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Approved 1/26/00

January 12, 2000


Harris Hall Main Floor - 9:00 a.m.

Commissioner Peter Sorenson presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison, and Cindy Weeldreyer present. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.


Sorenson state that he would be bringing up an item under Commissioners' Business.


Christine Lundberg, 127 Woodland Dr., Springfield, addressed the school action grant that is on the consent calendar (7 b.1.) She talked about all of the communities that make up the Lane County Community Partnership (a non-profit organization that formed around community-based prevention) to continue community-based efforts. She said as it pertains to this action item, there were two community conversations held, but her issue here was the Community Action Plan. She said there was a key leader breakfast where a task force was formed. She added the document was a community action planning process that occurs all the time within all communities, and Springfield’s process resulted in this action plan. She said they were the entity given the responsibility of taking the community conversations and incorporating them into a planning process, that became part of an action plan that the community followed. She added the County is a partner with them. She agreed with the order.

Carol Berg, 2510 Augusta, Eugene, invited the Board to attend a meeting on January 25 of the Committee for People’s Forum at 6:30 p.m. in Harris Hall. She noted meetings have been held following the June 18 Reclaim the Street situation in Eugene.


Dwyer stated that two of his constituents were on vacation in Australia and there was an accident that they were involved with. He said they tried to resuscitate people with the help of the life flight helicopter and they performed remarkably, and he wanted to present a thank you at the next meeting to these people on behalf of the community.

Weeldreyer announced that she and Morrison met with Steve Dignam about the rural loan business program and he has contacted a number of commercial banks in the county asking for financial support to get an additional $1 million for the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the business loan program. She said they reviewed a draft letter that they would like to bring forward for Board support and have all the commissioners sign it, encouraging banks to participate in the process under the Communities Reinvestment Act.

Dwyer passed out pictures about a bridge by Finn Rock that needed work. He said that Public Works needed to take a look at the structure.

Morrison reported on the slides on Highway 101 and stated that ODOT had been good about communicating.


a.  ORDER 00-1-12-1 Appointing One Member to the Public Safety Coordinating Council (PSCC) and Re-Appointing Three Members to the PSCC.

Myra Wall, Public Safety Coordinating Council, reported there were four positions available: one vacated by Mike Gleason and three currently filled by Jan Gund, Denis Hijmans and Tricia Hedin. She said the policy group recommends reappointment of Jan Gund, Denis Hijmans and appointment of Gretchen Pierce and Jean Phelps. She noted when it went to the full body on December 9, they recommended reappointment of Jan Gund, Denis Hijmans, Tricia Hadin and appointment of Gretchen Pierce to fill the vacant position.

MOTION: to approve ORDER 99-1-12-1.


Morrison said she would vote for it, but had reservations. She said by statute there are certain requirements that were appointed to the PSCC, but when looking at credibility and accountability issues and being objective, she wants to make sure the body is represented that way.

Dwyer stated these people are fine but more people need to be brought in from alternative communities.

Green said he will support it and recommended finding a way to widen the circle of people on the committee. He encouraged the people who applied (that did not get on the committee) to stay involved.

VOTE: 5-0.

b.  UPDATE Facilities Capital Improvement Projects.

David Suchart reported all construction is complete with the Juvenile Justice Center. He noted there was a power outage in the area and the generator kicked in and operated the building. He said the remaining issue has to do with the Fire Marshall and what issues would be covered by the State of Oregon and with the City of Eugene. He said there are conflicts and there is going to be a meeting with building officials and Fire Marshals of both the state and the City of Eugene to resolve the issues. He said the Fire Marshals are in conflict over several issues having to do with the security and control of the building. He noted if they can resolve the issues today, they should be able to move in by February 11 and have the building dedicated the beginning of March.

Green noted the public invested money and whatever it takes to ensure the building is running efficiently, they could have a dedication at any point in time. He said he wants to make sure everything with the building is right.

