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May 11, 1994
Harris Hall Main Floor - 1:30 p.m.

Chair Jerry Rust presided with Steve Cornacchia, Ellie Dumdi, Marie Frazier and Jack Roberts present. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.




a. PUBLIC HEARING AND ORDER 94-5-11-10/In the Matter of Adopting the FY 94-95 Through FY 98-99 Dept. of Public Works Capital Improvement Program.

Rust introduced Public Works staff members present: John Goodson, Ollie Snowden and Sonny Chickering. He also introduced Roads Advisory Committee members Sky Chemard and Jim Brown.

Snowden noted that the total program, as included in Exhibit A (see material on file), and as recommended by the Roads Advisory Committee, including revenue sharing with cities and other governmental agencies, is $99+ million and that those funds were available based on current reserves, continuation of existing spending patterns and anticipated revenues.

Snowden outlined several events which have occurred since the Roads Advisory Committee made its recommendation:

1)    Snowden stated that Public Works was contacted by ODOT and told they were intending to proceed with the Beltline/Barger project in 1995 as a state project; but they are considering extending that project to Royal Avenue and over Royal Avenue. Snowden indicated that ODOT reminded him that in 1978 the County had an agreement with them in which ODOT took Beltline Road and the County took River Road as an exchange, but part of that agreement binds the County to construct a Royal overpass. He stated that that has been listed in the "projects for development" portion of the CIP at $2.4 million. Snowden remarked that the state is anticipating coming to the Board in the near future and asking for some funding commitment to add to the Beltline/Barger project that would allow them to extend it over Royal Avenue. Snowden remarked that the same 1978 agreement binds the County to widening any overpasses of Beltline.

2)    With regard to Lorane Highway, Snowden observed that that project scope is still under consideration. He noted that it is listed for construction in fiscal 1996, but is more likely to be fiscal 1997.

3)    Noting that the Mt. Vernon/Cemetery Road project is scheduled for a public hearing in November, Snowden stated that since that project has gotten more publicity, comments have been received from property owners and there is interest in substituting the Jasper Road extension for that project. He remarked they would try to sort this issue out at the November public hearing.

4)    Snowden stated that further direction is needed from the Board with regard to the Bear Creek Bridge project which is listed as a 1995 project for $1.4 million.

5)    Snowden remarked that Chickering would be distributing some materials received from Dunes City (see material on file).

Rust opened the Public Hearing.

Rust submitted two letters into the record: from Mrs. James D. Higgins, 5660 Daisy Street #8, Springfield, and Greg Shaver, Springfield City Councilor - Ward 2 (see material on file).

Mary Guldager, 444 North Willamette, Coburg, Mayor of Coburg, spoke with regard to Coburg's Willamette Street project which had been in the CIP for 1996 and is now scheduled for 1998. She pointed out that Coburg is developing rapidly. Guldager noted that Van Duyn (Pearl) Street is no longer in the CIP at all. She observed that Marathon would be employing 275 new employees and that Monaco employee projections are up to 600. Guldager stated that there may be more employees in the Industrial Park than there are residents in the residential section. She stressed the need for more freeway ingress and egress, especially for safety purposes. Guldager asked the Board to review their issues and see if Coburg projects could be pushed forward in the schedule.

Chuck Solin, 329 East Mill, Coburg, remarked that he is a Coburg City Councilor and is responsible for public works. He noted that there is currently an active gravel extraction permit that has been issued to Wildish which provides the potential for heavy truck traffic through downtown Coburg. Solin also echoed Guldager's comments.

Responding to Dumdi, Solin confirmed that Van Duyn is currently a two-lane road, which will be providing access for both Marathon and Monaco. Responding to Cornacchia, Snowden indicated he has asked the transportation planning division to study that project and provide a cost estimate.

Linda Shaver, 1225 Water Street, Springfield, expressed thanks to the Board for the improvements scheduled for Centennial and for adding Aspen Street to be improved as Centennial is done. She remarked that this would be of particular benefit to the 620 children at Centennial Elementary School. Cornacchia remarked that if Aspen is brought up to urban standards there is the potential for transferring this street to the City of Springfield.

