EPUD Board of Directors and Lane County Commissioners Meeting

September 15, 2009








President Jordan convened the meeting at 5:45 pm at the Emerald offices, 33733 Seavey Loop Road in Eugene. 




Attendance and Introductions


Directors:  Patti Chappel, Penny Jordan, Bruce Pilling, Katherine Schacht, and Bill Tanner. 

Commissioners:  Pete Sorenson, Rob Handy, Faye Stewart and Bill Fleenor

Lane County Staff:  Jeff Spartz, Patti Hansen, Dan Hurley, Andy Clark, Mike McKenzie-Barr, Marsha Miller, Don Strunk, Stewart Bolinger, Chad Hoffman

EPUD Staff:  Frank Lambe, Bill Wilson, Jim Theabolt, Coy Kratz, Pam Hewitt, Hillary McBride, Tiffany Collier, and Jaime Cranmer.

Guests:  Martin Hopkins, Peterson Power Systems; Gene Wong, DEQ









Hanson introduced the goal of today’s meeting as preliminary discussions between Lane County and EPUD with possible long range planning for Short Mountain Landfill.


Dan Hurley gave a presentation on the vision for the Short Mountain Energy Park.  Five projects were presented:  upgrade of landfill gas combustion engines, hydroponic greenhouse utilizing the waste heat, solar array, anaerobic digester, leachate evaporation. A group of Lane County staff and EPUD staff visited Burlington, PA, where a park like this has been in existence for about three years. 


Schacht commented that funding mechanisms were presented and asked how it would be seen going forward between the two.  Lambe said that funding could be done with a private investor, grants and incentives.  Chappel asked about the current wish list.  Hurley said the first issue would be to get the building moved and the new engines installed.  Also on the same timeline is the solar.  The developer could get a cash grant for the solar installation.  Hanson says they plan to prepare a packet for the County Board for their consideration for Phase One, which is the building.


Sorenson asked for more accurate and realistic numbers, sharing of the costs and providing a breakdown of the costs.  Hanson responded that moving the building would be step one. Hanson would come back to Board of Commissioners on the costs of the EPUD relocation.  Schacht asked about the large figures and why the costs belong to EPUD.  Lambe responded that we need to look for an investor and that we need to look for incentives and tax advantages to get the costs down.  If we can move the generators then we have to make a commitment to upgrade. Stewart thanked everyone for the proposal and presentation.  Stewart asked if there was a market for the leachate, and Hurley responded no. Stewart said he would really like to do this as a true partnership, with equal benefits.  Fleenor stated that this is a moment in time and we know we have benefited from the EPUD and Lane County partnership.  He added that we are at a new starting point, allow creativity and opportunity. Handy was glad that we are having the meeting and sees a lot of opportunity and hopes to collaborate moving forward. 


Spartz stated the current contract is 23 years old and needs updating.  Currently, there is no exit clause for the County and that is in violation legally. Thinks that we need a new agreement and contract moving forward.


Sorenson asked what needs to be done to take advantage of this closing window.  Hurley stated that we need to move the building.  It was already planned in the contract that a move would be needed.  EPUD took risk, but also took on management over the past twenty years.  It is a good partnership.  Hurley would like a Memorandum of Understanding signed to open up the contract for review.


Sorenson asked what can we do to jump start this moving forward.  Lambe suggests that we look at the contract and move forward, does not want to set the expectation that we start over.  Schacht appreciates Lane County, and noted that EPUD has saved the county money by burning the methane. There is a lot of goodwill from EPUD.  Fleenor stated the contract was appropriate and would like to move forward and expand the existing contract.  Would like to see that the risks and benefits are shared.  Chappel stated that we are showing we are interested and do want to move forward. The EPUD Board has agreed to the MOU.


Spartz asked about the timeline.  Wilson would like to have the yes or no on the building by the end of this month and generators running by the end of October 2010.


Hanson would like to form a committee of Lane County Waste Management staff, EPUD staff, and legal to move forward. Fleenor suggested a couple of elected officials should also be on the committee. Theabolt asked what the annual estimate of value to the County would be without us out there.  Hurley stated two full time employees, piping, and wells.  Schacht said that the EPUD Board is fully  involved, with frequent progress reports on the project.  Stewart said that EPUD has been a leader in experimenting; he is suggesting a partnership of the entire project, not just the electric piece.  Showcase a partnership of how we function and the cutting edge of new technology.


Lambe said we are part of this County and this would be a great deal for the community.  Handy doesn’t want to miss an opportunity because there is tax incentives now; hopes to move forward with timely energy.  Handy appreciated the meeting and had really been looking forward to it.  Hanson was glad to get everyone together to get this rolling.










The Board meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm.


Minutes prepared by Jaime Cranmer, Acting Board Secretary.