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Approved 2/15/00

November 3, 1999


Harris Hall Main Floor - following Board of Health

Commissioner Bobby Green, Sr., presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Anna Morrison, Peter Sorenson and Cindy Weeldreyer present. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




Brett Chambers, 91087 Marcola Rd., Springfield, spoke on the intersection of Sunderman Rd. and Hill and how it affected his property. He noted that there was an October 4 meeting and a new proposal was presented that affected him. (The addition that will be taken out for the turn lane off of his property.) He added with the turn lanes, the speed limit will be at 55 miles per hour and he is against cars speeding in front of his house. He noted the widening of the roadway will also affect two large cedar trees that are on his property and the new proposed roadbed comes within one meter of the base of the trees. He said he was willing to move his residence to the backside of his property.

Kevin Hillman, 39886 Howard Road, Marcola, submitted a video tape for the Board to watch about the motocross track. He said there needs to be an ordinance prohibiting this type of activity and urged the Board to consider a law or nuisance ordinance regulating backyard motocross in the future.

Susan Lynch, 39886 Howard Road, Marcola, stated the noise from Eric Rogers’ house has an impact on her family and her children’s ability to do homework after school. She urged the Board to consider a sound ordinance.

Beverly Zeimut, 13502 Las Vegas, Nevada, spoke regarding Cherie Goodwin and her mental and emotional state. She said the noise was affecting people emotionally, mentally and physically.

Kent Kaufman, 40069 Log Creek Road, stated he wanted the Board to do something about a sound ordinance.

Pam Hewitt, 40114 Log Creek Road, spoke on the environmental impacts that she observed as a neighbor to the activity of motocross. She said she does not feel safe walking in her neighborhood as there is a lot of dust. She stated this type of activity does not provide a good example for children. She urged the Board to adopt a noise ordinance and to take issues relating to this matter seriously.

Bo Moore, 40114 Log Creek Rd., said he doesn’t mind the noise. He said he is being intimidated by the other neighbors. He said Shot Gun Creek is an area where motorcycles can be ridden. He said the noise is bad for people in the area.

Jordan Weist, 91166 Marcola Rd., stated they bought the property on Marcola Road because they wanted country property. He noted that even though it is on Marcola Road, the cedar trees line the road and over 50 are proposed to be taken down if the existing plan "B"for Marcola Road is approved. He added the right-of-way would be within 20 feet of his front door. He asked the Board to consider to move the project closer to the west.

Cherie Goodwin, 40069 Log Creek Road, Marcola, asked the Board to do something about the noise and safety that is taking place at the motocross track.

Nick Urhausen, 28 Warren St., stated it is a waste of money to provide benefits to domestic partners.

Misha Seymore, 1313 Lincoln, Eugene, asked the Board to ban guns from the Sheriff’s Office. He said there shouldn’t be any smoking in front of the Public Safety Building.


Referring to Measure 20-25, Weeldreyer said that though it didn’t pass, the problems still exist. She said she was frustrated and disappointed by the outcome of the vote. She said it was a complex measure and Lane County was trying to solve a lot of challenges in one measure.

Green said it appeared that the County did not make a case of the need for funding. He said he didn’t believe that people who voted no do not want a safer community. His concern is that Lane County can’t be all things to all people.

Morrison noted that the County is perceiving a problem and the public is not. She said Lane County needs to realistically look at what is being done and how it is funded and build credibility among the voters before anything else is put out again.

Van Vactor hoped Lane County continues to take a systems approach to the public safety system and the necessity to plan together so no part is out of balance. He added Myra Wall, Public Safety Coordinating Council, will be commissioning a poll to find out why the voters voted no.

Sorenson stated for him it becomes a period of reflection on the efforts they made to put this measure before the voters. He agreed that the County needs to continue working cooperatively within the community to solve a variety of problems including public safety, public health and related problems and he will continue to pledge to work on them.


a.  REPORT OSU Lane County Extension Services Update.

Ross Penhallegon, OSU Extension Office, gave a quarterly report. He noted that through their radio program on KPNW, they received about $1 million of advertising, increasing their calls and walk-ins by more than 35%. He stated they have had more than 21,000 phone calls come through their office within the past three months. He said as their availability and popularity increases, they want to increase their services without increasing their budget. He reported with the increasing rainfall their roof had leaked two more times and they had lost computers due to the water damage. He said he is afraid there will be more structural damage to the building if they wait too much longer.

