APPROVED 1/10/01



December 6, 2000

following HACSA

Commissioners' Conference Room


Commissioner Peter Sorenson presided with Commissioners Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison and Cindy Weeldreyer present.  Bill Dwyer was excused.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




Morrison stated that the District Attorney’s letter needed to be added to W. 13. b.




a. PUBLIC HEARING AND ORDER 00-12-6-1 Adopting the FY 2000-01 Supplemental Budget #1, Making, Increasing and Transferring Appropriations.


          Greta Utecht, Budget Analyst, reported this was the first supplemental budget for Fiscal Year 2000-2001.  She noted it was advertised in the Register Guard on November 26 per state law but adjustments to one fund were inadvertently left out of both the advertisement and the agenda cover memorandum on the item.  She noted there was a corrected memo that was passed out.  She added that local budget law allowed for such oversight as long as the amount of the supplemental budget does not exceed 10 per cent of the fund’s total budget.  She noted the correction referred to Fund 619, the Sheriff’s Office Motor and Equipment Pool Fund and the amount was under the 10 percent threshold.  She reported that the budget staff recommended approval of the Supplemental Budget #1 for the Year 2000-2001.


Commissioner Sorenson opened up the Public Hearing.  There being no one signed up to speak, he closed the Public Hearing.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-12-6-1.


Green MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 4-0.




Curt Cox, 45181 McKenzie Highway, Vida, stated his family lived across from the proposed Goodpasture boat landing site.  He said the physical aspects would impact them.  He added that if they take out hedges that buffer them from the road,  it would make their homesite unlivable.  He said he loves where he is and doesn’t want to move.  He thinks there will be more accidents if they chose that site.   He said he would obtain legal counsel to block acquisition of their property


Don Ablit, 90978 Leeshore Dr., Vida, stated he was the spokesperson for the Concerned Citizens for the McKenzie River Goodpasture Bridge Area.  He said his group was disappointed in the Board’s decision on May 10 going forward with the boat landing at the Goodpasture site.  He noted if the boat landing went to the Goodpasture site, he and others directly affected would file suit against Lane County under Measure 7.


Norm Maxwell, 79550 Fire Road, Lorane, requested that the Lane County Board of Commissioners petition the governor of Oregon to direct Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals to hear and decide the Fire Road situation known as Maxwell v. Lane County.


Wilson responded that the matter was already before LUBA.


Gary Hatfield, 45146 McKenzie Highway, Leaburg, said the proposed landing was impacting him.  He said the boat landing was being put into the wrong place with too much activity that doesn’t belong there.


4. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660


To take place after the meeting.




a. REPORT Extension Service.


Ross Penhallegon and Nellie Oehler each gave reports on the status of the Extension Service.  (Copy in the file.)


Green asked about the materials for the Family Community Leadership (a cultural diversity training) with 32 participants.  He requested a copy of the handout.


b. UPDATE Facilities Capital Improvement Projects (no material).


David Suchart, Management Services, reported the major project was the mental health facility on Centennial Boulevard.  He said the Extension Service roof was out for bid.  He was still evaluating asbestos in the courthouse.  He reported they were working on a second entry for a metal detector, so people in wheelchairs would able to use the elevator.


Van Vactor asked if the second metal detector was the highest facility priority for the courts.  He added that if the Courts make the decision to put in the metal detector there might not be any funding to do other improvements.


Suchart reported there was a tree root causing the causeway to lift up and he is monitoring and will come up with a solution.  He noted the Forest Work Camp and the Courthouse roofs were completed.  He said with the state office building, he has had conversations with them and they were reluctant to do anything with Lane County’s offer and he is awaiting a 30-day notice to complete that.  He said he was working on security for the Butterfly parking lot as there had been difficulties.  He added he was working on the CIP for 2002 and he will present to the Facilities Committee, the plan.


Van Vactor asked when the other elevator would be operable.


