July 31, 1996
Harris Hall Main Floor - following HACSA

Chair Bobby Green, Sr. presided with Steve Cornacchia, Ellie Dumdi, Jerry Rust and Cindy Weeldreyer present. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.


Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, remarked that he would be bringing an item forward today under County Administrator’s Announcements.


Kirk Bailey, 795 Willamette, #305, Lane Transit District Board Vice President, spoke concerning the High Speed Rail proposal. He encouraged the Board’s support of dedicating Transportation Equity Funds toward the Oregon High Speed Rail project. Bailey distributed copies of his statement in support (see material on file).

Ruth Bascom, Mayor, City of Eugene, spoke in favor of the Oregon High Speed Rail project.

Betty Van Heise - not present when called upon..

Laurel Carlson, 86348 Needham Road, remarked that she lives on Jim Gillette’s property on Needham Road. She asked for the Board’s suggestions on where she should go now that she is supposed to be evicted. Carlson provided statistics on homeless shelters in Eugene. She asked that the Board reconsider the fines being imposed on Jim Gillette. 

Rust commented that busses are considered to be recreational vehicles. He added that recreational vehicles can be parked on private property for up to 45 days, although it cannot be a permanent situation.

William Vencil, no address, stated that he was living on Gillette’s property on Needham Road. He commented that converted busses are not allowed in RV parks. Vencil asked for more time to speak to the Board on this issue. He asked where the busses should be relocated.

Linda Brown, stated that she lives on Jim Gillette’s property. She indicated that she makes $5.50 per hour and cannot live in town and support her two children on that wage. Brown remarked that she does not want to go on Welfare assistance.

Jim Gillette, 86340 Needham Road, remarked that he has not missed any staff meetings regarding this issue. He commented that the law allows primitive RV parks on forest land. Gillette asked how to protect rural land without people living on it. He asked for help with an affordable choice for low income people.

Jan Wroncy, P.O. Box 1101, Eugene, commented that she serves on the Vegetation Management Advisory Committee and spoke about protecting bus stops from spraying. She stressed that they need to be set up as a "no spray" area and not be sprayed ever. Wroncy stated that the County needs to enforce its own policies on this issue.

Becky Riley, 202 Hawthorne, spoke on behalf of the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides. She distributed copies of her testimony (see material on file), asking for support of the recommendation concerning establishing school bus stops as "no spray" areas.

Linda Pauly, 84773 McBeth Road, stated that she is a member of the Vegetation Management Advisory Committee and spoke in favor of the recommendation concerning establishing school bus stops as "no spray" areas.


To be held at approximately 10:40 a.m.


a. ORDER 96-7-31-1/In the Matter of Approving and Ratifying a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Lane County Peace Officers’ Association, Inc.

Ruth Larson briefly reviewed this item and the terms of the agreement. Responding to Rust, Larson spoke regarding the difference between this agreement and the

AFSCME agreement. Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, recommended deferring this item until after Executive Session later today.


a. ORDER 96-7-31-2/In the Matter of Authorizing the Department of Public Works Road Maintenance Division to Elevate Approximately 2,000 Feet of Duncan Island Road Beginning at Milepost .06 and Ending at Milepost 1.0.

Dumdi introduced Nancy Phelps who lives on the property in question. She provided a brief history of this item (see material on file). Phelps indicated that Mary Beth Schmid from NRCS is unavailable today as she is serving on jury duty. Phelps indicated that she would appreciate the Board’s help in this matter and was available to answer any questions from the Board. Responding to Rust’s question regarding the File Note, Phelps stated that the public’s interest is being served by making the wetland sites available to the public. Cornacchia commented that today’s action does not entail a vacation. He suggested passing this Order and asking Public Works to deal with Legal Counsel’s issues regarding vacation.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Cornacchia MOVED, Rust SECONDED. Van Vactor commented on the significant use of Road Funds for a small population. VOTE: 5-0.

b. DISCUSSION AND ORDER 96-7-31-3/In the Matter of Allocating Transportation Equity Funds as a Match for Federal and State Resources for the Northwest High Speed Rail Corridor.