Nellie Oehler, Extension Agent, reported they answered food preservation and safety questions. She added due to Y2K concerns, they have been busier than normal. She reported they went over 10,000 calls the first of October. She stated they have been doing emergency food and water storage. She noted they had 65 active master food preserver volunteers during the summer who put in over 7,328 hours to helping people with food preservation and safety.

5. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660



a.  Announcements

Van Vactor reported the U.S. House of Representatives is debating HR 2389. He noted he sent the Board a memo regarding the Smith Dawson visit.


a.  ORDER 99-11-3-1 Amending the Project Design Concept to Add a Left Turn Refuge at the Intersection with Hill and Sunderman Roads within the Improvement of Marcola Road, MP 5.81 to 11.75.

Ollie Snowden, Public Works, reported earlier in the year, the Board adopted a design concept for improving Marcola Road from the Mohawk River Stafford Bridge, past Wendling Road. He added the piece that was deferred until a later time was the decision of a turn lane at Hill and Sunderman Road. He noted in September, they received a call from the Pastor at the church on the corner of Hill and Marcola Road with concerns about the proposal for a turn lane there. He said they had a meeting on-site with him and other individuals and based on that meeting, they put together three alternatives for turn lanes. He reported that Proposal "A" was to hold the existing center line through as much of the project as possible and widen equally on both sides. He said this would hit the properties equally on either side of the road. He noted that that proposal was unacceptable to the church. He said they looked at one that moved about 11 feet to the west and one that moved about 11 feet to the east. He said there was a meeting on October 4, and a majority of the people attending the meeting supported alternative "C", the westerly of the three alignments. He noted that the homeowner discussing his trees being taken out for the road was affected by alternative "B", the westerly shift. He noted they are recommending Alternative "C", the easterly shift. He reported the easterly shift impacts three properties, more than the other alternatives. He noted that Mr. Weist’s concerns are taken care of with the Alternative "C" proposal. He added he spoke with Mr. Chambers’ attorney and arborist and they will try to work with them to preserve the cedar trees that he is concerned about.

Weeldreyer stated that any time there is a road project trying to accommodate the needs of the traveling public and the safety of those using the road, there will be impacts to property owners. She added they have made a good faith effort to have meetings with the community and the affected property owners, to find an alignment of the road that addresses the safety need for a turn lane at Hill Road and Marcola Road with the least amount of impact to the most people. She said she has been out to Mr. Chambers’ property and can see why he has serious concerns. She added that she spoke with the County engineers to see if there is a way to modify the ditch, to be able to get closer to the existing road bed to save the cedar trees and to move the alignment closer. She recommended Option C.

Weeldreyer noted in Marcola, the Marcola School District requested to have turn lanes put there for safety reasons for school buses. She asked what County staff was going to do with the old trees on Mr. Chambers property.

Snowden stated an offer as been made to Mrs. Chambers to set up a time to go over the details of what is proposed. He added they will do what they can to preserve the trees.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-11-3-1.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.

Dwyer said he wants to see the situation resolved and doesn’t think it will delay anything to wait.

VOTE: 3-2 (Dwyer and Sorenson dissenting.)

Weeldreyer stated she had faith in the Public Works staff that they will resolve the issue for Mr. Chambers.

b.  ORDER 99-11-3-2 Recommending Countywide Priorities for Supplemental State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) (HB 2082) Projects.

Stinchfield explained that there is a Board Order with an Attachment 1 that is a staff recommendation for the countywide priority list for the supplemental STIP projects, the bonded program created by House Bill 2082. He added it was created from previous priority listings for the rural projects and also reflects the recent action at the MPC on metro area projects. He noted that ODOT had requested input from the public and local agencies on these projects. He reported the process started with a draft priority list that included three projects in Lane County: the Coburg I-5 interchange (which is the second rural priority on the draft list) a project on Highway 58 (replacing a railroad overcrossing) and a metro area project on Coburg Road. He asked the Board to take action so they can forward it to Region 2 staff. He said the Oregon Transportation Commission will be discussing this on November 9 and taking final action on December 16.

Green asked what the reality was for these projects to actually get funded.

Stinchfield responded that there are two uncertainties: one is that House Bill 2082 looks like it is going to be referred to the voters and may not make it. He noted the other is that it is a competitive process within Region 2 and statewide.

Sorenson asked by approving this attachment would the Board be making a decision that is binding or in any way in conflict with the TransPlan.

Stinchfield answered it potentially was. He noted the projects on the metro area list were selected with some of those issues in mind. He stated the list is heavily oriented towards urban standard improvements on state highways.

Weeldreyer asked if the McVay Highway, I-5 to Franklin was the project that had been talked about regarding cars heading southbound to 30th and Lane Community College.