Suchart announced that the LCOG space is being remodeled and Health and Human Services Administration will be moving there. He said because of those moves, he is reallocating temporary space in County Administration. He said there are possibilities that Lane County could acquire the state building, and has requested an appraisal of the building from the state.

Suchart reported on the earthquake issue. He said in 1997 he had work done to determine what types of problems there would be with all of their structures. He noted the building was in Zone 2 when it was built, but is now in Zone 3. He said the courthouse building is weak and brittle and is vulnerable under seismic load. He said they can expect the building to suffer severe structural damage in the case of a major earthquake. He noted the approximate cost to retrofit the courthouse building itself is estimated at $4.5 million. He added in 1973, when the Public Service Building was designed, they were under Zone 2 and are now under Zone 3. He reported the estimate to repair the Public Service Building is $6 million.

Dwyer said there is always the possibility of an earthquake and Eugene needs to be ready.

Green agreed with Dwyer what the city is conveying to the public regarding the risks associated with the building. He said he hopes the Facilities Committee takes a hard look at this and will come back with recommendations.

Van Vactor reported he and Green had conveyed Lane County’s interest in a cooperative project that identified available real estate, but he had not heard back.

Dwyer said it is critical to work with the city or other level of governments to reduce the burden on taxpayers and they should be able to creatively work together to solve logistical problems.

Jackie Mikalonis stated she is organizing a user group meeting for feedback for the cafeteria. She said there have been discussions with different vendors to see what the feasibility will be in getting something into the cafeteria. She said by the end of the month the user group will meet, and she will report back to the Board.

Green requested a copy of an action plan and timeline for the cafeteria and when the situation would be resolved.

c. ORDER 00-1-12-2 Appointing Representatives to Various Committees and Agencies.

Sorenson noted with regard to advisory committees, that with the Lane Workforce Partnership, he wanted Weeldreyer to be on the committee and he wanted to be listed as an alternate. He said with regard to the Metro Partnership, it was determined that the by-laws required the Board Chair. He said for the Metropolitan Policy Council, he suggested Green continue on the MPC so there is a Eugene and Springfield member.

Weeldreyer reiterated with the Metropolitan Partnership, that the Board chair sits on the Executive Committee and there is another Board where another commissioner could also be involved. She added the Board Chair served on the Executive Committee and if a Board Chair could not make the Executive Committee meeting, the alternate can attend in the chair’s place. She noted with the watershed councils, they have in their manual that there will be five, and there are three currently chartered by the County: the McKenzie, the Long Tom and the Siuslaw. She said it had been assumed, geographically by district that the watersheds councils that fall in the East Lane district, the East Lane Commissioner would attend and the same for the West Lane Commissioner.

Green stated he would be willing to stay on with the Metropolitan Policy Committee. He said he will make an effort to attend as many committee meetings as he can but some he had prioritized, and he will make those for sure.

Morrison reported that she had conflicts with some committees. She noted the Siuslaw Watershed Council will not change their meeting night and she has a conflict. She said she spoke with Doug Putschler about having someone from Public Works attend the meeting. She said she will put her name on it because it could be monitored, but she can’t be at two places at one time.

Dwyer stated last year he was a member on the Parks Advisory. He said he had goals as they relate to some committees and some don’t go from calendar year to calendar year.

Weeldreyer said with regard to AOC Finance and Administration, it is a voluntary election and Sorenson was last year’s representative. She added it did not involve an AOC appointment process. She said there should be representatives on all steering committees.

Sorenson stated he would be on the AOC Finance and Administration Committee.

Morrison noted that she is with Green on the Human Services Commission. She said she also signed up under infrastructure. She said with AOC Parks, Sorenson was their representative last year.

Sorenson stated he was appointed just for the session, and it was not a continuing committee. He noted for board assignments, to ask Bob Keefer that question.

Morrison said for the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Green will be the representative and Sorenson will be the alternate. She said for the Human Services Commission, Sorenson was the representative last year. She asked him if he would be on the committee again.

Sorenson responded there is a conflict with that commission and LRAPA.

Green mentioned it needed a second member because the intergovernmental agreement requires two commissioners from Lane County. He said they need another commissioner to secure Lane County’s vote.

Sorenson said the Human Services Commission should have a rural-urban split.

Morrison stated she would do it.

Sorenson stated for the LCOG Senior Advisory Counsel, that there is a provision in the by-laws that requires the appointment of a commissioner and he volunteered to continue to do that.

Morrison said with regard to the RCIC, it is a rural issue but she has a conflict and doesn’t have a lot of passion for the group.

Weeldreyer said the council is wondering overall, the effectiveness of RCIC and its value to the Lane County Board of Commissioners to be a forum of helping with rural policy issues. She said there have been no meetings set for the year 2000, in hopes of bringing this issue to the Board for a discussion and either a restructuring of RCIC, or a sunsetting. She stated the policy in Lane County’s manual is the two rural commissioners that sit on the committee. She suggested having a future discussion around the Rural Community Improvement Council and its importance.

Green asked if RCIC and Economic Development are similar in nature.

Weeldreyer responded that RCIC has a Lane Countywide focus and has citizens throughout the county that represent various constituents She noted in the past, many covered bridges that had been refurbished in Lane County was done through the RCIC. She said if they have a clear mission, a focus and direction with the accountability process, then Morrison’s concerns would be different.

Morrison said with the Eugene Chamber of Commerce, Sorenson was the representative and Green was the alternate.

Morrison said for the Metropolitan Sports Commission, it was Green and Sorenson.

Green said he would do it with Dwyer and Sorenson as alternates.

Morrison said with Economic Development, it was Sorenson and Weeldreyer previously, and now it is Weeldreyer on an as-needed basis.

Sorenson noted the committee had not met in the last two years. He noted that there was discussion about terminating the committee.

Sorenson suggested that Economic Development and RCIC need to be looked at for discussion about the role of the County in those committees and whether they should be continued, at a discussion level. Sorenson said his name could be added to the Economic Development Committee.

Morrison said for the Legislative Committee, she will be on the committee with Dwyer.

Sorenson stated the SAVE committee was not a standing committee because it only needed one representative.

Morrison put herself down for the Long Tom Watershed again.

Sorenson noted the Community Health Advisory needed a commissioner assigned to it and he would do it if no one else wanted it.

Morrison reported for the Parks Advisory Committee it was Sorenson and Dwyer.

Sorenson recommended appointing Dwyer to the Parks Advisory Committee.

Morrison noted on the Resource Recovery Advisory Committee that Sorenson would be listed.

Green said for the Tourism Council there is a process where Bob Keefer and Carol Ann Peters choose a committee.

Morrison said with the Community Mental Health Advisory, that Dwyer would be assigned.

Morrison noted Sorenson is on the Property Tax Appeals Board.

Morrison stated she would be willing to be an alternate on the Fair Board.

Morrison said for the Planning Commission, she didn’t put herself down because there were conflicts. She said she attended sporadically and didn’t know if there was a need to attend all of them.

Van Vactor noted the position was just as liaison if a problem arose.

Morrison stated she would be willing to be on the Planning Commission.

Sorenson said he will be listed as an alternate to the Planning Commission.

Morrison mentioned for the Eugene-Springfield Metro Partnership, Sorenson will be on the Executive Committee and the regular committee will be Weeldreyer and Sorenson as alternate.

Morrison said for Metro WasteWater Management Committee that she would be on the committee again.

Sorenson stated he had been reappointed to the Oregon Heritage Tree Committee.

Sorenson said he would be willing to do the Metro WasteWater Management for a year.

Morrison said she would stay and Sorenson would be the alternate.

MOTION: to move approve ORDER 00-1-12-2 as amended.

Green MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

d.  DISCUSSION BCC Meetings with Small Cities and Jail Inspections.