Scott Morris, 225 Fifth Street, Springfield, indicated that he is the traffic engineer for the City of Springfield and he thanked the Board for adding Aspen Street to the CIP. He confirmed that if the street is brought up to urban standards, Springfield will take it over.

Walt Keepers, 84385 Keepers Road, Pleasant Hill, remarked that he is a member of the citizens advisory committee for Highway 58 improvement through ODOT. He observed that Highway 58 is the only east/west connector through the Pleasant Hill area. Keepers indicated that the 6 connector projects, particularly the connector between Plaza Loop and Enterprise Road, would provide the means for local traffic to move through the area. He observed that Highway 58 is heavily traveled, with 13% being truck traffic, and he urged the Board to keep the connector roads on the CIP. Responding to Cornacchia, Keepers acknowledged that there is some resistance from some local people. Cornacchia observed the footnote added to the 6 projects, making funding contingent upon approval of the Pleasant Hill Circulation Plan by the Board of Commissioners. He remarked that this would take place after receiving results from a community-based exercise where attempts would be made to reach community consensus.

Diana Jordan, 1232 Island Street, Springfield, expressed her appreciation for the addition of Aspen Street to the Centennial project, making it possible to turn the street over to Springfield.

Phyllis Miller, 883 South 57th, Springfield, spoke regarding the extension of Highway 126. She indicated that there is a dire need to take traffic off of 57th Street as it only has a 16-foot road bed. Miller remarked that it is hard to get out of her driveway or across to the mailbox due to heavy traffic. Miller clarified for Cornacchia that she was referring to the Jasper/Springfield/Creswell highway from Main Street south through the mobile home park. Responding to Cornacchia, Miller stated that she would rather not see 57th widened.

Wes Heath, 855 South 57th, Springfield, commented in favor of the extension of Highway 126, asking that if the widening and improving of South 57th is deemed necessary, that a minimalist approach be used with as little realignment as possible.

Ned Nabet, 200 South Mill, Springfield, remarked that he is with Willamalane Park & Recreation District and observed that they have requested that South 32nd and Jasper Road, up to 42nd Street, be improved. He indicated that Jasper Road from South 39th to 42nd was already added to the CIP. Nabet also discussed another project, South 2nd from the Springfield city limits to Harbor Drive, stating that South 2nd needs to be improved. He observed that the project is on the CIP for 96/97, but requested that it be moved up.

Gary Evans, 3727 Jasper Road, Springfield, thanked the Roads Advisory Committee for adding Jasper Road to the CIP project list, from 32nd to 42nd. He asked, however, that this project be moved up to coincide with subdivisions being put in.

Mike Warner, 1710 Northview, indicated that he was with Marathon Coach and agreed with comments made previously regarding Van Duyn in Coburg. He observed that Marathon will be expanding as time goes by and noted that it is difficult to get off Coburg Industrial Way onto Van Duyn. Warner suggested that it would be cheaper to do the project now.

Cornacchia spoke with regard to the Van Duyn project in Coburg, noting that it seems to be a worthwhile consideration under EDAP. He explained that the CERT's are still attempting to get a stand-alone sewer system for the Coburg Industrial Park. Cornacchia observed that there will be major traffic problems soon, noting that Coburg does not have a traffic engineer. He indicated his support for County assistance, either through direct CIP or EDAP. There was consensus from the Board that Public Works come back in the near future with a potential plan for that project.

With regard to Coburg's Willamette Street, Cornacchia asked if that project could be traded with one of the two scheduled improvements of Coburg Road: the one from Eugene to Armitage or the one from Armitage to Coburg. He asked that Public Works report back on the feasibility of that swap - and how to deal with the four Coburg Roads: Willamette Street, Van Duyn and the two sections of Coburg Road. Snowden observed that the public participation process on these takes a long time.

With regard to South 2nd Street to Dorris Ranch, Cornacchia asked interested parties to talk with their City Council, as that project had been moved back in trade for another Springfield project, based on the City Council's recommendation.