Stinchfield replied it wasn’t. He noted this project would rebuild McVay from Franklin to the freeway. He added the state has funded a traffic signal installation in the STIP to address the immediate problem at the ramp and the back up onto the freeway shoulder. He stated the whole issue of what to do with the I-5 30th Avenue interchange is on the future projects list in TransPlan and is on ODOT’s radar screen as a study area and the Bloomberg connector could be related to that. He added the Bloomberg connector per se was not on any ODOT priority list. He noted the place to do that would be next winter when the discussion is made for the STIP.

Weeldreyer requested to put on the future agenda, the Bloomberg connector and 30th Avenue project with ODOT.

Dwyer asked if the Bloomberg connector part was a bridge building plan as well.

Stinchfield replied it wasn’t. He said it is a realignment of McVay Highway to move the road and connect it directly over to the signal at Eldon Schaefer Drive on 30th Avenue and move the intersection of McVay and 30th Avenue farther away from the freeway, but it is not bridge-related.

Weeldreyer suggested putting down February as a discussion item for the future agenda regarding the I-5 30th Avenue, Bloomberg connection.

Dwyer stated that the TransPlan needs to be adopted now and then it needs to be determined whether or not the money materializes before they decide how to spend it. He said he was not in favor of doing this now.

Green opposed this, noting that something needs to be in place in the event that something happens that the Board has no control over.

Morrison said she would rather be at the table so if the dollars come, Lane County would be considered.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-11-3-2.

Morrison MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED.

Sorenson noted that some of the projects are good and some are not and the reason for his voting no is that they are trying to establish some good faith with the public, having public discussions of transportation projects within the metro area. He said it should be taken to the whole community before it goes to ODOT. He was supportive of some of the projects.

Dwyer echoed Sorenson’s comments

VOTE: 3-2 (Sorenson and Dwyer dissenting).

c.  ORDER 99-11-3-3 Directing Staff to Prepare Written Testimony in Opposition to a Proposed Privately Operated Solid Waste Transfer Station in Western Lane County.

Ken Sandusky, Waste Management, reported a year ago that Siuslaw Disposal (a waste hauling firm in Florence owned by Waste Connections, a California firm) applied for a transfer station permit with the DEQ to operate a second transfer station in Florence. He noted the County submitted testimony in opposition to that application. He added subsequently it was determined that the application was incomplete and it was sent back to the applicant. He noted there is a complete action and the matter before the board is to either oppose the application, stand silent or support it. He said since their testimony last year, the system benefit fee ordinance was passed and the financial impacts to the County of a second transfer station in Florence are different. He added they modified what they proposed to do, no longer accepting material from the public, only from their own vehicles. He asked if there was really a need for a second transfer station for a community of that size (7,800 people in the urban growth boundary) and the precedent it sets for additional transfer stations throughout the County. He said with regard to the need issue, Waste Connection has argued in their application to DEQ there are some legal issues associated with the need test. He noted that the DEQ is likely to grant a permit for this. It was his recommendation to submit testimony in opposition.

Morrison stated she was in favor of going forward to provide testimony opposing the addition of another transfer station. She said one is sufficient for the population. She said she has had concerns from property owners about this.

Dwyer echoed Morrison’s sentiments exactly.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-11-3-3.

Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

d.  FOURTH READING AND DELIBERATION Ordinance PA 1133 Amending the West Eugene Wetlands Plan by Adopting New and Revised Plan Policies Related to the Criteria for Wetland Designations, and Adopting a Severability Clause

Mike Copely, reported the Hearing was held on August 4 with the Eugene City Council and the Board of Commissioners. He noted there was a committee meeting on September 30, looking at the testimony, devising some changes to the contents of the proposal that was sent before the Eugene City Council, which was adopted on October 11. He said a memo dated October 27 from him, contains a new and revised ordinance and exhibits A and B which were to be substituted for the ones originally received. He added the memo included the record of the proceeding. He stated that staff recommends the Board take action to approve the changes as submitted and continue the matter to November 23, 1999, for a Fifth Reading and Deliberation, and he would be requesting adoption that day.

MOTION: to approve Fourth Reading and Setting A Fifth Reading and Deliberation Ordinance PA 1133 to November 23, 1999.

Morrison MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED

VOTE: 5-0.

e.  THIRD READING AND DELIBERATION Ordinance PA 1136 Repealing the 1986 Alton Baker Park Master Plan, a Refinement Plan to the Lane County Parks Master Plan and the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan

Mike Copely, Land Management, noted it was a housekeeping issue and was recommending adoption.

