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January 13, 1999
Harris Hall - 9:00 a.m. Main Floor

Commissioner Bobby Green, Sr., presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Anna Morrison and Peter Sorenson. Cindy Weeldreyer was late. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




Jim Forbes, Executive Director of Looking Glass, Youth and Family Services, 72 "B" Centennial Loop, Eugene, stated he was present to thank the Board of County Commissioners. He said in October, 1997, their agency received notice that they would be receiving a 50% reduction in mental health services. He said that same month they looked at cutting staff in the counseling programming and they came close to losing their Evaluation Treatment Center. He said the media became aware of the problem and they received $8,000 from the community that was unsolicited. He said he then approached the City and the Board of County Commissioners asking for money. He said the County contributed $5,000 from reserves but combined with that funding, money from the City of Eugene and other money that was further leveraged by their board by community donations, he came to let the Board know that they are keeping the evaluation and treatment center open for good. He said they have found new funding streams that enhanced their contracts with the Oregon Youth Authority. He wanted to thank the Board for their support and to let them know that the $5,000 they received paid off. He passed out a fact sheet about the Evaluation Treatment Center (copy in file).


Sorenson reported that on January 29, there will be a second community Y2K Forum, and the focus will be on the external problems in Eugene.

Weeldreyer said she and Commissioner Morrison attended the Regional Strategies Board Meeting in Corvallis on Tuesday night and discussed the process of the transition of framework for distributing Economic Development Dollars that deal with livability issues around transportation, housing and environmental quality. She said a discussion at the meeting was triggered by a letter that the Board sent to the Economic Development Department and the Governor's office asking to explore being a single county region. She said initially they have created the Valley Coast Region that includes Yamhill, Polk, Marion, Linn, Benton, Lincoln and Lane Counties. She said the seven county region shares a lot of the same types of infrastructure. She said if Lane County were to be a single county region, it wouldn't be as big an impact to the state providing services to a region of Lane County. She said Lane County has not set a course in any particular direction but the Board wants to do what is best for the citizens of Lane County. She said a work session for the Board is needed to explore this in more depth.

Morrison said there is frustration around this concept as there are so many uncertainties, because they don't know what the legislature will do. She said if all counties could agree to what the format would be, it would be beneficial to Lane County in regards to economic development.

Weeldreyer added that Lane County has been offered technical money to do this type of analysis.

Green recalled that the Board needs to wait until further work is done.

Weeldreyer stated if Lane County waits, there will be more information from staff where a better decision could be made.

Green said that he would be interested in what the governor's official response and position would be.

Weeldreyer stated she would like to have direction from the Board to request that the governor's office take a formal position between now and the end of January on the single county region issue. She requested to have Economic Development staff come back to the Board with a proposed work plan for the County to structure itself. She said her recommendation would be to have a work session on the item during a formal Wednesday meeting and then convene with the County partners in the evening and to present them the same information and come to some understanding about what direction and what message will be sent.

Green said he was in agreement with sending a letter but the other piece is creating work and he doesn't want to have to add additional work to staff.


a. PRESENTATION Charitable Contribution Campaign Award to Ron Gernhardt.

Dodie Way, Campaign Director, United Way of Lane County, stated she had worked with Ron Gernhardt for the past two years. She said he is coordinating the entire annual charitable giving campaign and this year he has raised an increase of $10,000 for a total of $54,300.

Commissioner Green presented Ron Gernhardt with a certification of appreciation plaque.

Ron Gernhardt thanked the 400 Lane County employees that contributed this year. He said it was an improvement over last year and the highest in the last five years. He said his personal goal is to see the numbers increase and he looks forward to the challenge.

b.  ORAL UPDATE Proposed Contracts for County Administrator and County Counsel.

David Suchart, Management Services, reported that his plan for logistically handling the contracts is to go to each Commissioner and accumulate their input on the things they would like to see in the contract and how they would like to see the contracts formulated. He said he wants to get as much information from other agencies on different variations on the contracts. He added the contracts will be put together and then brought back to the Board for approval.

c. UPDATE Facilities Capital Improvement Projects.

