Handy and Faye Stewart present. Bill Dwyer was excused.  County Administrator Jeff Spartz, County Counsel Liane Richardson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




f. ORDER 09-12-2-5/In the Matter of Referring to Election Changes to the Home Rule Charter and Directing that it be Placed in the Voters Pamphlet.


Sorenson said they have been working on charter amendment changes as a result of errors in the language.  He noted they are talking about making changes to the Lane County Charter that conform with statutory changes to the Oregon State Law that have not been changed since 1976.  He added that they discussed having a Lane County Charter Review Committee that will report to the Board after the completion of the Census.  He noted there are a series of elected officials’ compensation options.  He stated the Advisory Committee would be advisory to the Board of Commissioners.  He said the committee would make the decision on the elected officials’ compensation.  He added there would be the use of a cost of living adjustment to use the Consumer Price Index (up or down) for County elected officials and it would have a ten year sunset.  He noted the Public Hearing will be set for December 15 or 16.


Handy was satisfied with everything they worked on except for the three options for the commissioners’ compensation.


Richardson said she would bring back the base salary based upon the 3rd quarter Portland CPI.  She said if this passes, the compensation would be rolled back to December 31, 2009.  She added the second option is the Portland Metro CPI, but there is a sunset clause in ten years.  She noted the third option is an Elected Officials’ Compensation Board appointed by the County Administrator who doesn’t make recommendations; but the actual adjustments that are necessary.  She said the fourth option would now state that it would be the average of the Portland CPI over the last three years, the Social Security Index and any other options.  She said she would look into possibly combining as many of the technical changes as she can and bring them back to the Board.




a. SIXTH READING AND SETTING A SEVENTH READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/Ordinance No. PA 1249/In the Matter of Co-Adopting the Florence Comprehensive Plan, 'Realization 2020', Transportation System Plan, Wastewater and Water Facilities Plans, and Stormwater Master Plan for Application within the Florence Urban Growth Boundary, and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (File PA 08-5363; Applicant, City of Florence) (NBA & PM, 9/17/08, 10/1/08, 12/10/08, 4/8/09, 7/22/09).


b. FIFTH READING AND SETTING A SIXTH READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/Ordinance No. 7-08/In the Matter of Amending Chapter 10 of Lane Code to Revise and Add Provisions for the Interim Urbanizing Combining District (/U) Applicable Within The Florence Urban Growth Boundary (LC 10.122-10, 10.122-13, 10.122-14, 10.122-15, 10.122-30, 10.122-31) (File No. PA 08-5142, Florence) (NBA & PM 11/05/08; 12/10/08, 04/08/09, 7/22/09).


Sorenson stated that if people wanted to submit additional materials on either of the ordinances,  the Board would accept the information.  He asked if there has been interest in setting a Public Hearing.


Kent Howe, Land Management, responded that new information has been provided by the Florence staff and it is not part of the original ordinances.  He stated they could schedule a Public Hearing on the original ordinances or set another reading for February or March to allow for the language.  He said staff recommends leaving the record open and setting another hearing after the Florence City Council makes changes and after the Planning Commission has had a hearing.  He added then the Board could set a hearing that includes language adopted by the city council.


Stewart wanted a Public Hearing to listen to comments and people’s concerns.  He said if they wait for the city council, they will be at the same situation.  He wanted to hear the comments the public has sooner than later.  He wanted to have a stakeholder meeting with the city and different people to discuss the issue and then get a package they could move forward.


Fleenor offered to facilitate this with the mayor, but the mayor said they are going to try to work it out on their own.  He recommended that if they move to an Eighth Reading, that they move this to March.


Steve Vorhes, Assistant County Counsel, asked if the Board wanted a reading with the language that should be in the ordinances or a hearing on the possibilities.  He noted the city council is in the midst of taking action on changes of policy language and recommendations.  He indicated that the Planning Commission has not reached a recommendation on the proposal.  He recommended letting the Planning Commission come to a recommendation before a Public Hearing to get a better sense of the recommendation.


MOTION: to approve a Sixth Reading and setting a Seventh Reading and Public Hearing for Ordinance No. PA 1249, approve a Fifth Reading and setting a Sixth Reading and Public Hearing for Ordinance No. 7-08,.keeping the record open and conducting the hearings on February 17, 2010 at 1:30 p.m.


Fleenor MOVED, Handy SECONDED.


Howe asked if the Florence City Council takes action in December or January if the  Board would want them to schedule a Public Hearing with the Planning Commission or to delay it.


Fleenor thought they should schedule a Planning Commission hearing if it was possible.


Howe indicated that there was the possibility of the Planning Commission going to Florence for that Public Hearing.  He added if the city makes a recommendation, then they will pursue it.


VOTE: 4-0.




Handy reported that the Board is looking at a carbon sequestration policy in Lane County.  He recalled the Board supported the congressional delegation having carbon sequestration to generate revenue with the federal forests and private lands in a different way.


Stewart noted that they reviewed the NACo prescription plan at the AOC conference.  He asked if Spartz could review this again so the citizens in Lane County could join the plan.


Spartz was told the Attorney General didn’t like it and it was a big issue, but he will take another look at this.






12. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660


Per ORS 292.660(2)(h) for the purpose of discussing pending litigation.


There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson recessed the meeting into Executive Session at 2:40 p.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary