May 13, 2010
1:30 p.m.
Harris Hall Main Floor
APPROVED 5-3-2011

Chair Alice Kasberg presided with Budget Committee Members:  Scott Bartlett, Bill Fleenor, Rob  Handy, Denis Hijmans, Cindy Land, Peter Sorenson, Faye Stewart and Rose Wilde present. Bill Dwyer was excused.  County Administrator Jeff Spartz, County Counsel Liane Richardson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.

I.  Public Comment

Kellie DeVore, CASA,  Cottage Grove , said she is the Chair of the Board of CASA, Lane County . She explained that they provide services to youth zero to 18 and have an open case with child welfare. She said for the Department of Children and Families for 2010/2011 the proposal that CASA and Relief Nursery have put forward is for $100,000 to share between the agencies.  She added this proposal is preventing the loss of vital services to children and families in Lane County.  She appreciated the County supported childhood prevention, as they are now facing a challenging economic climate.  She commented that it is time of economic stress where children suffer the most and become the victims of abuse and neglect.  She said the proposal submitted is to create a glide path for the programs to remain solvent through the next several years as they work their way out of the economic condition.   She said they have to do everything they can to support families and to prevent child abuse.  She said they can pledge to get the children out of the system as soon as possible and their request for the funds will let them accomplish the goals for children in Lane County.

Lori Bass, President, Board of Relief Nursery, Cottage Grove , said they must do everything they can from preventing children from getting into the system.  She noted during stressful times children become the unintended victims and it is their intent to serve those children and their families.   She noted the state has invested in CASA and Relief Nurseries as they think they are good organizations now and into the future.

Susan Kauble, Eugene , President, Eugene Relief Nursery, said she is an advocate for children.  She said they have a unique situation in the collaboration with CASA.  She said because of they way they are organized, they have the opportunity to hedge their dollars.  She committed that if the Board is to award additional dollars, they will pledge to match those dollars with donations from committed partners in the community and from grants.

Steve Sieczkowski, Eugene , thanked the Board for adding back 84 jail beds last year.  He noted the capacity based releases was reduced by 33 percent.  He added there have been no pretrial offenders being released.  He noted the number of sentenced offenders being released due to over capacity has decreased by 24 percent since the 84 bed addition.  He said failure to appear is approving.  He reported capacity based releases per day is down 8.3 percent from 12.54.  He noted since the opening of the 84 jail beds there have been  no violent offenders that have been released.  He said they have a need for Public Safety but he canít see how they can have a $2 million cut with a $500,000 add.  He didnít think the money could come from Public Safety as they are doing what they can with what they have.

Greg Rice, said he came last year asking to give money to Public Safety and the Board did and he thanked them.  He asked the Board to leave them status quo.

Kathy Brodkorb, Eugene , thanked the Board for funding the 84 jail beds this past year.  She asked for no cuts in the Sheriffís Department or for Public Safety.  She asked if they could go status quo.

Robin Roberts, Springfield, said she is with the McKenzie Family Resource Center.  She thanked the Board for their support of the Department of  Children and Families and their prevention programs.  She said they support strong families within the communities.  She said they have been able to leverage the funds with the Department of Children and Families for other grants and contracts providing employment for ten people in the community.  She noted no other services like the McKenzie Family Resource Center are available in their community.  She commented that they are a lifeline to families and she hoped they could count on the Boardís continued support.

Katie Barr, Eugene, Executive Director, Patrick McCurdy Education Foundation and they mentor in the Pleasant Hill and South Lane School Districts .  She said last year they were able to match their program with the Family Centers in Pleasant Hill and the South Lane School Districts that has become a pilot program in the state.  She said they provide support for 133 families.  She asked that they can continue to provide services.

Lezlee Craven, Cottage Grove , said she works for Looking Glass Rural Program.  She thanked the Board for their support over the past year.  She said they have been able to offer services for 61 youth since July 2009.  She said they are building collaborations in the County.  She added that because of the Boardís support they have been able to assist with families having food and a place to live.  She asked the Board to continue the runaway and homeless youth services.

Anna Hejinian, Eugene , said she is a hockey mom. She told stories about the Ice Center . 

Jeannie Selker, Eugene , stated that she is passionate about ice skating.  She said the Ice Center provides a unique form of recreation.  She added that the taxpayers paid to build it.  She noted there are 25 different zip codes that come to public session.  She added that there are people who also came from nine countries.

Chloe Hays, Eugene, said she is a sophomore at South Eugene High School .  She commented  that she has seen growth in people from ice skating.  She said that hockey helps to make it happen.

Kelly Hays, Eugene, said she plays on the Eugene Extreme Hockey Team.  She noted that coaches coach a hockey team for disabled people.   She commented that in Lane County the Ice Center is supporting special athletes.  She presented the Board with a poster.

Todd Miller, Eugene , thanked the Board for the Ice Center .  He said he and his kids speed skate.  He added that the Ice Center is valued by a lot of people in the community.  He commented that the Ice Center will pay dividends to the community.

Clare Davis, Eugene, thanked the Board for the $100,000 from last year to help mitigate the cuts from the state that Healthy Start had received.  She noted the critical home visiting program serves highly stressed homes.

Minalee Saks, Eugene, thanked the Board for the funding for prevention and asked for the Board to do it again.  She commented that there is a level of stress and vulnerability with the families.

Chuck Hardy, Eugene, thanked the committee for last yearís budget.  He encouraged the status quo budget and to provide funding and to help maintain effective law enforcement.

Keith McConnell, supports life long fitness like the Ice Center .  He said that good habits start young.  He commented that the Ice Center is safe for youth.

Stacie Johnson, Springfield , said she is an emergency room nurse.  She didnít want Public Safety cut.  She commented that ice hockey breeds loyalty and team work and it is a good activity.  She added that hockey is a value to the community.

Kevin Matt hews, ICLEI, Eugene , explained that this is an international organization of local governments to provide mutual support around climate change planning and sustainability.  He wanted money for climate change planning.  He noted that $2,200 dues are not a net increase in the budget.  He said it is a significant amount of money for ICLEI that will allow cost effective things.  He said they need the planet and they need to start working on climate change.  He said the $2,250 is a great expenditure for Lane County.  He noted the biggest source of dollars around economic development is green jobs and green development.  He commented that Lane County is in danger of not being on the road map without a sustainability program.  He said for $2,250 they could join ICLEI to be on that path.  He commented that reducing green house gases saves money.

David Hinkley, Eugene , commented that for the Eugene Climate Energy Action Plan they could pay now or pay more later.  He noted that action is needed at all levels.  He commented that $2,250 is not a lot of money but it is a way to get started.  He thought taking this money from LCOG was a good idea.

Patricia Haley, Springfield, employee of Lane County, spoke on behalf of the Diveristy Action Committeee budget.  She noted that they have been working years without money and they need money to deal with what they find with a climate survey. She asked that this be part of the HR budget.

Suzanne Reed, Eugene, stated that Kathy is a single mother.  She stated that the figure skating community means a lot to Kathy and her son, having a positive impact on his life.

Chris Hays, Eugene,  said he represents the Lane Amateur Hockey Association Special Hockey Program.  He indicated that he is one of the coaches.  He said his son who is autistic also plays on the team.  He requested the Boardís support for the Ice Center .

Rowena Thorton, Eugene , supports the Public Safety officers.  She also noted her son is part of a hockey team.  She stated that she is from Guam.  She was happy that for her family, hockey is a sport that they can do together and it is valuable.

Mike Tayloe, Springfield , said last week Fleenor stated the cost drivers are what is wrong.  He said they donít have the money. He said the cost drivers are unsustainable and they have to deal with the reality of being unsustainable.  He commented that even if the public wanted to give more money there is no way he could design a tax program that would increase revenue six percent a year.  He said people will not pay six percent a year for services if they are getting the same thing.  He said they donít have the economic engines to provide the revenue.  He said the Budget Committee has to direct the Board of Commissioners to put together a task force to get as much governmental services to non- profits to try to save the services.

Dave Koranda, Eugene , said the future of any area is the youth.  He asked the Board to keep the Ice Center .

Robert Schawr, Eugene ,  said he raised three daughters and the Ice Center helped them stay out of trouble.  He said it became a peer group.  He thought it was important to keep the Ice Center as it is important for families

Mitch Schwartz, Center for the Family Development, supported the budget for the Public Safety aspects. He commented that the funding was put to a good use.  He asked the committee to continue funding Public Safety and Youth Services.

Carla Drata, Eugene , read a proclamation written by Governor Ted Kulongoski on January 20, 2010 regarding hockey.

Casey Sullivan, Eugene , said he grew up at the Ice Center .  He is now a coach at the rink.  He stayed in Eugene because the Ice Center was continually open.  He said the Ice Rink supports many groups of people and is a great form of recreation and fitness.

Nicole Miller, Springfield , thanked the Board for funding Public Safety last budget and she asked that they continue to fund the Department of Youth Servicesí budget.

Eric Lackey, Eugene , said he is a therapist for the Center for Family Development.  He supported the proposed Public Safety budget.

Carrie Suiter, Center for Family Development,  supported the Public Safety budget.  She thanked the committee for the budget proposal and supports Public Safety.

Jenifer Bucholtz, Center for Family Development, stated that she supports Public Safety.  She said she works closely with Department of Youth Services and she sees how they hold teens accountable and make positive changes in their lives.  She requested the funding levels for Public Safety be maintained.

Eric Geisler, Eugene , thanked the Board for their continued support of the hockey budget and the Ice Center .

Victoria Robinson, Eugene, said she is a mother of skaters and her husband is a speed skater.  She said the hockey program is fabulous.  She noted speed skating has grown.  She said they have to continue with the Ice Center ..

David Monk, Eugene , ICLEI, stated that investments in these types of projects are a good investment for the County.  He said it could bring in businesses preparing for a green economy.  He said this investment would go a long way to making it happen.

Marcus Poppen, Eugene , supported the Public Safety budget.  He said he works at DYS and wanted to advocate for them and the need for community safety.

Susanne Reed, Eugene , said that Lane County has a long history with ice skating.  She indicated this arena has produced talent in Eugene.  She said Lane County has a monopoly with ice rinks.  She indicated that the Lane County Ice Center is the only one within a 100 mile radius.

II.  Budget Committee Discussion/Deliberation

Shari Higgins, Budget Analyst, distributed additional questions and attachments. (Copy in file). She also distributed minutes for May 6, 2010 to be reviewed.

Christine Moody, Budget and Finance Manager,  said in response to Wildeís question of the discretionary general fund use, she listed the funds they are budgeting to spend from 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, and the percentages.  (Copy in file).  She said with approving the budget, there is an Extension Service levy on the ballot next Tuesday put forth by Lane County and it is up to the Budget Committee to approve that tax levy.  She added that they have to wait to see if it has been approved.  She recalled for CASA, they said they will find a matching $100,000.

Sorenson asked how much the proposed budget has changed with health insurance and other costs. 

Moody reported that they are now being told by their health insurance company that the insurance rate will not be as high as what is in the proposed budget.  She said it is now 10.5 percent and they can get down to 8 percent.  She indicated that was something the committee canít act on yet.  She said the PERS rate currently in the proposed budget is  three percent higher than what they were actually charged from PERS.  She added that they built up a reserve because they didnít know if they would be hit with a six per cent increase.  She said she found out they wonít be hit with a six percent increase and that is something the Budget Committee could vote on.  She indicated the amount will be going back into the general fund.  She noted the replacement fund for the computers will be going down $20 per computer or $13,000 to the general fund.  She reported for the debt on the Public Health building they put aside $1.5 million.  She added that since they had a bond sale, the payment will not be $1.5 million, it will be $1.3 million and HHS pays a piece or a decrease of about $300,000 expense to the general fund per year.  She indicated this is changing the forecast, not the budget.

Fleenor thought they are drilling down too quickly and he thinks they need to discuss the post timber budget.  He said they should look at the big picture: what is happening to the County and where they are headed.  He said they should make fundamental changes now in changing the course while they still have options.  He said if they continue to spend money, they will lose time, options and services.  He thought before they work on little numbers that they decide what they want Lane County to look like tomorrow, next week, next year and the next decade.  He said they have to face things will not get better soon.  He commented that the fundamental purpose of a County is to provide law enforcement.  He said Social Services and Human Services will be provided by the cities in the future.  He stated the Countyís sole role moving forward is basic law enforcement..  He said to hold Public Safety where it is today and for the next five years, they will have to shut down Elections and Assessment and Taxation.  He said they need discussions on how they are going to manage this before they discuss add packages.

Hijmans agreed with Fleenor.  He discussed using Roberts Rules of Order for making motions.

Land wanted to discuss the philosophy about where they are going to get a direction to take this money now and into the future.

Bartlett commented that he didnít feel comfortable with doom and gloom, where they are only good with ropes and roads.  He said it hadnít been resolved whether Secure Rural Schools will be authorized yet or not.  He heard President Obama say that he would find a permanent solution.  He thought they should discuss thinks carefully.

Sorenson asked if there were any other changes to funds other than the general fund.

Moody responded there were no additions in other funds.

Sorenson asked about the reserve amounts.

Spartz reported that they had about $10 million in required reserves with $1.5 million more than the minimum requirement.

Sorenson asked if they could spend $1.1 million. He asked if that would add to their deficit.

Spartz indicated that it would.

Wilde wanted to continue doing outreach and education in the community and responsiveness to community issues.  She added that it brings in money from other sources.

Hijmans asked what the cash carryover would be for the 2009/2010 budget from the general fund.

Moody responded the beginning fund balance is estimated to be $20.4 million and predicted to end next year at $9.9 million.

Land was uncomfortable that they would get the SRS money back.  She didnít believe government was the spark to get the community involved

Fleenor stated they need law enforcement but they donít know how much they need.  He asked what the core amount was to protect and to serve no matter what happens as they move forward.  He commented that the chance of their getting the SRS renewed was very low.  He asked how they were going to reconfigure Lane County government to provide core essential services the citizens expect.  He said they need to find the core and then build from there.  He didnít think they could go beyond the core with the funding available to them in the next five years.  He wanted to protect the law enforcement capacity as they see the degradation of the economy. He said they need to focus on what is before them  He said they need to protect and preserve the reason why Lane County exits, to provide law enforcement and protective services to the County.  He added whatever is left over is to be put to treatment, but protection should be first.  He didnít want to wait until next year, he want to start defining what Lane County should look like and then build in the money.  He said they have to start doing something different.

Wilde wanted to see efforts defined to more specific outcomes in how they move forward as a community.  She didnít think any ten people could make the best decision.  She didnít think this was the time to be making the dramatic decisions.  She thought the Board of Commissioners should be working on this.  She didnít think that it is a process that expresses what the will of the community is. 

Land wanted to start working toward the glide budget as a more immediate remedy for the next five years.  With regard to the chronic disease prevention add, she looked to see I that there were other agencies involved with obesity and tobacco and there were ten other agencies.  She commented that what they are dealing with is duplication of services.  She said this is a good cause, but it isnít something in their economic situation that they can afford at $80,000 when it is already covered by other agencies.  She asked if they wanted to leave the three percent extra from PERS in the general fund. 

Fleenor asked what the deficit would be next year if they approved the budget with all the adjustments and add packages.

Moody responded it is $10.5 million if they leave in the PERS.  She noted the adds total $500,000. She indicated it would be over $1 million over two years.  She said without touching the PERS, there would be over a $11.5 million deficit.

Fleenor asked if they donít get additional property tax or SRS, how they would close the gap.  He said they have control over expenditures.  He asked how they are going to do this on a long term basis.  He wanted to address this today.

Kaseberg asked if they do nothing with PERS, then the reserves at the end of next year will be $9.98 million in the general fund and they will still be $10 million short.  She asked if they stopped collecting PERS at the higher level what the affect would be.

