September 11, 1996
Harris Hall Main Floor - following HACSA

Chair Bobby Green, Sr. presided with Steve Cornacchia, Ellie Dumdi, Jerry Rust and Cindy Weeldreyer present. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.


Two items of Emergency Business were identified. It was noted that Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, was not present due to his attendance at a meeting related to Healthy Start.


Julie Goodman, 88046 Riverview, Mapleton, spoke regarding the FEMA program for homes in the floodplain (Item 6.b.) and asked the Board to pursue the program on the neighbors’ behalf. She submitted signatures from people supporting this request. Goodman also provided a letter from Fred and Debbie Siewert regarding their effects from the flood (see material on file). She stressed the need to pursue funds to prevent this from happening again.

Marvia Shearer, 87981 Riverview Avenue, Mapleton, also spoke in support of the flood mitigation program.

Terry McDonald, 3003 Whitbeck Blvd., representing St. Vincent dePaul, asked for endorsement and support for three requests for Regional Investment funds, all for recycling programs (see Item 6.c.).


To be held at approximately 10:40 a.m.



5. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

To be held later in the day.


a. Announcements

Green announced that James Ollerenshaw, Technical Services Manager, Metro Wastewater Management Commission, was present to speak regarding leachate treatment. Cornacchia asked that Ollerenshaw speak about what is anticipated if the County were to build a pipeline and what happens between the time that leachate reaches the plant to the time that anything reaches the Willamette River. Ollerenshaw described: 1) the "pretreatment structure" where large particles are filtered out; 2) "primary clarification" which is large settling ponds ; 3) then the liquid moves on to the secondary treatment process which is an activated biological sludge process; 4) then that mixture flows to secondary clarification (another settling pond); and 5) then to final treatment which is disinfection with chlorine (which is later removed). Ollerenshaw explained that the primary clarification step produces a solid material and a surface skin material which is treated in a digestion process and is a solid waste. He continued that the secondary activated sludge treatment process produces a waste-activated sludge (biosolids) which are stored and eventually disposed of through land application. Ollerenshaw stated that the leachate contains a lot of constituents, including some contaminants which are similar to domestic sewage and those are removed in a similar way as with domestic sewage. He explained that the leachate has a fairly high level of ammonia, which currently is not treated at the treatment plant. Ollerenshaw indicated that pretreatment of leachate for ammonia may eventually be required on site. Responding to Rust, Ollerenshaw stated that there are several ways to do that, including spraying leachate into the air during which the ammonia dissipates. He indicated that in order to treat for ammonia at the treatment plant, there would be additional expense to modify the current cycle. Ollerenshaw remarked that leachate would be approximately l/10 of one percent of waste received.

With regard to other contaminants, Ollerenshaw stated that metals levels are extremely low; volatile organics are at extremely low levels and are not a problem; there are no detectible levels of pesticide; and that dissolved solids, essentially dissolved salts, pass through the plant untreated. Responding to Cornacchia, Ollerenshaw indicated that, while the plant discharge is one of the cleanest in the state, he would probably not drink it.

Responding to Weeldreyer, Ollerenshaw stated that the pipe used in the MWMC wastewater collection system is typically concrete. Responding to Weeldreyer’s question regarding any leakage problems in the MWMC system, Ollerenshaw remarked that the problem is actually the reverse of leakage, involving rainwater, etc. coming into their system during periods of heavy rain.

Rust commented on the moratorium involving allowing small rural restaurant owners to dump grease from their grease traps into the system. He asked what can be done to help these out-of-district residents. Ollerenshaw explained that grease is a difficult waste to receive as it causes significant operational maintenance problems. He added that no other major treatment plants in the state currently accept grease from grease traps. Rust noted that seven percent of the grease volume comes from the rural area and is no longer being accepted. Cornacchia encouraged Rust to look at a short term resolution along with a long term solution.

Ken Kohl, Public Works, reported that the new liner at the landfill is approximately five feet thick. He described the components of the liner system, including secondary leakage detection. Cornacchia commented that research has lead to the additional requirement of clay below the membrane as there seems to be the possibility of seepage. He asked if Lane County would be adding clay in the pipeline construction to give the same protections as at landfill. Kohl indicated there were no plans for that, explaining that the main reason for clay at the landfill is because there are imperfections in the liner with regard to welded seams. Responding to Cornacchia, Kohl confirmed that there will likely be some amount of leakage, but the system will meet regulations.

b. DISCUSSION/Flood Hazard Mitigation Grant Application.

Stephanie Schulz, Rural Development Coordinator, reviewed the agenda memorandum (see material on file). There was consensus to proceed with the HMGP application with the match as outlined. Cornacchia remarked that it would be good to know the opinions of other department heads affected by the match. Teresa Wilson, County Counsel, cautioned Schulz to be sensitive to the question of whether the County then assumes some new liability. She noted that Lane County is acting as project sponsor and what that means depends on how the language is developed

c. ORDER 96-9-11-1/In the Matter of Approving Letters of Endorsement and Support for Projects Applying to the Regional Strategy Board for Funding From Their Rural Investment Fund.

Peter Thurston, Community and Economic Development Coordinator, reviewed this item for the Board (see material on file), noting that the documents include the projects discussed by McDonald during Public Comment.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Rust MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED. Dumdi recommended a change in the language in the letter from "supports" to "endorses." Thurston indicated that the use of "endorse" was suggested by the state. Dumdi remarked that the project that was not included was not developed far enough.

VOTE: 5-0.


a. ORDER 96-9-4-12/In the Matter of Authorizing General Fund Monies in the Amount of $11,000 to be Used for the Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Currin, Lowell, and Stewart Covered Bridges.

Brian Genovese, Public Works, reviewed this item for the Board. He noted that the Economic Development Standing Committee has recommended that $11,000 of video lottery funds be approved with provision that the $7,700 reimbursement by the state be returned to the video lottery special projects account. Cornacchia expressed concern about making ad hoc decisions on the use of special projects money and requested that timing concerns be included in future memorandums. Wilson recommended that the Order be revised to reflect the use of video lottery dollars instead of general fund dollars.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Rust MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

b. ORDER 96-9-4-13/In the Matter of Authorizing the County Administrator to Sign the Covered Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program 1995-1997 Biennium Agreements for State Grant Monies Awarded to Maintain and Rehabilitate Eligible Covered Bridges in Lane County.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Weeldreyer MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


A. Approval of Minutes: None.

B. County Administration

1) ORDER 96-9-11-2/In the Matter of Approving Two Regional Strategies II Projects - 1) Cascade Pacific Industries, and 2) Custom Craftworks - Through the New Technologies Fund, and Authorizing the Eugene/Springfield Metropolitan Partnership to Proceed with Implementation and Administration.

C. Assessment and Taxation

1) ORDER 96-9-11-3/In the Matter of Refunds to Ralph O. Greenhoot 50% and Dan W. & U.M. Chamness 50% and David E. Carmichael, Attorney, and Firwood Properties, Ltd. and David E. Carmichael, Attorney.

D. Health and Human Services

1) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 96-9-11-4/In the Matter of Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign an Amendment with the City of Eugene in the Amount of $33,500 and a Subsequent Contract with St. Vincent De Paul in the Amount of $83,500.

2) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 96-9-11-5/In the Matter of Accepting Revenues from the State of Oregon; to Increase Appropriations in the Amount of $187,711 in Fund 85 for FY 96/97; and Delegate Authority to the County Administrator to Sign an Amendment With HACSA.

E. Human Resources and Management Services

1) ORDER 96-9-11-6/In the Matter of Authorizing the Sale of Surplus County Owned Real Property to Clay J. and Willie E. Bracy, Former Owners of Record (Map #21-35-17-42 Tax Lots 2401 and 2408, 76336 Rainbow, Oakridge).

2) ORDER 96-9-11-7/In the Matter of Authorizing the Sale of Surplus County Owned Real Property to (A) Darrell L. and Nita J. Barkelew (Map #17-02-36-30-03501, Adjacent to 8150 S. "C", Springfield), (B) George T. Travess (Map #17-02-33-13-00200, Adjacent to 643 N. 54th St. Springfield).

