APPROVED 4/27/99

May 12, 1998


Commissioners' Conference Room 5:15 p.m.

PRESENT: Marie Bell, Verna Brown, Steve Cornacchia, David Crowell, Ellie Dumdi, Bobby Green, Sr., Mary Ann Holser, Carol Jones, Peter Sorenson and Cindy Weeldreyer Zoe Gilstrap, Recording Secretary.


Marie Bell called the meeting to order.


MOTION: Approval of May 5, 1998, Minutes.

Crowell MOVED, Brown SECONDED. VOTE: 8-0 (Cornacchia and Weeldreyer out of the room).


Sarah Sheffield, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene, Lane County Adult Corrections Nurse Practitioner, stated that a nurse position at the jail has not been added to the revised Sheriff's proposal. She advocated for one nurse practitioner and an office assistant position. Sheffield asked that the committee also consider upgrading the nurse and nurse practitioner's salaries. Responding to Bell, Sheffield stated that at the current salary, it is hard to hire and keep nurses and that a clerical position would be helpful. Sheffield added that an efficiency study would be very welcome.

Emily Fergus, M.D., 1590 McLean Blvd, Eugene, stated that she has been associated with the jail since 1965 and was one of the early jail physicians. She said she subsequently returned in 1972 to fill in, noting that at that time, there was no full-time medical staff. Fergus stated she was chair of a jail committee and has attended many of the nurses' staff meetings at the jail. She said she is here speaking on behalf of the nurses because with a limited addition of positions, they could be very efficient. She stated that they need to fill the existing position and then add one more nurse practitioner position and one office assistant position.

Melody Chord, 1574 Coburg Road #269, Eugene, stated she was here as a representative of community television. She thanked the elected officials for the support that they have given community television. Chord discussed the ANew Vision@ which is going to be the new dawning of community television beginning July 1. She said the mission of the Coalition to Rebuild Community Television is to establish a centrally located, publicly acceptable community multimedia education center which builds community by being responsive and representative of Lane County. Chord noted that they have started the search for the center and have received an invitation to share a building. She said her role has been to help develop educational possibilities for the future of community television. She distributed an overview of her projects (see material on file). Chord stated that she has talked to the University of Oregon about an opportunity for interns to work on program development and teaching.

Charlie Magee, 2679 University Avenue, Eugene, read a statement in support of community television. He encouraged increased funding for community television, noting that broadcast television is crucial as the most important media in the world. Magee stated that community television will provide a strong economy in Lane County and encourage strong family involvement. He noted such projects as highlighting Kidsports events and involving kids on the mall with program development.

Robert Clark, 2485 E Street, Springfield, President of Coalition to Rebuild Community Television, thanked the committee for an opportunity for a public/private partnership to work together in community television. He said that he believes that within the next year, Lane County will want him as a tool because every part of county government needs outreach to get their message out.

Weeldreyer suggested using future franchise fee increases and new subscriber fees for community television. She said she does not want to take anything away from the budget but suggested that a policy be established to develop a baseline and to allow that a small percentage of increases over that baseline go to government and Metro Television and the remainder go to community television for equipment and a facility. Weeldreyer stated that she also plans to talk to the cities of Eugene and Springfield about this proposal.

Rick Schulz, Management Analyst, stated that these monies are wholly discretionary, noting that Lane County does not give a portion of the franchise fees to metro television but rather gives a portion of the general fund. He said they are not connecting the metro television contract with franchise fees. Schulz explained that Lane County chooses to contract with metro television using discretionary general fund monies, not using a percentage of franchise fees.


Cornacchia referred to the packet material (see material on file). He stated that the PSCC struggled with this proposal, noting that they have determined these to be the most critical needs today. Cornacchia said they did agree that there should be a levy and were most comfortable with a rate of around a dollar per thousand. Cornacchia stated that with those two considerations, they provided a listing of services and then prioritized them on a voice vote into three tiers. He said a rate needs to be set tonight by this committee. Cornacchia stated that the CEOs of Eugene, Springfield and Lane County have also agreed that a dollar per thousand should be the maximum.


David Garnick, Senior Management Analyst, stated that the Assessor's office reviewed their forecast and have a revised estimate. He said based upon that information, the budget next year will be approximately $120,000 higher than the financial forecast and if the committee chooses to fund from the requested add packages they can go up to that amount without adversely affecting the prudent financial forecast.

Bell suggested that they go around the room and list the items they feel are most important.

Tanya Heaton, Management Analyst, distributed and reviewed the revised addition list (see material on file). She noted that there are some adds that are completely funded by sources other than the general fund. There was agreement to approve the additions not requiring general fund money.

MOTION: Approval of adds with funding other than discretionary general fund, providing funding is made available.

Sorenson MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED. VOTE: 10-0.

Sorenson noted that the Family Law add request has a two-thirds match by the federal government allowing Lane County to leverage funds from outside the organization to add five positions. Doug Harcleroad, District Attorney, explained that the Family Law request includes two office assistants, two legal secretaries and one legal assistant.

Steve Manela, Intergovernmental Human Services Program Manager, stated that their request for $38,000 for the Human Services Commission (HSC) would also leverage outside dollars by giving them the potential to go after grant funding. He pointed out that this request was a one-time expenditure.

In response to Bell's request that the committee voice their priority adds, the following were determined:

Family law positions $86,000
Veterans services $30,000
1 FTE clerical assistant for commissioners $33,000
DUII corrections $23,375
Jail Book-in (1) $54,454
County Counsel Attorney $80,224
HSC Grant $38,000
Jail Clerical to be determined
Strategic Planning $50,000

Cornacchia commented that there is the option of reducing departments by a percentage which would allow additional services to be added. He distributed a reduction concept list (see material on file). Cornacchia suggested adding the $38,000 to the Human Services Commissions in addition to the $120,000 as a one-time expenditure.

Green stated that, although he does not advocate for any adds, he would agree to the one-time expenditure of $38,000 for the HSC add. He advocated for the $50,000 strategic planning add also as a one-time expenditure.

Cornacchia stated that he would give up the County Counsel lawyer to address the needs at the District Attorney's office and the jail. He indicated that they are going to stay within the $120,000 with these two adds.

Dumdi stated that she was in agreement of giving the $38,000 to HSC outside the $120,000.

Weeldreyer stated that strategic investment now, although resulting in the stability of Lane County being a little shorter, might be wise and suggested that they spend more than the $120,000.

Sorenson suggested that they prioritize past the $120,000 to use as a guideline if more money comes in later.

Another vote on the services was taken for the purposes of narrowing votes.

The consensus included the clerical assistant in the jail, with the remainder going to the DA for clerical support. There was consensus to fund the $38,000 for HSC and the $50,000 for strategic planning as one-time expenditures.

MOTION: Tentative approval of $38,000 in the Human Services Commission outside the $120,000.

Cornacchia Moved, Green SECOND. VOTE: 10-0.

MOTION: Tentative approval of $50,000 for strategic planning outside the $120,000.

Cornacchia MOVED, Green MOVED. VOTE: 10-0.

Responding to Weeldreyer's concerns, Cornacchia suggested that they take money for a .5 FTE commissioner assistant out of the $80,000 add to the District Attorney's office. There was agreement to this proposal.

MOTION: Approval of the Entire FY 98-99 Budget with all Previously Agreed upon Adjustments, Additions and Reductions plus the three adds, plus the $38,000 FOR HSC and $50,000 for a development of a strategic plan.

Cornacchia MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. Dumdi asked if the Land Management plans examiner was included because it is fee funded. Van Vactor said it will need to come before the Finance and Audit Committee and then to the Board.

VOTE: 9-1 Sorenson dissenting.

MOTION: Approval of the Entire FY 98-99 Permanent Tax Rate and Bond Tax Levy Amount as Shown on the Attachment Marked Comparative Summary of Property Tax Levies and Rates.

Cornacchia MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. Sorenson asked why they need to approve the levy rate at this time.

Cornacchia withdrew his motion.

MOTION: Approval of the permanent tax of $1.48

Cornacchia MOVED, Green SECONDED. VOTE: 10-0.

MOTION: To authorize a $1.00 per thousand for tax levy, if approved.

Cornacchia MOVED, Green SECONDED. Cornacchia noted that this is a placeholder and still has to go before the Springfield and Eugene City Councils. Responding to Holser, Garnick stated that the Budget Committee is the only body that can set this rate.

VOTE: 10-0.

MOTION: To include the list of priorities to the Board if more revenue comes in.

Holser MOVED, Bell SECONDED. VOTE: 10-0.


There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.


Zoe Gilstrap, Recording Secretary

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