June 15, 2010
9:00 a.m.
Harris Hall Main Floor
APPROVED 6/8/2011

Commissioner Bill Fleenor presided with Commissioners Rob Handy, Pete Sorenson and Faye Stewart present. Bill Dwyer was excused.  County Administrator Jeff Spartz, County Counsel Liane Richardson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.


For Consent Calendar tomorrow, 5C2, permanently pulled and for tomorrow under 8A is pulled to a later time, 9A is also pulled to a later time.


Ken Evans, Eugene, owner of the Eugene General Hockey Team and Ice Sports Foundation stated that the Ice Sports Foundation is speaking on behalf of all ice sports groups.  He indicated that they were looking forward to the Ice Rink reopening in August.  He noted a report hasnít been presented on the Ice Center, but pending the discussion, the Ice Center wants to continuing discussions with the Board and staff on operations and methods to cooperate in a development with uses and revenue to allow the Ice Center to become income positive.

Jim Gillette Eugene, indicated that he will present Stewart with a settlement letter tomorrow on the current court case.  He indicated the reason he filed another action was because they were at a deadline and he would have lost the case.  He stated there was no evidence that anyone was living in a mobile home on his property. He asked that the Board show him evidence that he was wrong with this case and he will pay the fine.  He stated that he was willing to settle because it was affecting his health.


Sorenson said that Gillette comes to Board meeting and he says the Board doesnít listen to him.  He stated that they listen to him. He said that Gillette has filed a court case against Lane County and they are defending the case.  He said if Gillette wants to make legal statements he should make them in Court.  He added if he wants to make an out of court settlement, to write it up and send it and the commissioners and they will read it.




a. PRESENTATION/Working for You Video, MLK Center: ďOpportunities for Success.Ē

Fleenor wanted to see a one year hiatus on the Working for You Videos because they are going through difficult economic times and next year they will have a $10.5 million hole they will have to fill. He commented that some things will have to give.


DISCUSSION/Financial Report Citizen Committee.

Keith Stanton, Florence, gave a report on a Financial Report Citizen Committee. (Copy in file).

Moody discussed the costs from Stantonís recommendation.

Mike Barnhart, Finance, commented that because of the complexity and requirements for this, most people would have to have a CPA to work on this.  He added that they have rules and statistics.  He thought it would be difficult to try to narrow down the documents that Stanton noted.

Moody stated what concerned her the most was the verification of anything that is prepared.  She said they are audited and the reports are checked by the auditor.  She was concerned about the committee coming up with a report that has an error in it and conflicts with the staff report recommendation.

Barnhart said it is implied that the information is from the CAFR report that was audited.

Richardson said it was recommended that this committee could take on the task that was historically performed by employees.  She stated that it canít be done.  She said they canít replace employees with volunteers as they would be in violation of labor laws.  She said it was noted they could do meetings by Skype.  She stated that unless they could hold a public meeting where everyone could log on, they canít do it.  This is a public committee and people need to be able to attend the meeting. She said the costs were wrong, as they needed more support staff.  She heard comments about citizens not trusting County employees.  She didnít think that would help.  She said the argument for having a committee is that they can come up with ideas to make their budget more transparent to the citizens, but there is currently nothing that prohibits the citizens from doing that.  She stated that she heard nothing in the presentation that gives them added benefit, but she heard issues that concerned her.

Spartz said there would be more interaction needed with citizen committee and staff.  He said that Stanton refers to smoking mirrors and massaging numbers.  He said Stanton suggested the County is not doing things correct.  He asked Stanton to get that information to him.  He wanted the specifics.

Bolinger said there is an audit charter and it puts him the position to detect inaccuracies. He has been given access to records and personnel and that is part of the control to ensure accuracy.  He indicated that the Budget is in compliance and no member of an organization is in a position to second guess his pursuit of what is best from a control standpoint.

Handy encouraged public involvement.  He asked Stanton that if he has any information that it be given to the Board.

Moody commented that they are always looking for ideas to improve things.  She recalled that last year they had County College for citizens to learn about Lane County.  She indicated that there is a Finance and Audit Committee that reviews quarterly reports and they are watching the budget.  She noted that they have a document that shows every fee the County charges.  She indicated that she is working on the website and why they have to do things a certain way.  She added that they have received awards for their budget.

Stewart wanted more information from staff.  He wanted to come up with a summary that was clearer.  He was hesitant knowing where they are headed financially to have another committee with staff doing extra work.  He asked Barnhart what it would take in time and cost to create a PAFR from the CAFR.  He didnít want to have a financial report committee as how it has been laid out.  He added they have Moss Adams do an extensive review and audit of the Countyís books and they give a yearly presentation.  He thought the information they present could be included in a budget summary.  He wanted to see if they could make a clearer path for the citizens.