Suchart reported that he would be reporting to the Board the first Wednesday of each month, to give a facilities report. He said he would like to give tours to the Board of the Juvenile Justice Center. He added it is progressing marvelously. He commended Mike Rodda, Superintendent, and Kelly Roth, Project Manager for Drake Chambers for their excellent job. He gave an update regarding the progress of the center. He said the project continues to be under budget and is a little bit ahead of schedule. He reported that the jail was also moving well. He said with regard to other facility issues, the front door to the courthouse is now opened to the public. He said staff commented that there has been a lot less confusion about getting people to the front door. He added there are fewer people wandering the halls asking how to get to the courts. He said the lifts are working well. He stated he has an intern working with him on personnel and facilities issues. He said they are continuing to gather the information on the short, medium and long term facilities needs. He added he is continuing to work with the contractors on the roof.

d.  ORDER 99-1-13-1 Appointing Representatives to Various Committees and Agencies.

Weeldreyer stated on the Lane Economic Committee, she served as Ellie's alternate and it was her understanding that it was only one seat with an alternate. She said on page 3, the standing committees countywide, the Economic Development Standing Committee, most are subcommittees of two commissioners and she requested to be added as the second commissioner for Economic Development.

Weeldreyer stated she chairs a technology management Team and invited Commissioner Dwyer to join her to be the second Commissioner on the Technology Management Team.

Dwyer said he would be glad to lend his expertise to the Technology Management Team.

Sorenson said there were committees that were not listed: The Willamette Valley Livability Forum and The Oregon Heritage Tree Committee. He stated he has been attending the meetings and wanted to be appointed to the committees. He said he was on another AOC Committee, the AOC Park Committee and he would like to be designated to that. He said for public record, it would be appropriate to list Commissioner Weeldreyer as the Board Delegate to the Year 2000 Steering Committee.

Dwyer said some he would like to be on the Parks Advisory as an alternate.

Sorenson noted the Board appointed him to the Metro Area Committees (Bus Rapid Transit Steering Committee) last year. He said he wanted to be one of the two Board representatives for the Metropolitan Policy Committee.

Green said it was his experience on the Metro Area Committees that there is Springfield representation and for the City of Eugene. He said he was the Eugene representative and Dwyer was the Springfield representative. He added Sorenson was the Eugene alternate.

Weeldreyer noted that for Roads Advisory Committee, it is a one seat committee for Commissioner and one of the two Commissioners should be indicated as the alternate.

Sorenson requested that in addition to the name of the Commissioner that is attached to the various committees, a listing of the staff person that could be a contact for the committee.

Van Vactor stated that could be done for the committees managed by a County department, but for any other committees, it would be very hard to determine the information.

Dwyer stated there needs to be a final document that is available for the public that indicates to them who the staff person is.

Weeldreyer stated there was a question about the SAFE Committee having one additional commissioner willing to work with Sorenson on that committee. She said in the past it has been helpful to have two alternates in addition to the assigned commissioner. She said she would volunteer as the additional Commissioner on the SAFE Committee.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-1-13-1, incorporated with the discussion today.

Sorenson MOVED, Dwyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

ORDER 99-1-13-10 Approving a Letter Jointly Signed by Lane and Klamath County Board Chairs Requesting U.S. Forest Service Support for Processing Pacific Fiber Link Facility Permits to Maximize Fiber Optic Cable Access to Lane and Klamath County Cities.

Weeldreyer brought this up for discussion at last week's meeting and indicated that the five incorporated cities and Lane County have an opportunity to gain access (up to six pairs of dark fiber) if this project can proceed in a timely fashion so the company can meet its construction deadline at the end of this year. She said one of the challenges is getting permits to go through public right-of-ways in three national forests. She said the national forests representatives have indicated to the company that it may be November before they will be given their permits that will not allow them to meet their construction time line. She said a part of the agreement in exchange for the fiber access would be to make the County's offer known to federal or state partners so they are working to try to achieve this asset. She said the group she has been working with asked both the Klamath and Lane County Boards to sign a letter spelling out what the offer is and why it is important that the forest service do all it can to expedite these permits.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-1-13-10.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Dwyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

5. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

There will be an Executive Session later in the afternoon.


a.  Announcements

Van Vactor reminded the Board that Jim Smith and Sherry Power (the County's federal lobbyist) will be out from Washington D.C., and Commissioners Morrison and Dwyer are scheduled to meet with them tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. He said Sorenson could meet with them at 10:00 a.m.

b.  ORAL UPDATE Draft Budget Schedule.

Tanya Heaton, Budget Analyst, gave an update and passed out schedules (Copy in file). She said they are shorthanded and need to be organized and she is trying to organize everyone so they can get things scheduled ahead of time. She said on February 23 they will come to the Board for guidance. She said on March 9 there will be a Budget Committee orientation meeting for budget committee members and new board members. She said April 27 will be the budget message and public hearing. She added there are meetings scheduled through May 18 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and three meetings at the end of May called "hold meetings." She said they begin at 5:15 p.m. and can go as late as 10:00 p.m.

Van Vactor indicated they are running on last year's assumptions and if the Board wanted a different schedule, it could be arranged.

Sorenson asked if it was possible to have the budget message delivered either prior to Tuesday the 20th or May 4th so the down week that is listed for April 28 will in fact be a down week.

Heaton said she would be comfortable with making those changes, but it would mean meetings going into the first week of June and meetings on the budgets for three weeks in a row. She said she wasn't comfortable moving it forward because they are in a situation where they will be developing the budget on the old budget system and then in March they will transfer it into the new budget system.

Green stated that the definition of a down week will come at the retreat. He said he was reluctant to change as there is a tight schedule and any trips or conferences are secondary.

Weeldreyer stated the budget is the most important priority because of the transition from one computer system to another and the lack of budget staff available early. She said the analysts have given their best recommendation and the Commissioners need to adjust their schedules accordingly.

Morrison agreed, because with the transition of the two systems it will be critical that everything go smoothly. She said she was comfortable with the schedule.

Sorenson said the Board has a lot of work responding to constituents, attending meetings and trying to serve the public. He said his concern if there are more and more meetings and schedules, they will have difficulty in members attending Board Meetings because they are sick or committed themselves to other assignments. He said he puts his premium time in attending Board Meetings. He said he was committed to attend every budget meeting.

Heaton reported that the memo is to get everyone thinking about budgeting. She said it has four sections, what's new, what's changing, what's staying the same and what's needed.

Heaton report that what's new is the new budgeting system called "Budget Reporting and Analysis Support System (BRASS)." She said that BRASS is a budget development, forecasting and analysis software whereas GABU was for budget development and control. She said they are discussing the printing of an adopted budget. She said they are looking at ways to save funds so the County can print an adopted budget this year. She said they will be doing the budget twice this year, develop it in GABU, and in March they will take all of the numbers and put them into BRASS. She said the way they do budgets will be different with BRASS. She added budget workshops will be held for the budget staff in the CAO Conference Room on Friday afternoons.

Heaton reported that what is changing this year is there is one analyst instead of three. She said they are very tight with help and they will streamline things. She said a system has been set up so the departments will do major review and tell the analysts what has changed, so there will not be so much of the analysts' time being spent. She said at budget meetings they will pass on information and comment that the departments have provided and written, rather than the analysts going through and writing a summary. She added the CAO reviews are during Spring Break.

Heaton reported that the proposed document is going to look like it did last year. She said the schedule is very tight and they will review departments by service category. She said the question and answer session will be like last year, so before each budget meeting there will be a question and answer session for technical question. She added they will not be in place of questions that are asked at the budget committee meetings, but having to do with things found in an individual document.

Heaton stated that what is needed is patience and understanding and a commitment to the schedule and guidelines.

Van Vactor thanked Tanya Heaton as she has had this whole task herself and the schedule and memo were clear in terms of what was going on.

c.  ORDER 99-1-13-2 Adopting the Year 2000 Project Plan.

Rick Schulz, Budget Analyst, reported he is present to review the plan and he wanted the Board's input. He said it is important with regard to Y2K that the County doesn't overreact nor under respond. He said he doesn't have a sense that the County is overreacting, and most jurisdictions are doing as much as Lane County is doing and are ahead with formal planning. He added Public Safety is doing a lot of planning as is Information Services, but not as a whole organization. He said the County is a little behind but it is okay. He said he came across a minor problem in Lane County with one of the systems that was being tested. He said some systems let you input the year 2000, but it does not save it as 2000. He said he wanted the Board to approve the role that he proposes for Lane County with regard to community awareness. He said he hoped the Board was not expecting Lane County to be a lead on community awareness, but more a clearinghouse so people could be directed to various resources. He said he was proposing if constituents had questions to distribute Red Cross pamphlets on Y2K, but he didn't want Lane County to produce a pamphlet on its own.

Weeldreyer stated she and Rick Schulz have attended meetings where they are trying to do a coordinated effort with the state and other counties. She said the Red Cross has created a pamphlet on Y2K but they don't have a budget to print it for mass distribution. She said they are relying on partners to take on some of the printing costs or find sponsorships for those printing costs. She said Lane County does have two roles to play, one is to make sure that it is as Y2K friendly as it can be before next year, and that of community outreach, taking a leadership role in making sure that Lane County doesn't have its community overreacting to what could be the worst.

Dwyer said he is happy that Lane County is on top of this and doesn't expect a calamity. He said the testing is critical and hopes the testing will take place before the year 2000.

Schulz said he can come to the Board every month with a report. He said he met with the department coordinators yesterday, and they know the goal is January 31 for finishing their inventory, and he will spend the month of February verifying the information and making sure it is very complete. He said the month of March he will go through what is anticipated to be between 3,000 and 4,000 assets. He said April 1 is the date he anticipates when the most critical life endangering systems Lane County has need to be fixed.

Sorenson said it was important to distinguish between internal and external responsibilities. He said he was concerned with the external side of responsibilities including public and private services that people may turn to government for. He wanted to know if Lane County was planning any external response to the Y2K problem, or will it all be internal to see if all the computers will work. He said he sees a void that is not being filled.

Schulz stated he was not prepared to take that on yet. He said he met with the Cities of Eugene and Springfield and there are regional groups that meet. He said they were showing grids where they thought power would be. He said McKenzie/Willamette Hospital has backup power that will be guaranteed. He said Sacred Heart Hospital will have generator back up. He said there will be a core group of buildings downtown that they will make sure power stays on. He said there should be one list so local elected officials for all jurisdictions can tell what will be up and what will not be. He said within the next few months he would like to pull together that information. He said they see the Sheriff's Office as the disaster planning source.

Morrison said some municipalities are doing more than what the Board is aware of. She said as far as an immediate type of reaction, that Florence could cover themselves for 30 days without any concerns. She also wanted to know what costs would be involved as part of the internal millennium conversion process. She wanted to know who would be monitoring LCOG with regard to Lane County's telephone compliance.

Schulz stated that Jim Marks (who is the Applications Manager for Information Services) is the most knowledgeable on Y2K problems. He said Marks wasn't clear on how to test some of the systems. He said Marks has everyone of his staff assigned and they are working on nothing but Y2K to make sure that things are compliant. He said they are putting money into the FIN plan as a contingency piece. He said he is working on the cost piece. He said the goal to quantify the information regarding costs is April 1, 1999.

Weeldreyer said the LCOG Board is serving in a regional coordinating planning fashion. She said the Board has a seat on the Board of Directors and that provides the oversight from a policy maker's perspective on how LCOG is addressing those services it provides to the County and the region.

Schulz said with regard to not having an updated inventory list, Lane County is an extremely decentralized organization. He said departments were instructed in November to do an inventory of their office. He said he redistributed that information and for one department, there were two assets listed. He said he wanted a commitment from the Board that it is important and then he can go back to some departments to get them to comply. He said he doesn't have time to do the inventory for others.

Terry Wilson, County Counsel, noted that the order is written so that what they are doing is approving this plan, meaning it is is a good road map for how the County wants to go forward. She said it recognizes it is a good faith effort to address Y2K issues and doesn't promise that they will solve all of them. She added it indicates they will have to do more evaluation in terms of the resources. She said the critical part is that the Board will get the monthly reports as to progress on this plan.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-1-13-2.

Dwyer MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

Green stated there was support for the plan but they had further questions regarding the costs.

Van Vactor noted that this plan is primarily an internal document to solve Lane County's problems. He added Schulz will, in the course of his service, learn more information and make that available, but the primary focus is internal.

Green stated that if departments are not cooperating, the Board needs to know about them in the monthly reports.

VOTE: 5-0.

Van Vactor complimented Rick Schulz for all of his hard work.


a.  ORDER 99-1-13-3 Authorizing the Department of Public Works to Apply for a TEA-21 Enhancement Grant for the Renovation of the Lowell Covered Bridge as an Interpretive Center.