Sorenson said he and Commissioner Green (as part of the agenda setting group) had a discussion about the work it takes to schedule the meetings with the small cities. He noted there are two reasons for going to the small cities, as local governmental officials working on common problems and the statutory requirement for inspecting jails. He noted a majority of the Board of County Commissioners must inspect all of the jails within Lane County once each year. He suggested writing a letter to all small cities to let them know that the Board is interested in meeting with them. He recommended the letter stating that the commissioner for that region (where the small city is located) would take with her two other Board members at a time convenient to inspect their jail.

Green said he chose a different path with working with the small cities. He said they asked the small cities to come to Lane County and it was met with resistance. He said the approach of asking them if they would like to meet (providing we have an agenda) is a good idea. He said the meeting with the small city is not as much for the city council as much as it is for the citizens. He stated the commissioner of the district should be at those meetings and if they will be there, so will he.

Dwyer suggested to consolidate as much as possible. He said he enjoyed visiting with the people in the rural areas and thinks it is a great idea to meet with them.

Morrison said she was in support of sending a letter. She noted when they do visit with small cities that there needs to be a more open dialogue, not just asking for money. She said the strategic plan could be used this year to open up the lines of communication. She said the jail inspections should also be included in the letter.

Dwyer agreed with Morrison.

Weeldreyer concurred with Dwyer and Morrison.

Sorenson asked Van Vactor to write a letter to the small cities for his signature asking to meet with them if they want to pursue any matter with the Board. He added with the cities that have jails to include a paragraph in the letter stating a majority of the Board would be present.

4 e.   DISCUSSION Letter to USA Track and Field.

Sorenson reported Kari Westlund of CVALCO, drafted a letter for the Board to go to Thomas McLean of the United States Track and Field Hall of Fame. He said they are looking for a permanent museum and are asking for the Board’s support to bring the Hall of Fame to the city of Eugene. They said they want the Board to participate on a task force.

Morrison said she is in agreement as long as it doesn’t ask for money.

Green noted that CVALCO will coordinate the task force effort. He told CVALCO that the County does not have the staffing, but he would be willing to support a letter.

Dwyer said it is an opportunity to see what is possible and doesn’t require a commitment of money. He said he would support asking for the RFP, to find out the bottom line.

MOTION: to go forward with the letter as drafted.

Morrison MOVED, Dwyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

5. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660



a. Announcements

Van Vactor noted Tanya Heaton had mailed the Public Participation Plan for the strategic planning and she received a response from Morrison and Sorenson and hadn’t heard from the rest of the Board.

Weeldreyer said she sent an E-mail and said she thought it was fine.

Dwyer responded that it looked great and had no problem with the plan.

Green stated he was fine with it.

Sorenson noted the letter Heaton had drafted stated that each commissioner will host a town hall meeting in his or her district.

Wilson said with regard to the Metro Partnership, there are 43 directors on the Board of Directors and there are two county commissioners who need to be appointed and one must be the chair.

b.  DISCUSSION Regional Investment Board Membership Appointments and Organizational Structure for the Region.

Stephanie Schulz, Rural Development, reported Wilson outlined the issues that would need to be specifically clarified with the relationship between the regional board, the four counties and the entity that will be receiving funding. She noted the regional entity development statewide is not a cookie cutter approach, it is up to each county in the regions to make their own decisions. She suggested to have the file note with the issues from Lane County’s Legal Department brought to the state to have a review from the state level for the people that are providing the funding for the programs and see what that interpretation is.

Morrison agreed with Wilson’s file note. She said the suggestions made in the file note gives her the comfort level of some of the prior discussions that they have had regarding the effectiveness and what will be accomplished.

Dwyer echoed Morrison’s comments. He said it needs to be clear who is responsible.

Schulz said what was most important was to bring forward (to the next meeting between the four counties and the economic development district) names of people that are willing to sit on the board and as a body, all of the names will be looked at and the decision brought back to each board will be for the full listing. She added an agreement was made at the previous meeting to have a county commissioner, a city representative and someone from the private sector on categories of representation.