Sorenson wanted comparative information from other counties.  He wanted to know about the counties that were already doing this.

Barnhart indicated that a CAFR they do is not required, it is voluntary.

Sorenson asked what Stanton wanted this committee to do.

Stanton responded that he wanted the raw County records to be available.  He said he has a vision that the government becomes an open government of the people, not a government of the staff.  He thought with the cuts in the budget that this committee could do extra work.

Fleenor wanted to find out how many other counties have a PAFR.

Moody indicated that it is not something that is prepared by the citizens; it is information to the citizens.  She noted they would be looking at the costs of staff time.  She said it is more important dealing with Oregon budget law instead of what other counties and states were doing.

Barnhart noted that the city of West Linn is the only city that has a PAFR.  He added that no other county in Oregon does this.

Sorenson wanted to get a PAFR associated into this.  He wanted more information on the topic.  He wanted Stanton to send the Board an e-mail with the approximate costs for creating a PAFR either internally or by professionals or by a citizen group.

Stanton said he designed this to minimize the cost to staff and to the financial department.  He stated that the County doesnít have the money to do this and he thought volunteers and organized citizen groups should do the report.

Moody was concerned about the financial impact this would have on the County.

Spartz thought that it is important for the CAFR and PAFR to be consistent back and forth between documents.  He added if they end up with contradictions that there would be problems.  He said that staff has concerns about two different groups of people preparing important documents.

Fleenor wanted to see what was internally consistent.  He wanted a board order or a sense of what the Board was trying to get to and the amount of time and resources.  He didnít want to spend more than ten hours or less than 15 minutes.

Bolinger said he can work on this.

Fleenor wanted Bolinger to communicate with Stanton and ask Stanton about his thinking.


a. PUBLIC HEARING, POSSIBLE ACTION AND ORDER 10-6-15-1/In the Matter of Naming a Courtroom in the Department of Youth Services Building in the Honor of the Honorable Kip Leonard.

Lisa Smith, Department of Youth Services, asked the Board for Courtroom 2 in the Department of Youth Services courtroom be named in honor of the Honorable Kip Leonard.  She reported that he has served 15 years as a family Court Judge.  She indicated that this was brought to her by citizens in the community.  She added that a petition was put together and donations have been collected that will more than pay for the signage. She indicated that it will not involve Department of Youth Services or taxpayer dollars.

Commissioner Bill Fleenor opened the Public Hearing.

Bill Furtick, Eugene, stated that he retired last fall after 34 years as an employee in the juvenile system.  He commented that Lane County has a unique juvenile justice system that is more directed to making things better than any other system in the state.  He stated that the key has been Kip Leonard for his innovation and running the courtroom.  He recommended that they name the courtroom after Leonard.

John Aarons, Eugene, said that he has worked at Department of Youth Services since 1979.  He thanked Kip Leonard and his family.  He commented that Leonard brought a refreshing viewpoint of parenting.  He was in support of the naming.

Glen Martz, Eugene, reported that he retired after 36 years in public education.  He said as a principal he worked with Judge Leonard.  He indicated that Leonard has dealt with challenging students but he was always caring.  He asked the Board to name Courtroom 2 in his honor.

Viriam Khalsa, was in favor of the courtroom being named for Leonard.  He said he worked with Leonard all the years he was at Juvenile Court.  He commented that families of Lane County youth have no better friend than Kip Leonard.  He stated that Leonard was one of the finest social workers he has ever met in taking care of the needs of families and healing families.  He thought  this was the least they could do.

Lynne Schroeder, said she is an employee at Department of Youth Services.  She indicated that they have  a Juvenile Justice Department because of Kip Leonard.  She added the way Leonard works with other people to inform the community about the vision of the campus is the reason why they have the campus.  She was honored to speak on behalf of naming the Courtroom 2 for Kip Leonard.

Grace Serbu, commented that it is easy to honor Kip Leonard and she lends her support for the Courtroom.

Pam Paschke, Eugene, said that she has worked with Kip Leonard for the past 12 years as a juvenile councilor working in the RAP Court Program.  She went to many trainings and one thing that stuck out is the dedication that Leonard put into the program.

Terri Fraser, Springfield, asked the Board to dedicate Courtroom 2 for Kip Leonard.  She noted that countless examples of kids who come in to Court come back to thank Leonard.  She thought the community should give back and honor him with naming Courtroom 2 for Kip Leonard.

There being no one else signed up to speak, Commissioner Fleenor closed the Public  Hearing.

Leonard thanked everyone for their support

MOTION:  to approve ORDER 10-6-15-1.

Handy MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-0.



There being no further business, Commissioner Fleenor recessed the meeting at 11:55 a.m.

Melissa Zimmer
Recording Secretary