Harvey Hoglund, Public Works, reported that Lane County was successful last year in obtaining a $1 million grant for renovation of the Lowell Covered Bridge from the Forest Highway Enhancement Program. He said since then they have met on several occasions at the staff level to rough out what sort of work might be involved in converting the bridge into an interpretive center. He said the essence of the order is to bring the bridge back into sound condition because there has been no maintenance on the bridge for the past 19 years. He said they are in the process of getting a cost estimate and he doesn't have the specific figure, but it will be in excess of $600,000 or as high as $1 million. He said they want to provide an improved parking area by placing additional fill into the reservoir to extend further west and get additional separation from the road. He said he was prepared today to give a different Board Order that authorizes a different request in TEA-21 funds that would go as high as $700,000, depending on the final estimates that come in on each of the components of the program. He said the urgency for this is that the deadline for the TEA-21 grant is January 29. He said they are working with the Department of Forestry to rough out the grant and be able to deliver it to Salem on January 29. He said he is asking the Board for their support so they can move ahead with the project.

Weeldreyer echoed that this is important to the community of Lowell, that they have the last covered bridge in Lane County that has not been upgraded and preserved as the others have been. She added it is on the major corridor route for the West Coast, along Highway 58. She said the opportunity to use the Forest Service money to provide an interpretive center that could be a visitor's attraction as well as installing bathrooms and provide a safety rest area, gives the County another opportunity. She said the Board should be consistent of the support of rural tourism and that the County should leverage other monies to make this happen and preserve all of the covered bridges in Lane County.

Morrison stated she is not supportive of this because of the conditions of the roads and what happened in the federal process regarding the Forest Service Road budget. She said when she sees potholes in roads, she is questioning where the dollars are being spent.

Sorenson noted the Board had met the past two years with the Lowell City Council and people from the Lowell area and the issue of the covered bridge has come up in both of the meetings, being important for the city and the community.

Hoglund stated he understands the TEA 21 program and the Forest Highway Program are separate categories and it is an enhancement program in both cases in which the money is allocated specifically for this kind of project as opposed to routine maintenance or upgrading of roads.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-1-13-3.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-1 (Morrison dissenting)

b. ORDER 99-1-13-4 Appointing/Re-Appointing Three Members to the Parks Advisory Committee.

Bob Keefer, Parks, reported that all the Parks Advisory Committee members are at-large assignments and there were three terms that expired at the end of December. He said two of those members would like to be reappointed, John McWade, a retired forester with the State of Oregon from Springfield. He said McWade completed a term for another advisory member so he will be starting his second term if he is reappointed. He said Roger Delles has completed two full terms and has requested for reappointment to a third term. He added from a staff and Advisory Committee standpoint they would support it because of Robert Delles' extensive experience in parks. He said the third appointment by committee was Steve Davis. He said Steve Davis is a sergeant with the Sheriff's Department and the committee thought it would still be a good appointment due to his experience utilizing the County's facilities and needs with security. He said Davis' approval would require approval from the County Administrator and he would have to request the approval and then the County Administrator would come to the Board for that appointment. He recommended that John McWade and Roger Dalles be reappointed and that there be a postponement for Mr. Davis until approval and support from the County Administrator.

Wilson reported the way the manual is written is on two-term limit, and it provides the flexibility for the Board to exercise its judgment on particular individual appointments to waive the two term limit. She said that is what is being proposed. She said the two-term limit gives guidance to the departments that are soliciting applicants for these appointments and guidance to the appointees. She said the general rule of thumb is a two-term limit.

Van Vactor said his role under the Lane Manual is a review for a potential conflict of interest.

Morrison said with the additional term (after two consecutive terms) there is a lack of people interested enough to apply so they have to allow the three terms. She said there were only three applicants and there is a limitation to what they can do. She wanted to know why people were not applying for the positions.

Sorenson stated if the Advisory Committees are meaningful, people will start taking an interest in them. He said there needs to be a way to cultivate the people that have already spent the time but open the process up to bring people in.

Weeldreyer said Mr. Dells and Mr. Wade have already invested their own time in listening to people and taking their role seriously and the continuity is very important.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-1-13-4 and wait for the report from the County Administrator in regard to Steven Davis.

Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


A.  Approval of Minutes:
December 2, 1998, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.
December 9, 1998, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.

B.  Public Works

1)  ORDER 99-1-13-5 Awarding a Contract to Construction Machinery, Inc., In the Amount of $57,908.00 With Trade-in, for the Purchase of One (1) New, Double-Drum Vibratory Asphalt Compactor, Contract FY 98/99 FS-07(a).

