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November 24, 1998
Harris Hall 9:00 a.m. - Main Floor

Commissioner Steve Cornacchia presided with Ellie Dumdi, Bobby Green, Sr., and Peter Sorenson present. Cindy Weeldreyer was absent. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




Teresa Wilson, County Counsel, told Reed Fitkin that she did not recognize Hawk's Point and wanted to know the general nature of the matter that he wanted to talk with the Board about.

Reed Fitkin, 85200 Ridge Top Dr., Eugene, stated 20 months ago he came before the Board of Commissioners concerning traffic calming.

Wilson stated it was not a quasi judicial matter and he could proceed.

Fitkin said livability is improved and enhanced as there is more established communication between the citizens and public officials. He said that 20 months ago he came before the Board of Commissioners and asked that they be available to provide traffic calming measures for Hawk's Point. He said it is a 39-unit residential community sitting on five acres. He said there are speed problems and he wanted some signage. He said he was told at that time that the County was going to look into the matter and report. He said in 20 months, only once had he received communication back and that was from Sorenson, when he acknowledged receipt of information from Denis Hartley. He was then told to go to Public Works, and then called Cindy Weeldreyer who told him she would get back to him. He said many excuses came up and they filed a facilities permit on November 6 and within less than 10 days, it was denied. He said he went to ODOT yesterday to state that he had a problem and needed help and assistance, he wanted to maintain effective communication between the County and the citizens. He said they have problems as they are a low volume traffic neighborhood. He said many people have tried to get in the street and slow traffic down. He said traffic problems are from the residents and construction trucks, equally. He said what has frustrated them is that they as developers and homeowners, who are willing to provide the entire infrastructure out of pocket. He said they will put up the speed bumps, signage and do whatever it takes to do the job effectively. He said they have been told continually that it has been in legal counsel. He said ODOT told him that County has now applied for blanket authority for low volume traffic areas. He said he is asking the commissioners to approve the request by the Public Works department so they can go on. He said currently the Basic Rule applies. He said 20 months is a long period of time and asked the Board to support this, get the blanket authority and let them do some controlling of speed and traffic. He asked to be kept informed of the status by a progress report.

Dumdi stated that Commissioner Weeldreyer received an E-Mail from Mr. Fitkin and she immediately contacted Public Works.

Herb Bohl, 79040 Black Dr., Cottage Grove, addressed the Board on behalf of the Isaac Walton League (which he is a Board Member) on the issue of F-1 forest land. He said the Eugene chapter of the Isaac Walton League of America strongly opposes the proposed changes in Lane County F-1 zoning. He said other groups have already expressed that this would be a poor fiscal decision for the County. He said the IWLA believes that in addition, the decision could and likely will result in loss of wildlife habitat, wetlands, public access for outdoor recreation. He requested the Board to not authorize the change in F-1 zoning.

John Bianco, P. O. Box 271, Creswell, stated the public comment has not been tabulated into a summary and he did. He said he met with Jim Mann yesterday and went through the public record. He said over the past two years, 118 people have submitted testimony (he made a data base and removed duplicate entries that testified several times) and more than four times as many people oppose opening F-1 lands to development than support it. He said the ratio was 4.38 to 1. He said he is a small woodlands owner, with his family owning 144 acres of land, mostly F-1. He said he is opposed to this because it makes it more difficult for him to grow trees on his property and new homes will impact his forest management abilities. He added it will make the forest land more expensive which will keep him from expanding his woodlot and urges the Board to retain the current prohibition on dwellings in the F-1 zone.