Dumdi briefly reviewed this item (see material on file). Rust commented that Senator Hatfield is using the fact that counties and cities are "stepping up to the plate" as he lobbies for approval of the federal funds. He stated that language similar to that passed by the City of Eugene would be sufficient. Cornacchia noted that the potential funds would be allocated as the result of the high speed rail considerations. He spoke about the need for diversification of transportation modes. Cornacchia observed that the Nation of Islam controls the majority of the world’s fossil fuels, stating that it is time to think in a more global way. Van Vactor expressed concern that this needs to be done prior to completion of the TransPlan. Rust suggested that the language in the last clause be modified prior to approval.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Cornacchia MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. Green suggested a friendly amendment to find other language rather than "commit." Weeldreyer agreed. Teresa Wilson, County Counsel, offered language to substitute "finds that" (in lieu of "commit") and adding "would be an appropriate expenditure" to the end of the last sentence in the Order. Cornacchia reluctantly agreed to the amendment, as well as Dumdi. VOTE: 5-0. Wilson indicated that she would provide the appropriate language prior to the signing of the Order.

c. ORDER 96-7-31-4/In the Matter of Awarding a Contract for Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) Services for the Lane County Juvenile Justice Center.

David Suchart, Human Resources and Management Services Director, briefly reviewed his agenda memorandum (see material on file). Cornacchia stated that he was pleased to have a local component in the overall direction of the project, noting that the CM/GC will have significant ties to this community and understands the Board’s commitment. He recommended following the Juvenile Justice Operations Team’s recommendation.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Dumdi MOVED, Rust SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0. Cornacchia noted the tremendous effort by the Team on this matter.

d. STATUS REPORT/Project Status of the Lane County Juvenile Justice Center.

Suchart introduced Jim Mueller, KMD Architects, and Bill Proctor, CRSS, who reviewed the agenda memorandum (see material on file) and provided a slide presentation detailing the project status report (see handout with a summary of all slides).

Bill Proctor remarked that integrating the CM/GC into the preconstruction phase will be advantageous. Cornacchia asked if it would be possible to take the three pages related to integrating the CM/GC and use them to track the project and come back with a post-occupancy report. Proctor indicated that is part of what they are planning to do. Cornacchia expressed hope that not all money will be spent to the penny, so a fund could be created, up to $1 million, to use for additional unanticipated capital needs that will invariably come up. The Board expressed concurrence with the intent of Cornacchia’s comments, noting, however, that that may not be possible.

Suchart continued the portion of the presentation detailing an overview of the juvenile justice facilities site visits (see material on file), spending time comparing courtrooms, housing, central control, podular control, classrooms, outdoor recreation, gymnasiums, visitation, administration, reception and exterior finishes. With regard to gymnasiums, Dumdi remarked on the resiliency of "poured floors" used in some school buildings. Cornacchia expressed hope that the courtroom would be designed somewhere between the current "conference room" style and the typical courtroom "judge on high," so as not to lose the advantage of close contact between the judge and the kids. Cornacchia

also asked that the reception area not convey the message that this is where kids are warehoused, while still allowing for security. Rust commented on the positive feeling of the Multnomah County entrance.

With regard to the Yakima facility, which was built with a much smaller budget, Suchart remarked that many of the materials used there would not stand the test of time.

Suchart displayed a prototype of a potential display that can be updated periodically and used for public perusal.

This meeting recessed at 11:38 a.m. to reconvene at 11:50 a.m.

6. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

To be held later in the day.


a. Announcements

Van Vactor distributed copies of an Order authorizing the submittal of a grant application to the National Institute of Justice.

ORDER 96-7-31-16/In the Matter of Authorizing the Submittal of a Grant Application to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Cornacchia MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a. REPORT BACK/Vegetation Management Advisory Committee s Recommendation on School Bus Stops.

Mike Perkins, IVM Coordinator, briefly reviewed this item for the Board (see material on file). He summarized that while VMAC recommends the change in current policy and procedures, staff recommends that the department continue with the current policy and procedures. Cornacchia, noting that he was the Board’s liaison to this committee, remarked that the VMAC was basically split on this issue. He expressed concern that the proposal takes flexibility completely out of the program. Noting that no spray area requests are available to citizens at any time, Cornacchia indicated his support of current policies. Dumdi agreed, noting that the current system is working well. Green read portions of Tim Wefler’s May 21 memorandum which notes that some members of the committee will never be satisfied with herbicide safety issues at any time. Rust indicated that he would vote for the Committee’s recommendation out of concern for children. Weeldreyer offered support of the current program’s flexibility. The majority of the Board offered support for continuation of the current policy. Cornacchia expressed hope that VMAC would move on to other agendas now that this policy issue has been addressed.

This meeting adjourned at 12:12 p.m. with the balance of the morning agenda to be heard during the afternoon session.


Sharon Giles, Board Secretary

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