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June 2, 1998
9:00 a.m. - Harris Hall Main Floor

Commissioner Steve Cornacchia presided with Commissioners Ellie Dumdi, Bobby Green, Sr., and Peter Sorenson, present. Commissioner Cindy Weeldreyer was absent. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson, Assistant County Counsel Stephen Vorhes, and Recording Secretary C. Daniel Lindstrom were also present.


Commissioner Green requested that Order 98-6-2-9 be considered earlier in the agenda to accommodate scheduling difficulties of staff.


Rosemary Busby 1059 Willamette Street, Eugene, stated that she represented the Lane Community College Business Development Center. She invited commissioners to attend "Community Connections," a business resource fair, to be held June 5, 1998, at the Lane County Fair Grounds. She said it was a good opportunity to support development of small business in the county.

Commissioner Dumdi noted that the fair had been announced at a meeting of the Board of Commissioners the previous week and that information regarding it was being distributed in the lobby of the Public Service Building.

Commissioner Cornacchia stated that commissioners would be attending the Association of Oregon Counties conference on June 5 and would be unable to attend. He suggested that Lane County be invited to participate in planning for the 1999 event.

Joan Armstead, 4017 East 16th Avenue, Eugene, stated that she participated in Friends of Glenwood (FOG), an organization created to educate its members about issues related to annexation. She said that there were many unresolved jurisdictional issues related to the Glenwood area, that not all necessary facts were available, that conflicts of interest should be examined, that the environment of the area should be preserved from development, that housing in the area was affordable and well-kept, and that barriers to re-financing home loans should be removed. She requested that annexation of the Glenwood area be postponed until residents are provided complete information and given opportunities to express their views through a public hearing held in the evening.


a. ORDER 98-6-2-9/In the Matter of Awarding a One Year and One Month Contract to Birth to Three for Healthy Start Home Visitation Service in East Lane County and to Siuslaw Community Connection for Healthy Start Assessment and Home Visitation Services in West Lane County and Delegating Authority to the County administrative Officer to Execute the Contract, and Reducing Lane County Healthy Start Staff by 1 FTE, Eliminating 1 Vacant Position.

Children and Family Services Director Patricia Rogers stated that the Order was implementation of a decision to provide Healthy Start program services through local nonprofit providers. She said funding of the contracts was made possible by program staff attrition and that the Order allowed reallocation of funds.

In response to a question from Commissioner Green, Ms. Rogers explained that Healthy Start was funded through a grant from the State of Oregon enhanced with resources from other flexible state and federal funding streams. She said that no Lane County General Fund resources were involved.

MOTION: to approve Order 98-6-2-5.

Commissioner Dumdi MOVED, Commissioner Green SECONDED.

Commissioner Sorenson expressed appreciation for the work of the Healthy Start program and pointed out that funding for the program originated with local tax payers before it was distributed by state and federal governments.

VOTE: 4-0.


a. UPDATE/Facilities Capital Improvements Projects.

Human Resources and Management Services Director David Suchart described progress in capital improvement projects. He said final bids would be received on the Correctional Facility project on June 5 and on the Juvenile Justice Center on June 9. He reported that all previous bids were on time and under budget. He said a major effort would be made to utilize the summer to complete construction which could be affected by inclement weather. He stated that contractors were doing good work, but finding difficulty in securing local laborers. He invited commissioners to visit the projects.

Mr. Suchart reported that there would be a delay until mid-July in completion of the court's entrance project to ensure the safety of stair lifts. He said that other Public Service Building projects would include upgrading electrical systems, completion of the roofing project, and providing improved directional signs. He described a summer program involving youth employment and a task group of department managers to study capital needs.

In response to questions from Commissioner Green, Mr. Suchart explained that there would not likely be ample space in the current Skipworth facility to house Health and Human Services programs, that Elections/Voter Registration services required flexible space located in proximity to County courts, and that future use of the County Annex Building was unsettled.

In response to a question from Commissioner Dumdi, Mr. Suchart explained that several locations were under consideration for relocation of the Veterans' Service Office. Commissioner Green suggested that discussion of relocation to a surplus County property be considered.

In response to questions from Commissioner Sorenson, Mr. Suchart explained that the Public Service Building Rock Garden roof project had been postponed until 40 days of mostly dry weather could be anticipated, and that the possibilities of Federal funding sources for moving the National Guard Armory were diminishing. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor added that the Lane County Congressional delegation was continuing to seek federal funding for a new armory and that $9.5 million of local bonding authority could be available for such a project.

b. DISCUSSION/FIRST READING and SETTING SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/Ordinance No. PA 1117/In the Matter of Amending the West Eugene Wetlands Plan by Adopting New Policies and Plan Text Establishing Planned Transportation Corridor and Utility Corridor Wetland Designations, and Adopting a Severability Clause.

City of Eugene Planning Director Jan Childs noted that the Second Reading and Public Hearing for Ordinance No. PA 1117 was intended for 9:00 a.m. on June 24, not 1:30 p.m. as noted in the agenda of the meeting.

Ms. Childs explained that the proposed amendments were the first part of policy and text changes to be proposed to the West Eugene Wetlands Plan as directed by policy makers at an earlier work session. She described comments on the proposed amendments received from the Eugene Water and Electric Board and Lane County Roads Advisory Committee. She said Assistant County Counsel Stephen Vorhes had participated in development of the amendments and that they had been adopted by the Eugene City Council on May 20.

Ms. Childs reviewed wetland transportation and utility corridor issues addressed by the proposed ordinance. She said they related to maintenance and repair concerns. In response to comments and questions from commissioners, she discussed the expense and rare plant and animal concerns related to the amendments.

MOTION: to approve the First Reading of Ordinance No. PA 1117 and set its Second Reading and Public Hearing for June 24, 1998, at 9:00 a.m.

Commissioner Dumdi MOVED, Commissioner Green seconded

VOTE: 4-0.


Commissioner Cornacchia determined there was no need for an Executive Session.


A. Approval of Minutes: May 26, 1998, Regular Meeting, 9:00 a.m.

B. Assessment and Taxation

1) ORDER 98-6-2-1/In the Matter of Granting Property Tax Exempt Status Pursuant to ORS 307.475 (Jane L. Riddle).

2) ORDER 98-6-2-2/In the Matter of Granting Property Tax Exempt Status Pursuant to ORS 307.475 (Zenita Rose).

C. Children and Family Services

1) ORDER 98-6-2-3/In the Matter of Awarding Contracts to Relief Nursery and Family Relief Nursery for Crisis Nursery Services for Families At-Risk, Western Rivers Girl Scout Council for School Based Integrated Pregnancy Prevention Program for At-Risk Girls, and Lane Arts Council for Arts Focused Alternative Learning Activities for Youth in Rural Lane County, and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Execute the Contracts.

D. District Attorney

1) ORDER 98-6-2-4/In the Matter of Applying for a $70,204 Grant from the Oregon Department of Justice, to Continue Three 0.5 FTE Victim Advocate Positions in the Victim Services Program.

E. Management Services

1) ORDER 98-6-2-5/In the Matter of Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute Lease Renewal Agreements with [A] the State of Oregon (Probation and Parole Program) [B] Heinz and Susan Selig (WIC Program) [C] Housing Authority and Community Services Agency (Lane Stabilization and Rehabilitation Program) [D] City of Oakridge (Willamette Activity Center) [E] Lane County Extension Service.

2) ORDER 98-6-2-6/In the Matter of Authorizing the Sale of Surplus County Owned Real Property to Betty and Johnny Thomas (Adjacent to 1689 Ardendale Lane, Eugene, Map #18-04-12-12-00105).

F. Public Safety

1) ORDER 98-6-2-7/In the Matter of Authorizing an Intergovernmental Agreement with Willamette National Forest for Recreational Support/Law Enforcement.

G. Public Works

1) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 98-6-2-8/In the Matter of Acquiring Fee or Other Interests in Portions of Certain Real Properties for the Reconstruction and Improvement of Upper Maple Creek Road Bridge.

MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar of June 2, 1998.

Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Dumdi SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-0.


a. ORDER 98-6-2-10/In the Matter of Establishing a .75 FTE Administrative Analyst Position in the Department of Health and Human Services for FY 98/99; and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Enter into Intergovernmental Agreements in Support of the Community Resource Information and Referral Project.

Commissioner Cornacchia determined commissioners had no questions requiring the presence of Health and Human Services Director Rob Rockstroh.

MOTION: to adopt Order 98-6-2-10.

Commissioner Dumdi MOVED, Commissioner Green SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-0.

Commissioner Cornacchia declared the meeting to be in recess until 10:20 a.m.


a. FOURTH READING AND DELIBERATION/Ordinance PA 1105/In the Matter of Amending the Rural Comprehensive Plan to Redesignate Land from "Agriculture" to "Rural" and Rezoning that Land from "E-40/Exclusive Farm Use" to "RR-2/Rural Residential 2", Adopting Exceptions to Statewide Planning Goals 3 and 4; and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (file PA 0253-97; Davidson).

Lane County Land Management Divisions Associate Planner Michael Copely referred to background information discussed at the Third Reading of Ordinance PA 1105 held May 13, 1998. He reminded commissioners of their request for additional information. He stated that the information had been provided, appropriate time for public comment had been allowed, and that staff was satisfied that questions related to water availability in the rezoning application had been resolved. He said staff recommended approval of the recommendation.

Mr. Vorhes stated that the additional evidence and exception criteria seemed adequate to proceed, if an appeal of the redesignation was made to the Land Use Board of Appeals. Mr. Copely added that appropriate state regulatory agency involved had not questioned the staff recommendation to approve the ordinance.

MOTION: to approve Ordinance No. PA 1105.

Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Dumdi SECONDED.



Commissioner Dumdi announced that she would be attending the conference of the Association of Oregon Counties to be held in Bend. She reported on her attendance of gatherings in Springfield following the shooting incident at Thurston High School. Commissioner Cornacchia added that he appreciated the sensitivity and reasonableness of local media in its coverage of the incident.