Robert Emmons, 40093 Little Fall Creek Rd., Fall Creek, asked that the hearing testimony on the proposed F-1 ordinance from April 1997 be entered into the current record. He said in the legislative findings (Exhibit A for Ordnance 4-98) the County asserted that citizens have been involved in all phases of the planning process. He said the planning process began five years ago, (not two) when Kent Howe and Roy Burns of Lane County consulted with Seneca Representative Dale Riddle and Lands Consultant, Mike Evans, to craft House Bill 3661. He added 1000 Friends was deliberately kept out of the special committee on which Riddle participated because Riddle, Evans, Burns and Howe objected to their participation. He said they were not allowed to participate directly in the negotiations. He said 1000 Friends lobbied against the final version of House Bill 3661, but they did not target the 160 acre provision because there were worse problems, they were told LCDC Secondary Lands Rule would go into effect, which was worse than House Bill 3661. He said from the very beginning the loop has been closed to effective testimony from the citizens at large. He said the legislative findings in the proposed ordinance further assure that technical information is available to the public in an understandable form but he questions whether Sections 4 and 5 (under the template dwelling requirements) will be intelligible to the average citizen. He said given the same precepts and provisions, there are significant and substantial unresolved differences in the County's estimate of buildout. He said Lane County has not met the basic communication requirement

Nancy Miller, 1910 Villard, Eugene, stated ever since the Register-Guard reported the intention of a referendum being used to overturn any ordinance allowing dwellings in F-1 land, the Landwatch membership has been inundated with calls, faxes and E-Mails in overwhelming support for the organization's position. She added over 150 people have already offered to gather signatures. She said the message is clear that the people of Lane County, not the large corporate and timber land owners, want the Board to slow down. She added there are no hard facts to justify this action, only rough estimates. She said there is no analysis of the cost to the taxpayers, only broad generalizations. She said the people of Lane County are entitled to have their elected officials take responsibility for knowing the detailed facts before opening F-1 lands for development and it has not been done. She added the only hard facts and analysis presented have been by members of Landwatch. She quoted Sunday's Register-Guard editorial, "Step back from F-1 Brink." She urged the Board not to rush into this without knowing all of the facts because opening F-1 lands is too extreme.

Dan Stotter, 259 E. 5th, #200, Eugene stated he is present on behalf of Landwatch Lane County and have been asked to review the legality of Ordinance 4-98- and PA 1121. He said his review indicates that if this proposal is approved this afternoon, there are legal concerns and violations of law that will result in a reversal by the Land Use Board. He said there are serious procedural issues that will be a problem. He said the proposal has changed significantly subsequent to the hearing. He said the members of the public have not had a hearing opportunity on the current proposal. He said under the applicable law, there is a requirement to have a new hearing when there is significant changes in the proposal. He said in public participation concerns, there appears to be inadequate notice to LCDC, they did not have the 45 days required by law under Chapter 660, Division 18, Section 20, nor were they given notice of the subsequent change in the hearing date. He added there are other concerns under Goal 5 that conflict with resource conservation, Goal 6, water supply issues, Goal 7, hazards, landslides, slope erosion, flooding and Goal 11, public facilities and police and fire protection. He said the current proposal does not meet these land use goals and clearly is contrary with state law. He said a request needs to be accommodated by a specific motion of the Board to incorporate by reference, the comments of April 1, 1997, and as a courtesy to those members of the public who participated in the last hearing, he is requesting that a Board member specifically make a motion (required by law) to incorporate by reference the comments and documents received on April 1, 1997 into the record.

Pat McDaniels, 2365 W. 23rd, Eugene, stated she was present to speak on behalf of the League of Women Voters, Action Co-Chair. She said the League of Women Voters of Lane County asked the Board to take a financially conservative position and open up protected F-1 prime forest land to residential development. She added with the failure of the public safety measure, the County will have to take money from various services to help fund the juvenile center and opening the possibility of remote forest dwellings and their needs for services will stretch the funds for juvenile services to an unacceptable level. She said the County needs to protect existing job possibilities on private forest acres and taking acreage out of production for remote housing is not in the County's best interest as there is an increased risk for forest fires.

Eleanor Mulder, 2775 Emerald, Eugene, stated she wanted the Board to heed Sunday's Register-Guard editorial, despite the fact that there in not an accurate cost analysis.

Pamela Guthrie, 705 E. 38th Ave., Eugene, said the ordinances on F-1 land have not been a result of due process or in compliance with statewide planning goals that treat the public as a functioning part of the decision making process. She added there has not been any true public feedback process where specific information is processed and responded to by the Board. She said public safety concerns have been ignored in all evolutions of the ordinances. She said exact provisions about fire safety made to the Board have been disregarded. She said the ordinances allow buildouts and structural facilities in riparian zones of class one and two streams. She added 90% of all bird species depend on riparian zones for water or food and of those, 50% of them are dependent on riparian zones for survival and will perish as these areas vanish. She urged the Board to be informed.


