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May 26, 1999


Harris Hall - Main Floor - 9:00 a.m.

Commissioner Bobby Green, Sr., presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Anna Morrison, Peter Sorenson and Cindy Weeldreyer present. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




Jan Wroncy, P.O. Box 1101, Eugene, stated she was formerly on the Vegetation Management Advisory Committee Member for eight years and is a litigant against Lane County. She said she was appealing her case to the Oregon Supreme Court and then to the U.S. Supreme Court. She added she was recognized by the State of Oregon and the Federal Government as disabled. She said it was her opinion that the Board of Commissioners had been misled by Public Works and legal counsel on more than one occasion. She said she was continuing her efforts to get this matter resolved.

David Rodriguez, 87984 Heather Dr., stated he brought his concerns to Commissioner Dwyer that DEQ was not being straight forward with the public in regards to Highway 126 and 42nd Street, the area consisting of iron bacteria. He said the subsequent analysis conducted did not reveal the true cause of the iron bacteria. He added subsequent sites had also shown signs of orange iron bacteria that did not previously exist. He said he had been researching the issue and that something was taking place. He added it is a major issue and there are a number of questions regarding the aquifer in Springfield. He requested the Board to have DEQ answer the questions or to form a task force.

Green stated he was hesitant to engage in this from a County perspective because of resources.

Sorenson said he would contact Rob Rockstroh, Health and Human Services, to find out if there is a connection between Lane County’s statutory responsibilities and this issue.

Weeldreyer was in agreement with Sorenson to have the Board ask the Department of Environmental Quality to respond to Dwyer’s letter and the questions that have been raised about this particular incident.

Dwyer responded he did receive a letter back from the DEQ with all the originals and stated they had checked it over and there were no problems. He added he would write to Malcolm Marsh, Director, DEQ to find out his response.


Sorenson thanked the Board for signing the letter for the Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation and he presented it at the celebration during National Historic Preservation Week at the Wayne Morse residence. He said the ranch had been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. He also reported about the work being done with the census. He noted that Lane County had an undercount of about 4 per cent in the 1990 census that resulted in a loss of over $20 million to the local jurisdictions in Lane County. He added that LCOG is working with the federal census to provide them with addresses that will help the census in putting together a more accurate count.

Weeldreyer reported on Saturday, June 5, at the Irving Grange in the River Road area, all the granges in Lane County are coming together to sponsor an entire afternoon of Y2K information. She added it is open to the public.

Morrison stated she was in Virginia and did a presentation for four different groups of county supervisors about the schools and forest payments

Green recognized the emergency facility shut down crew (who ran a test on May 14) for their efforts.

Weeldreyer stated she attended the Government Technology Conference in Sacramento with Gary Ingram, Information Services. She said she went to a session on technology and someone from the census was there. She suggested to move ahead and get a committee going for the census. She announced that Lane County officially signed a right-of-way agreement between Pacific Fiber Link and the cities in Lane and Klamath Counties for securing dark fiber that could be used for community education, government and economic development. She said Lane County is not an official signer, but they achieved the same benefit.

4. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

To be held after the meeting.


a.  Legislative Standing Committee Report.

Roy Burns, Legislative Committee, reported the bill for post supervision of mental health for prisoners and Bill 1007 are dead. He noted that Steve Carmichael, Youth Services, is asking for a change in position from the Board as a result of some amendments, to support Senate Bill 78. He added they were able to defeat the amendments of the chair of the committee by a 3-2 vote. He said the chair of the senate revenue wanted to lower the amount of money in the proposal and move it through. He said they wanted to put the $5 million in the Department of Revenue in the same bill and move it forward so it is actively getting out of Ways and Means and to the floor for final action.

Burns related that on the gas tax, the latest was there is now advocacy to get it to a floor vote. He noted there was a concern to hold it until Bill 3344 (Oregon Truckers Association Proposal for Diesel Fuel) could go along with it.

Weeldreyer reported that at the AOC Legislative Committee meeting on Monday, that it is now Senate Bill 722a, it was pulled back to senate judiciary, still consistent with the original bill and there is a provision to create 190 organizations for a number of jurisdictions that would be able to bond for the unfunded liability to get a fixed rate, and they are opposing language that provides an opt out clause.

MOTION: to approve Senate Bill 722 with the recommended amendments and changed support from opposition to support for Senate Bill 78.

Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a.  Announcements

Van Vactor announced there is a new screen in Harris Hall and the plaza is now open.


Rick Schulz, Budget Analyst, reported the County is making good progress on Y2K, but they will not be compliant as an organization, they will be ready. He discussed the Y2K Status Report (copy in file). He reported to the Board that he will be presenting a status report on Y2K on a monthly basis.

In response to Green’s question regarding the number of items behind, Schulz responded that with regard to the lower tier, prioritizing and valuing the inventory includes over 4,500 items, and that number increased. He noted on the two highest levels of criticality (endangering and safety to the public), there is no out-of-budget costs that will be needed. He added they hired an extra help person to work on it.

Green stated he was encouraged by the efforts being made.

Schulz stated the County is making good progress and they will be ready, but there are systems that are not ready, so contingency plans will need to be developed to make sure that the work will be done.

Gerry Rainey, Vice President of Finance, SELCO, gave a Y2K demonstration.

Schulz discussed the budget overview page (copy in file). He said it was to show what might be charged against the $500,000 contingency plan. He added if Y2K is non-existent, the amount could be revised to save money.

c.  PUBLIC HEARING AND ORDER 99-5-26-1 Adopting the FY 1998-99 Supplemental Budget #4, Making, Increasing and Transferring Appropriations.

Tanya Heaton, Budget Analyst, stated a Public Hearing is needed for Supplemental Budget #4 for 98/99. She noted the General Fund has a new number, number 124. She reported it is a contract with the U.S. Marshall for the beds they have at the jail. She added it was the supplemental budget process for the increase in the contract.

Commissioner Green opened the Public Hearing. There being no one signed up to speak, he closed the Public Hearing.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-5-26-1.

Morrison MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a.  ORDER 99-5-26-2 Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Regarding Cooperative Planning and Urban Services for Transit Services Between the City of Veneta, Lane County and Lane Transit District for the Area Within the Veneta Urban Growth Boundary and Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute Said Agreement.

Chris Henry, Transportation Planning, noted the City of Veneta is in periodic review, developing cooperative planning service agreements. He noted there was a similar Board item following this one for the City of Eugene.

Dwyer stated he would be more comfortable if the Lane Transit District Board was an elected body. He said he has serious problems with a government entity that has condemnation powers.

Henry noted that on May 19, the LTD, Veneta and Eugene approved these agreements.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-5-26-2.

Morrison MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-1 (Dwyer dissenting).

b.  ORDER 99-5-26-3 Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Regarding Cooperative Planning and Urban Services for Transit Services Between the City of Eugene, Lane County and Lane Transit District for the Area Within the Eugene Urban Growth Boundary and Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute Said Agreement.

Henry reported the potential issues of the Board orders were similar except for Lane Transit District within the City of Eugene has a bus rapid transit program that is not part of this agreement.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-5-26-3.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 4-1. (Dwyer dissenting)


A.  Approval of Minutes:

March 17, 1999, Lane County Commission on Children and Families, 5:45 p.m.

March 31, 1999, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.

April 6, 1999, Work Session, 10:00 a.m.

April 7, 1999, BCC Lunch with Ron Wyden, 12:00 p.m.

B.  County Administration

1)  ORDER 99-5-26-4 Extending the Intergovernmental Agreement for the Benton-Lane-Lincoln-Linn Regional Strategy to December 31, 1999, Including Extending the Term of Lane County Regional Strategy Board Members and Authorizing the County Administrator to Sign Contracts.

C.  Health and Human Services

1) ORDER 99-5-26-5 Approving the Submission of a Supportive Housing Program Grant to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the Amount of $1,680,576; and Delegate Authority to the County Administrator to Sign Grant Documents.

D.  Public Works

1)  ORDER 99-5-26-6 Awarding a Contract to ADDCO Inc., in the Amount of $58,650 + Freight for the Purchase of One (1), New, Current-Model Solar Powered Portable Traffic Signal.

Morrison noted that on the minutes for April 7, 1999, on page 3 under discussion about casino, it should be the Confederated Tribes of the Lower Umpqua, Siuslaw and Coos.

MOTION: to approve Consent Calendar with corrections to the minutes.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Dwyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a.  ORDER 99-5-26-7 Applying for Grant Funds in an Amount not to Exceed $100,000 From the Violence Against Women Act Grant Program Available Through the Oregon State Police.