Cornacchia asked for Public Works' analysis of what should be done with regard to the Mt. Vernon/57th/126(105) project.

Cornacchia referred to the Jasper Road project intended for 98/99, that was added, offering a warning that perhaps language be added requiring "mutual approval of design with the City of Springfield", which will pave the way for a future public hearing dealing with cars, kids and front lawns. Snowden clarified that the County portion of this project is only .3 to .4 mile, with the majority of the project within the Springfield city limits.

Rust discussed Lorane Highway/Willamette Street and the rural/urban interface. He noted the safety issue with regard to the "multi-modal transportation corridor," stating that there are approximately 23,000 vehicle trips per day on portions of Willamette Street. Rust asked Mike Gleason, Eugene City Manager, to comment on the City's suggestion that they pay for curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements within the city limits (approximately $1 million), with Lane County financing shoulder and travel lane improvements (estimated at $2.5 million.) He asked if this were placed in the CIP plan, could the $2.5 million be broken out in a multi-year fashion. Gleason responded affirmatively, indicating that Eugene would like to match up with the staging Lane County will be doing on Lorane Highway. He noted that busses are particularly hard on bus route streets. Responding to Cornacchia, Gleason remarked that they cannot assess on Willamette, because once a street is brought up to standard, it cannot be reassessed. He indicated that on Lorane itself, since it has not been brought up to standard, those charges can be assessed. Cornacchia asked Gleason how Eugene would like to see their County-subsidized projects prioritized. Gleason stressed that the Ferry Street Bridge is Eugene's top priority, as it moves one quarter of the traffic volume in the metropolitan area. Rust mentioned that the Bear Creek Bridge would not be happening this year, thus freeing up $1.4 million, and he added that not all of the budgeted $2.3 million for Lorane Highway would probably be spent.

A brief discussion on the pros and cons of the previous Urban Transition agreement ensued, with Gleason remarking that the bulk of traffic in Lane County occurs in the metro area and street maintenance is impacted by busses, and Roberts stressing that Lane County is affirmatively sharing road funds with cities above and beyond any reasonable costs that have been assumed by the cities.

Cornacchia expressed concern that the CIP is not built to enable Lane County to write a check for $15 million toward the Ferry Street Bridge. He indicated his hope that an endowment fund would be started this year, beginning with $3 million out of the road fund, with interest accruing and principal being added annually. Rust added that the overall project is still contingent upon the city's deliberations on this issue. Roberts concurred that he could support this project in the CIP. He commented that if Lane County shows it is using its road fund aggressively, county-wide, then it will be in a good position to lobby the legislature next session with regard to the gas tax. Roberts indicated his support of moving ahead with Ferry Street Bridge and Willamette Street (linking to Lorane Highway.) Cornacchia stressed the need to find $5.5 million in this CIP budget ($3 million Ferry Street Bridge; $2.5 million Willamette Street.) Responding to Cornacchia, Snowden indicated that the numbers in the CIP with regard to Yolanda and Marcola Road are the same as originally, remarking that there may be some slight change in North 19th and Yolanda, but probably not much change in the first stage of Marcola Road. Responding to Roberts, Snowden agreed that it would not be exhausting road fund resources if the full $5.5 million were added to the CIP budget. Snowden agreed that he would return to the Board next week with responses to questions posed by Cornacchia regarding various street projects and potential funds available for the Ferry Street Bridge endowment and Eugene's Willamette Street connection to Lorane Highway.

Gleason expressed appreciation to Lane County for the contributions it makes, adding that he hoped that none of his remarks today would be construed as not being supportive of continuing to work together.

Rust closed the Public Hearing.


Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, referred to a request from a department head to get information released publicly as soon as possible with regard to the final decisions of the Budget Committee. Roberts noted that the local newspaper had already provided adequate coverage and Cornacchia remarked that all three television stations had provided coverage. Rust recommended that a list be finalized and made available for media requests.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 3:04 p.m.


Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary

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