Suchart responded he didn’t know when it would be completed.


Sorenson noted he received a letter from a circuit judge about the existing Lane County parking structure. He said while turning right onto Oak Street, there is a four or five foot concrete wall that obstructs the view of the motorist and the pedestrian.  He said the judge said it was a traffic hazard and wanted Sorenson to do something about it.


Suchart agreed that it was a traffic hazard.  He said as a property owner they could put up a caution sign or a stop sign.


Sorenson asked Suchart to come back next month with ideas.


Van Vactor suggested that Public Work safety engineers work with Suchart and report back next month.  He added they received a letter from a Mr. Orr about the courthouse and ADA issues with needed improvement.  He said they had not received the attachment to the letter.


c. PRESENTATION International Human Rights Day Award.


Linda Wagner, Human Rights Advisory Committee, reported they are a 14-member committee to the Board.  She noted the advisory committee wanted to give a local perspective, by acknowledging and recognizing the work of Lane County employees and promoting diversity in the Lane County workplace. She discussed the nomination process.


Wagner announced that David Suchart would be receiving a special award.


Sorenson presented an award from the Human Rights Advisory Committee to Marcie Middleton for the International Human Rights Day Award.


d. PRESENTATION Diversity Award.


Morrison presented the Diversity Award to Steve Carmichael.


Morrison presented the Excellence in Diversity Award to Bill Van Vactor.


e. UPDATE Diversity Report.


Suchart reported that they wanted diversity to become business as usual in Lane County.  He said they are attending local community events to recruit people.  He noted they are continuing to work on management accountability.  He said they are making progress with workforce diversity and noted a .8% rise in the number of employees of color, from 63 to 75 employees.  He announced that Management Services is most proud of its diversity training. He said they are trying to make sure that every department is involved with the diversity education committee.  He noted to get better information, they are working on exit interviews with employees, finding out what is working.  He said they are working toward a program dealing with the University of Oregon students of color with internships.


Green requested under workforce diversity a breakdown with the ethnicity and departments where the numbers had increased.  He stated a challenge is at the executive level that needed to be overcome.  He said the internship would help recruitment in other departments.


Suchart recalled that all managers and supervisors (as a part of their evaluation) are rated on how they are working on diversity as part of their job.


Sorenson asked about the status of the glass ceiling.


Suchart responded that Charlie Van Deusen was working on it, developing recommendations.


f. REPORT Internal Auditor's Report to the Board of County Commissioners on Potential Land Management Reviews.


Dean Stephens, Internal Auditor, reported on the audit of Land Management.  He noted that Measure 7 could have an affect on how Land Management conducts business and could result in some audit reviews as moot.


Stephens recommended going forward with a financial review of cash handling.  He suggested waiting until they know more about Measure 7 before he looks into building permits.


Weeldreyer noted Dwyer’s desire to have Stephens begin a review of the surveyor’s office.


Sorenson asked about the timeline for the financial review of cash handling.


Stephens responded that he would have a report back on February 14 about Land Management.


Green said cash handling was a good routine practice.  He noted the audit from 1993 from Suchart mentioned performance issues that had yet to be addressed.  He said until they are addressed, it would be a sore spot with employees.  He asked the Board to consider using Stephens’ time strategically.  He said the performance issue is what he finds most important.  He said the economies and efficiencies need to be determined.


Van Vactor suggested the surveyors would be audited by an independent private firm, if it were a priority by the Board.


Morrison supported that recommendation.  She hoped that Stephens would come back with an answer as to what is happening with cash handling.  She said she wanted a course of action with building permits and solutions to the problems.  She wanted to see how the implementation would be to change the performance levels.  She asked how they would be for the independent auditor.


Van Vactor responded it would be funded through the Public Works office, surveyor’s fund.


Stephens recommended approval of the continuation of his report on cash handling and during his quarterly report on January 6, the Board could suggest a review.


Van Vactor suggested John Goodson survey the private market place for the scope of the audit.


Sorenson stated there was sufficient authority from the Board to pursue the review of cash handling.  He asked for a report back from Goodson and legal counsel and Stephens on an outside audit on surveying.


Wilson was concerned that mixed messages would be sent to the surveyor’s office arising out of the assignment given.  She was prepared to participate in structuring the process of choosing an outside auditor and working with the staff in developing the scope of work.  She said it is more appropriate to assign it to Stephens with the assistance and guidance from County Administration and County Counsel.


Sorenson reiterated that Stephens would come back on February 14 with a report on cash handling and there would be an oral report on structuring a surveyor’s office external audit.




a. Announcements


Van Vactor reported that RFP’s were out for the AIRS system.  He wanted Annette Newingham to work with Tony Seese-Bieda regarding vote by mail to see if Lane County could be a participant.  He said there could be federal money involved.




a. ORDER 00-12-6-2/In the Matter of Directing the Engineering Division to Continue Survey and Preliminary Engineering Work Necessary to Refine Safety Improvement Options on Highway 126 Associated with the Goodpasture Boat Landing.


Ollie Snowden reported on May 10, 2000, the Board directed Public Works Parks Division to proceed with acquisition and development of a boat landing at the Goodpasture Bridge, contingent upon safety issues and concerns being addressed. He said they were coming back, as they had no CIP order for this project.


Snowden stated that following the Board’s decision, Bob Keefer requested the engineering division help with the highway safety issues.  He noted that Don Erick of ODOT sent a request to the ODOT staff that dealt with speed zoning and asked for a full review of that application.  He said it will be another month before ODOT has a formal response to that speed zone request.  He said they explored alternative designs that would address site distance improvements or a left turn lane at the site.  He said they did a topographic survey so they know where property lines and improvements are on abutting properties. He said they had the legal right to enter properties, but when the survey crews were onsite, they were refused entry to private property by the adjacent landowners.  He said they were able to get information from ODOT and plan sheets for the improvement and they worked from that.  He noted the costs were preliminary, that a complete survey of the highway and abutting properties would need to be performed.


Snowden noted a problem they face across from the Goodpasture Bridge requires them to do $160,000 of rockwork.  He said their estimate for a turn lane using the existing driveway is about $420,000.  He noted that was just for construction costs, not including right-of-way acquisition costs.  He explained that rather than using the existing access point to the proposed boat landing, they would move the access point to the west property line (and if they do that and get the design exception to ODOT standards) the turn lane would be about $360,000.  He thinks they could get adequate site distance at the existing driveway for $250,000.  He didn’t think they needed a turn lane to address safety concerns, based on warrants that ODOT uses.  He noted they sent the options to ODOT for review and their preliminary response was that Option 2 was acceptable.


Snowden asked the Board for authorization for the engineering division to continue with the survey, design work and negotiations with ODOT to come up with a cost-effective solution to address the traffic safety issues that were raised on Highway 126 in association with the boat landing.


Weeldreyer agreed with Hatfield’s assessment that the boat-landing site had been divisive to the McKenzie Valley community.  She said this was a safety issue and in view of the seriousness of the site distance problem, she would hope the Board would continue to authorize the engineering division to develop all three of the options and consider a new one.  She noted that the Wessinger Foundation would not extend their option on this property for a third year and they want to move forward.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-12-6-2  as presented with Option C 1.


Weeldreyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


Sorenson asked if the Board of Commissioners, the Marine Board and Wessinger Foundation could come up with an improvement for access to the river.


Snowden said they will continue to work on the safety, having their crew send out another letter to the property owners.  He hoped the crew could be out within the week.


Sorenson asked what rights Lane County had either legally or politically to  address the concerns of the residents who oppose this.


Snowden said it would be unlikely that ODOT would reduce the speed limit.  He noted that statutorily there was no recourse, the state has the authority to set the speed limits on county roads.


