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April 5, 2000

1:30 p.m.

Commissioners' Conference Room

APPROVED 8/30/00


Commissioner Peter Sorenson presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison and Cindy Weeldreyer present.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




a. ORDER 00-4-5-12 Approving a 5-Year Local Unified Workforce Development Plan Under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.


Chuck Forster, Lane Workforce Partnership, stated that four weeks ago he gave a presentation to the Board regarding the unified plan.  He said the plan was to develop strategies to bring together the resources of a range of workforce organizations and to put the resources on targeted industries in Lane County. He said the industries are recreation vehicle, automotive, customer service and health care.  He noted after his presentation to the Board, there was a 30-day comment period and there were no material comments.  He added they issued the public notice in the Register Guard for two weekends and mailed it to over 100 organizations.  He added there were no material comments received.  He noted the only difference was they had received preliminary funding allocations from the State of Oregon and they will receive $4.5 million in formula allocated funds.  He reported the Lane Workforce Partnership Board of Directors approved the plan last week.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-4-5-12.


Weeldreyer MOVED, Dwyer SECONDED.


VOTE: 5-0.




a. DISCUSSION Providing Direction to Staff for Placing Public Record Information on the Internet.


Van Vactor noted this was an emerging significant public policy issue because (through the Internet) there is vast power to display information.  He added in Oregon there was a DMV situation where a lot of records were made available and in response to that, the Oregon legislature eased back regarding all public records.


On information posted on the Internet, Weeldreyer noted it would be available at the courthouse if it is listed as public information.


Darryl Landrum, GIS, gave a presentation of the system.


Gary Ingram, IS, reported there are a lot of people that do not want their names and addresses associated together.


Weeldreyer said she was impressed with how fast she could retrieve information and how much was available.


Ingram reported the ARLID project was a joint effort within the region.  He noted when they went away from the A & T information on the mainframe, LCOG pulled all the NT, deeds and records, and docket information from the City of Eugene and made it available on ARLID.  He noted it is the database the title companies are using and is replacing the A & T system on the mainframe. 


Sorenson saw this as a process of  what Lane County government does for the citizens in order to walk the delicate line between the rights of open government and open access to government and privacy.  He suggested appointing a task force that would include citizens and business affected by access to information and privacy concerns.


Weeldreyer suggested the technology management team develop a way to provide public input to their decision making to see what is most cost effective in staff time and also identify interested parties.


Dwyer agreed with Weeldreyer.  He said there needs to be a new category and an opportunity to compile information that was acquired from the decision making process of their counterparts.  He said Lane County could filter it and rebuild it to whatever Lane County wants.


Sorenson asked what impact this would have on County government.


Weeldreyer stated Internet privacy is being discussed across the country.  She wanted more time to examine all options and see what other jurisdictions had done, particularly on what records are exempt and why. She noted whatever is recommended to the Board would come back as a public hearing so the public could participate before action would be taken.


She  didn’t want to limit staff development on some of the integration of the databases for Intranet purposes.  She said the cities and the County need to exchange and allow development of information.


Green suggested not rushing and to be open about it.


Sorenson concurred with Green.  He said if this was handled on an internal level, they would get the same reaction as the DMV got.  He added sensitivity is high.


Weeldreyer suggested returning in 90 days with input from outreach groups.


Ingram reported the computer applications group would be inputting the information on the Intranet.


Ingram added people could get the same information if they came into Deeds and Records or A & T.  He said they were putting it out for the partner agencies because they use the information.


Weeldreyer didn’t want to limit the work being done internally for public information among jurisdictions.  She added there are a number of electronic services that Lane County offers that should be developed, as it is a higher level of customer service.  She said the issues are availability of information and development of electronic applications.




Green distributed a sheet on funding acronyms. He announced his attendance (as a senior member of the Human Service Commission) at a ribbon cutting and presentation at Levi Strauss on Chad Drive.  He announced that Levi Strauss gave $30,000 to the Safe and Sound Program.


Dwyer announced the project he built for low income people had been nominated for the Governor’s Livability Award.


Weeldreyer said she would be attending an all day meeting at Central Oregon College in Bend to discuss the Bonneville Fiber Program.  She announced the Governor’s Tourism Conference begins on Saturday.


Sorenson said he would be attending the Governor's Tourism Conference.  He announced  the annual fundraiser for Central Latino Americano would be on Saturday.


Weeldreyer reported she received a phone call from someone organizing a bike race who wanted to use McKenzie View Drive.  She said that person went through Public Works and was told they would not issue a facilities permit because of issues brought up by residents along the road.


Van Vactor said they could appeal directly to her.


Sorenson suggested getting a request for an oral report on the agenda.




a. REPORT BACK Land Use Compliance Issues.

