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Approved 5/9/00

April 25, 2000
6:15 p.m. - Harris Hall Main Floor

PRESENT: Marie Bell, Verna Brown, Bill Dwyer, Bobby Green, Sr., Mary Ann Holser, Angel Jones, Anna Morrison and Peter Sorenson. David Crowell and Cindy Weeldreyer, excused. Also present were Bill Van Vactor, David Garnick, Tanya Heaton and Greta Utecht. Zoe Gilstrap, Recording Secretary.


Chair Marie Bell called the meeting to order. Bell welcomed the newest Budget Committee member, Angel Jones, Commissioner Green’s appointee.


MOTION: To nominate Marie Bell as chair. Verna Brown MOVED. Mary Ann Holser SECONDED. VOTE: Unanimous.

MOTION: To nominate David Crowell as vice-chair. Morrison MOVED. Dwyer SECONDED. VOTE: Unanimous.

Peter Sorenson excused at 6:25 p.m.


Brown noted that in the first sentence, second paragraph on the third page of the May 6, 1999 the word "distract" should be "district."

MOTION: Approval of May 6, 1999 Minutes as corrected. Brown MOVED. Morrison SECONDED. VOTE: 8-0.

MOTION: Approval of the May 11, 1999 Minutes. Dwyer MOVED. Brown SECONDED. VOTE: 8-0.


Before delivering the budget message, Bill Van Vactor, County Administrator, acknowledged David Garnick, Tanya Heaton and Greta Utecht, Management Analysts, and complimented them on their diligence and hard work on the proposed budget. Van Vactor also noted three people who are not often seen, but put in a tremendous amount of time working on very detailed and complex budgets: Linda Morrison, Health and Human Services; Jan Sandusky, Public Works; and Rick Schulz, Public Safety. He stated that they, along with their crews, very quietly do outstanding work. Van Vactor stated that he appreciates having such a solid team in the Lane County organization putting together the budget.

Van Vactor next delivered the 2000-01 Lane County Budget Message (see material on file).


Bell opened the public hearing.

Jerry Rust, 3417 N. Russet, Portland, Oregon, discussed the county courthouse square. He said he is affiliated with the Wayne Morris Historic Park Board and noted that they are attempting to put a free speech platform and a modest statue of Wayne Morris in the front of the square. Rust stated that this project was $85,000 when he started and has now gone to more than half a million dollars. He explained that if a new statue and redesigned brickwork is going to be placed there it is appropriate to have a better facility. Rust stated that the cement is cracking, with grass growing out and that the exposed aggregate is a hazard. Rust said the County applied for and received a $300,000 Community Development Block Grant that will pay for bathroom facilities and ADA access. He said the price of the square is $154,000 and that the statue and free speech platform amounts to $115,000. Rust explained that the $115,000 is going to be raised privately. He stated that the public square says something about who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Rust stated that this free speech square should be the symbol and signature piece for Lane County. He said they are selling inscribed granite paving stones and that the low rate is $50 for a brick, which will contribute to paying for this project. Rust said that they aren’t able to move on the statue and free speech platform without first taking care of the square and ADA access because it’s all one integrated project. He stated that every department and every program in Lane County government is connected to and benefits from the courthouse square. He suggested that an indirect charge from every group in Lane County government could easily pay for the $154,000. Rust commented that if all goes as planned, the project should be complete in October.

Bell closed the public hearing.



Garnick noted that there is an addendum to the budget document. He explained that it is for the Resource Summary for Public Safety and needs to be added after Electronic Supervision.

David Garnick, Tanya Heaton and Greta Utecht, Management Analysts, gave a power point presentation (see material on file). Garnick highlighted statistics that show that cuts have been spread evenly among all three categories: Public Safety, Public Services and Support Services. He also noted that Lane County’s comparable tax rate to other counties is 39 of 39.

Heaton reviewed Lane County’s strategic planning process (see material). She noted that Lane County is taking a pause during the budget season and will get back to strategic planning next month. She stated that the plan should be implemented in time for next year’s budget process.

Utecht explained the process for the beginning work to determine core and non-core services (see material on file). She also reviewed the presentation by Jeffrey Tryens, Oregon Progress Board, to the Leadership Team.

Garnick summarized that in this proposed budget, there is approximately $357,166 over the cash reserve.

Garnick referred to the financial forecast in the finplan section, page D-8 and D-9, explaining that the balance line differs from the finplan model because the model continues the assumption that there would be at least a 2% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) while the budget wasn’t built with a COLA. He said that in order to fund the COLA, they would use the $357,000 plus another $112,000. Garnick said the only other change is that the internal administrative charges are higher because more departments were added into the indirect plan and are now paying space rent as a part of the depreciation which is going into general expense and transferred into capital improvement.

Gangle explained how they figured the tax revenue into the finplan.


Video Lottery Revenue

Heaton reviewed the video lottery summary. She noted that the Rural Development staff person has taken another job and RCIC has been zeroed out. Heaton stated that $50,000 in that revenue has been moved to the Department of Youth Services to help pay for the court school, which is an allowable expense under the economic development and education allowable expenses. Heaton explained that this enabled Youth Services to move general fund money from the court school program to pay for the Heating Ventilator and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system on the new Juvenile Justice Center.

In response to Dwyer, Garnick said he could not put the 97-98 budget and actual into this document because of the software change to BRASS. He stated that the information was not available.

Intergovernmental Agreement, Associations and Membership Dues

Heaton reviewed the proposal for 2000-01. Garnick explained that typically what is budgeted is what Lane County pays in dues. He noted an increase in both LGOC and AOC dues. Responding to Dwyer, Garnick said he would check on the cable decrease. Garnick noted that Lane County is still contributing $7,500 to the public access program.


Meeting dates, place and time

Technical Questions, "open office"

Order of budgets reviewed

Budget introduction

Heaton noted that adjustments in budgets that are relevant to all departments will not be discussed in the financial adjustments or overviews of each department.

Giving tentative approval of budgets.

Final Approval scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 2000.

There was some concern that the present budget schedule would not allow the committee enough time for review. Van Vactor noted that, although this is a rollover budget and there should not be many changes to discuss, questions are appropriate at any time. Heaton explained that on May 2 there will be a brief overview by the analysts of all departments, both general fund and non-general fund. She said that also on that evening, there would be discussion on any non-general fund additions. Heaton stated that on May 9, the committee will discuss general fund additions and that departments are invited to speak about those requests. She concluded that on May 11, the committee will discuss any adds, subtractions or changes to make to the budget with approval of the proposed budget on that evening. In the event that this process cannot be completed by that date, May 16 will be held for an additional meeting.

Heaton distributed a list of questions compiled by Verna Brown to be answered by every department. Bell proposed that these questions be addressed at the 3:00 p.m. meeting next Tuesday, May 2.


There being no further business, this meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Zoe Gilstrap


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