Moody said they would put $1.5 million in the 2010/2011 reserves and they would increase the reserves and carry forward a higher fund so it would be $9 million instead of $10.5 million.

Fleenor asked about the other future years.

Moody responded it is projected a $7.5 million deficit in the 2012/2013 budget and a $2.5 million deficit in 2013/2014.  She indicated after that they are still dealing with the structural deficit.

Hijmans thought they should cut $2 million from this budget and it could prevent them from going over the cliff in four budget cycles.

Moody said when cutting $2 million, that costs are increasing at the same time and services will cost five percent more every year, unless they fix the structural deficit.

Stewart said if they take the approach Fleenor is recommending, (eliminating Elections and Assessment and Taxation) those services are mandated by law and they will have to discuss how they deal with the state taking the services back and sending them a bill.  He thought he could reduce about $300,000 and not affect services by not having to lay people off.  He recommended not filling the Internal Auditor position at  $130,000. He said he wonít hire an assistant for another $30,000.  He indicated they are spending $65,000 for community outreach, but he thought they could still do a decent job for $30,000.  He noted there could be consequences for things they cut.   He thought there was merit in trying to reduce where they can.  He didnít think they could get to $2 million.  He said there will be a $10 million deficit next  year and the conversation has to start immediately after the budget as to how they are going to deal with it and to put together a plan.  He thought they should consider going to four day work weeks.  He commented that the way they are going to have to deliver services will be different.  He said they canít give that direction tonight, but they have to spend time on it.  He said they should find efficiencies in combining services.  He thought there were tools to get citizensí input.  He wanted the citizens to go through the process to help them.  He said they need to spend the next year doing this and to get help with the federal and state government.  He wanted to be cautious about any adds and what can they do to save $400,000 into the reserves.  He commented that if they can save $500,000 today it could mean $750,000 less they would have to cut next year.  He was concerned about the state law mandates.  He commented that they need to assess the legal requirements they are bound by.

Kaseberg thought the Board should start to work on next yearís budget process as soon as this budget is approved.

Removing HHS prevention Ė there were four people to discuss this, SOS form 8.

Adding the Traffic Team of $320,868 removed by the Sheriffís Office.- there were four people to discuss this.

Removing Youth Intake and SOS 82,169- there were four people to discuss this.

Kaseberg said next week she wants a list with these items listed and there will be motions at that time.

County Administration : $15,828 to reconsider- there were four people to remove it.

Government Information Office: $9,854 to consider taking it out, there were four people to remove it.

Public Information extra help- there are four people to remove it.

Elections: $450,000 add for voting machines.  It stays in budget.

Employee Relations and Development: $20,000 for HR, there were three votes, it stays in budget.


Proposed $100,000 add request to the Budget Committee to be carried on for deliberations for Children and Families Ė there were four votes to move forward

Chronic Disease Prevent $80,912- moved forward for consideration

Human Services: $130,434, moves forward for consideration of an add package.

Animal Services: $144,287, moves forward for consideration

Youth Services Offender Intake $108,956 moves forward for consideration

ICLEI for 2,250 for consideration, moves forward for consideration

Handy said his proposal is a net revenue neutral.  He said part of the motion is to shift funds.  He stated it is not an add proposal.

Stewart stated they have a reserve from O & C Counties.  He thought this was an appropriate source of funding for ICLEI instead of going through an agencyís dues.

Moody said they do have the reserve set aside.

Water Master- $2,000 to move forward for consideration.

CASA - $100,000, moves forward for consideration.

Proposes on Changes

Moody noted there were some technical adjustments.  She indicated for Justice Courts, the total is $266,650 that needs to be put back in their budget and it reduces reserves.  She noted that NACo dues should have been listed at $6,478 and the Council of Forest Trust Lands is $3,000.  She noted this is not in the proposed budget.

Land wanted to put the three percent from PERS with the three percent extra being returned to the other appropriate funds. It moves forward for consideration.

Hijmans asked the Budget Committee and Spartz for next Thursday night that they try to identify $2 million of cuts that pose the least pain and are the best value for the buck.  He thought they should give the administrator and department heads the chance to make the most prudent decision possible.

