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January 29, 1997
Commissioners' Conference Room - following HACSA

Chair Cindy Weeldreyer presided with Steve Cornacchia, Ellie Dumdi, Bobby Green, Sr. and Peter Sorenson present. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.

Items 3., 4.b., 4.c., 5., 6.a., 8., 9.a., 10. and 11. were heard during the afternoon session, but are reported here for continuity.


Weeldreyer mentioned that two items would be handled under Commissioners’ Business (Item 4), one regarding a new vacancy on the Fair Board and one involving the DEQ permit for Coburg RV Park. It was also noted that Item 7.a. was being postponed to another time. Weeldreyer also mentioned the addition of an oral report regarding contract administration for the EDAP loan program, which will be heard as Item 7.d. (This was later postponed to next week.) Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, indicated that there would also be approval of Minutes on the Leadership Team agenda (Item 12).


Weeldreyer stated the WIC grievance issue is in process and involves personnel issues, and asked that comments be limited to items other than grievance process and personnel issues.

Charles Phillips, 1075 West 18th Avenue, spoke regarding the WIC program, mentioning that he is the husband of Elaine Phillips who is involved in this process. He read portions of a letter referring to his wife’s qualities as a worker.

Dawn Lunn, P.O. Box 11612, Eugene, addressed the matter of breastfeeding in the WIC program. She read portions of a book regarding the benefits of breastfeeding. She stated that breastfeeding has decreased in Lane County since training was eliminated from the WIC program.

Jim Bruvold, 25661 Tidball Lane, Veneta, spoke regarding formation of a watershed council, stating that he was speaking on behalf of the Fern Ridge Community Action Network. He distributed a handout and read its contents into the record (see material on file). Bruvold asked for the Board’s support in reviewing items related to formation of this watershed council and developing a process related to it. Weeldreyer mentioned that it would be necessary for the Board to have a policy discussion regarding the analysis portion of Bruvold’s letter, complimenting him on the work that has been put into this. She suggested that the agenda committee set up a work session on this item. Bruvold stated that he was willing to provide more information. Cornacchia discussed two issues related to the Long Tom River and general policy regarding watershed councils. He stated the Board has set policy in dealing with the McKenzie Watershed, and it could be used for a model. He added there needs to be a discussion regarding the opportunities for staffing. He remarked that he has concerns regarding Bruvold’s handout related to selection criteria, observing the need for diverse representation. Weeldreyer highlighted some concerns she would like to discuss in a work session, including coordination of resources. Cornacchia noted the need to involve Benton County, as the Long Tom River runs into that county. Weeldreyer offered a commitment to work with Land Management staff to develop issues for an agenda item.

Brian Fuller, 36460 Camp Creek Road, Springfield, spoke as an individual on the Resource Recovery Committee. He agreed that closing Short Mountain is not prudent. Fuller expressed concerns regarding wet MRF’s (material recovery facilities). He stressed that the County’s funding structure is the main issue and offered support for efforts to support its revenue base.


Weeldreyer reported her attendance at the LCOG meeting last week and distributed LCOG's 1996 annual report.

Weeldreyer announced she would be attending the United Front conference in Washington, D.C. from February 11 to February 13.

Weeldreyer announced a no-host dinner taking place on February 12 at 5:30 p.m. in Oakridge, followed by a 7:00 p.m. meeting regarding corrections siting. She asked for a commissioner to attend in her place as she would be at the United Front.

Dumdi reported that the Florence Futures met Monday in Florence for the first time in a year and discussed current issues.

Sorenson remarked on the Budget Committee orientation held yesterday. Sorenson indicated that he was still visiting departments within the County.

Sorenson stated that he would also be attending the United Front conference in Washington, D.C. Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, suggested that Sorenson and Weeldreyer meet with him regarding specific ideas.

Weeldreyer announced that McKenzie Mist, a new bottled water company in Blue River, was recently the focus of a magazine article, and noted lottery dollars were a part of their formation.

Dumdi announced that the Florence Boardwalk may become a reality.


a. REPORT/Diversity Implementation Monitoring Feedback.

Lynn Burditt and Betsy Fairlamb presented this report to the Board. Fairlamb provided a brief history of this process to date (see material on file). Burditt voiced appreciation for the continuity of commitment evidenced by the Board of Commissioners. She discussed accountability and reviewed implementation priorities and progress to date (see material on file).

Burditt discussed monitoring action items and the results obtained therein. Weeldreyer asked what percentage of county employees responded to the climate assessment. Burditt responded that more than a third of county employees responded, which was statistically sound. Burditt noted that a proposal was made to adopt a policy for contracting and purchasing activities and requested that County Counsel review the proposed language for inclusion in Lane Manual. She encouraged further efforts in the policy arena (in category 1) and provided detail on progress toward addressing other items in category 1.

Burditt acknowledged the challenges of decreased funding and voiced hope in creating more ongoing contact with County staff. She outlined the goals: 1) Follow up on activities not addressed or completed during year one; 2) Meet with Green, Van Vactor and Suchart to discuss activities for the upcoming year; 3) Complete an annual report for the Board with a six-month update if necessary; 4) Meet with the HRMS director once a quarter; 5) Meet with department directors to review the status of plan implementation; 6) Have the subcommittee review the Work Force Diversity Plan; 7) Review each department’s affirmative action plan; and 8) Query the "responsible party" from the Diversity Implementation Plan for ongoing monitoring activities.

Burditt acknowledged the contribution of numerous people and the support and progress that occurred last year.

Dumdi complimented Burditt and the committee for their work to date, and noted that funding for the ramp was obtained through a community development block grant, not the general fund. Responding to Sorenson, Burditt indicated that affirmative action is an element of a manager's evaluation, but expressed concern that it is not being used effectively.

MOTION: To accept the monitoring report. Sorenson MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. Green acknowledged Burditt’s efforts. He spoke highly of the progress to date and acknowledged the commitment of the County. Discussion followed on the "report card," what actions are available, and the process for that type of report. VOTE: 5-0. Green suggested drafting a thank you letter to Betsy Fairlamb.

This meeting recessed at 10:23 a.m. to reconvene at 10:30 a.m. to discuss Item 6.b.

b. DISCUSSION/Fair Board Vacancy

Weeldreyer announced that Randy Thwing resigned last week. There was consensus to appoint from a previous pool of applicants who were interviewed and not selected. Weeldreyer identified those past interviewees as Dean Hansen, Elizabeth Gibson and Peter Bartel. MOTION: To appoint Dean Hansen. Green MOVED, Cornacchia SECONDED. Weeldreyer voiced concern regarding Dean Hansen and the possibility of a potential conflict due to his involvement with Kidsports. She stated she would have nominated Peter Bartel, but will support the appointment of Hansen. VOTE: 5-0.

c. DISCUSSION/DEQ Permit for Coburg RV Park

Weeldreyer provided background on this item (see material on file). There was Board consensus for support of the draft letter to Steve Greenwood, Regional Director, Department of Environmental Quality. MOTION: Accept the letter with modifications to be presented at public hearing and forwarded to Greenwood at DEQ. Dumdi MOVED, Green SECONDED. Sorenson stated his strong support for the motion. VOTE: 5-0.

5. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

To be held later in the day.


a. Announcements


b. ORAL REPORT/WIC Program Status.

Rob Rockstroh, Director of Health and Human Services, introduced Karen Gillette and Donalda Dodson, WIC Program Manager, Oregon Health Division. Three handouts were also presented. He explained that when the program was transferred, the shift was from 28.5 FTE at Family Resources to 15.8 FTE at the County, which will mean there are things that cannot be done. Rockstroh stated that money received from the state is not directly related to the levels of service, and it was anticipated that there would be some reduced levels of service. He reported that the intent is to work with a caseload of approximately 9,000 so that the program becomes self-sustaining. Rockstroh continued that the County has a two-year "hold harmless" clause and that regardless of the caseload, the County will still get the money from the state. Rockstroh referred to Connie Sullivan’s January 28 memorandum detailing caseload statistics (see material on file). He noted that caseload is increasing and there was an understanding that the caseload would be down during the initial training phase. Responding to Cornacchia, Rockstroh explained that the intent is to serve the same number of clients with less staff, but operating differently. Remarking on Sullivan's memo, Green stated that specific numbers, statistics, and documentation, rather than percentages would be more helpful.

Sorenson reported concern about how much emphasis is being placed on breast-feeding assistance. Rockstroh reported that $17,000 under the grant is for breast-feeding and it is very important. He reported that staff is doing a triage system for significant problems and referring clients to a registered dietician, who will be hired. Rockstroh stated going through that process will allow people to get a response within a day or two. He explained that basic questions are currently being referred to a group of people on a referral sheet and responses are currently within 24 hours. Rockstroh noted that there is no specific breast-feeding program required under the grant, and all Community Service Workers promote breast-feeding. He emphasized it is not possible to provide services as previously. Responding to Sorenson, Dodson indicated that the state would be looking at Lane County on a monthly basis, with January participation reviewed in mid-February.

Cornacchia declared the need for understandable benchmarks of service. There was consensus that, while it would be an additional burden on the administrative side, WIC would provide a work session soon with an update on their program. Rockstroh commented that benchmarks are a fair element, as Health and Human Services has said it could get close to the same client-service contacts and data counts.

Sorenson asked if there would be a decline in the number of people assisted by the program. Rockstroh stated that after a drop-off in the initial months, the level would be 8400 and he wanted to return to 9000. Responding to Green, Dodson confirmed a decline in the first few months, but plans are in place to return to the previous caseload. She said the program is putting systems in place, and this is not unique to Lane County. Gillette reported that the state has provided impressive technical assistance and training. Dodson indicated that she anticipates that there will be fiscal monitoring.

Sorenson asked about requirements for Spanish-language workers. Rockstroh indicated that interpreters are provided for many language barriers. Gillette reported that Public Health has several bi-lingual (Spanish) staff. There was agreement for an oral status report back to the Board in 30-45 days with questions from the public in writing.


a. ORAL REPORT/Leachate Issues: Range of Options; On-Site Treatment.

This item was postponed from today’s agenda.

b. RESOLUTION AND ORDER 97-1-29-1/In the Matter of Improving South 57th Street and Mt. Vernon Cemetery Road from Springfield City Limits to Jasper Road.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Dumdi MOVED, Green SECONDED. VOTE: 4-1, Cornacchia dissenting.

c. THIRD READING AND FINAL ACTION/Ordinance PA 1094/In the Matter of Amending the Rural Comprehensive Plan to Redesignate Land from "Forest" to "Industrial" and Rezoning that Land from "F-2" ("Impacted Forest Land") to "M-2/SR" ("Light Industrial/Site Review"), and Adopting Exceptions to Statewide Planning Goals 3 and 4; and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (file PA 1443-95; Big Leaf Timber Corp.).

Weeldreyer read this Ordinance into the record.

MOTION: Approval of the Ordinance. Cornacchia MOVED, Green SECONDED. The Secretary polled the Board. VOTE: 5 Ayes.

d. ORAL REPORT/Contract Administration/EDAP Conversion - Grants to Loans.

This item was added to today’s agenda, but later postponed to next week due to time considerations.


A. Approval of Minutes:

November 6, 1996, Jt. BCC/Cities, 6:00 p.m.
December 18, 1996, Regular Meeting, following Jail Tour
December 18, 1996, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.
January 8, 1997, Regular Meeting, following HACSA
January 8, 1997, Regular Meeting, 10:00 a.m.

B. Assessment and Taxation

1) ORDER 97-1-29-2/In the Matter of Granting Property Tax Exempt Status Pursuant to ORS 307.145 (Arlington B. Smith).

2) ORDER 97-1-29-3/In the Matter of Granting Property Tax Exempt Status Pursuant to ORS 307.145 (William L. Mattson).

C. Health and Human Services

1) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 97-1-29-4/In the Matter of Increasing Appropriations in Revenues and Expenditures in the Amount of $132,256 for the Short Track Residential Treatment Program Provided in PAAF #60; and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign Contracts

D. Public Works

1) ORDER 97-1-29-5/In the Matter of Dedicating and Accepting a Parcel of County Owned Land to be Used as a Public Road Easement for County Road No. 295 (South River Road) (20-03-32).

2) ORDER 97-1-29-6/In the Matter of Awarding a Contract to Columbia Equipment, Inc. in the Amount of $119,800, with Trade-in, for the Purchase of One (1), New Regenerative Air Street Sweeper, Contract FY 96/97 FS-02(a).

MOTION: Approval of the Consent Calendar. Dumdi MOVED, Green SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0. (Cornacchia excused for this vote.)


a. RESOLUTION AND ORDER 97-1-29-7/In the Matter of Increasing Revenues and Expenses in the Amount of $47,361, Establishing a 1.0 FTE Victim’s Advocate Position in the Department of Health and Human Services and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign Contracts.

MOTION: Approval of the Order. Green MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0. (Cornacchia excused from this vote.)


Weeldreyer will work with Land Management staff to plan a policy discussion for watersheds in Lane County.

Thank you letter to be sent to the Human Rights Affirmative Action Committee members for their work in the monitoring report for 1996.

Rockstroh will provide an oral report on the WIC program in February.

Chair will get clarification from the Register Guard on the context of the Budget Committee meeting comments made by individual commissioners which do not reflect the Board's position.

Waste Management Division will go forward with review and continue work on the franchise agreement and report back, including potential fee increases in two areas.

Land Management Division and County Counsel will work with Weeldreyer in drafting a letter for testimony at a meeting with the DEQ.



There being no further business, this meeting recessed at 11:05 a.m. to convene the Leadership Team meeting.

Sharon Giles
Recording Secretary

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