January 10, 1995
Commissioners' Conference Room - 1:30 p.m.

Chair Jerry Rust presided with Ellie Dumdi, Marie Frazier and Jack Roberts present. Steve Cornacchia excused. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.


Robert Greuner, P.O. Box 181, Dexter, distributed copies of a packet of material relating to the Oregon Government Standards and Practices Commission (see material on file) in his capacity as a member of the Lane County Planning Commission. He indicated he mailed the required report on April 5, 1994, but apparently it was never received by the GSPC; thus he was levied a $250 fine. Greuner asked the Board to assist in abating the levy by having County Counsel intercede. Responding to Dumdi, Greuner indicated that the fine was imposed even though the report was submitted again later. Dumdi recommended pursuing this matter as she questioned levying fines against volunteers. Teresa Wilson, County Counsel, remarked that the GSPC has been dramatically reconstituted and has become more of an adjudicative body. She indicated that if it is believed that this is not being handled correctly, then the better course is to contact area legislators and handle it as a political matter. Van Vactor noted that Greuner only has a limited time to file an appeal, if necessary. Wilson commented that there has been a recent opinion indicating that is not appropriate for publicly-paid attorneys to represent an individual on an ethics claim. Weeldreyer stated that she would contact Senator Kintigh and Representative Corcoran on Greuner's behalf. Wilson counseled Greuner that he needs to make his own decision on whether to pursue the appeal process. Rust suggested initiating a process to notify other County volunteers/public officials subject to the GSPC reporting practices regarding filing deadlines.

Bill Morrisette, 348 `G' Street, Springfield, urged the Board to support the Youth Campus concept, observing that these are essential programs.

2. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

To be held following this meeting.


a. ORDER 95-1-10-1/Directing the Department of Youth Services to Develop a Plan for a Bond Measure to Fund the Development of a Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Center and Acquire Land for the Youth Campus.

Judge Kip Leonard spoke briefly on behalf of the Juvenile Justice Center and the need to invest in the future. He observed that there is an increase in the number of crimes against persons and a decrease in juvenile detention beds. Leonard noted that the juvenile justice system feeds the adult system. He commented that the Juvenile Justice Center will provide the cornerstone to bring together necessary services. Responding to Rust, Leonard stated that the name has been changed from Youth Campus to Juvenile Justice Center, as it better captures the essence of the project and has a better connotation. Leonard also responded to Rust that the difference between a state training school and a detention center is that the worst kids go to a training school.

Steve Carmichael, Youth Services Director, reviewed his agenda memorandum (see material on file). He described the potential location, noting that Youth Services has been working with the National Guard and the Governor regarding the National Guard property and building, and he discussed possible acquisition of the Elks Club and the Masonic Temple. Carmichael displayed maps and a scale model of current plans. With regard to the National Guard, he discussed the need for them to acquire another site for building a new armory, preferably near Lane Community College. Carmichael highlighted the state's planning for four regional training schools, stating that Lane County is listed as a site. He observed that there is a need to acquire land to be available for that purpose. Carmichael emphasized that a design combining the Juvenile Justice Center and the regional training school would allow for common kitchen, laundry, library and medical facilities, along with security. Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, remarked that two pieces of legislation that would be helpful in developing plans would be 1) an amendment that would allow the sale of foreclosed property and use of its proceeds for non-profit agencies and social services and 2) amendment of land use statutes to allow the National Guard facility near LCC which is outside the urban growth boundary.

Responding to Green, Carmichael stated that if money does not become available for the Juvenile Justice Center, then Plan B would be to use the land Lane County has now and build a new detention facility, giving up on the campus concept. Carmichael summarized that he was asking for authority to take a month to plan a bond measure and come back for recommendations on its timing and size, etc. He also asked for a replacement for Jack Roberts on the task force. Rust commented that he and Weeldreyer would be the representatives on the Youth Campus task force.

Jim Forbes, Executive Director of Looking Glass, provided further information on the public/private aspect of this venture. He indicated that Looking Glass's role would be that of "anchor tenant." Forbes remarked that Looking Glass is in the process of fundraising for their first component and he urged the Board to give Youth Services the chance to develop a plan for a bond measure. Responding to Rust, Forbes stated that he is committed to the "balanced approach" to services for youth.

Dumdi expressed concern about the timing of this plan as there is possibly a need for Lane County to go out for revenues. Carmichael offered hope that if the County is doing something positive around juvenile crime with regard to a physical facility, then voters may be more likely to support operational dollars, too.

Van Vactor asked that Youth Services address the issue of operational costs when they report back in 30 days. He observed that there is a need for careful consideration with regard to election dates, based on other potential election issues in the future. Van Vactor also agreed with the file note which expressed an interest in having someone from the Finance Department on this task force.

MOTION: Adoption of the Order. Weeldreyer MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned into Executive Session at 2:37 p.m.

Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary