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March 11, 1999
Commissioners' Conference Room - 1:30 p.m.

Consultants: Gerry Brodsky, Public Knowledge, Inc.

Steering Committee Members: Verna Brown, Jan Clements, Jim Gangle, Bobby Green, Tanya Heaton, Bob Keefer, Arlene Marshall, Anna Morrison, Mike Moskovitz and Bill Van Vactor.

Also present: Captain John Clague and Recording Secretary Zoe Gilstrap.

Review of Public Participation to Date

Web Site

Moskovitz distributed material on the Lane County Strategic Planning web site (see material on file). He noted that there have been 83 hits so far. Moskovitz also commented that the press release on Lane County strategic planning has gone out. Green stated that he will make an announcement about this tomorrow at the Board meeting.

Brown voiced concern that there is nothing on the web site stating that Lane County will need to make large cuts next year. She said if any cut is over $1 million, it should be clearly stated. Van Vactor noted that there would soon be a revised financial plan. Heaton said it is better to make a general statement without using hard numbers because the variables cannot be determined at this time.

There was agreement that a current financial summary would be included on the web page in addition to the budget message from last year.

Moskovitz encouraged members to respond by email to him with any documents they would like to see on the web site.

Per Green's request, Moskovitz will change language to say, "What happens in the event federal dollars go away?" rather than "...if federal dollars go away?" Moskovitz also noted that he has contacted The Register-Guard but has not had a response.

Report Back to Focus Groups

The report is done and will be sent to everyone who participated, along with a letter from either Green or Morrison. There was agreement that it is important to engage the focus groups further. A space for comments on the report will be included in the letter. The letter will include a note saying that a survey for the public will be out in newspapers soon.

Next Steps in Public Participation

Newspaper Survey

Brodsky said strategies in the plan and resource allocations determined at this time could be used in the survey as something for the public to respond to. Moskovitz commented that the survey would provide more buy-in and ownership from the public.

There was consensus that a survey will be sent through all the newspapers and also available on the Internet and libraries. If necessary, an intern will be hired to analyze the survey responses and any email.

Public Meetings

After discussion, it was determined that after development of a draft plan, two public hearings will be held, the newspaper survey will be produced and commissioners will hold a public hearing in each region or town hall meeting in their district. In addition there would be a week long open door policy to allow the public to talk to the commissioners with hours extended until 7:00 p.m. These events will be planned for the end of January.

A SPEC meeting was scheduled for January 18, 2000. Heaton will send a brief summary of today's decision on public participation to the committee.

Other suggestions included utilizing the League of Women Voters for the public hearings; including the dates of public hearings in the survey; and aggressively involving employees.


Brown distributed material outlining two items she would like discussed and possibly included in the allocation principles (see material on file).

Brodsky stated that he will get a draft strategic plan to SPEC by January 10, 2000.

There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 3:12 p.m. 

Zoe Gilstrap
Recording Secretary

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