September 28, 2010

9:00 a.m.

Harris Hall Main Floor

APPROVED 12-15-2010


Commissioner Bill Fleenor presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Rob Handy, Joe Inman, Judith Pothier and Pete Sorenson present.   Faye Stewart was excused.  County Liane Richardson and Recording Secretary were also present.












a. WORK SESSION/Strategic Plan.


Larry Abel, HACSA, reported that they have been working on a Strategic Plan for the past several months.  He indicated that they are scheduled to have the HACSA  Board approving their goals by the end of September.  He didnít expect the Board to approve them today, but they wanted a discussion on what the final goals will be.


Stan Biles, Facilitator, recalled the last time they were before the Board there was a request to authorize the development of a five year Strategic Plan. He said the first step of the process was to do the detailed design of the process and then they went into the first phase. He noted the first phase was public input.  He noted they used two different strategies to solicit input that varied depending upon the audience.  He recalled that sometimes they used one-on-one interviews.  He said they identified other audiences that were larger in number.  He said they did electronic surveys of six different audiences including employees, residents of housing by HACSA, and outreach to operating partners like non-profits or other government agencies in the Lane County area that are instrumental in affordable housing.  He indicated that after they received input, they summarized and analyzed the input.  He said the information was used as a basis to identify subject areas appropriate for five year goals.  He prepared goals for the subject areas that were reviewed by HACSA staff and Abel.  He stated the result of the process is in front of the HACSA Board of goals to be accomplished over a given timeframe that relate to four broad subject areas.  He asked if they were on the right track with the goals. He said if they are, then the next step would be to develop specific strategy steps stating where they want the agency to be in five years.


Sorenson asked how they would meet the community services function of the agency for funding of housing.


Abel commented that increasing funding will allow them do to more with community services.  He also thought they should have better communication.


Fleenor thought this was a sparse outline.  He commented that a Strategic Plan should have a target, the means by which they do it, the evaluation and how often to see how they are hitting the target and adjustment.  He added that if they are not hitting the target, they need to change how they are aiming.  He sees addressing the first part as part of a four part series.  He asked if the other three would evolve.


Dwyer commented that things are changing and it is the governmentís responsibility to take care of them.  He noted that hundreds of people are living in singlewide mobile homes located in Glenwood and they need to think about what they can do to alleviate what will happen down the line when they redevelop Glenwood.  He stated that it hasnít been HACSAís role but it should be and there are several models they should look at.  His concept is to build models that are modest so people can afford them and they are energy efficient.


Abel thought it was an interesting suggestion and it could come under housing development.


Fleenor said they have to determine what affordable housing is.  He asked what employment satisfaction means.  He said they all have to have definitions so they can have accountability built in.  He asked what the mechanics are and the evaluation.  He thought they should do this once per quarter in the beginning. He asked how often they should adjust if they donít hit the target  He said they have to be flexible and the measurement determines how flexible they have been.  He stated that this has to be a living document that needs to be continued to be evaluated.  He thought it was a good start but there was more that needed to be done  before he was satisfied.


Biles said the next step in the process is to focus in on the means.  He said it will come back to the HACSA Board for consideration.  He indicated that they can add greater specificity to the terminology in the document.  With regard to evaluations, he recommends that goals be evaluated and adjusted once per year.  He advocates for specific measurable goals so they have direct accountability.  He stated that they can tell if goals are either being accomplished or behind schedule.


Fleenor asked if they could break it up in four subject areas. He thought that would be doable.


Biles said there is some linkage between some areas.  He said the funding area is critical because it will give the organization flexibility to do things that are not the HUD driven projects.


Handy supported quarterly reports.  He said part of the performance measure for the whole document is whether it will end up on a shelf.  He hoped they could more specifically call out that with the changing demographics of society,  the agency, leadership and line workers would have the agency reflect the demographics in the community.  He thought some of the goals were soft.


Abel said they have the four overall goals and sub goals.  He said this is early in the process and they are on a fast track.  He said their want to have this plan to be approved by the HACSA Board in December.


Fleenor commented that resident satisfaction and service provider satisfaction were missing.  He said they should be included as individual subject areas to target resident satisfaction. 


Abel indicated their intention is to do these surveys periodically to make sure they do improve.


Biles said it should be emphasized that if something doesnít show up as a goal doesnít mean that it is not happening.  He said these were selected as top priorities for change based on input that was received during the input process.  He noted they did a survey for the business partners but did not have a big response rate.


Inman noted that in the last month their building received a survey request to fill out and return.  He said it did ask questions if people were satisfied with management and maintenance.  He didnít know how many residents participated but they were given the opportunity on a regular basis.


Pothier indicated that in the future a lot of the areas will be addressed.  She said this was just the shell to get the results from the surveys.  She stated that these were beginning steps.  She commented that it is not a new idea or limited to the goals on the list.


Fleenor asked about the next steps.


Biles responded that the next steps are to take this input and the organization will work on specificity with strategies.  He said he will look at the energy conservation goal to see if he can make it more aggressive.  He will work on the specific strategies that will be used to accomplish the goals.  He added that simultaneously, they can do additional work on definitions, giving thoughts to reports, evaluations and schedule for adjustments.  He expects to have a draft plan back to the Board in 45 days that will include everything.  He said there will be the opportunity for input and direction of revisions.  He stated that he will bring back a revised final draft in December.  He noted that three members of the board raised to him in the interview the issue of broader organization of the role of the Board of HACSA.


There being no further business, Commissioner Fleenor adjourned the meeting at 10:00 a.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary