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April 26, 1994
Commissioners' Conference Room - following HACSA

Chair Jerry Rust presided with Ellie Dumdi, Marie Frazier and Jack Roberts present. Steve Cornacchia excused. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.




Peter Henry, 1648 Alder Street, presented the Board with a copy of a book entitled "Clear Cut", which he described as dealing with natural and industrial forestry. He indicated that the book provided ideas for policies to improve forestry practices. Henry stressed that forests are the basis of life throughout the world and provide the biological means to exist. Rust accepted the book on behalf of the Board and remarked that it would be placed in the Board's library.

Ken Gee, 1937 Laura Street, Springfield, distributed a letter he had written to Cornacchia dealing with solid waste disposal and dumping procedures at Glenwood. Indicating that he had done research, he stated that Lane County is the only agency that handles garbage twice. Gee stressed that closing the dump on Sundays is not good for the public and suggested that perhaps a Tuesday, or another weekday, would be more appropriate.

Ann Woeste, 84487 Murdock, commented on water resource problems in the Spencer Butte area and her concerns about water resources as related to zoning. She remarked that 180 households had been surveyed, with one hundred returning information. Woeste expressed concern about the pressure for more development in the area and the impact that would have on water resources. She referred to a map on the wall, with color coding of houses and water flow levels.

Al Gemmell, 84525 Murdock, further discussed the map created by the Spencer Butte Neighborhood Association, noting that it shows the area around Spencer Butte to be a water-restricted area. He specifically observed that there has been a reduction in water resources on Murdock Road. Gemmell encouraged Lane County to do an analysis of policies regarding the impact of potential rezonings.


To be held later in the meeting.

4. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

To be held later in the meeting.


a.  Announcements

Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, observed that Lane County offices would be open tomorrow (Nixon's funeral date). Rust stated that the Board would be observing a minute of silence at the beginning of tomorrow's meeting.


a.  ORDER 94-4-26-1/In the Matter of Increasing Lane County's Lease Area at Orchard Point Park by Approximately One-Third Acre to Accommodate the Expansion of the Western Parking Lot and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign Supplemental Agreement No. 1.

Bob Keefer, Parks Manager, briefly reviewed the agenda memorandum (see material on file.)

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Frazier MOVED, Roberts SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-0.

b.  ORDER 94-4-26-2/In the Matter of Amending Chapter 18 of Lane Manual to Revise Parks Provisions Regarding User Fees, Park Hours, Park Reservations, and Other Administrative Processes (LM 18.005-18.135).

Bob Keefer, Parks Manager, reviewed the agenda memorandum (see material on file), discussing increased fees that are keeping in range with other public providers. MOTION: Approval of the Order. Roberts MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0.

c.  REPORT BACK/Diversion of Haulers to Short Mountain.

Mike Turner, Waste Management Manager, reviewed the agenda memorandum (see material on file), and discussed the previous Conditional Use Permit's original commitment to area residents. He summarized that the long term financial impact on the community is higher under the diversion concept than with the County continuing to haul the material. Responding to Roberts, Turner indicated that the recommendation of drop boxes to Short Mountain was a compromise, as those trucks can make the trip easier. Roberts suggested the possibility of a differential rate, charging more for trips to the Central Receiving Station than to Short Mountain, as a way to provide "real world" feedback and to test the market. Rust discussed the public sector role versus the private sector role, expressing concern about an increase in costs to the general public. He indicated that he would not object to an analysis of a differential rate.

Consensus was reached that Turner provide the analysis of a fee structure that includes a built-in differential regarding trips to Short Mountain versus trips to the CRS. Roberts suggested that the proposals (the fee structure and the differential) be reviewed first by Finance and Audit, who could look at them separately as well as together. Responding to Frazier, Turner indicated that there have been several small adjustments to provide better internal efficiency. Van Vactor asked Turner to go through a list of questions included with the previous agenda and prepare a written report to the Board on those issues.

This meeting recessed at 10:05 a.m. to reconvene at 10:19 a.m.

d.  REPORT BACK/Lane Code Water Quantity Requirements for Rezonings (Spencer Creek Association Participating in Research).

Interested parties (Gemmell and Woeste, etc.) were invited to the table to participate in this discussion. Rust began by observing the request for information related to potential future build-out, draw down and interpretation of aquifer analysis in the Spencer Butte area. Frazier noted that there had been concern expressed by the majority of 60 people who attended a community meeting regarding the impacts of future build-out on current well systems.

