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October 28, 1998
Harris Hall Main Floor 1:30 p.m.

Commissioner Steve Cornacchia presided with Commissioners Ellie Dumdi, Bobby Green, Sr., Peter Sorenson and Cindy Weeldreyer present. Assistant County Counsel Stephen Vorhes and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.


Weeldreyer announced she attended the Oregon Economic Development Challenge of Change Conference with Commissioner Dumdi. She said she found out there was a fiber optic company putting a line in through Lane County and have been in contact with all of the East Lane County communities that will be impacted. She added a meeting to talk about rural economic development strategy can be used to help maximum the fact there is high speed broad bank communications within a mile of most of the communities within her district, except for the South Lane area. She also reported that the Southern Willamette Research Corridor (Telecommunications Subcommittee) is bringing forward a vision for telecommunications for this region and Ellie Dumdi will be present at the meeting.

Green reported the Juvenile Crime Prevention Task Force (a subcommittee of the Public Safety Coordinating Council) has had three meetings and are developing the plan the Governor's Juvenile Crime Prevention Task Force drafted. He added the plan is to address targeted high risk youth. He said the task force is required to develop the plan and the recommendation will go to the Public Safety Coordinating Council. He stated it was an open process with a broad based representation. He said the task force consisted of practitioners, clinicians, Bobby Lee from the Eugene City Council, and representatives from 4J School District. He said there are 40 people involved. He said the plan is being developed to be consistent with the $30 million plan that the governor has put forth. He reported Lane County's share is about $2.5 million.

Sorenson reported that on Friday there is a gathering in Springfield with Congressman DeFazio (sponsored by Lane Transit District), to thank him for his work on the Transportation Bill that passed in Congress, and for the different projects funded locally. He added he went to the annual meeting of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Savannah, Georgia. He said as part of the trip he toured the landfill for Savannah because it was a site that Rochem had previously cleaned up. He spoke with officials about Rochem's job referral and received nothing but praise about Rochem. He said he toured the technology that they used including producing drinkable water out of a landfill.

Dumdi stated she attended Mayor Bill Morrisette's dinner dance. She said the Fern Ridge Library will have its ground breaking on Sunday, November 1. She added it is a success story because it is a publicly supported library. She mentioned that Steve Cornacchia and her retirement party will be December 14.

Cornacchia said since F1 lands were listed under the first ordinance and gave direction, he needed to know if he had to read what was on the agenda.

Stephen Vorhes responded that neither ordinance was read. He said the assumption was that it was set for a third reading and would include the second one as well. He said it was set up as a discussion and deliberation, not as a reading. He said they will both take place as a third reading and deliberation next week. He added if changes are accepted then, a fourth reading will be set at least two weeks before the final action.


a. SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/Ordinance No. PA 1120/In the Matter of Adopting the Creswell Transportation System Plan, and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses.

Harvey Hoglund, Public Works, reported the Board met with the Creswell City Council on August 10 to review the draft transportation system plan that LCOG prepared. He said at that time the record indicated there were a number of editorial changes that needed to be fixed for the final plan. He said those have been done and the ordinance adopting the plan was passed (contingent on those changes being made) the evening of the hearing in Creswell. He added there was no further action required by the city. He said the plan is in front of the Board for adoption. He said there is an ordinance and findings as part of the packet. He stated the ordinance actually refers to the September, 1998 Creswell Plan, and he said on the cover it says August. He indicated when the motion is formed, he would like to make note of that correction. He said he will go back and prepare it on the computer and send it to Melissa Zimmer this afternoon, so the ordinance will be properly stated. He added that there is another component to this: the resolution that follows. He said there was a proposal by ODOT to review a number of solutions to a modernization of the Creswell interchange. He added the Community Advisory Committee was actively involved in the selection of alternatives. He said they made a recommendation to the Planning Commission, City Council and ODOT asking that the formal action taken would be for the City Council and Board of Commissioners to endorse it as the tentative proposal for long range reconstruction of that interchange. He said there was considerable discussion at the hearing in August to prevent them from making further changes or modifications in the design of the project. He added it also provides some indication of what the long range possibility would be for reconstruction of the interchange. He said ODOT's best estimate is that it is a project at least a decade away, but it is in the record as being an indication of the long range intent for the area. He said the staff is recommending that both the ordinance as amended and the resolution be adopted.

Commissioner Cornacchia opened Public Hearing. There being no one signed up to speak, he closed the Public Hearing.

MOTION: to approve Ordinance No. PA 1120, as amended.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED.



a. RESOLUTION 98-10-28-19/In the Matter of Endorsing Concept 1 of the Creswell/Interstate 5 Interchange Refinement Plan as the Tentative Design Alternative.

Weeldreyer stated she is going to recommend and vote to support this with one comment, that this represents an incredible amount of hours the community has invested with state transportation and County staff to talk about a new interchange. She said her concern is that this doesn't allow for any right-of-way acquisition. She added her other concern is property owners being impacted by this for loan purposes, for expansions of development on their property that might be in this design alternative. She wanted the record to reflect that she was assured this was not going to limit them in any way from being able to qualify for loans. She said it is a long-term project and there is not enough state transportation money to begin the right-of-way acquisition process sooner, so planning can happen around it.

MOTION: to approve RESOLUTION 98-10-28-19.

Dumdi stated she agreed with what Weeldreyer said and it was also one of her concerns. She said there have been other cases where discussions have been around projects that are not going to happen right away and then development comes in and changes the whole thing. She said she is also concerned about the way ODOT has been criticized by the way they spend money. She added if they don't ensure the plan can move forward, they may have to go out and do it again. She said they should look at how they plan things in the public's interest so they do it in the most cost effective way possible.

VOTE: 5-0.

There being no further business, Commissioner Cornacchia adjourned the meeting at 2: 15 p.m.

Melissa Zimmer
Recording Secretary


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