September 27, 1993

1:30 and 5:30 p.m.

Tour Windward Inn


A City of Florence employee took Minutes at the meeting. After repeated attempts to get the usual copy of the Minutes for approval under Lane County's agenda process, it was first determined that the hard copy had been lost in their office, then that the tape recording had been lost and finally that the employee no longer works for the City of Florence. Below is a copy of the schedule and agenda for that meeting. There is no official record of the Minutes for that meeting. Information on the tour schedule and the agenda for the meeting are included here:




" Florence Annex Building

" Florence City Hall - Meet with City Representatives and Continue Tour

" Site of Proposed All Events Center

" Jail/Police Facility

" Lane County Public Works Building

" 40-Acre Tract of County-Owned Property Adjacent to the Transfer Station on Rhododendron Drive

" Heceta Water District - Proposed Water Treatment Site on County Property


5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. (Windward Inn Restaurant, 3757 Highway 101)


" Reconvene Meeting (Mayor McCorkle)

" Introductions (Mayor McCorkle)

" Welcome (Comm. Cornacchia)

" Public Comment

(Maximum time 20 minutes: Speakers

will be limited to 3 minutes and may

not yield their time to other speakers.)

" Discussion/40-Acre Tract of County-Owned Property Adjacent to the Transfer Station on Rhododendron Drive (Jeff Turk, Lane County Property Management Officer)

" Update/All Events Center (Mayor McCorkle)

" Discussion/Longer Term Room Tax Reallocation Issues (Mayor McCorkle)

" Discussion/Common Fuel Facility/County, City and School District

(Mayor McCorkle)

" Update/RCIC (Comm. Dumdi)

" Update/Heceta Water District Settlement (Bill Van Vactor, Acting County Administrator)

" Discussion/Building and Planning Inspection Services/Urban Transition Agreement (Mayor McCorkle)

" Other Site Tour Discussions

" Adjourn

Sharon Giles

Board Secretary