John Cole, Land Management, reported that three weeks ago the County Commissioners held discussions on the compliance program.  He said he would be at the motocross with Art Knoxen to enforce noise enforcement.  He added they are having language developed on rural residential zoning districts and will be going to the planning commissions in May.


Teresa Wilson, County Counsel, explained that if the Board had created a subcommittee (she was unclear if one was created) the public meetings law applies,  which includes public notice and minute taking.  She said it appears the Board is not being asked to take formal action, and the notes that Cole indicated reflect the substance of the discussion and the information.


Weeldreyer noted that on policy implications (on clean up of Lane County’s countryside), there is an opportunity to come back to the Board.  She thought staff should respond to complaints that come in as opposed to driving around neighborhoods looking for violations of Lane County ordinances.


Dwyer concurred with Weeldreyer.  He added Lane County didn’t have enough money to deal with these problems.


Weeldreyer wanted the full Board weigh in on that approach.  She said with solid waste incentives, an idea would be providing opportunities for clean-up days for the communities.  She added that identifying properties where no complaints have been filed and sending out notices requires additional staff time.  She declared there aren’t enough resources for the county to take on the next step.


Sorenson noted that when the Board creates a subcommittee the open meetings law has to be observed.  He said a funding mechanism would need to be determined.  He suggested system benefit charge receipts. He said if it is possible for people to get rid of their trash and solid waste, penalties could be lowered to provide incentives for people who do the right thing.


Green said it is an ongoing problem and until there is a definite work plan, they will do a piecemeal approach.  He added there needs to be goals that are measurable and reachable.  He said there needs to be a serious commitment of funds.


Weeldreyer recalled that (following the last Board discussion with Land Management regarding compliance and solid waste accumulating in rural Lane County) that a committee would develop public relations for establishing community clean-up days around the county.  She concurred with Morrison that something needs to be done.  She said communities would do well with the County providing leadership on a program that would rotate throughout the county on a community clean up day.  She said it would be a win-win community effort.

Morrison said the consolidated limited approach would be used because of limited resources.  She suggested using it as a test pilot.

Sorenson requested that the Board formally ask the Resource Recovery Advisory Committee to consider short term and long term policy issues for the system benefit charge receipts.

Wilson said a major issue with a system benefit fee is whether there is an appropriate relationship between the use of the funds and how they are assessed.  She said if this is the direction the Board wants to go, she would ask Stephen Vorhes, Assistant County Counsel, to make sure the fee and use would be appropriate.


Weeldreyer requested that the Board direct the Solid Waste Division to provide a fiscal impact statement on a possible tipping fee coupon program.  She continued that when there is a complaint about a property with solid waste ordinance violations,  a coupon could be issued to the property owner to clean it up.  She also suggested working with Morrison on a pilot program with one clean-up day to judge the impact on the system.

John Goodson, Public Works, commented on the waiver being proposed for Waste Management.  He said Ken Sandusky proposed that and indicated it would have minimal impact on their finances.

Cole supported the geographic approach to identify a neighborhood on  which they received complaints.  He added that Sandusky’s offer of  waivers was appreciated.  He said coordination with the Sheriff’s Office’s would be requested.  He said if they are looking at trash on private property they would make sure the sheriff’s deputy who was responsible for abandoned vehicles in the right of way would be coordinating with Land Management.

Cole noted they have been laying foundation for success, with changes in the code enforcement ordinance that will have an abatement component for County clean-up of property if an owner refused to do so.

Sorenson requested that Cole return with Ken Sandusky for an oral presentation within 30 days.






DISCUSSION McKenzie Boatramp Issue.

Bob Keefer, Director, Parks, noted that the Parks Advisory Committee wanted to move ahead with the recommendation to the Board that they finished reviewing staff reports. He noted a concerned citizen group wanted more time.  His recommendation to the Parks Advisory Board was to wait 30 days for reports on traffic study and written comments from ODFW.  He said on Friday he would have the traffic report on the site distances and traffic concerns.  He added by next Wednesday he would have the written comments from Jeff Ziller, ODFW, who is the fish biologist on the project.  He stated at that point he could determine how much more work would need to be done.


Dwyer thanked Keefer for his diligence.  He said the studies are critical and the facts will speak for themselves.

Weeldreyer echoed Dwyer’s comments.  She said there needs to be as much comparative data as possible.  She added that knowing the Wessinger Foundation had offered to purchase the Goodpasture site and donate it did not convince her that was the case at the Riverside Inn site.

Keefer noted the concerned citizens had done a good job of looking at the alternatives. He added that ODOT would not donate the property that is left there because of the constitution amendment.  He said it wasn’t as clear cut as the other proposal.

Green said he would let them go forward so the Board could make a good decision based upon good evidence.  He was concerned about the time that had been put into this only to have further division.  He was looking for resolution for the majority.


There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson adjourned the meeting at 4:35 p.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary

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