VOTE: 4-0.




A. Approval of Minutes:

June 13, 2000, Work Session, 9:00 a.m.

August 1, 2000, Work Session, 9:00 a.m.

November 21, 2000, Joint Board of Commissioners/Fair Board Meeting, 11:30 a.m.


B. Health and Human Services


1) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 00-12-6-3/In the Matter of Delegating Authority to the Lane County Health and Human Services Department Director and Administrative Services Manager as Authorized Representatives to Sign Applications for Unique Position Identifying Numbers (U-PINs) for Nurse Practitioners Employed by Health and Human Services.


C. Public Works


1) RESOLUTION AND ORDER 00-12-6-4/In the Matter of Improvement and Requesting a Director's Report for Pearl Street, County Road Number 254 Between MP 0.25 and MP 0.49.


MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.


Morrison MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED.


VOTE: 4-0.




a. REPORT BACK Public Input to Phase 1 SB 555 Comprehensive Planning Framework and Early Childhood Plan.


Pat Rogers, Children and Families, noted the local commissions had a September 15 deadline for the Senate Bill 555 document and the early childhood plan.  She added that the state commission asked the local commissions to provide local communities the opportunity to give public input on the document.  She noted the deadline was December 1 for input and what the Board had was what was sent to the state.  She said they received public input at the October 18 commission meeting and at the October 26 early childhood planning team meeting. She said at those meetings 25 individuals gave public comment and they received written comment from six individuals, attached to the packet.  She noted they took the recommendations by goal and core area and listed the responses.  She added there would be a more comprehensive and ongoing community public input process as they go through Phase 2 of Senate Bill 555 in January 2001.




a. ORDER 00-12-6-5 Adopting a One-Year Economic Package for Non-Represented Employees.


Charlie Van Deusen, Management Services, reported if the Board approved the order, it would adopt an economic package for the non-represented employees of Lane County.  He noted in past years, the non-represented employee package had been presented after negotiations with the bargaining units had been concluded.


Van Deusen stated because LCPOA has the concept of sharing premiums for insurance, it was suggested to do it for managers and non-represented employees.  He noted the bus pass had been deleted from the board order.  He said as amended, the package would include: 1) a cost of living adjustment of three percent, effective July 1, 2000; 2) retroactivity on the cost of living adjustment for those employees who were currently employed the day before the board order is adopted; 3) the bump step, the provision for employees hired at step one or step two, allow them at six months (when they are allowed their PERS contribution) to bump up to step three to offset their costs; 4 ) health insurance.  He noted that as of January 1, 2001, the County would pay the full premium cost for full family coverage for the less expensive of the two County plans.  He said if an employee chose to be covered by the more expensive plan, they would pay about $18.83 a month.  He said because the payment is through payroll deduction under a Section 125 arrangement, the actual impact would be around $13.00.  He noted the County would continue to pay the full cost of dental and vision insurance, short and long term disability coverage.


Van Vactor said this was being brought to the board because if it was any later in the year, employees wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the flexible spending account and under state law, that election had to be taken by December 31.


Van Deusen stated they had learned that, rather than run this premium share through the flexible spending account provider they are currently using, there was a possibility of doing it via payroll deduction by having an employee sign an agreement for pre-tax.  He added they might be able to do this during the calendar year so it is uncertain if they have the deadline of December 31, 2000.


Weeldreyer asked if they don’t have the December 31 deadline, if it was possible to wait until next week to act and get the information confirmed.


Van Deusen said they would do what was necessary until next week to still get it done by December 31, but he wasn’t sure about it.


Weeldreyer stated she would not enact something that locked in the unrepresented group when there are still ongoing negotiations with AFSCME, 626 and Admin Pro.  She was looking for fairness and it was unprecedented that they would be approving a management contract ahead of the unions.  She said if they are as close as she believed in negotiations, allowing one more week for a settlement and then acting at the next week Board’s meeting would try to get the contracts settled.