Green reported he wanted to make the Board aware he needed to make a presentation for the Juvenile Crime Prevention Subcommittee of PSCC. He said he will be making a presentation to the Statewide Juvenile Prevention Advisory Committee at 3:00 p.m. and he and Steve Carmichael will be doing a presentation consistent with the governor's plan for $30 million for Juvenile Prevention.

Sorenson mentioned that last week he had the Oregonian's editorial Board allow him to publish an article on his trip to Washington, D.C. about the decoupling issue. He said he spoke with Rocky McVay, the Executive Director of the AOC about going to their annual meeting on December 3, at the Springfield Doubletree Hotel in Springfield. He said he was invited to make a presentation on decoupling.


a. UPDATE OSU Extension Service.

Janet Calvert, OSU Extension Service, reported that part of their program is "The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (FNET)" that takes nutrition education out to the people who are living on limited incomes, to help them stretch their food dollars further and gain skills so they can have nutritious meals. She said it was started 30 years ago by an act of congress and they celebrated the success. She said young women with children at home often don't have transportation, can't come to meetings in traditional ways, so they take the education out to the people. She added with shrinking federal funds, their program has not been able to expand, but they have become smarter in delivering the program in groups in other ways. She said another challenge has been welfare reform, which has positive aspects, but the requirement of having women either in school or at work, makes the time they can be reached very limited. She said they are finding creative ways to work with some of the job programs so they can incorporate nutrition into those programs.

Nancy Despain, Daphne Sampson, Linda Selig, Julie Martinez, Liz Gonzales, Christy Abbot, Jill Murray, Jennifer Barwood, Wanda Tryon all gave brief reports about their clients.

Dumdi thanked Janet Calvert for bringing the participants and instructors. She said the outreach is fantastic. She wanted to know how many people are being touched.

Calvert responded they reached around 450 enrolled homemakers (with children) or about 1,000 people per year.

b. ORDER 98-11-24-1/In the Matter of Approving the Use of County Road Funds to Pay System Development Charges and Road Assessments for Food for Lane County.

Cornacchia stated there was a letter that came to the Board from Food for Lane County that was routed to everyone on the Board to see what they wanted done. He said he received positive feedback from all commissioners. He added the letter only asked for the assessment that was placed on the property by the City of Eugene. He said in the interim there were discussions among the three jurisdictions about the system development charges that the development would incur. He said that discussion went to the City Council of Eugene and they picked up everything except for the transportation piece, with the expectation that Lane County would participate. He said he monitored that and noticed there wasn't much discussion of the fact. He added the City of Springfield has been approached and at this time they are not in a position to participate. He said Lane County has been very supportive of Food for Lane County. He said in the past he has asked for $50,000 to assist for Food for Lane County and it has remained in the budget. He said a precedent been set in support of this particular agency and its mission.

Caroline Frengle, Director of Food for Lane County, thanked the Board for considering the proposal and for their years of support. She added the County has been wonderful in advocating for Food for Lane County.

Cornacchia questioned Frengle as to what would happen if Lane County would not go through with this item and Food for Lane County would have to pay the charges.

Frengle replied that the impact would be a trickle down one. She said the bottom line would be fewer people being fed.

Dumdi commented that Frengle and her staff are doing a wonderful job for the homeless, needy and hungry. She said she had gone to Sheldon High School to help package food.

Cornacchia stated the amounts requested in the action: $17,300 in street assessments and $18,268 in system development charges are appropriate expenditures from Lane County's road funds.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 98-11-24-2.

Cornacchia MOVED, Green SECONDED.

Dumdi questioned the impact on the road fund.

Cornacchia responded there is money in the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) program and recommends that is where the money should come from.

VOTE: 4-0.

c. ORDER 98-11-24-2/In the Matter of Authorizing Payment of Association of Oregon Counties Dues for the Subcommittee on Federal Forest Issues.

