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February 24, 1998
Commissioners' - Conference Room - 1:30 p.m.

Commissioner Steve Cornacchia presided Commissioners Cindy Weeldreyer, Peter Sorenson, and Ellie Dumdi present. Commissioner Green absent.




Mary spoke out regarding outrage of Lane County Citizen's about the West Eugene Wetlands Plan. She wanted more protection and stricter criteria. She submitted several documents to the Board and spoke about the process that is making the citizens unhappy. She also discussed the criteria.


Weeldreyer wished everyone a Happy Mardi Gras.

4. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660



a.  Announcements



a. CONTINUED DISCUSSION/Status Report on Hearing Schedule and Proposed Amendments to LC 16.210 and for the F-1 Zone Concerning Whether or Not to Allow New Dwellings.

Kent Howe, Land Management, addressed the commissioners starting with a brief history of the project and what the commissioners at the previous meeting on this topic instructed him to follow-up on. The instruction was to follow-up on fire safety issues and possible siting standards if dwellings were to be allowed in the F1 zone. Mr. Howe described how Planning worked with the Fire Districts and the Department of Forestry to develop several options for fire safety issues and siting standards in the F1 zone. Mr. Howe explained that the county and these other agencies came up with 25 different fire safety and siting standards any of which could be adopted if the Board decided to accept them.

Jim Mann, Land Management, distributed copies of all the options and instructed the Board to see the visual aids on the walls around the room. Mr. Mann gave a brief description of the acreage's of the land and the ownership's of parcels affected if dwellings would be allowed in the Non-Impacted Forest zone. He described in detail each of the 25 options to be considered by the Board members. Some are setback standards, some were fire suppression standards, and some were road standards. Mr. Mann grouped all like options together. The existing requirements for dwellings in the F2, Impacted Forest Zone were underlined in red on the charts. Mr. Mann explained how and why each option was developed and who was involved in coming up with the suggestions. He further explained how the ownership pattern would affect how many dwellings would possibly be allowed under different scenarios.

Commissioner Cornacchia discussed procedures about how this information was being brought to the table. What was being expected from the Board at this time? Just these options are to be discussed or is the Planning Department expecting a decision on the whole process today?

Kent Howe replied that the Board had directed Land Management to come up with these options for fire and safety standards to be brought back to the Board for discussion and possible action. The Board could adopt all of these options or some of these options or none of these options. Commissioner Cornacchia asked if Land Management Division would be bringing an ordinance with these options to the table at the public hearing. Mr. Howe responded that an ordinance could be written for each option or just for the options that the Board wanted to have added. It would be in the form of the Rule. Option 2.

The siting standards were discussed and Land Management was given an indication of what standards the BCC wants to see in the ordinance. Another meeting will be scheduled to discuss the development standards and rule on this ordinance.

Discussion between the Commissioners ensued about the non-contiguous tract requirements.

Land Management staff was instructed not to write up an ordinance but instead to come back to the Board with all the options and then tell the Board which option is recommended. Discussion could take place so that an ordinance could then be written with all of the input from the Board. There was discussion about the format the information should be in to present the Commissioners at the next meeting. Procedural issues were discussed between to the commissioners.

Each of the Commissioners discussed what they would like to see happen on this ordinance, giving specific examples using the information that was presented to them by Jim Mann and asking questions of the Fire Department representatives and Forestry Department representatives.

There was discussion about enforcement problems and process to make sure that the system would keep track and enforce violations in the F1 zone.

Each of the representatives from the Fire and Forestry Departments talked about their concerns and gave recommendations for conditions and enforcement if dwellings were to be allowed in the F1 zone. Fire hazards and safety standards, length of fire department response time, road standards, fuel break standards, forest practices, vegetation maintenance and enforcement concerns were discussed by each of the speakers. They also discuss cost to the landowner for some of the options being discussed. Each of the representative present, had helped the Land Management Division in coming up with the standards presented to the Commissioners today.

The Land Management Division staff will continue to work with the representatives from the Fire Departments and Forestry Departments to define and refine the recommendations for siting standards.

Kent Howe clarified what the Land Management Division would be bringing back to the next session. Land Management will come back with a package incorporating all suggestions to the next meeting scheduled for this discussion.





There being no further business, Commissioner Cornacchia adjourned the meeting at 3:30 p.m.

Katherine Kline
Recording Secretary

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