C.  Regional Information Systems

1)  ORDER 99-1-13-6 Award of Contracts for RFP No. RIS 98/99-01 for Mainframe MVS/CICS Performance Monitoring Software.

MOTION: to approve Consent Calendar.

Dwyer MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a.  ORDER 99-1-13-7 Establishing the Classification and Salary Range for Senior Fleet Services Purchasing Specialist.

Cheryl McCawley, Management Services, reported that this is the creation of a new classification, adding a senior level to the Fleet Services Purchasing Specialist classification that already exists at Public Works. She said Fleet Service Supervisors have been writing customer service reports and dealing with the mechanics and they are feeling that their shop supervisor needs to be on the floor supervising their mechanics, and wanted to create a customer service-type of position. She said instead of creating a separate classification, they added a senior level to the Fleet Services Purchasing Specialist.

Dwyer stated he appreciated the request but said there is a bigger problem before any of these issues. He said there are contracts that haven't been settled and all type of problems and he would rather get things in order before new classifications. He said he would not be supporting the order.

Sorenson said although it might be a routine matter, he was in agreement with Dwyer that the Board should get the bigger picture items done first.

Morrison stated she was also in agreement because of the analysis that said there is funding for 98/99 but during the regular budget process they would have to look at those kind of issues and she questioned needing a customer service for their own driver. She said she was opposed to creating another position.

Weeldreyer said the County has limited resources and a service delivery system needs to be created that meets the needs of the customers.

Van Vactor said he thought Management Services and County Counsel should have a short work session to go over why this was brought before the Board and to have a clear context about how they administer the classification compensation.

McCawley noted that these requests actually came in a year ago and because staff was given up to work on PeopleSoft, there was a backlog and she is working on getting rid of the backlog. She said there are grievances over some of the issues. She said they are creating new classifications but they are not creating new positions.

Green stated people are working out of class and in order to ensure the person is fairly compensated, a reclassification is done to put them at the proper salary range. He said there was no support for either this item or for the classification for the Paralegal in the District Attorney's office.

Order failed.

b.  ORDER 99-1-13-8 Establishing the Classification and Salary Range for Paralegal in the District Attorney's Office.

Order failed.


a.  ORDER 99-1-13-9 Approving a Communications Equipment Agreement with Motorola, Inc. for a Term of Three (3) Years from Date of Execution of Agreement to Purchase Y2K Compliant Communications Radio System in the Amount of $83,318 Including a Trade-In Allowance of Approximately $53,000.

John Clague, Captain, stated they are asking for authorization for the County Administrator to execute a contract with Motorola for a software agreement and equipment replacement that would make their dispatch center Y2K compliant. He added the current system is 10 years old and not Y2K compliant and Motorola representatives believe the system will not function properly after December 31, 1999 and have recommended to enter into this agreement. He said that this is being brought to the Board as a sole source item, as Motorola is currently the vendor that installed the equipment ten years ago and they can guarantee that the new logic boards will work effectively and will guarantee the Y2K compliance and the continued operation of the system. He added there is not money set aside specifically for this purchase. He said they will do their best to cover those expenses out of their existing budget funds. He said County Administration would work with them in terms of having a balanced budget so they can address this specific Y2K problem.

Van Vactor concurred with Clague that this is a critical acquisition for the department at this point in time from a public safety point of view and it is accurate that the department would be able to absorb the cost.

Dwyer said the assumption is if they don't have the money it comes out of the general funds. He said it is not something the County had budgeted for and he did not support it.

Sorenson stated that if there is a problem, the money will come out of the County budget as opposed to the Sheriff's budget. He said he is voting for it but not with the understanding that the money will come from any other funds than those that have been previously appropriated to the Sheriff's Office.

Green said he will support this motion.

Weeldreyer said because this is a Y2K compliant obligation on the County's part and this is the first big ticket item that has come before the Board that will need to be fixed. She said at this point with Y2K, they are still doing the assessment process and don't know what all of the financial impacts will be to make sure the County is ready. She wants to see the flexibility left here that they can go ahead and do this and make every effort to meet the budget authority for it and to go forward with full Board support.

Morrison stated she was not supporting the motion and was questioning how the County was spending the dollars and if it was appropriate.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-1-13-9.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 3-2 (Dwyer, Morrison dissenting)



Commissioner Green recessed the meeting until 1:30 p.m.

Melissa Zimmer
Recording Secretary

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