November 28, 2001

1:30 p.m.

Commissioners' Conference Room



Commissioner Anna Morrison presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Peter Sorenson and Cindy Weeldreyer present.Bobby Green, Sr., was excused.County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




a.  PUBLIC HEARING/Capital Project Partnership (CaPP).


Ollie Snowden, Director,Public Works, announced Sonny Chickering was hired as County Engineer.


Tom Stinchfield, Land Management, explained this was the end of the process for identifying CaPP projects to be added to the County CIP.He noted the packet lists 11 projects recommended for funding by the Roads Advisory Committee.He said the Board had a work session on November 6, making one modification to the Broadway project footnote.He noted the recommended funding level is $8.6 million.He stated on Attachment 2, they recommended a minor change, the Oak Street Project, changing the fiscal year from 01/02 to 02/03.He commented there have been changes to the Springfield Creswell Bike Pedestrian Improvement.He noted the change would be separating a bike pedestrian bridge to a widening of the existing bridge to provide a combined bike and pedestrian lane on the sidewalk on the north side of the bridge. He added it would also include a traffic signal at the ramp on the west side that would create an opportunity for pedestrians to cross at the ramp.He noted the project cost had increased from $1.1 million to $1.397 million, but there was no increase from the County,for its share of $300,000.


Bob Pirrie, ODOT, explained that improving the bike pedestrian overcross is important for community safety and it is one of the only bridges across I-5 that has no significant area for people to cross.He said they looked at a stand-alone bridge, but didnít know if it could fit the future upgrade system alignment and it was costly.He said the cost was reduced for not having a stand-alone bridge.


Stinchfield noted they are scheduled to bring back an order on December 12 to formalize changes to the CIP based on the CaPP project decision, based on Attachment 2.


Sorenson asked if the current plans for Pioneer Parkway involve bus rapid transit and if it is increasing the cost.


Stinchfield responded that the LTD Board recently selected that corridor as their next phase in Springfield.He said the project that is requested for funding under the CaPP Program is the four lane arterial project that does not include special facilities for LTD.He said the LTD buses would be driving in the travel lanes, north of Harlow Road.He said there wasnít space planned for a separated bus facility in the section that goes through the existing neighborhood.


Commissioner Morrison opened up the Public Hearing.


Jim Torrey, 2593 River Point Drive, Eugene, hoped the Board would pass the CaPP Projects.He said Broadway is an important part of Lane County.He said they were being responsive to citizens who voted.He stated he serves on the local officialís advisory committee to the Oregon Transportation Committee and this had been a high priority. With regard to Creswell and the bridge, he noted it had been a high priority to help with Creswellís needs across I-5 and they have to work together if they want to get the dollars to make the transportation work.


Terry Connolly, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, requested the Board accept the funding of the Broadway project.He said it was important to the entire community.He appreciated the roles of County and City staff to bring this forward.He thanked the Board for their consideration of funding.


Sid Leiken, Mayor, City of Springfield, 225 5th St., reported that Councilors Lundberg and Hatfield suggested on the BRT, that instead of moving it toward Thurston,to move it up to the Pioneer Parkway Extension.He noted the Springfield City Council had been involved.He thanked Dwyer for transferring the Game Farm Road improvements to the Parkway.He requested that if there was money left over that they put a traffic light off the west ramp of Highway 105, for safety and traffic movement.


Dan Egan, Springfield Chamber of Commerce, asked if there was any consideration left, if 42nd Street could be looked at.He noted the chamber was supportive of the Pioneer Parkway.


Nathan Duret, President, Game Farm Neighbors Association, discussed the Pioneer Parkway Extension.He said their neighborhood would be affected and would benefit.He said they were in favor of the Pioneer Parkway Extension and would like to see it implemented.He added the extension would alleviate the problems of a main thoroughfare going through their front yard.


John Hammer, 1820 Elkhorn, Eugene,was in support of a signal at I-105 and 42nd Street.


Nick Arnis, 225 Fifth Street, Springfield, was in favor of the Pioneer Parkway Extension and the signal improvement at 42nd Street.He noted that the Springfield City Council directed staff and the LTD Board to plan for the Pioneer Parkway.He said it was another phase of BRT.He requested that staff speed up the timeline of the implementation.He said they would like to start the project in 03. He noted the other project the City of Springfield submitted was on 42nd Street.He stated they didnít get funding for that, but there is a signalized ramp improvement that was part of the project.He requested that if there was additional money to consider $200,000 as improving the safety and operations of the ramp terminal.


Larry Reed, Planning, Arlie & Company, asked the Board to pass funding for Pioneer Parkway Extension.He noted that Arlie & Company owns 190 acres east of South Game Farm Road.He said they had taken the City of Springfieldís McKenzie Gateway Conceptual Development Plan and are implementing it.He stated their River Bend project will consist ofRiver Bend Village (mixed use nodal development) and 800 various dwelling units.He added the third element is 75 acres that will be developed by Peace Health.He stated that Arlie and Peace Health had agreed to provide the Pioneer Parkway Extension right-of-way through their site to the city for public use, including the additional right-of-way required for BRT.He added they were contributing $2.75 million toward the construction of Pioneer Parkway and providing $1 million additional dollars for off-site traffic improvements including sanitary sewer improvements to the area.They wanted to do the design work in 2002 and start some utility relocation and begin construction in 2003.


Eddie McClusky, P. O. Box 215 Creswell, stated they had been trying to do this project for 15 years.He said that ODOT hadnít done anything.He added the overpass had been unsafe ever since it had been built.He wanted the Countyís consideration.


Linda James, P. O. Box 569, Creswell, supported the redesign and concept for the Creswell overpass.She appreciated the new plan.She stated it would eliminate the safety issues and bring together both sides of Creswell.


Jan Wellman, City Administrator, City of Veneta, encouraged the Board to give their project a favorable CaPP ranking.He noted the overall project for the City allows them to make an additional connection to Highway 126 via Eighth Street.He stated it improves safety and the frontage road allows economic development opportunities on 17 acres of land within the community.He noted they had problems obtaining access permits from ODOT.He said having the frontage road would help the City grow and develop.


Charles Cook, 95347 Highway 99, Junction City, stated he is the self-appointed Mayor of Lancaster.†† He said there had been four accidents on Norton Road since last year and three accidents on Highway 99 East.He said that traffic safety plays a part.He noted ODOT had been instrumental in helping.He added the County has also done everything it can.He requested that the County not work on that portion of the road during the month of August due to the Scandinavian Festival.


Paul Kellerman, City Council, Junction City, thanked the Board for the work on the Highway 99 project.


Sorenson asked when this construction would take place.


With the plans and specifications of the projects that are in a community where this type of activity takes place,Pirrie responded they would make an effort to allow the free flow of traffic.He added the paving has to be completed on the state system by September 30.He noted this project would be phased in and might take two seasons.


Snowden noted they could put something into the contract about not having any work during the festival.


David Rinshaw, City of Junction City, stated that ODOT had involved them in every step of the process.He thanked Ann Sanders and Bob Pirrie for pushing this project to get it completed.


Greg Duff, Junction City/Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, supported the project in Junction City.


Bob Sissan, Director of Public Works, City of Cottage Grove, supported the project Cottage Grove submitted.He stated it included the installation of a traffic signal at Highway 99 and Harrison Avenue.He said they had tried to get the project done but hadnít found a way to have it financed.He noted that the City of Cottage Grove could put money into the project, along with the South Lane School District and ODOT. ††He hoped Lane County could also partner with them.He said the emphasis had been the location of the fire department because three-quarters of all trips go through that intersection.He added the South Lane School District was constructing a new high school that is within the same area that would contribute traffic to the intersection and as part of a transportation impact study, it had been determined that a traffic signal is warranted for volume.He encouraged the Board to give favorable consideration to the project.


Jim Worfelman, Property Planning and Development, Peace Health, spoke in favor of the Pioneer Parkway Extension.He noted a key criteria they had maintained in the siting consideration is access and transportation and the proposed River Bend site.


Sandy Young, City of Florence,(via telephone) wanted clarification on ranking.She thought there was a breakdown in communication.She had been working with Leo Stapleton from the Roads Advisory Committee.She spoke with Stapleton at the end of October and was informed that the Roads Advisory Committee recommended against the Laurel Street part of the project but had recommended for the Second Street extension subject to receipt of a letter of support from the City Council, under the Mayorís signature.She stated she had the letter and the Board was sent copies.She requested that the Board reconsider ranking their project.


Morrison noted that the Laurel Street project was always on the list that was not recommended for funding because there were questions as to whether it met the public road definition and the criteria established by the Roads Advisory Committee and the Board of Commissioners.She added on the Second Street project, the Roads Advisory Committee decided that because of the confusion within the community, they decided postponing taking any action and putting it on the not recommended list.She said there are dollars that are available.She noted the Roads Advisory Committee wanted to wait around the whole downtown plan.


Young stated there was confusion about the downtown plan and how many parts there are.She said the downtown plan that was adopted in September 1999, has 13 priorities.She said if this project doesnít get ranked, they would be interested in understanding what the process is for another chance.She thought they had done what was needed.


Weeldreyer asked if the information Morrison described about not having community support for this (and there is a division in the community) whether this site should go forward, if that was the information the Roads Advisory Committee used to notrecommend the project.


Mike Russell, Public Works, responded it is in the minutes of the Roads Advisory Committee that there was acknowledgment that there was a disagreement in the community and the Roads Advisory Committee was more comfortable in waiting.


Stinchfield recalled when the project first went to the Roads Advisory Committee,staff and the committee recommended it be removed.


Weeldreyer asked if Morrison would support funding of the Second Street Extension project.


Morrison responded she had no preference.She had concerns about business on the west side that would be impacted.She concurred there was dissention among the community around access management.She questioned the project in comparison to some safety projects.She said this was a modernization project.


Dianne Burch, Florence City Council, stated as a City Councilor, she had worked diligently to bring the required information.She said there were people in the community that donít have all the information.She said they had granted additional time to take the access management plan and separate it from the rest of the project so they could move forward with few problems.She commented they had done all the work they could do.She was concerned that the Roads Advisory Committee wanted to stop this project.She said they are ready to move forward and hadnít overlooked anything that wasnít important.


There being no one else signed to speak, Commissioner Morrison closed the Public Hearing.


Weeldreyer suggested the Board consider adding the Florence Second Street Extension Project to the list of recommended projects.She noted there was money leftover and she was looking at fairness and equity across the county.


MOTION:to add the Florence Second Street Extension Project to their list of recommended projects.


Weeldreyer MOVED,Sorenson SECONDED.


Sorenson asked what the constraint was on the $10 million.


Snowden responded that once the Wyden Craig Bill passed, they looked at the expected cash flow under the new act and compared it to their anticipated cash flow without the act.He estimated that over a six-year period, they would get about $20 million more they would have received without the act and it was unallocated.He said the Board decided to take $10 million to set aside for the program.He suggested they revisit the Road Fund cash flow and make a decision on what they want to do with the rest of the money.He noted the idea was to have signature products they could use to show their congressional delegation that this is what the money was going for.His understanding from AOC was that they anticipate a special session of the legislature because of the general fund shortfall.He said the legislature might want to revisit the roads schools splitting with county funds.He added that an adjustment to the roads schools fund could wipe out the money they are discussing.


Sorenson asked if Lane County if there was a danger to the operational aspects of the Public Works Department if the legislative assembly or congress changed this, and if they had committed $8.9 million.


Snowden responded that any IGA with partner agencies needs to have language that allows them to revisit the decision if the legislature changes the anticipated cash flow.


Sorenson was in favor of making the change.


Dwyer thought it was a good idea and it should be spread around the county.


VOTE: 4-0.


Stinchfield noted with the Florence application, that their project stated the year 2003 and requested a County contract.He said they need to find out what year they want to do the project.He thought this should be a City of Florence project.


Stinchfield recalled there were two things that came up in the testimony.He wondered whether the Pioneer Parkway Extension could be moved forward in time.He said staff would have concerns on how that would affect the CIP. He wanted direction from the Board on whether to leave it where it is or move it forward.He noted the second project was for the 42nd Street signal as a piece of the project.


MOTION: to move to add the 42nd Street stoplight project for $200,000 to the CIP for the safety aspect.


Dwyer MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.


VOTE: 4-0.




Dwyer announced they had an animal task force meeting and it was well attended.He said the community is committed to working together.He said the community was looking into a Lane County Animal Foundation for tax-deductible contributions.


Sorenson stated he was in New York and visited the site of the September 11 bombing.


Weeldreyer reported the economic development roundtable was continuing, with a second meeting-taking place on Friday.She wished Ada Noble and Ron Lewis a happy retirement.


Morrison reported that on Tuesday, the Board would have the Eugene Sand and Gravel Deliberation.She reminded everyone that the record is closed and any information received needs to go to staff.


With regard to the Regional Investment Board reappointments, Weeldreyer noted they made one appointment to fill a vacancy, but all who are currently representing Lane County on the Board, have expired terms.Weeldreyer and Morrison agreed they would recommend that the Board reappoint the group they have.






There being no further business, Commissioner Morrison adjourned the meeting at 3:55 p.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary

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