Morrison thanked staff for all of their work with this proposal.  She was ready to go forward.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-12-6-5, with the deletion of the bus transit pass.


Morrison MOVED, Green SECONDED.


Sorenson said it was not a good idea to raise manager’s salaries while there was an ongoing labor negotiation and he would be voting no.


VOTE: 2-2 (Sorenson, Weeldreyer dissenting). Motion failed.


Weeldreyer stated she would be willing to reconsider this matter next week.


b. ORDER 00-12-6-6/In the Matter of Adopting the New Classification and Salary Range for the Classification of Park Maintenance 2 in the Public Works/Parks Division.


Cheryl McCawley, Management Services, reported that in the last few years the Parks Division had been able to add back some positions they lost during the large budget cuts in the late 70’s.  She noted the last three positions added back had become regular year-round positions but were being paid at the summer labor rates.  She said as the work has become regular journey level work, it was suggested that they create another classification like the past when they had the park staff and journey level employees.  She added they negotiated this with members of 626 who agreed with the salary.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-12-6-6.


Morrison MOVED, Green SECONDED.


VOTE: 3-0 (Weeldreyer left the room).


c. REPORT BACK More Information on List of County-Owned Real Estate.


Jeff Turk, Management Services, recalled that at the September 27, Board Meeting, the issue of having a list of all county owned properties was discussed.  He noted at that meeting the Board had recommended that it be presented to the facilities committee and then a report back to the Board with a work plan. 


Turk noted at the November 6 facilities meeting, he presented a scope of work that he had outlined (copy in file) and it was met with approval.  He estimated it would take four to six months for a comprehensive list the Board had requested.  He said it would take different resources from different departments to make this happen in a reasonably timely matter.


Morrison responded that four to six months was adequate.  She wanted it to come back with the progress on what he had with regard to some of the information on zoning and an acquisition date.  She wanted to review it in March.


Turk said he also had a list that could be broken down into funds.


Morrison and Dwyer asked for a copy of that list.


Van Vactor noted that getting this was the first project to come out of the strategic plan and the four to six months fits the time frame.  He added it was important to stay on the time frame.  He asked Turk to relay that to the employees at Public Works, as they needed to know that this is a countywide priority.  He added if he had any problem getting their assistance, to let him know.


Green stated it would be helpful for future reference to state why they are doing this.


Turk asked to see minutes or notes from the strategic plan to see what they were discussing.  He wanted to have a Sheriff’s sale of land in three or four months and he didn’t know how this would fit.  He added his program is funded through sales.  He was trying to set up a database with IS, then anyone would be able to access the database on county properties.


Sorenson said that when they get this list done, there is public awareness and disclosure because if there is unused property, it increases the likelihood that they would sell it and it increases public understanding of the thousands of properties that Lane County has.


Turk noted he did publish his properties on the web when there were sales.  He noted what he was missing was the focus on it and what the strategic planning committee wanted.




Morrison reported she attended an O & C Counties meeting in Seaside and was voted to the Executive Board.  She announced that Lane County received a plaque from O & C Counties.  She noted that on Saturday she and Senator Wyden will be dedicating a new wing for Peace Health in Florence.


Green stated he sent out a memo to all County Administration staff regarding an announcement for Food for Lane County.  He noted he received a letter from Kelly Coleman-Johnson, President of the Martin Luther King steering committee, requesting the County’s participation.  He noted in the past it had been a City of Eugene function and in order for the County to participate, they needed help in securing the Hult Center.  He wanted to follow-up to see if there was a way to direct Van Vactor to research Lane County as a partner in a countywide celebration.


Sorenson reported he would be spending Saturday with Rick Smith, a letter carrier and Cheryl Crumbly, for cans donated to Food for Lane County.  He announced the last meeting of the year would be on December 13.






There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson adjourned the meeting at 12:15 p.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary

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