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December 16, 1997
Commissioners' Conference Room - 9:00 a.m.

Chair Cindy Weeldreyer presided with Steve Cornacchia, Ellie Dumdi, Bobby Green, Sr., and Peter Sorenson present. Tarra Withers, Recording Secretary.




Curtin Mitchell, P.O. Box 27, Lorane, stated that at a public hearing his comments about an ex-county planner might have been misinterpreted. Mitchell said the planner had other job duties that were not mentioned. Mitchell said he sees the temptation to place homes on F1 lands; however, it would not be in the public interest to place homes on F1 lands. Mitchell encouraged the Board to reject the F1 proposal for development.

Mike Evans, 1071 Harlow Road, Eugene, stated he is a planning consultant. Evans said the F1 and F2 zoning program had fallen apart when the Thousand Friends of Oregon filed a lawsuit. Evans said when House Bill 3661 was adopted in 1993, the Board asked the staff if the statute should be adopted across the County or if there should be provisions or additional restrictions, due to the local concerns. Evans said the Planning Commission has recommended option 2, which is adopting the statutes as they exist with some additional restrictions. Evans said the primary restriction was that dwellings would not be allowed in locations that utilize BLM or forest service access.

Dale Riddle, stated that during the 1993 session he was sent to provide input on the issue of F1 development. Riddle said the purpose of HB 3661 was to create a compromise between the various competing interests. Riddle said the Lane County Landowner Association supports Option 2. Riddle encouraged the Board to adopt Option 2.

Pam Gunthrie, 705 E. 38th Avenue, Eugene, stated she did not support Option 2. Gunthrie said out of the numerous people stating their opinion on rezoning F1 and F2 lands, only a small minority were in favor of rezoning. Gunthrie questioned why the same principles of backpacking could not be applied for camping.

Nina Lovinger, 40093 Little Fallcreek, Eugene, stated she opposed the development of F1 lands. Lovinger said if the F1 lands were open to residential development it would promote a fragmentation of forest and wilderness.

Jan Golick, 2526 Alder, Eugene, stated Lane County should protect its prime forest lands. Golick said if F1 lands become opened for residential development then timber companies would be encouraged to cut the land and create subdivisions.

Alice Dowel, 78185 Rat Creek Road, said she would like the Board to oppose residential development on F1 lands. Dowel outlined concerns she had if residential development occurred on F1 lands (see material on file).

Chris Attneave, 8585 Willamette, Eugene, stated she concurred with many of Dowel’s comments. Attneave stated that she did not like the idea of a campground located next to a logging site. Attneave said she was concerned with people living on unfamiliar land. Attneave expressed concern for forest fires.

Patrick Bronson, 861 Adams, Eugene, questioned how long would it take before development and growth come to a stop. Bronson encouraged the Board to look at the larger picture and not economic perspective.

Kathey Ging, 2878 Harris, Eugene, stated she had done a survey of country property realtors, and they thought it was not a good idea to change the F1 zone uses. Ging said there were plenty of places to move in the country without changing the F1 zones.

Linda Pauley, 84773 McBeth Road, Eugene, stated there was no need to develop on F1 lands. Pauley said based on the numbers received from Jim Mann, there is no need to develop on F1 lands.

Gordon Howard, 83147 Rattle Snake Road, stated he was the former chair of Lane County Planning Commission. Howard said a lot of people who have bought land are trying to lock up the land use process to prevent others from enjoying the land. Howard stated he supported option 2.

Dale Krenek, 29475 Fox Hollow, Eugene, stated it was important to look at the property rights of individuals who bought property with the expectation that the future of the land would hold a resource conservative approach. Krenek suggested a case-by-case decision rather then a "sweeping issue" with F1 lands.

Shari Reyna, 39460 Highway 58, Lowell, stated that a change in F1 lands would be a ploy for timber companies to encroach upon forest lands. Reyna said there would be a threat of forest fire when the surrounding forest lands are impacted.

Adam Novic, 3715 Donald Street, Eugene, stated his family owned 250 acres of F2 forest land. Novic said he was opposed to park development because of the parks built near his home. Novic said when the commercial paint ball park was allowed, it created a fire hazard.



4. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660



a. CONTINUED DISCUSSION/Status Report Regarding Proposed Amendments to LC 16 for Parks and Campgrounds in the F-1 and F-2 Zones.

Jim Mann, Senior Planner, said the Lane County Planning Commission recommendations of policies included RV parks and campgrounds in forest zones. Mann stated he would like to receive feedback from the Board so that the Planning Commission could provide more details to their proposal. Mann outlined the Board’s concerns from the November 25, 1997 meeting (see material on file).

Referring to public comments, Cornacchia said there should be more information on the impact of campgrounds to adjoining properties. Cornacchia expressed concern about property owners who "cluster" their development for camp sites. Cornacchia suggested that exclusion be made within certain distances of F2 developed properties.

Dumdi stated she was opposed to campgrounds and RVs on F1 lands. Dumdi referred to her camping experience in Canada and expressed how the campsite was too crowded.

Weeldreyer expressed concern for individuals who maybe prohibited from harvesting trees, but must be required to pay taxes. Referring to several forested theme parks such as the ancient redwoods, Weeldreyer asked if there was a way for individuals to use their property to raise funds by developing interpretive centers about forestry.

Green stated that the application of public policy should be consistent and fair. Green said he would lean towards the educational focus if a theme park was developed. Green stated he would not like to see the development of RV parks in the forests as it exists on the I-5 corridor near Coburg.

Sorenson expressed concerns with wildlife corridors if there was the development of campgrounds and RV parks on F1 lands. Sorenson questioned the need to make policies at this time when there appears to be no demand for additional campgrounds and RV parks.

Mann said the current County code is similar to the state law and it would be beneficial to have some policies in the event that applications occur.

Responding to Sorenson’s question on the current rule for the location of parks and campgrounds on F1 lands, Mann said at the state level there is a special use in the forest zone and the only standard is that it does not adversely impact surrounding farm and forest usage.

Dumdi expressed concern for forest enforcement.

Referring to the management of Yosemite, where there is a shuttle to take individuals to their destination of interest, Weeldreyer questioned what types of options could be available in balancing recreational development on private property and surrounding areas.

The Board recessed for 10 minutes to reconvene at 10:40 a.m.

b. REPORT BACK/Status Report on Hearing Schedule and Proposed Amendments to LC 16.210 and for the F-1 Zone Concerning Whether or Not to Allow New Dwellings.

Kent Howe, Land Management, said he would like Board direction in how staff could prepare one or more ordinances which the Board would conduct a hearing on next year. Howe gave a staff report and stated that the County’s rural comprehensive plan policies had to be revised in accordance with HB 3661.

Jim Mann, Land Management, provided a summary of the Board’s direction from September 23, 1997 meeting (see material on file).

Howe stated he had conducted a statewide survey from the 36 counties to determine the application of state regulations on farm and forest land (see material on file). Howe said outside of Sherman, Gilliam, Umatilla, and Malheur, all counties had designated forest lands. Howe stated all the counties west of the Cascades allowed some form of the large tract and template; however Multnomah was the only county west of the Cascades to prohibit a lot of record on their forest land. Howe said since the passing of HB 3661, state wide dwellings have decreased.

Responding to Cornacchia’s question on the number of forest dwellings approved as a result of HB 3661, Mann said in 1995 there were eight approvals and in 1996 there were 36 approvals.

Responding to Green’s question on whether a map could be developed to show the area impacted in the F1 zones for dwellings, Cornacchia said it would be difficult to create a map of what they would look like because not all the properties may want a new dwelling.

Howe said that, depending on the implementation of rules, the number of dwellings could be between 1000 and 2700. Howe said from the various maps, the Board could see the potential of impact if dwellings were to occur.

Mann stated the impact of an RR zoned property would be different from the impact of a 160 acre parcel with a dwelling.

Green stated if the Board was to move forward, he would support staff’s planning commission recommendation of Alternative 2.

Cornacchia stated he would support the staff’s planing commission recommendation of Alternative 2; however, more work needs to be done on a variety of issues, especially roads and fire safety.

Dumdi concurred with Cornacchia and Green’s comments.

Sorenson stated he would not want any dwellings unless there were considerations for fire citing standards.

Weeldreyer said she would like to create some requirements that would address emergency management if dwellings were allowed on F1 lands.

The Board gave direction to Howe and Mann to schedule another work session and discussion that would involve issues of fire, access, roads, and water sheds.

Weeldreyer stated the majority of the Board supports the staff’s recommendation.

Howe informed the Board their packet contained all the materials to continue the next work session on various safety issues.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


Tarra Withers, Recording Secretary

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