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November 5, 1997
Harris Hall Main Floor - following Board of Health

Chair Cindy Weeldreyer presided with Ellie Dumdi, Bobby Green, Sr. and Peter Sorenson present. Steve Cornacchia, excused. Zoe Gilstrap, Recording Secretary.


Weeldreyer reported that there will be an additional item under Commissioner Business; Update on Internal Auditor Interviews. She noted that items 4.d. and e. have been rolled to November 12, 1997.




Green referred to a discussion on the 5% lapse rate at the last Finance and Audit meeting and noted that not every department made that goal. Green stated that a memo is going out to departments asking why they either did or didn’t make the goal.

Green remarked that Gordon Fults of the Association of Oregon Counties has asked him to be an AOC county representative to serve as the liaison between AOC and the Commission on Children and Families.

Dumdi stated that she received a message from a constituent employed at the University inquiring why more Lane County information is not on the Internet. She said that she would like this information made available to the public. Dumdi also asked about having an 800 number for people that are required to make a toll call to reach the County.

Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, will get a report from Dan Mulholland, LCOG, regarding an 800 number.

Sorenson announced that the Northwest Eco-Building Guild is meeting tonight at the McNeill Riley House, noting that this is a group in the construction field trying to build in an energy efficient manner. He reported that Arabow, a group working on direct marketing of agricultural products, is having a briefing tomorrow in the University of Oregon in Pacific Hall. He announced that the Sustainable Business Symposium will be November 10 - 12 at the Hilton Hotel and is sponsored by the Lundquist Center for entrepreneurship with Fred Hanson as the keynote speaker.

Weeldreyer announced that she has drafted a letter to the Oregon Department of Transportation as a follow up to the meeting two weeks ago and, upon receiving Board approval, will finalize and send it. She mentioned the Siuslaw Pacific Program, stating that today is the last day to hear an additional appeal based on the County Administrator’s review of the original appeal. There was consensus not to hear another appeal.

Weeldreyer stated that she received correspondence from Senator Bob Kintigh regarding the American Heritage Rivers asking that the Board of Commissioners go on record as opposing this. She stated that she would distribute copies to the Board later today for their response.


a. STATUS REPORT/Metropolitan Residential Land and Housing Study.

John VanLandingham, Lane County representative on the Citizen Advisory Committee, referred to the draft report (see material on file). He noted that the draft plan has been printed and distributed to public bodies, councils and planning commissions and discussed at a public forum. He remarked that the Citizen Advisory Committee will meet again at the end of the month, at which time this report will be turned over to the three planning commissions who will meet jointly for a public hearing before final return to the Board. VanLandingham stated that there is enough land in all three categories, low density, single density and high density, for the next twenty years, noting that they are required by state law to provide a 20-year rolling supply. He said the local jurisdictions will create a system to measure consumption and demand changes. VanLandingham explained that they will need to first project what the population growth is going to be from 1994 to 2015, then make an assumption about how big families will be; how much land will actually be used for housing as opposed to streets, parks, schools and churches; if people will be living in single family homes on large lots or in apartments and how much of that demand will be met by infill.

Carol Heinkel, LCOG, stated that there are two situations that would trigger another analysis of the Urban Growth Boundary: the Periodic Review which occurs every seven years; and, a citizen initiated UGB expansion that includes residential land.

Clair Van Bloem, LCOG, stated that there is a policy recommendation in the document to determine needs for residential land and housing by developing and maintaining an ongoing monitoring system that measures land consumption, price and other factors to compare the remaining residential land supply with projected housing demand.

Sorenson asked if the 1970 growth rates were over-projected and, in response, are the current projections are understated.

VanLandingham responded that they ran the numbers for both a high and a low population project to address that concern.

Dumdi stated that the projections were accurate in 1979 but nobody saw in advance the recession of 1982-83. She noted that development is occurring at a much higher level now.

Green asked about affordable, special need and fair housing issues and how this will work with the three jurisdictions.

VanLandingham said this document has to be adopted by all three jurisdictions. He stated that they do not define affordable housing in the document and can include both Springfield’s mission of affordable single family home ownership and Eugene’s goal of affordable rental housing. He commented that they use HUD data to figure out what is affordable.

Weeldreyer referred to the Affordable Special Needs and Fair Housing section, stating that she has yet to see a government with super-siting authority able to establish a program that is not bitterly resented by the people it is forced upon for years to come, resulting in repercussions that affect other areas of the community. She cautioned about pushing this very hard and encouraged that they work instead for programs that meet with communities to explain and emphasize the safeguards and benefits. Weeldreyer referred to the map of the UGB and asked about urban reserve area.

VanLandingham responded that the urban reserve is outside the UGB and is not part of the 20-year inventory, noting that the two areas he is familiar with are River Road and the LCC base.

Weeldreyer stated that because this area is a river flood area, going up rather than spreading on a flood plain would be proactive.

