August 9, 1995
Harris Hall Main Floor -- 1:30 p.m.

Chair Ellie Dumdi presided with Steve Cornacchia, Bobby Green, Sr. and Jerry Rust present. Cindy Weeldreyer excused. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.




a. REPORT/Management Information System Team (MIST) Background Education, Options and Recommendations.

Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, announced that David Suchart is unavailable for the presentation today. He distributed copies of a memorandum from Sawat Wolfe to Cindy Weeldreyer regarding a somewhat different recommendation than that presented by MIST (see material on file).

Jim Gangle, MIST member, highlighted the vision, goals and methodology as explained in MIST's memorandum (see material on file). He observed the two distinctly different structure recommendations, i.e., centralization through an internal organization or contracted with an outside firm. Gangle noted that the Team is looking for direction from the Board.

Cornacchia noted that he had accepted the six "common symptoms" as fact and asked for explanations of 1) complaints about the performance of the IT functions, 2) competitive decline, and 3) inappropriate skill base. Ben Wilson, MIST member, indicated there are complaints about equipment internally and that outside partners do not understand where Lane County is going. Gangle mentioned that technology is transitioning away from a mainframe and the skill base level is inadequate to deal with the current technology.

Responding to Rust, Gangle stated that one company had indicated it would guarantee one year of job protection for data processing employees. Rust remarked that he does favor the assessment. Cornacchia indicated that he was convinced that some kind of centralized management function will meet countywide vision and on-going internal conflict. Responding to Green, Rick Schulz indicated his disagreement with the AFSCME assessment that the County already has much of the necessary equipment and technical skills. Green agreed on the need to be specific on the type of assessment that is asked for. Van Vactor remarked that there is a vendor willing to provide an assessment for no fee, but if the assessment is to get specific, it may be necessary to hire a consultant. Wilson remarked that a more effective assessment may come from a vendor who is prohibited from bidding on the privatization. John Clague observed the need for some type of centralized management and stated that the decision lies in determining whether the centralization would be handled from the inside or the outside. Schulz concurred with Clague.

Cornacchia expressed support for core decisions being made at a higher level, with the employees' applications in their own hands. Van Vactor recommended some degree of centralization, with user ability to control their work. He indicated that the assessment provides an opportunity to learn about the organization. Rust suggested putting out a request for interested parties to provide an assessment, such as that offered by the private vendor, to be managed by the County Administrator. Dara Busch noted that the MIST group worked independent of the existing data processing group in the County, observing that there are problems in not involving the people who will be affected. She stressed the need for a leadership team level commitment to the "vision." Van Vactor indicated that an update on the process would be presented at the next meeting.


A brief discussion was held with regard to a piece of property near the Fairgrounds needed for road construction purposes, with consensus not to "dicker" over a $5,000 difference in price.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

Sharon Giles, Board Secretary