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January 7, 1998
Harris Hall Main Floor
10:00 a.m.

Chair Cindy Weeldreyer presided with Steve Cornacchia, Ellie Dumdi, Bobby Green, Sr. and Peterson Sorenson present. Zoe Gilstrap, Recording Secretary.

Pastor Stephen Johnson provided the invocation, followed by a song from a gospel choir, Conviction Corral.

State of the County Address.


Weeldreyer presented her address (see material on file).


Weeldreyer began with recognition awards for community members. She recognized Lew Edmond for his work on the Old McKenzie Hatchery site and with the McKenzie Chamber of Commerce to improve the livability and economic health of the citizens in the valley. She also recognized Donald McClure for his service on the Rural Community Improvement Council and the Victims' Assistance Program. Weeldreyer recognized Lynn Burditt, noting that she has served for five years on the Human Rights and Affirmative Action Committee and that Lane County's Diversity Implementation Plan was developed under her leadership. Weeldreyer stated that she is also a member of the Lane County Commission on Children and Families. She also recognized Leroy Peterson, for his work on the McKenzie Watershed Council and the East Lane Soil and Water Conservation District. Weeldreyer recognized Jim and Verna Brown for their many years of service to Lane County government, stating that Verna served on the Mental Health Advisory Committee and Lane County Budget Committee and that Jim has served twelve years on the Roads Advisory Committee.

Regarding individual employee recognition, Weeldreyer recognized Randy Eshleman, the South Lane County resident deputy, for his dedication to the people he serves. She also recognized Brad Mumau for his commitment to provide quality customer service. Weeldreyer recognized Mary Dutton for her years of service to Lane County. She also recognized John Goodson, Public Works' Director, for his years of service and ability to manage many different departments that contribute to Lane County's success.

Weeldreyer announced that the Board is also recognizing work teams in Lane County. She asked Bob Peterson, former Oakridge Justice Court judge to help present this award to Robin Buchmeier, Loretta Hays and Winnie West who were recognized for their excellent service. Peterson read a letter from Judge Weih expressing her appreciation of these employees (see material on file). Weeldreyer also recognized Peter Thurston and Stephanie Schulz, highlighting their work as a team for the benefit of Lane County rural communities. She next recognized Document Resource staff, Teresa Nelson and Mike Davenport, noting that their fingers are responsible for making Lane County work. Weeldreyer recognized the Facilities Maintenance staff for their dedication to provide a safe and comfortable facility after repeated cutbacks.

Weeldreyer stated that as part of the communications theme this year, she began a Board recognition program for departments. She said she created the eagle award for overcoming monumental challenges with limited resources and an eagle spirit to soar on the winds of change. Weeldreyer presented this award to both the Assessment and Taxation and Information Services departments.

Weeldreyer stated that she also created a peer award to highlight the importance of Lane County's Guiding Principles and to recognize those employees who strive in all they do to follow those principles. She introduced members of the screening committee, Liane Richardson, Josie Destefano-Elting, Patty Christopher and Mary-Ann Jackson. Jackson presented the work team peer award to the Lane County Methadone Treatment program, noting that this group of individuals has continued to meet the ever-increasing health care demands of a historically misunderstood and inadequately served population of county residents with compassion, competence and respect. She introduced Linda Eaton, Susan O'Keefe, Linda Hill, Bruce Hienson, Michael Connelly and Sylvia Doggett. Jackson also introduced Dr. Jeffrey Robbins, the medical director and Lucie Krueger, Nurse Practitioner, Harold Bucholtz, Medical Pharmacy and Diane Watson, Clinical Supervisor.

Christopher presented the individual peer award to Teresa Cuff, stating that her peers have said that Cuff is an inspiration by her effort, dedication and work ethic.


Dumdi NOMINATED Steve Cornacchia for chair. Green SECONDED the nomination. VOTE: 4-1, Sorenson dissenting.

Green NOMINATED Ellie Dumdi for vice-chair. Cornacchia SECONDED the nomination. VOTE: 5-0.

Recognition of Out-Going Chair.

Weeldreyer was presented with a humorous and a serious recognition gift, as well as the outgoing chair's commemorative gavel.

Cornacchia stated that Lane County has been very well served, as an organization and as a community, by Weeldreyer's chairmanship this year. He said that he has never met a more dedicated and committed elected official in the performance of government service with a efficient and effective manner and an absolute iron will and compassion and sensitivity that should be a hallmark of this organization. He offered his thanks and respect.

This meeting ended with another song by the Conviction Corral Choir.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned to a reception in the Commissioners' Conference Room at 11:22 a.m.

Zoe Gilstrap, Recording Secretary

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