VanLandingham referred to Cornacchia’s concern regarding differences in affordable housing between Eugene and Springfield. He stated that the current data shows that Springfield has about 28% of the metro area population to Eugene’s 72% and that Springfield has 33% of the low density, undeveloped and medium density land with only 15% of the high density residential land. VanLandingham noted that the type of housing is almost identical with each city having close to 50%, rental versus home ownership, both have 58% of their units in single family dwellings, Springfield has more mobile homes on single lots and duplexes while Eugene has more multi-family with the percentage of subsidized units almost identical to the percentage of population for the two communities.

Dumdi recognized VanLandingham’s vision.

b. ORAL REPORT BACK/West Lane Planning Commission (WLPC) Review of Pacific Coast Scenic By-Way Plan.

Van Vactor noted that Kent Howe, Associate Planner, included the Minutes from the West Lane Planning Commission for Board review.

Jean Lawson, Lawson & Associates, distributed copies of the Statement of Purpose, stating that it was developed in response to questions that have been asked by the jurisdictions reviewing this. She explained that this document is intended to be a guidance document and has no regulatory nature, noting that it will be incorporated into the final plan (see material on file).

Responding to Green, Lawson said there is absolutely no funding guaranteed or committed from any source, but by adoption, this will make them eligible for the National Scenic Byway funds.

Lawson also distributed a status sheet of jurisdictional reviews, noting that the three remaining jurisdictions to take action are counties. She stated that all jurisdictions to date have chosen to endorse the plan with the exception of two that took a neutral position, one because they are not directly on the highway and one that wants to remain a quiet environment and not be noticed. Lawson pointed out that Douglas County, specifically Reedsport, chose in the beginning not to participate.

Sorenson stated that based upon the Statement of Purpose, he is in favor of having a scenic byway and encouraged approval.

Dumdi remarked that this is an endeavor to protect, maintain and enhance specific locations that have been identified by members within those communities and is a locally driven project.

Howe stated that he met with county counsel and developed a number of questions that he took to the West Lane Planning Commission. He noted that because there was not a quorum, there is no formal recommendation but that it was the consensus of the members present to recommend endorsement of the Scenic Byway Plan designation and endorsement that the Scenic Byway designation be applied to the Coastal Advisory Committee on transportation.

Lawson noted that a letter will need to be prepared acknowledging Lane County’s acceptance of the Scenic Byway Plan and endorsing pursuit by the Coastal Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation of National Scenic Byway status.

MOTION: Approval of the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway as proposed and authorizing the Chair to sign a letter of acceptance of Plan and endorsement of status.

Dumdi MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0.

c. UPDATE/Facilities Capital Improvement Projects.

David Suchart, Director, Human Resources and Management Services, stated that the addition to the Adult Corrections is moving along very well and is still within budget. He said the value engineering options are complete, the CUP agreement is complete and the lease/sublease agreement is just about complete. Suchart recognized John Clague and Paul Sachet for their role in this project.

Suchart noted that the Juvenile Justice Center ground breaking was well attended and successful. He stated that the guaranteed maximum price has been negotiated and signed and that about 75% of Elks building is down. Suchart stated that he pleased with this new phase in dealing with Drake Construction company, noting that the relationship between construction manager and architects is good and only getting better. He said if the weather holds, the grading and ground preparation will be complete. Suchart remarked that he will bring drawings as they become available.

Weeldreyer stated that she would like to get this information on the Website, if possible.

Suchart referred to the roofing projects, stating that there is plastic over the garden area because it is too risky to attempt to pull the earthwork out and try to roof before it rains. He estimated that they need 25 days of good weather and has decided to hold this project over the winter. He said the rest of the project is just about finished.

Regarding the courthouse security, Suchart noted that Judge Leonard’s security task force group met and is contemplating some changes in policy and procedure, emphasizing that this decision is in the hands of the court. He said when the changes are made, he will make them public to everyone immediately and put new signage up.

Green stated that the courts should take the effort to release this information and that they are the ones to which comments should be directed.

Sorenson requested a copy of the court order for the security system. He noted that he does not believe all employees are being treated the same.

d. ORDER 97-10-29-26/In the Matter of Appointing a Future Focus Task Force.

Rolled to November 12, 1997.

e. DISCUSSION/Use of Harris Hall for Electronic Town Hall Meetings.

Rolled to November 12, 1997.

f. Internal Auditor Report

Suchart stated that the Finance and Audit Committee met last Friday with five candidates that were screened down to three candidates. He recommended that the Board interview the final three candidates and asked for permission to schedule these interviews.

There was consensus that the Board will interviews these candidates and that the interviews will be set for Tuesday, November 25 at 1:30 p.m.

5. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

Later this afternoon.


a. Announcements

Van Vactor acknowledged the Board’s decision not to hear another appeal by Siuslaw Pacific Center.

b. ORDER 97-11-5-1/In the Matter of Authorizing Comment on 1998 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Proposed Program Guidelines and Approving a Schedule for 1997/98 Lane County CDBG Activities.

Peter Thurston, Community and Economic Development Coordinator, stated that Attachment D was approved in 1996 (see material on file). He explained the options in the cover memorandum.

Dumdi stated that she would be opposed to putting the London project on hold to look at other projects and voiced concern about OEDD’s proposal that communities outside of incorporated areas not be eligible, stating that those are the communities that need this help.