Doug Harcleroad, District Attorney, stated they had the grant for an investigator position. He added they decided not to apply for the investigator but for two part-time victim advocates that are currently working in his office on a Center for Disease Control grant that expires on September 30. He said they will apply for the Center for Disease Control grant and if they don’t get that, this would be a good source to get the money from. He added it would not impact the general fund. He said the part-time employees are working on restraining orders and victims of domestic violence.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-5-26-7.

Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a. RESOLUTION AND ORDER 99-5-26-8 Approving Exhibit A, the Lane County Annual Health Plan for FY 1999/2000; Accepting the Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon Health Division in the Amount of $2,491,750; Adding an Additional 0.25 FTE of a Public Health Educator Position in the Public Health Program in the Department of Health and Human Services Fund 286; and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign the Public Health Plan, and Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon Health Division.

Rob Rockstroh, Health and Human Services, reported it is a $ 2 million plan, a status quo budget with minor changes. He noted there is an increase this year in the Stars Program (a sexual abstinence program geared at middle school). He added that this plan is also adding positions to work with the new projects. He stated with Public Health, they are talking about maternal child health and HIV type issues. He noted the issues about heroin have been about the methadone clinics. He said within the public health budget for heroin, it is still status quo. He added they did not add money to the methadone clinic or to the Deputy Medical Examiner’s office.

Dwyer asked about the total budget for the whole department.

Rockstroh responded for Health and Human Services and Parole and Probation, it is around $62 to 65 million per year.

In response to Morrison’s question about the position, Karen Gaffney, Health and Human Services, responded the position would be posted as a 1.0 FTE Public Health Education, which will be a Masters in Public Health; .75 will be for tobacco and .25 for Stars, working with the school districts in each of the communities.

Sorenson asked the process by which the plan is approved and if there was a consultation with the Health Advisory Committee and State of Oregon’s Health Division.

Rockstroh responded it is not a formal process like the budget committee, it is on an ongoing basis. He said the Health Advisory Committee could possibly make comments on the plan.

Sorenson recommended that the Community Health Advisory Committee and the Mental Health Advisory Commitee affirmatively approve the plan before coming to the Board of Commissioners and if there were any comments that they have on it, be included with the Board packet.

Rockstroh noted that it could be adopted as a standard, that there is a more formal process involving the committee.

Dwyer stated he agreed with Sorenson that input from the advisory committees would be an appropriate way for the citizens to be involved.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-5-26-8.

Sorenson MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a.  ORDER 99-5-26-9 Establishing the Classification and Salary Range of Physician Assistant in the Department of Youth Services.

Cheryl McCawley, Management Services, noted the Department of Youth Services had requested creating a Physician Assistant position because they have a history of having a difficult time finding nurse practitioners. She added since the department had always had a nurse practitioner budgeted, it will result in a savings in their budget for this position.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-5-26-9.

Morrison MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a.  ORDER 99-5-26-10 Approving a Continuation of an Intergovernmental Agreement Between the City of Eugene, the City of Springfield and the Lane County Sheriff's Office to Develop the Short Mountain Site for Public Safety Training Purposes; Term of Agreement Shall be from Date of Original Contract, September 13, 1999 to June 30, 2008; Springfield Shall Contribute $70,000 at the Signing of this Agreement.

Jan Clements, Sheriff, said it is an intergovernmental agreement that brings the Springfield Police Department on as a partner with a buy of $70,000; $50,000 which is a member share, dealing with the development of the site and $20,000 would be for new construction to deal with storage facilities that are needed. He said the recommendation is to pass it now as they won’t have it in their next year’s budget.

Dwyer said it would be a perfect opportunity for Springfield to practice under the same environment of other agencies.

Weeldreyer asked if this would make it easier by spreading the costs for different departments by having joint trainings.

Clements responded it would facilitate that but other issues are more problematic. He said it should provide for having common training methodology.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-5-26-10.

Morrison MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

b.  ORDER 99-5-26-11 Approving a Lease Amendment Between Garfield Associates and the Lane County Sheriff's Office and Oregon State Police for a Radio Tower Site in the Amount of $4,868.98 for 7/01/98-6/30/99; Plus a 3% Increase Per Year From 7/01/98 to 6/30/03.

Clements noted this was a continuation from an expired lease.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Dwyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

There being no further business, Commissioner Green recessed the meeting at 12:00 p.m. to reconvene at 1:30 p.m.



Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary

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