Handy said they are always working on this.  He said that Sorenson made a motion to do this and he didnít get a second. He thought it was an inappropriate approach and he didnít support it.

Spartz said before he asks department heads to work on this, he asked for six affirmative votes for the motion tonight.

MOTION: to ask the County Administrator and the Management Team to look at the budget and attempt to find $2 million worth of cuts to the 2010/2011 Budget, and to continue to have the most valuable services and make the most painless cuts possible.


Spartz asked if the savings were in the general fund.

Hijmans agreed.

Sorenson didnít think this was a good use of staff time.  He thought they could go on indefinitely to have staff investigate things.

Fleenor asked to amend that during this exercise the Sheriffís Office, Parole and Probation and DYS and the District Attorney are all held harmless.  He said he will not cut the Sheriffís Office or Corrections. He commented that they reached a point where they have fair adequacy.  He said he wonít approve cutting the Sheriffís Office to balance the budget.

Hijmans couldnít accept Fleenorís amendment because he has seen the Management Team work together and the Sheriff, District Attorney and Youth Services have a substantial budget.  He believed they would be willing to offer small amounts.  He thought they should participate in the process.  He wanted the departments to participate in the discussion and when the revised budget comes back they will have the opportunity to discuss the recommendations.


Stewart said he wouldnít support the motion.  He thought they should start tackling next yearís budget in July with time and thoughtfulness.

Wilde thought the cuts would include outreach and she thought it was poor timing.  She wanted staff to work on things that would have more relevance in the future.

MOTION: to call the question.

VOTE: 6-3.


Fleenor voted against this because he didnít want Public Safety cut any more than what it is currently.  He said it was not an option for him.

Stewart didnít want to fund the Internal Auditorís position.  He said there is a retirement in the position and it would be an easy position to leave open. He recommended giving up his assistant position at $30,000 and consideration of  the outreach from the budget from $64,000 to $34,000 for a $30,000 savings.  He noted that was almost a $200,000 savings.  He thought they could cut travel and training but it was evident that most of the travel and training was needed for credentials for positions and it is complicated.  He didnít think they could save very much.

Wilde asked if the position was filling a requirement.

Richardson responded it is not filling a requirement.  She noted it eliminates some risk and it has shown benefits.

Sorenson noted the money they receive from grants is more than property taxes.  He thought the demand for this was going up and the opportunity for error was going up.

Stewart stated there is value to the position.  He said they had a discussion about making cuts.  He said he was trying to start savings and this was a logical way to do it and it wouldnít affect anyoneís job.  He thought this should be a discussion the Board should have.

Bartlett thought Stewart was being positive in finding cost savings. He thought it was a valuable position.

Handy stated that he wanted  a sober and thorough approach and wonít support these types of motions in general.

Land recalled that last year the Budget Committee approved a $515 million budget and by the end of Supplemental #3 the budget was at $585 million.  She said there was a $1 million increase in the general fund.  She heard other citizens want to ramp it down.  She stated that citizens canít afford more, they are getting hit for higher taxes and fees and they need relief.  She noted that so far that hasnít been happening.  She heard a large group of people last year demanding no assistants and the assistants were added.  She said whether or not they were important to the Board, they were important not to have been added for the constituents who are their customers.  She thought the glide down theory of bringing this to County staff and to the citizens is critical.  She said they have to look at this as a Budget Committee because they have a different viewpoint then those who have to work at the County every day.  She said it is a more mathematic issue and sometimes those things have to be separated.

Kaseberg recommended cuts.  She looked at the actual awards and recognition from 2006/2008 forward.  She removed any awards from the Fairgrounds .  She recommended the entire award and recognition budget for general expense, A & T, CAO, DA, Management Services, PW and Sheriffís Office be eliminated.  She said it $59,593.  She thought this could be given up.

Moody said they have touched funds other than general funds.

Kaseberg said she wanted the departments with general fund components.

There were four votes to move this forward.

Adjourned 8:35 p.m.

Melissa Zimmer
Recording Secretary