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October 15, 1997
Harris Hall Main Floor - 1:30 p.m.

Chair Cindy Weeldreyer presided with Steve Cornacchia, Ellie Dumdi, and Pete Sorenson present. Bobby Green, Sr. was excused. Tarra Withers, Recording Secretary.


a. DISCUSSION/Phase I of Implementing Measure 50.

I. Phase I

A. Review Legislative Directives and Laws

B. Review Department of Revenue Guidelines

C. Develop New Computer Program

Identify exception accounts

D. Audit each Exception Account.

Confirm New Value

II. Internal Deadline of September 19

III. Balance sheets, run reports, correct errors

IV. Department of Revenue Deadline of October 1

V. Employees asked to come forward as their names are read.

Jim Gangle, Lane County Assessor, gave recognition to staff who have been working on Measure 50. Gangle said Measure 50 had a politically appealing segment to it because it referred to rolling back the values to 1995. This really wasn’t a rollback Gangle said, so much as going back to ‘95 and bringing those values forward. The problem, Gangle commented, was about twenty-three thousand accounts which had about twenty-eight thousand changes on them. He said most accounts might have had a new house or were subdivided or rezoned. Gangle said there were several accounts that had multiple changes. Gangle stressed that staff worked hard to lay out a plan and pull together the information necessary to complete the changes. Gangle gave recognition to the following individuals: Fred Baker, Terri Bowden, Allen Cook, Dave Evans, Sylvia Everett, Tom Frederiksen, Joyce Johnson, Bob Klohn, Vel Laycock, Margaret Nuse, Mike Ponichtera, Cindy Prentice, Jane Prink, Joe Rose, Cathy Salyers, Pat Siegmund, Roger Skelton, Steve Smith, Steve Tengs, Carol Weathers, Rita Woodward. Gangle also gave recognition to data processing staff Kim Gilbert, Craig Leeper and Sheri Rose. Gangle noted his secretary, Cinda Taylor, was instrumental in insuring he was on track with the project.

Weeldreyer asked Gangle to provide an overview on the implementations of Measure 50.

Gangle noted there were several segments to Measure 50. The first was a reduction in tax to 17% on a statewide basis, which was the primary delay in property tax statements. Gangle said the staff had to first submit all the information to the State Department of Revenue. He stated the state collected information from 1,100 different taxing districts and 36 different counties, and t state did some calculations for Measure 50 on a statewide basis.

Gangle indicated that the Department of Revenue would perform the calculations and send the results back to the County by November 3, and the County would have a week to send the tax statements to all the taxpayers in Lane County. By November 7 he indicated collection would be available and tax statements would be sent out by November 24, and that the due date for collection would be December 15. Gangle said to receive a 3% discount, a payment would need to be made by December 15 rather than November 15, as usual.

Gangle explained one of the major provisions the department has been working on is the "rollback" in which the value is reduced and further limited; for example, a value would be rolled back to 1995 values, 10% subtracted from that would be the maximum asset value. The growth would then be limited to 3% per year, Gangle said.

One of the most significant aspects of Measure 50 was a move from the old levy system to a rate base system, Gangle indicated. He said each taxing district would have a permanent rate which they would apply the value of the individual properties, and as value increases, most typically the 3% allowed by law or for new construction will give districts an increase in revenue. Gangle said the flip side is true and referred to an article in The Register-Guard about Union Pacific possibly closing the rail yard, which has a substantial amount of value. Gangle said if the value is removed from cases like this, the district would lose revenue.

Van Vactor asked for clarification of who determined the rate.

Gangle responded that the State did the calculations.

Van Vactor asked if citizens are dissatisfied with their assessment who should they contact?

Gangle said his department would try to assist individuals with questions, but the passage of Measure 50 which was voted by the citizens set the schematics for the implementation of the measure.

Weeldreyer thanked Gangle for his presentation and the staff efforts in completing the task.


Weeldreyer noted the Eugene Council voted to send 68 of the wetland amendments forward to the Planning Commission. Weeldreyer said Hyundai has been excluded for the review at local level. Dumdi commented that City Councilman Farr made the motion to exclude Hyundai and Taylor made an amendment not to exclude Hyundai. She said, however, on a tie vote the Mayor chose to accept Farr’s motion. Dumdi said the final vote was 5-3.

Weeldreyer said she and Dumdi met with County staff to discuss the drainage issue throughout Lane County. It was decided that Public Works will come to the Board in December and provide a report. In the interim to gain a better understanding of the issues, Weeldreyer requested Board direction in having the Policy and Procedure standing committee meet and discuss the issue of drainage, which involves land management and the road department on traffic calming.

The Board supported Weeldreyer’s request.

Cornacchia expressed his concern to insure county staff and resources were utilized accordingly and the appropriate citizen groups participated in the process.

Sorenson concurred with Cornacchia’s comments. He added that traffic calming and drainage will persist unless the County develop a more aggressive policy.

Dumdi announced she attended the jail inspection in Florence with Dunes City representatives. Following the inspection she attended the meeting with Florence City Council and Port of Siuslaw representatives.

Sorenson added that at the meeting in Florence there was the opportunity to speak with Dunes City Port District, city council, and city Staff. Sorenson said the meeting was productive and he appreciated the level of interest with Florence residents and the Boards involvement with their community.

Dumdi announced that Van Vactor, Burns and herself met with the Heceta Water District Board and concluded most of the issues surrounding the Heceta Water District have been resolved.

Weeldreyer asked Cornacchia to provide some feedback on the Community Public Access Television meeting. Cornacchia expressed much of the discussion was on LCOG’s (Lane Council of Governments) need for more money to provide contract monitoring services. Van Vactor concurred with Cornacchia.

16. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

To be held at approximately 2:30 this afternoon.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.


Tarra Withers, Recording Secretary

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