Roy Burns, Land Management Manager, provided the historical perspective on this issue (see material on file). Burns stated that a determination of the potential for future potential build-out had not been completed yet. Responding to Rust, Burns indicated that, after the information is acquired, production of a map depiction would take approximately three to four hours. Gemmell stated that the Association would be happy to help with that. Responding to Dumdi's question regarding the ease of splitting an RR10 lot to two RR5's, Woeste stated that two had been done on her street recently. Gemmell also expressed concern about the potential on forest land, as two residences had been built in the area on F-2 property during the last year. Woeste requested a moratorium on parcelization of RR10 to RR5 until there was further review. Burns indicated that the current policy should be revisited, as there is no dispute that the aquifer is water quantity limited. Van Vactor noted that limited assistance from Land Management was acceptable, but that substantive review or aquifer studies would be very expensive. Roberts recommended that Land Management work on getting a basic data base, observing that future resources could be assessed after the election. Consensus was reached that Land Management would do limited work on a data base with regard to build-out/zoning. Burns was directed to look for the l970-80's data/studies (prepared by Ralph Christiansen).

e.  DISCUSSION/Interpreting Forest Use in Rural Residential Zones (LC 16.231) Pursuant to Authority in Lane County, LC 16.008 Interpretation.

Observing basic agreement with staff's interpretation on this matter, there was consensus that no Board interpretation is required.

f.  SEVENTH READING AND DELIBERATION/Ordinance No. PA 1046/In the Matter of Adopting a Rural Comprehensive Plan Diagram Amendment from "Residential" to "Industrial" and Related Zoning Map Amendment from "Rural Residential" (RR-5) to "Limited Industrial" (M-1) for Map No. 19-03-02, Tax Lot 602 (Applicant: Bugbee/Obie)

Rust read this Ordinance into the record. MOTION: Approval of the Ordinance. Roberts MOVED, Frazier SECONDED. Based on recent developments requiring applicant (Farthing) to further address questions posed by LCDC, Copely recommended that only "tentative" action for approval be taken today. Roberts AMENDED his MOTION to "Tentative Approval of the Ordinance and setting Eighth Reading and Deliberation on May 4". Frazier AMENDED her SECOND. VOTE: 4-0.


a.  ORDER 94-4-26-3/In the Matter of Accepting $20,000 in Contributions and Appropriating This Amount to The Child Advocacy Center for Equipment, Supplies and Other Start-Up Costs.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Dumdi MOVED, Roberts SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-0.











MOTION: Approval of the Plats. Roberts MOVED, Frazier SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0.


A.    Approval of Minutes: None.

B.  County Administration

1)  ORDER 94-4-26-4/In the Matter of Appropriating an Additional $4,000 in Revenues and Expenses in Fund 24, in the Department of County Administration.

C.  Assessment & Taxation

1)  ORDER 94-4-26-5/In the Matter of Refunds to Weyerhaeuser Company, H.J. Heinz Company, Metropolitan Life (Fred Meyer), and D.E. Cash.

D.  Health and Human Services

1)  ORDER 94-4-26-6/In the Matter of Accepting an Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement with the State of Oregon Children's Services Division in an Amount not to Exceed $51,000; and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign an Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement with the State of Oregon Children's Services Division.

2)  RESOLUTION AND ORDER 94-4-26-7/In the Matter of Accepting Plan/Amendment Approval Forms #43 and #44 to the Intergovernmental Agreement #20-001 with the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Services Division, Awarding a Subcontract to the ARC, Authorizing the County Administrator to Sign the Subcontracts and Amendments Per Exhibit A, and Appropriating an Additional $10,574.20 in Revenues and Expenses in Fund 24 for Services to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

E.  Human Resources & Management Services

1)  ORDER 94-4-26-8/In the Matter of Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute a 3-Year Lease Agreement Between Lane County (Lessee) and Eugene Civic Building (Lessor) for Office Space for the Family Mediation Program.

2)  ORDER 94-4-26-9/In the Matter of Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute an Additional 120 Day Extension to the Optional Agreement for the Sale of Westfir Mill Site Property.

F.  Public Works

1)  ORDER 94-4-26-10/In the Matter of Awarding a Contract to F.E. Ward, Inc. for Grading, Basing, Paving, and Structure -Bridge Street Bridge, Br. No. 17-1E-17C, Contract No. 93/94-19.

2)  ORDER 94-4-26-11/In the Matter of Adopting Supplemental Findings in Support of Ordinance No. PA 884 for Plot 318, Exception #1.

3)  NOTICE OF HEARING AND ORDER 94-4-26-12/In the Matter of the Vacation of a Portion of East 43rd Street as Dedicated in Book 236, Page 155, Lane County Oregon Deed Records (18-03-16) (Public Hearing: June 8, 1994, 1:30 p.m., Harris Hall Main Floor).