Weeldreyer stated the Board needed to look at the intergovernmental agreement, give direction as to whether they want to forward the changes that Wilson is suggesting or whether they want to add anything and to have a brief discussion on the recommendation of potential members for Lane County’s five people that will serve on the 20 member Regional Investment Board. She said the state won’t release any money for projects until the board is in place. She noted the next meeting for all counties will be on January 28. She said they will be doing as much as they can by E-mail to keep it going. She recommended that Wilson’s file note be given to the State Economic Development Department and Cascades West and to the other partners, for their review and have a subsequent discussion. She wanted to place this under Commissioner’s Business for next week’s meeting.

Weeldreyer explained about the makeup of the membership piece and said they are to come back with a list of names that Lane County would suggest that would be put into a pool. She said they are recommending for the County Commissioner herself with Morrison as alternate, and for the private sector appointee they are recommending Lee Beyer. She said for the city person, she wanted to defer it to LCOG for the selection process. She noted the individuals discussed provided by the Economic Committee include Hal Reed, Liz Cawood, Bob Finstermacher, Jim Ramseyer and Lynette Wickstrom Smith. She said the LCOG Board meets the day before the next meeting of the Regional Investment Board and she wants the Board to agree with Morrison and her recommendation of appointees.

Dwyer said he wanted to review who the people were on the committee before he votes on it, not vote on it first. He said Lee Beyer being a private sector person is a stretch, as he is a State Senator.

Morrison said with regard to the charge under the state statues, it would be best if people were on the committee that were somewhat involved in the process. She noted the majority of the people in the pool of names are people that have been involved in the Lane Economic Committee over a long period of time. She said the recommendations came out of that body. She noted Beyer’s knowledge about what is happening throughout the state on some of the bigger picture issues is a plus for Lane County.

Green supported Weeldreyer’s efforts on this and appreciated her work. He said he trusts her leadership and appreciates the recommendations. He said he is comfortable with the recommendation.

MOTION: to appoint the people that have been suggested to be on the Regional Investment Board. She said the three who had been recommended for the designated slots and the pool of names recommended be forwarded to the Regional Investment Board.

Morrison MOVED, Green SECONDED.

Dwyer said it would be difficult for him to support this motion because the process needs to come before the appointment.

Sorenson said he will vote no because it was an agenda item listed for discussion.

Weeldreyer noted the motion, as it should be, is appointing her as the Commissioner with Morrison as the alternate and Lee Beyer as the private sector representative and agreeing that LCOG would have a process for selecting a city representative.

VOTE: 3-2 (Dwyer, Sorenson dissenting).


A.  Approval of Minutes:

September 29, 1999, Regular Meeting, Following HACSA

October 27, 1999, Regular Meeting, 9:00 a.m.

December 15, 1999, Joint BCC/Fair Board, 12:00 p.m.

December 15, 1999, Regular Meeting, 12:30 p.m.

B.  Children and Family Services

1)  ORDER 00-1-12-3 Accepting a School Action Grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for $260,500; Increasing Revenue and Expenditure Appropriations by $135,130 in the Department of Children and Families (3232) for FY 99-00; Establishing 2.5 FTE Positions; and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Execute Grant Documents.

C.  County Counsel

1)  ORDER 00-1-12-4 Renewing the Employment Contract with County Counsel.

MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.

Dwyer MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED.

VOTE: 5-0.

Green said he wanted Kathleen Hynes to clarify the role of the Commission on Children and Families as it was raised in public comment.

Kathleen Hynes, Senior Program Services Coordinator, Children and Families, reported the Department of Children and Families was the lead agent on applying for the grant. She added they had an opportunity to speak with Christine Lundberg after Public Comments and she indicated she was fully supportive of the grant and the grant going to Springfield. She noted the community conversations were part of a larger planning process that took place in Springfield under the auspices of Springfield Together. She added other groups and conversations contributed to the Community Action Plan in Springfield and the Community Safety Net as an appropriate response.

Morrison requested as they go forward with the projects with different cities, that she receive reports on the Florence community, given reports with regard to the numbers being served and who is involved in the process.



There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson adjourned the meeting at 11:30 a.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary


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