MOTION: to approve Ordinance PA 1136.

Dwyer MOVED, Weeldreyer



A.  Approval of Minutes

B.  County Administration

1) ORDER 99-11-3-4 Transferring Grant-Funded Improvements of the SAFE Center to SCAR/Jasper Mountain, Inc.

C.  Health and Human Services

1)  ORDER 99-11-3-5 Approving an Amendment to Extend an Intergovernmental Agreement with the State of Oregon Department of Corrections in the Amount of $3,585,108 Through March 31, 2000 to Provide Corrections Services in Lane County and Delegating to the County Administrator the Authority to Sign the Amendment.

2)  ORDER 99-11-3-6 Appropriating an Additional $12,110 in Revenues and Expenditures in the Department of Health and Human Services (286) for Services to Individuals with Mental/Emotional Disturbances (IGA 20-001, RGA 12).

D.  Management Services

1)  ORDER 99-11-3-7 Accepting Bids Tendered for Surplus County Owned Real Property at a Sheriff's Sale on October 4, 1999 and Selling Said Real Property to the Respective Bidders (Map #s 17-02-35-42-00100, White; 17-03-09-30-02900, Eickmeyer; 17-06-36-42-06800, Just; 17-06-36-42-06900, Just; 19-12-02-31-02600, Carter; 19-12-02-31-03901, Eaton; 20-03-32-30-00500, Coop; 21-35-16-23-01400, Kelley)

2)  ORDER 99-11-3-8 Authorizing the Sale of Surplus County Owned Real Property to: (a) Skillern Investments Limited Partnership (Map #17-03-34-43-13000, East of 3802 15th Street, Glenwood); (b) Blanche R. Parker (Map #18-02-19-24-01401, Adjacent to 34747 Devonshire Drive, Eugene)

3)  ORDER 99-11-3-9 Authorizing the Acquisition of an Easement on Property Adjoining the Lane County Animal Regulation Authority for Installation of a Drainage Line Servicing the Animal Regulation Authority Property.

MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.

Weeldreyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.


a.  ORDER 99-11-3-10 Presenting a Semi-Annual Report to the Board of Commissioners of Lane County.

Chuck Forster, Lane Workforce Partnership, stated their funding is from two major sources: the Job Training Partnership Act and the Jobs Welfare to Work Program. He noted that all of the programs they operate provide education, training, support services and job placement. He said they served 359 people last year, leaving the program with an average wage of $9.00 per hour. He noted the program has exceeded all of its outcomes and they continue to improve every year. He said they have a summer youth program where they work with low income children providing an educational and work experience. He noted since 1989, they have provided training services to over 8,000 dislocated workers in Lane County and the majority of them are laid off timber workers who had lost their jobs because of the closures. He said their goal is to put people in jobs that are approximately 90% of their wage when they were laid off and currently they are at 85%. He added the Jobs Program is a contractor for adult and family services. They coordinate and administer their contracts with a variety of agencies to deliver welfare to work services and their caseload is down 60% from four years ago.

Forster noted that they will be working with an emphasis on customer choice and performance accountability and it will be done with a one stop delivery system. He said they have been working with over 11 different agencies to put together a one-stop workforce development in the County. He said a component is a physical location, where they are currently transforming the Employment Office. He said his goal is to have integrated one-stop services for not only job seekers, but businesses as well.

Forster stated there was a change in Board composition. He said under the Job Training Partnership Act they have 33 members (majority of business) and under the Workforce Investment Act they have to add up to 40 people.

Sorenson stated that Lane County needs to be pushing the commitment to try to assess problems that employers are having in matching up good qualified workers with employers that need workers. He asked what the difference was between Jobs and Jobs Plus program and the problem implementing Jobs Plus due to the requirements of short term employment.

Forster responded that Jobs is the overall program designed to move people from welfare to work and eventually off the public welfare system altogether. He noted that Jobs Plus is just one strategy. He said in Lane County there are 88 people in Jobs Plus agreements with employers throughout Lane County. He added it is an opportunity to provide people who need work experience, an experience in a business setting. He noted the people eligible for Jobs Plus are either on welfare, receiving a cash grant on welfare or receiving unemployment insurance. He said what he runs into with the County is the 520 hour limit on extra help. He asked if there was any way to waive the 520 hours.

Dwyer noted that the 520 hours is in the charter and it can only be changed by a vote of the people.

Van Vactor stated it was difficult to implement this program in the public sector.



There being no further business, Commissioner Green recessed the meeting at 12:15 p.m.

Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary


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