Board of Commissioners Planning Session

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Monday, June 5, 1995

29535 Dane Lane, Junction City, Oregon


1. Set up ground rules--check ego at the door.


2. Successes:

! Juvenile Justice Center

! Constituent Service

! SB 285 and 286

! Others?


3. Successful Ways to Communicate.

! What is important to each Commissioner?

! What is the communication style of each Commissioner?

! How do others see us?

! Conversation:  open, honest communication for understanding and background--not to be used for retaliating at a later date.

! Develop protocol regarding process with Commissioners (i.e. citizen concerns).


4. "Team" Try Outs.

! Determine how teams work (collective).


5. Commitment. (Dumdi)


6. Organization.

! What is important to the County Administrator?

! How can we reflect and implement attitudes and a sense of confidence (power of example/attitudes from above).

! Empowering employees.

- Book:  Zapped

! What we do well now as an organization.

! Where are we going as an organization?

! How are we going to get there?

! Domains/policy/administrative issues.

- List of what each Commissioner and the County Administrator thinks he/she has authority over.

- Who has what piece?

- What controls?

! Where are we as an organization?

- Financial

- Human Resources

- Automation

- Facilities

- Other