September 29, 2009

2:30 p.m.

McKenzie Village Community Room

300 W. Fairview Drive, Springfield

APPROVED 11/4/09


Commissioner Pete Sorenson presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Bill Fleenor, Rob Handy, Joe Inman and DeWanda McKinley and Faye Stewart present.  Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer was also present.








C.J. Mann, Springfield, stated that she is the president of the local bargaining unit.  She said she has been employed by HACSA for 25 years.  She indicated that past administration had to deal with work place stress.  She stated there is too much work and workers put in extra hours because of the workload.


Lana Blair, Eugene, said she was upset recently during the contract negotiations.  She said they thought they were being held hostage with negotiations.  She commented that things are not the same and they are not feeling connected with the union or agency.  She wanted the Board to be aware the negotiations contributed to low morale.


Gary Shankle, stated the ARRA grant will help.  He said it will provide for more employment opportunities and will help with the unemployment rate as they will be able to put contractors to work.


Beth Ellike, said she has been an employee of  HACSA  for over 26 years.  She said she was interested in the continued success of the agency and the employee/employer relationship.  She added that as what has been done in the past, she requested the HACSA board include employees as part of the group to hire the Executive Director.  She thought it would set an example of good will between the parties.


Jane Griffin, Veneta, said she is impressed by the good work of the agency.  She noted that during contract negotiations the unions assured a three percent cost of living raise then two months later management was given a five percent cost of living raise plus three percent for contract negotiations.  She was offended by the administered line staff needs and morale.  She hoped the Board would address that.


Jennifer Larson, Springfield, commented that with the ARRA money the increased FTE doesn’t help the rest of the agency with the Section 8 program.  She indicated that was where they lost employees and administrative employees. She added that they gained FTE’s but not in the right department that needed the actual help as people leave or retire.


Robai Ellis, Eugene, said while viewing the webcast there didn’t seem to be a good relationship between the commissioners and HACSA.  She commented that it seemed the Board was friendlier in person than on T.V.  She said the Board’s demeanor is perceived as not friendly.  She noted that Chris Todis, past Executive Director recommended Larry Abel be the new Executive Director.  She added that there was a survey of employees to see how they felt.  She said some people wanted Larry Abel to remain because they had a transition with HUD funding and bringing in someone new who doesn’t understand the agency would be difficult to transition into. She said that HACSA is a good place to work.  She added that everyone is family oriented and they take pride in what they do.


Judith Pothier, Springfield, commented that they have a good  HACSA agency and leadership.  She added that Larry Abel is capable and an important part of the program. She said if she were still a commissioner she would say to continue with the strength of the agency and to be more personally involved in what is going on.  She said it is important what they are doing with HACSA, as it touches people’s lives.  She hoped the Board would look at the residents and the overall budget.




Stewart commented that HACSA provides critical services to the citizens.  He said he appreciated the services they provide the public.  He understood the work loads are high to keep everyone served.  He said he is grateful for what they have done to keep people their number one priority.  With regard to hiring a full time director, he supported having an employee on the interview panel to make sure the candidate is a good fit.


Handy heard there is interest in the success of the employee and employer relationship.  He said they need for everyone to get on the same page with the relationship between HACSA and the Board.   He advocated with the Board and the resident commissioners that in the hiring process they expand the possibilities for how they are looking at their pool of applicants.  He was interested in the labor union and he wanted to be involved.


Sorenson favored having a bargaining unit member involved in the process.  He wanted to keep having these meetings and hoped the new Board chair will make it possible so their meetings are not so infrequent.  With regard to labor management, he commented that the public is not aware of what is going on between HACSA, the residents and the Board.  He indicated that they need to have more outreach at other locations throughout the county.  He said he will pledge to come to bargaining union meetings.  He added that he has met with bargaining units representing County employees from other unions.


Fleenor commented that getting positive feedback is about building trust.    He said the Board is trying to do the best they can under tough conditions.  He said they have to work together to communicate, educate and cooperate.


Dwyer said he strives for home ownership so people can become self-sufficient and it gives them a piece of the dream.


McKinley hoped to meet with HACSA again to hear everyone’s concerns.


Inman said they need more communication between the  Board members and residents.  He added that it was an opportunity to listen and learn.




a. ORDER 09-9-29-1H/In the Matter of Adopting the 2009-2010 Budget and Making Appropriations.


Larry Abel, HACSA, reported the fiscal year ends on September 30.  He said they need to adopt a new budget for the next fiscal year.  He indicated the budget is $29,655,000.  He noted a big portion is Section 8 Housing assistance from the HUD agency to private landlords.  He indicated that the total was the same as last year. He said they added 5 FTE positions due to the stimulus funding.  He added that one position will be a new capital fund person and the other four will be in weatherization.  He indicated that the budget is balanced.  He added that they don’t know the HUD funding for next year.  He said both the house and senate have approved budgets.  He indicated that they prepared the budget as conservatively as possible.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 09-9-29-1.




VOTE: 7-0.




b. ORDER 09-9-29-2H/In the Matter of Approving the Public Housing Operating Budget for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2010. (Larry Abel, Interim Director)


Abel explained that the public housing operating budget is included in the HACSA agency budget.  He said because of the mandate, HUD requires a separate budget for asset management and office costs.


Laurie Larson, HACSA, said she guessed the pro ration is at 95 percent.  She said the budget is for administration expenses to run the agency.  She added the expenses have decreased due a retirement and a laid off supervisor.  She indicated that everything is balanced.


MOTION: to approve 09-9-29-2H.




VOTE: 7-0.





a. ORDER 09-9-29-3H/In the Matter of Accepting a Bid and Awarding Contract #09-C-0044 for the Parking Area Improvements. (Dorothy Cummings, Administrative Services Supervisor)


b. ORDER 09-9-29-4H/In the Matter of Accepting a Proposal and Awarding Contract #09-P-0061 for Banking Services and Authorizing the Acting Executive Director to Designate Individuals to Sign Checks and Other Commercial Paper on Behalf of the Agency.


c. ORDER 09-9-29-5H/In the Matter of Amending the Agency's Procurement Policy.


d. Approval of Minutes:

July 21, 2009, HACSA, 9:00 a.m.


MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.


Fleenor MOVED, Handy SECONDED.


Dorothy Cummings, HACSA, explained that with regard to the ARRA grant, HACSA was awarded one of the competitive grants.    She added that HACSA was the only agency awarded the grant outside of Portland.  She indicated it is an energy grant update.


VOTE: 7-0.




There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson recessed the meeting at 5:00 p.m.



Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary