January 29, 1997
Commissioners' Conference Room - 11:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Steve Carmichael, Jan Clements, Steve Cornacchia, Ellie Dumdi, Jim Gangle, Mike Gleason, John Goodson, Bobby Green, Sr., Doug Harcleroad, Bill Hoyt, Rob Rockstroh, Pat Rogers, David Suchart, Bill Van Vactor, Cindy Weeldreyer, Bennett Wilson, Teresa Wilson. Also present were David Garnick, Tanya Heaton, and Rick Schulz, Management Analysts. Sharon Giles, Recording Secretary.


Commissioner Weeldreyer welcomed the attendees.


MOTION: Approval of the October 28, 1996 and November 3, 1996 Minutes. Weeldreyer MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. VOTE: Unanimous.


Green responded to an article that appeared in the January 29, 1997 Register Guard, which identified possible sources of revenue. Green urged teamwork among the Board of Commissioners and stated that the possible new sources of revenue mentioned in the article did not necessarily reflect his views on the subject. Cornacchia and Dumdi voiced agreement with Green. Weeldreyer provided an explanation and apologized for any misunderstanding that may have resulted from her comments as reported by the newspaper.

IV. DISCUSSION/Definition of Public Safety.

Harcleroad, speaking for the public safety definition committee, distributed a memo (material on file) and reported the committee concluded that the Governor's definition of public safety as required by Ballot Measure 47 would be their recommended standard. Harcleroad stated that the group's focus on the definition was what it meant in the context of BM 47. Continuing, Harcleroad reported that a program performing service delivery or direct support of service delivery to one of the public safety functions would be an additional requirement of the definition. Harcleroad stated that after the definition was produced, the group went through a list of programs and decided what was in or out of the definition of public safety. (See material on file).

Green asked how the difference between public safety and public health was defined. Rockstroh replied that a program was deemed to be public safety if it served an offender-based population. Cornacchia asked if public safety was defined in terms of criminal activity exclusively. Harcleroad replied affirmatively, with the exceptions of fire protection and emergency medical services. Sorenson asked if personnel administrative costs related to running public safety functions were included in the definition. Harcleroad responded that they were included as indirect costs of employees working for the department. Green asked how gambling enforcement would be defined. Harcleroad responded that investigation of illegal gambling would be a public safety function, whereas gambling addiction would be a public health function.

Van Vactor commented that home rule was a very important concept in terms of the governance of this county, and that his goal was to minimize negative impact on local control. Referring to his memo distributed to the Leadership Team (see material on file) he also expressed disagreement with the public safety definition committee on how to define public safety. Teresa Wilson noted that any definition of public safety should be analyzed for long term effect. Weeldreyer announced that she presented Van Vactor's memo to the Association of Oregon Counties' legislative committee and asked for a response to a broader definition of public safety than recommended by the governor's task force--with emphasis on local control. Also, Weeldreyer reported that the Public Safety Coordinating Council made a presentation to the LCOG board meeting, and that comments from local jurisdictions favored a broader definition of public safety to retain more local control. Dumdi reported that her perception is that the narrowest definition must be followed. Cornacchia voiced agreement with Dumdi. Gleason stated that BM 47 focuses on general fund monies, and functions not funded by the general fund will not be subject to cuts. He suggested analyzing reductions in two steps: determining if the function is funded by general fund then deciding if it meets the definition of public safety.

Green voiced support for the "narrow definition" of public safety. Weeldreyer asked if all members of the Leadership Team would accept the narrow definition for the purposes of preparing information for the Budget Committee. There was consensus to use the narrow definition of public safety.

There being no further business this meeting adjourned at noon.

Sharon Giles
Recording Secretary

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