Commissioner Sorenson reported that he would be attending the meeting of the Human Services Commission on June 2, that he would be a speaker at the Northwest Household Hazardous Waste Conference to be held in Portland, that tickets were available for the Roosevelt Middle School Band concert in which his child would be playing, that his daughter would be performing in a Zap Dancers recital, that he would seek to attend a portion of the Association of Oregon County conference, that the Americans Civil Liberties Union would honor Chuck Dalton and Alan Soporin on June 7, and that a conference on Bus Rapid Transit systems would be held on June 10.

Commissioner Green said that he would attend the Springfield Community Conversation meeting scheduled for June 2, postponing his departure for the Association of Oregon County conference. He said he was concerned that the Joint Meeting of the Board of Commissioners with the Cottage Grove City Council had been scheduled at a time when the commissioner representing the area could not attend.


a. DISCUSSION/Glenwood Jurisdictional Study.

City of Springfield Mayor Bill Morrisette reviewed events and decisions which had led to the preparation of a study of the feasibility of changing planning and urban service boundaries to attach the Glenwood area to Springfield instead of the City of Eugene. He explained that major concerns were to be accurate and provide fair treatment of area residents.

Springfield City Council President Greg Shaver said conventional wisdom was that the Glenwood area was "Springfield's front door and Eugene's back door." He said Springfield was seeking to determine the opinions of Glenwood and Springfield residents regarding the appropriate jurisdictional placement for the area. He said current information suggested that residents of both areas favored jurisdiction by Springfield and that switching jurisdiction from Eugene to Springfield would prove revenue neutral for both cities in the long run. He pointed out that Springfield had a "non-aggressive annexation policy," suggesting that annexation of currently unincorporated residential areas would take place over an extended period of time.

Springfield City Manager Mike Kelly stated that the Springfield Planning Commission and City Council had determined that a jurisdictional change for the Glenwood area would need to be made in 1998 because it would not likely be able to occur if an increasing number of new developments are annexed by Eugene, as is currently required. He said that conceptual approval of a change recommendation would be sought by September 1, a final decision by January 1, 1999. He said fiscal analysis of a change would be completed in early August and that Intergovernmental Agreements would be drafted if agreement on the implications of the analysis is reached by the two cities. He stated that outreach to residents of the Glenwood area to determine their desires would continue.

Commissioner Cornacchia suggested that a public hearing before a joint meeting of the Metropolitan Area Elected Officials could be helpful in determining public opinion about the change in jurisdiction under consideration. He said he did not believe consideration of the change should continue if Springfield and Eugene could not come to an agreement on its appropriate fiscal details.

Mr. Shaver stated that an inter-city jurisdictional study group appointed to consider the matter had not met, but that it was possible for such a group to recommend that an advisory vote of area residents be held. At a later point in the meeting, Mr. Van Vactor pointed out that the Lane Code had provisions for such a vote, but that it was not easily adaptable to a question of planning and urban services jurisdiction.

In response to questions from Commissioner Sorenson, Mr. Shafer explained that residential and other areas in Glenwood not currently annexed to the City of Eugene would not be immediately annexed by the City of Springfield, if a jurisdictional change took place. He said fiscal elements of a decision regarding such a change were minor in comparison to social issues involved. He also said that he did not believe consensus regarding such a change among residents and operators of businesses in Glenwood was likely. He also said it it would be possible to prepare Intergovernmental Agreements to change the jurisdiction dependent upon an advisory vote taken in the November election.

Commissioner Cornacchia pointed out that votes during general elections were cast only by residents of an area, eliminating solicitation of opinions from non-resident business interests. Mr. Kelly said he believed an advisory vote would likely be only one of a number of factors considered when deciding the jurisdictional issue.

In response to a question from Commissioner Sorenson, Mr. Kelly explained that when equivalent elements were considered, the tax rates of the cities of Springfield and Eugene were approximately equal. He said the most noticeable difference between the cities was their bonded indebtedness.

Commissioner Green said that he favored the proposal to hold a public hearing regarding the jurisdictional issue before a joint meeting of the Metropolitan Area Elected Officials as a way to evaluate citizen opinion. He said the City of Eugene should receive full cost recovery for its investment in Glenwood and that resources in the area could produce significant development in the future.

Mayor Morrisette said that he believed market forces would drive future development in the Glenwood area, that affordable housing was an important consideration for those residing there, and that investment by Springfield in Glenwood would be recouped in the future.

Commissioner Dumdi said that she also favored the proposal to hold a public hearing before a joint meeting of the Metropolitan Area Elected Officials. She said she believed it would be important for all involved to be given ample opportunity to express their opinions.

Commissioner Cornacchia said he favored both a public hearing and vote to build a consensus about a change in jurisdiction for Glenwood. He thanked the representatives from Springfield for their presentation and requested that they keep the Board of Commissioners informed of progress.

There being no further business, Commissioner Cornacchia adjourned the meeting at 11:10 a.m.

C. Daniel Lindstrom, Recording Secretary

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