Cornacchia reported the Board was sent an invoice from AOC after it had been determined by the Public Lands Committee how they would proceed on membership direction on federal forest issues and the safety net. He said AOC came up with a subcommittee on federal forest issues that carries with it an assessment of $25,000 to Lane County. He said the dues to the Public Lands Committee and special assessment have been lowered and eliminated. He added several western counties questioned what they were getting out of the Public Lands Committee that was spending most of its time on eastern Oregon issues. He said Lane County has one of the higher figures for dues, but that is from direct relationship from the National Forest receipts that Lane County receives in comparison to everyone else.

Doug Robertson, Commissioner, Douglas County, passed out a handout that describes the regions that have been set up (copy in file). He reported that 2 years ago it became evident that the services being derived from the AOC subcommittee on Public Lands were minimal. He added Lane, Jackson and Douglas Counties pulled out of the Public Lands Committee because the dues structure for the state was being borne by those three counties. He said a year ago Douglas County took on a challenge to help redesign a model, and the result is what is before the Board. He added one challenge was the connection made with the east side counties. He said the east side counties had no connection with the west side counties. He said what became clear was 31 of the Oregon Counties (all but two on the east side) have national forests within their boundaries and those issues were stronger in uniting than separating the counties. He said the biggest issue facing everyone is the safety net. He added the most difficult constituency to represent is one that is fractured and uniting on some of the issues will make it a more effective force in determining the direction of federal forest policy. He urged the Board to support the dues structure for the new subcommittee.

Cornacchia noted that this committee has six members based on the six regions. He added Lane County is a region in and of itself and has one position on that committee., that is part of AOC. He added everything that happens in the subcommittee still needs approval from the Public Lands Committee and the Board of Directors of AOC to become a legislative reality. He said now Eastern and Western Oregon issues will be dealt with as a united voice. He said the hope is it will make it a better relationship with the federal government than the current situation.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 98-11-24-2.

Cornacchia MOVED, Green SECONDED.

Sorenson questioned if this money was in the Lane County Budget.

Cornacchia responded it wasn't.

Van Vactor replied that it is from the general road fund that has adequate funds to cover this and it is not specifically identified in the budget.

VOTE: 4-0.

d. DISCUSSION T.C. State Police Service Gap Analysis.

Lt. Russ Burger, Oregon State Police, provided a presentation on the State Police Service Gap Analysis. He reported the cooperation between the State Police and Lane County Sheriff is at an all time high. He said Lane County has the second highest fatality rate in the State, second to Multnomah County. He added Lane County is number one in the state for truck crashes. He asked for the Board of Commissioners' support for the State Police in their efforts to be funded at an adequate level at the next legislative session. He stated there are 3.5 million vehicle registrations in Oregon.

Dumdi stated if the number of registered vehicles had an increased the fee, the State Police would have their budget covered.

Van Vactor said with regard to registration, the state constitution directs that those funds need to be used for roads.

Cornacchia said that Lt. Burger made a request that the Board support the State Police and their request. He wanted to know if there was a specific request to the legislature or governor creating budgets.

Burger responded that they supported the legislative body funding the State Police at an adequate level. He said they need to address transportation safety to make Lane County a safe place to travel in.

Dumdi reported that counties in Oregon within the last two years have been working on ways to increase revenues and said they are asking the State Legislature to look at Lane County Public Safety related entities (like the District Attorney's office and the Courts) because of funding. She said if Lane County could be successful in that realm, then there would be more money in Lane County's safety and the State could also be supported. She said she is supportive of the State Police.

Green echoed Dumdi's comments. He said he hopes that there would be something crafted to show the County's support. He said he has reservations about supporting the State Police without knowing where the source of funding support would come from.

Burger said at the next legislation money will be tight and there will be issues and tough decisions made by the legislators. He said there is a need not only for their agency, but also for the County. He said both the County Sheriff and State Police are both underfunded and understaffed. He said the needs of the public for public safety need to be addressed.

Cornacchia offered that there is a legislative committee that the County processes advocacy for messages sent to the legislative delegation and sent onto the governor. He said there is an avenue for the State Police and their comments are relative to their concerns about an inadequate budget. He said the State has abandoned state road safety and continues to focus on traffic and transportation as its primary function. He said it places the County in a tight budget in direct competition with them. He said he would be more comfortable to express a concern about the overall status of public safety in the entire state and include the State and County's needs in the message to the legislature. He said in Lane County there is not concern about crime from the standpoint of willingness to pay for it. He said he is not certain that crime and public safety are as important to people as those issues were seven years ago. He added it would be of value for Lt. Burger and Jan Clements to sit down and craft a resolution that would balance the needs of the local people in their attempts to get the attention of legislatures. He said that type of resolution would get their attention as to the local needs that are existing in this community.

Sorenson reported on Monday, December 14 at 7:30 a.m., the Lane County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to meet with the legislatures from the area, meeting with the 1999 legislature and there will be a discussion of legislative issues.

Commissioner Cornacchia recessed the meeting to return at 11:05 a.m.

5. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660



a. Announcements

Van Vactor reported he had sent an E-Mail that had attached to it the Y2K audit that was prepared by TQM. He said it will be used next Monday for a meeting and work session. He understood that Sorenson would be available by telephone. He said there was another E-Mail that he had sent regarding the Public Employee Retirement System increase. He attended a meeting and it is a dramatic and significant increase and the largest significant hit to the organization because of its long-term nature. He added it increases the base of operation by over $3 million per year and will last for at least 30 years. He said there will be another meeting on December 8 at the PERS office. He said the four governments that took the biggest hit were City of Eugene, Lane County, City of Portland and Multnomah County. He said Lane County will be paying a retirement rate of 19.73% of payroll plus social security. He said it is $1.6 million per year from the general fund alone.

Dumdi questioned if this increase was a done deal as far as the legislature was concerned.

Van Vactor responded he hoped not and it was the result of the 1995 legislative session. He added with Lane County, it is an impact of a benefit called money match, where they haven't been withholding enough money with regard to the payment structure. He said Lane County was an 80% contribution instead of 100%. He added it is a state mandated program and Lane County has no control over it.


a. ORDER 98-11-24-3 Appointing Five Members to the Resource Recovery Advisory Committee.

Ken Sandusky, Public Works, recommended that Andy Poynter be moved from one slot to another, that there be a reappointment of Shane Hughes and Karyn Kaplan and appoint Brian McVey and Julie Daniel as new appointments.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 98-11-23-3.


VOTE: 4-0.

b. ORAL REPORT 1997 Recovery Rate.

Tanya Baker, Waste Management, gave a slide presentation of the recovery rate. She reported that she is sharing the 1997 recovery data for Lane County. She said within the last three years, paper, wood waste, yard debris, glass, metals, tires, used oil and plastic compromised the major materials that were recovered. She said the paper recovery went up. She said in 1997 the recovery rate has gone up compared to 1996, although the waste generated has gone up as well. She said in 1997 Lane County's official recovery rate was 43% with the previous year being 39%. She said this year Lane County received 4% extra credit for education efforts in waste reduction and composting. She said there was 164,634 of recyclable materials, the majority of which were paper.

c. FIRST READING AND SETTING SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING Ordinance PA 1125 Adopting the Veneta Transportation System Plan, and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses.


Sorenson MOVED, Green SECONDED.

VOTE: 3-0 (Cornacchia out of room).

d. FIRST READING AND SETTING SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/Ordinance PA 1127/In the Matter of Amending the Rural Comprehensive Plan to Redesignate Land from "Forest" to "Rural" and Rezoning that Land from "F-2/ Impacted Forest Land" to "RR-2/SR" ("Rural Residential 2 with Site Review"), Adopting Exceptions to Statewide Planning Goals 3 and 4; and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (file PA 1710-97; Roberts).


Sorenson MOVED, Green SECONDED.

VOTE: 3-0 (Cornacchia out of room.)

e. FOURTH READING AND DELIBERATION Ordinance PA 1116 Amending the Rural Comprehensive Plan to Redesignate Land from "Agriculture" to "Natural Resource: Mineral" and Rezoning that Land from "E-30/Exclusive Farm Use" to "SG/Sand, Gravel & Rock Products", and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (file PA 2191-97; Egge).

Bill Sage, Land Management, reported on July 8 the Board tentatively approved a plan amendment and zone change and assigned the findings to the applicant's attorney. He said the findings and ordinance are presented for finalizing the action.

Cornacchia questioned if it was recommended by both staff and legal counsel that these findings are sufficient to support the tentative action taken by the Board of Commissioners in July.

Sage responded they were.

Vorhes stated there are no guarantees if it is appealed to LUBA, but they do meet with all of the requirements called for under the rule.



Sorenson stated that he was voting in favor because the evidence submitted in the Public Hearing supports an affirmative vote.


f. ORDER 98-11-24-4 Adopting Findings of Fact, Conclusions and a Final Order in the LUBA Remand of the Appeal of Spencer Creek Neighbors from the Hearings Official Decision Conditionally Approving a Special Use Permit for a Paintball Park in the Impacted Forest Lands Zone (F-2, RCP) (file PA 0856-95; Gillette/Williams).

Cornacchia reported this was something the Board had gone back and forth several times on and came to the conclusion that the application did not meet the requirements of Lane Code. He said they directed the findings of fact to support the conclusion and sent them to Land Management where findings were prepared.

Bill Sage, Land Management, stated the action before the Board would actually deny the application, approve the appeal and overturn what was previously adopted in 1996.

Sorenson stated he was interested in knowing if there is a " no" vote, if that meant the Board was affirmatively approving a denial or negatively responding to an appeal.

Sage responded the Board is approving the appeal and denying the application in one action and then overturning the previous order that had been approved in 1996.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 98-11-24-4.

Dumdi MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-0.


A. Approval of Minutes: October 28, 1998, Regular Meeting, following HACSA
October 28, 1998, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.

B. Health and Human Services

1) ORDER 98-11-24-5 Awarding a Contract to ACES in the Amount of $83,684 and Authorizing the County Administrator to Sign the Document.

2) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 98-11-24-6 Appropriating an Additional $53,785 in Revenues and Expenses in the Department of Health & Human Services (04) for Fiscal Year 1998-99 for Treatment to Individuals with Co-Occurring Disorders.

3) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 98-11-24-7 Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign a Revenue Contract with Women's Resource and Shelter Space, Inc. in the Amount of $44,861.

4) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 98-11-24-8 Appropriating an Additional $15,217 for Fiscal Year 1998-99 in Revenues and Expenses in Fund 86 in the Department of Health and Human Services (04) for the Treatment of Gambling Addiction Disorders.

5) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 98-11-24-9 Appropriating an Additional $39,773 in Revenues and Expenditures in Fund 86 in the Department of Health & Human Services (OHD Revision #4).

C. Management Services

1) ORDER 98-11-24-10 Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute an Option to Purchase Agreement with Patricia Lemke for the Sale of County Owned Real Property Identified as Map No. 18-10-07-34-00100 (Across from 87471 Tiernan Road, Florence).

2) ORDER 98-11-24-11 Authorizing the Sale of Surplus County Owned Real Property to Edward Vernon Bloom (Map #18-05-19-00-00313, Adjacent to 86074 Central Road, Veneta).

D. Public Works

1) ORDER 98-11-24-12 Awarding a Contract to Pape Bros. Inc. in the Amount of $66,469 for the Purchase of One (1), New, Unused, Current Model, Single-drum Vibratory Soil Compactor, With One (1) Trade-in, Contract FY 98/99 FS-05.

2) ORDER 98-11-24-13 Awarding a Requirements Contract to SureCrop Farm Service for the Purchase of PreMixed Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA - a Road Surface Deicer), Delivered to Various County and ODOT Sites, Contract FY98/99 M&S-55.

3) ORDER 98-11-24-14 Entering into a Contract with Rockland R. and Sharon L. Hastings for Concession Operations at Orchard Point Park and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign the Contract.

- AND -

4) ORDER 98-11-24-15 Entering into a Contract with Rhonda J. and Frank M. Stewart for Concession Operations at Richardson Park and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign the Contract.

MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.

Sorenson MOVED, Green SECONDED.

VOTE: 3-0. (Cornacchia out of room.)



Commissioner Cornacchia recessed the meeting to convene CVALCO meeting at 11:55 a.m.

Melissa Zimmer
Recording Secretary

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