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May 4, 1994
Harris Hall Main Floor - 12:00 noon

Chair Jerry Rust presided with Jack Roberts and Ellie Dumdi present. Marie Frazier and Steve Cornacchia excused. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.


a. ORDER 94-5-4-1/In the Matter of Approving and Ratifying a Collective Bargaining Agreement Rollover with AFSCME.

MOTION: Approval. Dumdi MOVED, Roberts SECONDED.

b. ORDER 94-5-4-2/In the Matter of Approving and Ratifying a Collective Bargaining Agreement Rollover With the Public Works Association Local 626. MOTION: Approval. Dumdi MOVED, Roberts SECONDED.

Rust recognized members of the bargaining unit who were in attendance.

Lou Sinniger, Lane County AFSCME representative, declared that this was the second consecutive year that AFSCME had extended the economic portions of the contract which includes freezing a cost of living adjustment. Sinniger reported that in the last three years 75 positions have been lost, including many AFSCME employees. Sinniger declared that AFSCME is working with the County to create a partnership in labor relations. Continuing, Sinniger stated that AFSCME will bargain on an interest-based partnership model on up to 10 issues a piece for the one year extension of the contract. Sinniger reported that layoffs and the accompanying increased workload are causing extreme stress among AFSCME members, and that the union hopes to maintain vital services in the community. It is the union's hope, stated Sinniger, that bargaining language issues in the partnership approach would provide solutions to work load and stress problems prevalent in the County.

Phil Hibler, President, LCPWA Local 626, stated that the County is at a transition point in revenue gathering and business conduct. Hibler reported that the Public Works Department favored TQM-style management with self-directed work teams for better utilization of personnel. On the subject of salaries, Hibler stated that his union had gone two years without an increase, in recognition of the County's financial status. Hibler emphasized that a good labor and management relationship depended upon cooperation between the Board and the union.

Rust recognized other labor representatives, including Del Butts, AFSCME President; John Morris and Ralph Wheeler of Local 626; Rus Cron, Fred Willard and Mike Perkins from Administrative, Professional and Technical; Larry Jones, President LCPOA.

Dumdi expressed hearty thanks to Lane County employees for working with the Board. She stated that the unions' efforts are an indication of a desire for a true partnership with the Board.

Roberts added his thanks to all bargaining units working with the Board, and stated appreciation for the spirit of cooperation. Roberts reported that it was especially gratifying that units in County government with dedicated revenues are working with those linked to the general fund. Roberts stated that this showcased the team spirit and community mindedness of County employees. Roberts stated that the Board is appreciative of the stress encountered by employees as co-workers assume the duties of departing employees. Roberts declared that it was imperative that the Board stand behind County employees and recognize their work and sacrifice. Continuing, he stated that the Board is "going to bat" for County employees by proposing new tax revenues and "working shoulder-to-shoulder" with them. Roberts promised that he will work with the unions to provide quality service to Lane County people.

Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, outlined the procedures of interest-based bargaining and reported that this had worked very well during the last bargaining session. Van Vactor reported he was very appreciative of the "long term view" taken by Local 626 and AFSCME, and declared the County's commitment to continue working in that vein.

Rust stated his concurrence with comments made by previous speakers. He added that the labor agreements represent sacrifice by employees and a high degree of cooperation in County government. Rust noted that two years was unprecedented for this agreement and added that the Board appreciates the hard work and dedication of County employees. On behalf of the Board and the citizens of the County, Rust expressed thanks for making the agreements possible.

VOTE: 3-0.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 12:13 p.m.


Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary

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