October 28, 1996
Gumwood Room, EMU, University of Oregon - 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Bobby Green, Jerry Rust, Cindy Weeldreyer, Ellie Dumdi, Steve Cornacchia. Teresa Wilson, Bill Van Vactor, Benett Wilson, David Suchart, Doug Harcleroad, Jim Gangle, John Goodson, Rob Rockstroh, Chris Todis, Chuck Forster, Bill Hoyt, Steve Carmichael, Mike Gleason, Jan Clements, John Clague Rick Schultz, David Garnick Tanya Heaton, Arlene Marshall, Sue Pierce


Commissioner Green welcomed the attendees.


MOTION: Approval of Minutes: Green MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED.


This item was presented by Margaret Nichols, Susan Ban, Suzannea Lee (Loaned Executive from Fred Meyer), Janet Anderson from United Way.

Nichols provided brochures and talked about the United Way Campaign. Sue Pierce is the Lane County campaign chair.

Susan Ban, from Lane County Shelter, spoke about the Family Shelter on Highway 99 and Brethren Housing. She talked about the alarming increase in the need for emergency assistance and housing. She said United Way works closely with the non-profits in order not to duplicate services. She emphasized three things: 1) The need is great; 2) The resources are few; 3) United Way networks very closely with many resources.


Bill Van Vactor introduced this item and talked about the super goal and reviewed the other goals.

PSCC Master Plan and S.B. 1145 Requirements - Doug Harcleroad

Harcleroad said the PSCC had set up four subcommittees: 1) Adjudication; 2) Police Services; 3) Treatment and Sanctions; and 4) Prevention and a subgroup on computers. He said they are to come back with plans and form those into one plan for the PSCC. Regarding 1145, he said on January 1, the County would start taking 12-month and less offenders and would buy space back from the state until the County’s own space is built.

Employee Safety - David Suchart

David Suchart said he was getting a lot of comments regarding the Employee Safety and Weapons policy.

Diversity Implementation - David Suchart

Suchart said that the group forums on the diversity assessment had been completed and 300 employee surveys have been returned. Scudder and Associates will analyze and report in late November or early December

Suchart stated he was working with staff on the recruitment program.

Suchart stated they are working on developing performance evaluations with criteria centered around diversity and cultural competency.

Suchart added that he and Hector Rios will be bringing the issue of facility access to the board and they are currently working on better signage and access for those with hearing and sight impairments and language barriers.

Commissioner Cornacchia asked department heads’ opinions regarding the weapons policy.

Rockstroh talked about the issue of people who have licenses to carry guns and who, under Oregon laws, are entitled to carry. He said he believed people need to go through a gun training course and he would support staff who feel they have a need for the training. Rockstroh said the County needs to establish a criteria and a standard.

Mike Gleason said managers have an obligation to provide for the safety of employees and there have been suits where managers have not taken care of the problem. He said there are very restrictive uses of deadly force and the County could be liable if it is used inappropriately.

John Goodson said Public Works adopted an anti-gun policy ten years ago. He said since the draft of the new policy, field people are expressing concerns and some of them are probably carrying now and will continue.

Ben Wilson said he did not believe guns and work mixed. He felt it was acceptable to store guns in a vehicle if a person is alone, but not if they are transporting other employees.

Steve Carmichael said he did not approve of guns in the building or in County cars but believes it is acceptable in personal cars.

Jim Gangle said no guns should be in the work place but he has one employee who rides her bike to work and feels the need to carry a gun because of that. He said that presents a problem of what to do with the gun at work since the employee has no car to lock it up in.

Commissioner Dumdi said there are circumstances where carrying a gun is essential and the County needs to be able to provide for that flexibility.

Doug Harcleroad said Judge Madison has said no guns in the courthouse and that is in effect now with exceptions for the Sheriff’s office and others. Some lawyers need to carry and he feels that is okay with the proper training. He reminded the assembly that this is a weapons policy, not a gun policy and said the County needs to pay attention to how to write the policy and what it will prohibit. Harcleroad said he was hearing that a policy needs to be formulated that says no weapons in the workplace without specific training and specific department head approval based on objective criteria.

John Clague said the sheriff decides for each person. For example, people on Search and Rescue could carry weapons but would have to qualify first. Clague said there is the issue of safety for employees and the County should concentrate on safe practices, teach employees how to act safe, and how to recognize danger at an early stage. He reminded the group that anyone except a convicted felon can carry a gun and the issue being discussed is really a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Commissioner Rust said employees need deadly force training before carrying while on duty. He said carrying guns on their own time is not an issue.

Van Vactor asked Rob Rockstroh and David Suchart to get together on this issue and bring back a proposal in 90 days.

Public Information Program Up and Running - Bill Van Vactor

This item was postponed until later in the day.

Law Enforcement District Being Developed - Sheriff - Bill Van Vactor

Van Vactor said there had been a meeting with Ken Jones and a contract has been drafted. He said the consultant will be on board this week and there will be a meeting with the group to brainstorm and get a time line and also meet with Commissioners Dumdi and Weeldreyer.

Financial System Data Processing Conversion - Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson said the financial RFP is on the street and will be evaluated next month and a vendor should be selected by the first of the year.

A&T Data Processing Conversion - Jim Gangle

Develop and Implement Lane County Intranet/Internet Pages to Improve Internal and External Communication - Ben Wilson

Wilson said the Intranet was up and looking good. The address is WWWCO.lane.or.us.

Upgrade Lane County’s Technology Infrastructure to Facilitate Implementing Client-server Applications - Ben Wilson

Wilson said they are doing assessments and getting cost estimates.


Juvenile Justice Center - David Suchart

Suchart said the BCC will review the master plan next week. Everything is on schedule and construction will begin late in the spring of 97.

Jail Construction - David Suchart

CMGC is open and construction is to begin in late spring. Suchart said 15 firms have picked up the package and expressed an interest, including some local firms.

Long Term Facilities Plan Completed, Including New PSB and Annex Roof - David Suchart

Suchart said the County has received bids on the roof and should have a contract within one month for repair. Roof replacement will be done next spring.

The inventory of facilities for repairs will be brought to the BCC the first of the year.


Orientation and Training Core Curriculum - David Suchart

Suchart said Alicia Hayes, training coordinator, presented an outline to the management team last week and will begin new employee orientation in December. Alicia Hayes is working with department training people and will be putting together a supervisory training. She is also working with diversity training

Forest Work Camp - Bill Van Vactor

Van Vactor said Captain Sunderland is swamped. He said the County is looking at 1145 population and secured number of beds at work camp for prisoners. He said that discussion will go back to the BCC and that there needs to be a discussion on what the parameters should be and to put policies in place.

Commissioner Cornacchia said the Board needs to have that discussion and to talk about population. He said the work that has been done needs to be brought to the Commissioners.

Carmichael said the state is interested in the forest work camp as a site for Juvenile Boot Camp for perhaps a couple of years until another site is available.

Parole and Probation Transition - Rob Rockstroh

Rockstroh said all P&P employees are coming over to the County and that Personnel will start the process for the program manager. He also said the Community Corrections Manager position ceases to exist and one person will have Community Corrections and Parole and Probation.

Van Vactor said there is an interest in H&HS looking at existing office space at Youth Services. He said the low estimate of $1.4 million to remodel is $75 to $80 a square foot.

Commissioner Weeldreyer said the public image would need to be handled carefully since the County went out for money for the new building.

Commission on Children & Families / Healthy Start - Bill Van Vactor/ Pat Rogers

(Pat Rogers was absent due to a family illness)

Van Vactor said significant progress was being made and Healthy Start workers are back and putting together protocol. He said Pat Rogers is working on three major personnel decisions and by the end of November, Healthy Start should be stabilized. He said the internal audit is going forward.

Commissioner Green said there was a need to appoint three new members to the commission to fill current vacancies. He said the commission is feeling some loss of control. Green talked about different working styles. He said there was a need to get applications and that he would like to see PSCC and C&F meet and that he would like to bring C&F to the Board for discussion.

Commissioner Cornacchia asked if the Board should be looking for people and talked about the issue of dual BCC participation. He said the issue of conflict of interest had been raised and asked when that issue should be looked at.

Commissioner Green said the State is looking at that issue and that the County’s policy is very clear.

Commissioner Weeldreyer pointed out that the County’s policy is more stringent than the state’s.

Cornacchia said he would like that issue to come to the Board before more members are appointed and that he would like to look at the issue of Commission members moving to other agencies after their appointment.

Commissioner Green said he would meet with Bill Van Vactor and Pat Rogers and have that discussion and bring it back to the Board. He said he wanted to discuss the policy of having all lay commissions and the possibility of a mix of lay and professional.

The meeting adjourned at 10:20 for a ten minute break.

The following item was taken out of order.



Agreed Upon Direction for Stabilizing Revenue Base

Commissioner Green said he had met with Bill Van Vactor, Doug Harcleroad, Commissioner Dumdi and Mike Gleason. He said they felt it was important to have a Board member that would be here longer working on the long term planning. He said the issues need to be coordinated around the public safety system and the question is designed to generate ideas.