Thurston explained that they would still be eligible to apply but the points attributed to places unincorporated would be changed, agreeing that this is a valid concern.

MOTION: Approval of Option Number 1, authorizing comments on the 1998 CDBG Proposed Program Guidelines and establishing a schedule for 1998 Lane County CDBG projects that includes London Water Master Plan and a CDBG public hearing on future project needs.

Dumdi MOVED, Green SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0.


a. ORDER 97-11-5-2/In the Matter of Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department Regarding the Implementation of the Public Park Management Consolidation Plan and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign the Agreement.

Bob Keefer, Parks Manager, stated that this agreement sets the framework for the transfer of parks and puts into place the next steps for specific transfers. He noted that the State Parks Department has already approved the intergovernmental agreement.

MOTION: Approval of the Order.

Green MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0.

b. ORDER 97-11-5-3/In the Matter of Approving a Contract with TRANSPAC Marina's for $289,988 to Fabricate, Assemble, and Deliver Marina Floats to Orchard Point Park and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign the Contract.

MOTION: Approval of the Order.

Green MOVED, Dumdi SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0.


a. DISCUSSION/In the Matter of Presenting a Semi-Annual Report to the Board of Commissioners of Lane County.

Chuck Forster, Southern Willamette Private Industry Council Director, introduced Mary Ann Dunn, president of the council. Forster gave an overview of the report (see material on file). He highlighted their accomplishments of last year. Forster noted that every program except the dislocated worker program has an income test with the requirement eligibility for a family of four to be at less than $18,000 a year, and an individual to be less than $7,900.

He stated that on adult follow-up, JTPA has the highest entered employment rate in the state this past year at 74%; which is a 15% increase from last year. Forster commented that the youth program which targets out of school youth, primarily dropouts, has exceeded its performance standards for the third year in a row. He said that for workers 55 years of age and older, they did very well again this year, and the senior program from LCOG is a different program but is being integrated into this program. Forster discussed the dislocated workers program, stating that they served 306 individuals last year, in very individualized programs. He stated that the top three training programs for dislocated workers are business management, computer user support and office administration. Forster reported that customer satisfaction 13 weeks out of the program was 90% either good or excellent. He reported on the summer youth program (which served 390 low income kids this summer), which emphasizes earning wages, learning work maturity skills and earning academic credit. Forster stated that the goal was to couple the educational experience with the work experience so young people can see the relationship between learning and earning. He said they have a program that targets Hispanic youth, noting that service levels are 21% for young people are people of color. Forster discussing the Jobs program, which is welfare to work, and said it is a partnership effort between a wide range of partners. He reported that the recidivism rate was 9% which means that after 18 months out of program, only 9% were back receiving cash grant payments in Lane County. He also discussed the Jobs Plus program, explaining that employers hire welfare recipients who earn a wage and that the employer received a reimbursement to cover some of the costs of hiring that welfare recipient. Forster noted that there is a waiting list of employers waiting to take on welfare clients.

Sorenson suggested using cost savings as a way to increase programs for youth.


A. Approval of Minutes:
June 11, 1997, Regular Meeting, following HACSA
June 11, 1997, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.
September 23, 1997, Work Session, 9:00 a.m.
October 13, 1997, Joint Meeting/BCC and Dunes City City Council, 4:00 p.m.

B. Health and Human Services

1) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 97-11-5-4/In the Matter of Appropriating an Additional $350,918 in Revenues and Expenditures in Fund 86 for a Cost-of-Living Adjustment for Services to Individuals with Mental/Emotional Disturbances and Alcohol/Drug Problems, and Increasing Revenue for Alcohol/Drug Prevention (PAAF 13, 14, 15).

C. Public Works

1) ORDER 97-11-5-5/In the Matter of Approving Amendment Number 2 to Work Order Number LCSM-022 With EMCON for Work Associated With the Installation of 4 Monitoring Wells, Performing Landfill Gas Well Monitoring And Conducting a Preliminary Risk Assessment for the Short Mountain Landfill for an Amount Not to Exceed $58,922 and Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute the Amendment.

2) ORDER 97-11-5-6/In the Matter of Releasing, Dedicating and Accepting Parcel "A" & Parcel "B", 1st Add. to Hazelwood Subdivision, Volume 39, Page 12 Parcels of County Owned Real Estate, as County Roads (18-02-06) (Pinyon Street and Osage Street, Respectively).

3) ORDER 97-11-5-7/In the Matter of Releasing, Dedicating and Accepting Parcel "B" of Redwood Estates, Volume 31, Page 21 Parcel of County Owned Real Estate, as a County Road (18-02-06) (North Street).

4) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 97-11-5-8/In the Matter of Authorizing Relinquishment of County-Owned Road Fund Property Located North of North Walnut Road to City of Springfield Under ORS 271.330.

MOTION: Approval of the Consent Calendar.

Dumdi MOVED, Green SECONDED. VOTE: 4-0.


Research web page requests.

Van Vactor to get report from LCOG on 800 number.

Internal Auditor interviews set for November 25, 1997.

Wilson to work on EPUD boundaries for order.

Howe to provide order on Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.



There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.


Zoe Gilstrap, Recording Secretary

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