July 14, 2010
9:00 a.m.
Harris Hall Main Floor
APPROVED 12-15-2010

Commissioner  Bill Fleenor presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Rob Handy, Joe Inman, Judith Pothier and Pete Sorenson present. Faye Stewart was excused.  County Administrator Jeff Spartz, County Counsel Liane Richardson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.








a. REPORT/Review of Audit Report.

Larry Abel, HACSA, reported the audit report is dated June 24 and that was late for them.  He reported their fiscal year ends September 30 and for the past two years they have had trouble with HUDís real estate assessment center.  He said they have to file their financial statements electronically.  He said they have had a hard time adjusting to the asset management switch.  He said it took them a long time to accept their financials.  He indicated that there are no findings in the report.

b. DISCUSSION/HACSA's plans to institute a No Smoking Policy in its Agency-Owned Housing Programs.

Chuck Hauk, HACSA, indicated that this item has been a long term discussion.  He stated that they want to prevent damage to public property and to prevent second hand smoke.  He said that HUD put a notice out at all public housing authorities strongly encouraging them to go smoke free.  He stated that they get constant complaints from their residents about smoke infiltration and while they do the best to seal up the units, it is impossible to prevent the smoke coming from an adjoining unit.  He reported they spent $1,600 on turning over a unit where a smoker had lived.  He indicated that they sent out a survey and they received a 57 percent return.  He reported that the support is for not having smoking in the units.  He said they are looking at prohibiting smoking  in the units and having a buffer zone.  He wanted a ten foot buffer zone.  He wasnít going to 25 feet because he needs a policy consistent among all of their housing.  He added that given the geographical configurations, he wants  a policy that meets the two agendas without damaging the property and without bothering no-smokers and that could be enforceable.  He noted that 13 housing authorities in  Oregon have already gone non-smoking.  He said they will be attending resident meetings and discussing this with the residents.  He said they will give a several month advance warning on this and then they would have people sign a lease addendum stating that the non-smoking policy had gone into effect. 

Pothier said she has had positive response from the residents from smokers and non-smokers.  She said most people are for a no smoking policy.

Inman commented that a few residents think it is an infringement on their lifestyle and they should be allowed to smoke.

Hauk stated they are not interested in stopping people from smoking.

Fleenor indicted that there is a green light from the board to proceed with this.

c. ORDER 10-7-14 -1H /Authorizing the Executive Director to begin a Strategic Planning Process.

Abel reported that he has hired Stan Biles as a consultant to help with their Strategic Plan.  He indicated that they needed a succession plan and in order to determine the skills and abilities of people to be replaced, they need to know where the agency was going to be in the next several years.

Stan Biles, Consultant, distributed a memo that outlines the process.  (Copy in file).  He said they are working on a modest process in time and resources.   He said they will determine a tentative list of goals that will drive the organization over the next five years.  He said the goals will be measureable and specific.  He added that the next step will be to develop a detailed schedule until mid-December.

Dwyer asked what the cost will be for preliminary planning.

Abel responded that it will not exceed $10,000.

Fleenor stated that he wants a flexible organization as they move forward.  He said the core is to be able to adapt to a changing world.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 10-7-14-1H.


VOTE: 6-0.


a. Approval of Minutes:
March 17, 2010, 9:00 a.m.
June 9, 2010, 9:00 a.m.

b. ORDER 10-7-14 -2H /Approving the Submission of the Annual Agency Plan for the Fiscal Year Beginning October 1, 2010.

c. ORDER 10-7-14-3H/Accepting a Bid and Awarding a Contract for the Installation of Single-Ply TPO Insulated Roofing Systems, Weatherization of Homes Project, 10-R-0059.

d. ORDER 10-7-14-4H/Authorizing the Executive Director to Apply for and Receive Funds, Not to Exceed $1,200,000, from the State of Oregon, Addictions and Mental Health Division for the Remodel of the Heeran Center.

MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.

Dwyer MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 6-0.

There being no further business, Commissioner Fleenor adjourned the meeting at 9:45 a.m. 

Melissa Zimmer
Recording Secretary