Van Vactor said it was important that the management team, leadership team and the eight elected officials all work together.

Gleason suggested that PSCC is ready for change and that this group come up with two or three options to offer them.

Carmichael pointed out that there are eight County members on PSCC and suggested those eight meet as a group. It was agreed that was a good idea and those meetings will be coordinated soon.

Commissioner Cornacchia said he would like to have the Sheriff, the District Attorney, Rob Rockstroh and Steve Carmichael meet and discuss their budgets before coming to the Board individually next year.

Commissioner Green said the Leadership Team should meet more frequently and he would work with Marshall and Weeldreyer to reserve a couple of hours on Board meeting days.

Green said Finance and Audit had discussed the lapse and what happens to it, and that issue has gone back to F&A for more deliberation.

Commissioner Green said he expected feedback on the goals, that direction and continued meetings were necessary.

Van Vactor asked if everyone was comfortable with the goals and the benchmarks.

Harcleroad said he was unable to make a decision on taking on the responsibility of the super goal before the outcome of Ballot Measure 47 was known.

With that discussion, a consensus was reached on the 96/97 Goals


There were a few minor changes made, and a decision to list the principles alphabetically. It was the consensus of the group to accept that final version to be distributed throughout the County.

The meeting adjourned for lunch.

VI. ORDER 96-10-28-1/In the Matter of Establishing the Classification and Salary Range for Public Information Officer.

A committee consisting of Bobby Green, Jim Gangle, Bill Van Vactor and Doug Harcleroad had met and reached a consensus that the county needed a Public Information Officer in house, with specific needs contracted out. The job description had been somewhat modified. It was agreed the PIO would have some contact with the press and would work both internally and externally addressing issues of concern and education.

There was a discussion regarding the fact that 31% of funding for that position is road fund and that a percentage of the information would be dedicated to road fund issues.

Van Vactor said it was decided to get the position in place, and then establish benchmarks as things developed. He said there would also be a base line poll at the beginning and a follow-up poll later.

Commissioner Weeldreyer said she would like to have continued discussion on hiring a half time Public Information Officer and a half time Volunteer Coordinator.

RUST moved, DUMDI seconded, to proceed with hiring a Public Information Officer.

VOTE: Unanimous.


David Suchart provided some information demonstrating how internal communication and issues normally flow. He said communication is not always getting back to employees and asked how to insure our concerns get to everyone who is affected and how much commitment there is to make sure it gets to everyone.

Commissioner Green asked if everyone was comfortable with the way communications are currently handled.

Rockstroh said he believed it could be done differently and that few employees complain about too much information. Generally the comment is "I didn’t know this was happening."

Suchart said there are two different issues. One is communicating decisions that are made and one is how those decisions are made.

Van Vactor said that when an item is being worked on that can affect employees, communication should be considered at the beginning of the process.

There was agreement that each department post its copy of the agenda on a bulletin board, available for any employee with an interest.

Ben Wilson said the intranet provides the County with a place to put agendas, indexed by topic or whatever. He said it also gives us the ability to do surveys, gather and analyze information and hold discussion groups. He said important items could be highlighted. He felt this could go a long way toward addressing this issue.

Commissioner Weeldreyer said she was concerned about the availability of future agendas etc., and employees’ managing their work load and still checking on agendas. She said not everyone can be at the table and employees need delegates and to have a feedback loop, for instance, the safety committee. She said she was uncomfortable with the Board making work place decisions without a feedback loop in place.

Commissioner Cornacchia said agendas are available now and most items are not work place policies. He said employees are no different than the public and the information is available. He said if there is a concern, administration should hear from representatives, not from 1200 employees.

Gangle suggested that employees be asked about what kind of information they are requesting, and what it is they want to know about.

Harcleroad suggested a Public Information Officer could address this issue.

Commissioner Cornacchia said the County should send a message that 100 percent information is not realistic but there is a commitment to issues that affect the employees’ work or workplace and that there are policies in place that handle other issues.

Commissioner Rust asked department managers to submit to him one paragraph that states the plans for that department.

Van Vactor brought up a discussion about the workload in County Administration and asked if there were concerns about reclassifying the budget analysts in order to give them supervisory authority and task responsibility. The funds would be covered by last year’s lapse. There was general agreement with that proposal.


There had been some discussion earlier in the meeting regarding this issue.


Ben Wilson will bring this issue back at the next Leadership Meeting.


There had been some discussion earlier in the meeting regarding this issue.


Commissioner Green announced the NAACP Freedom Fund dinner sign up scheduled November 23, 6:00 p.m. at the Hilton on November 23. The cost is $40 per person

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 1:15


Jerry Pierce, Recording Secretary

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