4)  ORDER 94-4-26-13/In the Matter of Accepting a Deed of Land to be used as a Public Road Easement and County Road for Erdman Way (18-05-06).

5)  ORDER 94-4-26-14/In the Matter of Releasing and Dedicating Parcel "B", Ranch Market Second Addition, Book 32, Page 28, a Parcel of County Owned Real Estate, as a County Road (17-03-24) (Otto Street).

MOTION: Approval of the Consent Calendar. Roberts MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-0.

TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 1994 - WORK SESSION (Continued)


a.  RESOLUTION AND ORDER 94-4-26-15/In the Matter of Increasing From $110 to $136 the Fee Paid Pursuant to ORS 21.112 on all Domestic Relation Suit Filings and Increasing One .5 FTE Family Mediator Position to a .75 FTE Family Mediator Position in the Lane County Family Mediation Program Effective July 1, 1994.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Roberts MOVED, Frazier SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-0.



Van Vactor noted that there have been requests by both the state Courts and the Sheriff's office with regard to minimal remodeling being done in conjunction with the HVAC project. George Russell, Director of Human Resources and Management Services, provided a quick overview of the information provided in the agenda memorandum (see material on file). He observed that the project has attempted to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of the occupants. Russell cited unrealistic expenses with regard to moves, the difficulty in working in occupied buildings, workers being required to work at night and paying for years of deferred courthouse maintenance as some of the reasons for delays and cost overruns. Bill Seider and Steve Hoffman, Systems West Engineers, Inc., summarized that Phases I and II had taken 11 months instead of three, but stated that the next phases should be smoother. Hoffman observed that the project had been driven by the needs of the occupants of the building and that the original schedule was too aggressive. With regard to funding the HVAC budget deficit, Doug Harcleroad, District Attorney, remarked that he is not confident that the amount is only $600,000. Margo Drivas observed that "Certificates of Participation" require the issue of at least $1 million. Russell pointed out that some deferred maintenance that could be taken care of in conjunction with this project include the fire alarm system and repair or replacement of the chiller (an estimated $250 - $300,000 item).

Roberts stated that the best option was probably going back into the lending market and questioned timing. Drivas observed that due to issuance costs, it would be best to inventory all needs/projects and take care of this at one time. She stated that Lane County could be in the bond market next year (FY 94-95/late summer-early fall). Rust agreed with Roberts' approach, noting that it would be prudent later on to start an equipment reserve. There was consensus to provide direction for the preparation of an inventory to include the needs/requests of the District Attorney, the Sheriff's Office and the Courts and to look at any and all requests at one time. Russell was requested to report back to the board in late May or early June. Responding to Frazier's question regarding the tracking of overruns, Russell indicated that a 2-week tracking system was being set up. Sheriff McManus reported that Forest Work Camp inmates had spent thousands of hours on this project.

b.  ORDER 94-4-26-16/In the Matter of Appointing Teresa J. Wilson, Acting County Counsel as Permanent County Counsel.

MOTION: Approval of the Order appointing Teresa Wilson as County Counsel. Dumdi MOVED, Frazier SECONDED. Frazier expressed her appreciation for Wilson's dedication, commitment and common sense approach. Dumdi concurred. Roberts observed that the Board had, for all intents and purposes, made this decision when Van Vactor was appointed as County Administrator. Rust stated that he was immensely pleased with Wilson's work and her appointment. Wilson recognized the hard work and support of the employees in County Counsel's office.

VOTE: 4-0.

Dumdi asked to be excused from the meeting at 11:30 to attend another commitment.


ORDER 94-4-26-17/In the Matter of Amending the Submission of the Assessment and Taxation FY 94-95 Grant Budget to the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Van Vactor provided a brief review of this matter (see material on file), noting that the bottom line is that Lane County and the ODOR have agreed that Lane County will hire one permanent and one seasonal cartographer at the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year. Drivas observed that the state grant revenue is continuing to go up. Van Vactor stated that a large part of the credit for the success of the grant application was due to Jim Gangle. Roberts concurred and thanked Gangle and Doris Bell for their work.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Roberts MOVED, Frazier SECONDED.

VOTE: 3-0.


Rust noted that the Board would be revisiting the Cultural Diversity Task Force report within the next few weeks and asked that Board members share any concerns in writing one week prior to the meeting in time to have that material included with the packet.

Rust observed that Alice Lloyd, one of the Information Desk senior volunteers, had passed away and offered condolences on behalf of the Board.

Rust distributed a flyer announcing a Covered Bridge Square Dance event on Cottage Grove on June 19.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary

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