F. Public Works

1) ORDER 96-9-11-8/In the Matter of Releasing, Dedicating and Accepting Parcel "B", Wen-Del Park, Book 46, Page 7, a Parcel of County Owned Real Estate, as a Public Road (17-04-10) (Arrowhead Street)

2) ORDER 96-9-11-9/In the Matter of Releasing, Dedicating and Accepting Parcel "A", Fourth Addition to Wildwood Park, Book 42, Page 24, a Parcel of County Owned Real Estate, as a Public Road (17-04-03) (Arrowhead Street)

3) ORDER 96-9-11-10/In the Matter of Accepting a Deed of Land to be Used as a Public Road Easement for County Road No. 950 (Briggs Hill Road) (18-05-36) (PULLED).

4) ORDER 96-9-11-11/In the Matter of Releasing, Dedicating and Accepting Parcel "E", Second Addition to Wildwood Park, Book 42, Page 2, a Parcel of County owned Real Estate, as a Public Road (17-04-03, 17-04-10) (Arrowhead Street)

Notice was given that item 8.F.3. was pulled by the surveyors for resubmission at a later date.

MOTION: Approval of the balance of the Consent Calendar. Weeldreyer MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. VOTE: 5-0.


a. RESOLUTION AND ORDER 96-9-11-12/In the Matter of Adjusting the Department of Health and Human Services Budget (Fund 85) to Increase a .75 Community Service Worker 2 Position to 1.0 FTE.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Rust MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


Not done today.


a. ORDER 96-9-11-13/In the Matter of Authorizing Submittal of a Grant Application to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)

Susan Sowards briefly reviewed this item (see material on file).

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Rust MOVED, Cornacchia SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

b. ORDER 96-9-11-14/In the Matter of Directing Staff to Prepare a Supplemental Budget and Future Budgets for Fairground Facility Maintenance and Improvements.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Cornacchia MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


Dumdi referred to a letter from Judge Laura Pryor regarding Ballot Measure 47 requesting that each county do some type of publicity regarding this issue. Teresa Wilson, County Counsel, observed that this is a measure on the ballot and that it should not be subject to much staff work advocating for or against it. She noted, however, that the commissioners can do so. Wilson stated that a letter describing the economic impacts would be appropriate and research on the statistics would be appropriate for the analysts to undertake. There was agreement to request the budget analysts, as time permits, to prepare information on the economic implications for Lane County government. It was noted that public statements can be made by individual commissioners.

Dumdi reported that there is a Public Works luncheon at Camp Lane today at noon and a Public Works breakfast next Thursday morning at Armitage Park.

Rust announced that he has written a letter on behalf of the Board to go out with employees’ paychecks in two weeks to solicit advice from employees about the possibility of a new logo. He indicated that he would circulate the letter to the Board for signature. Rust and Dumdi remarked on the existing Public Works logo, questioning whether it is the intent to have one logo for the entire county.

Cornacchia referred to current discussions at the Regional CERT meetings dealing with funding recommendations that will be made by the "Joint Planning Team" regarding timber revenue disbursement. He noted that the allowable sale quantity will be about 10-20% of the historical amount after the Clinton Forest Plan expires in 2002. Cornacchia stated that the O&C counties will be asking that implementation of the recommendations be taken out of the federal portion, not the counties’ portion.

Weeldreyer reported that there was a Town Hall meeting last night regarding Highway 58, with 125 people in attendance. She stated that about a dozen people testified mostly in support of the stakeholder recommendation. Weeldreyer indicated that the area where there is a lack of community consensus has to do with whether or not to include a traffic signal. She stated that she has requested that ODOT do traffic counts as related to the school district at all four entry points prior to the October 2 public hearing date. Weeldreyer explained that she has recommended that if stakeholders cannot make a decision, then the Board be allowed to make the decision regarding any traffic light.

Green indicated that the Housing Policy Board has requested that the Board direct the Public Works Department to begin working on the road design for the Woodleaf project as soon as possible. He stated that Ollie Snowden is agreeable to that, but wants Board direction. There was consensus to contact Snowden to revise the previous Board Order pursuant to direction.

Green asked that the two rural commissioners provide names of potential candidates to represent the rural areas at the Housing Policy Board. Weeldreyer indicated that she had made inquiries with two communities, but has not received a response.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m. to reconvene into Executive Session at 11:15 a.m.

Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary

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