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Approved 2/23/00

January 26, 2000


Harris Hall Main Floor - 6:00 p.m.

Commissioner Peter Sorenson presided with Commissioners Bobby Green, Sr., Bill Dwyer and Anna Morrison present. Cindy Weeldreyer excused. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Zoe Gilstrap were also present.

1.  PUBLIC HEARING Draft Strategic Plan.

Sorenson reconvened this meeting from the 4:00 p.m. recess.

Consultant Jay Smith, Public Knowledge, Inc., gave a power point presentation illustrating the strategic planning process.

Sorenson noted that two members of the audience were from the League of Women Voters. They commented that they were here to observe and not to testify. Sorenson asked if they had any comments.

Lois Taylor, 1959 Olive, Eugene, noting the small turnout, asked if this meeting was advertised. Green responded that not only did they provide public notice according to the open meetings law, they issued a press release and announced it at board and other meetings. Morrison stated that there was probably more notice than most meetings.

Kathleen Shelly, 46525 McKenzie Hwy., Vida, asked how the focus groups members were selected. Smith replied that each member of the Strategic Planning Executive Committee produced a list of names to invite. In addition, he said all advisory committee members and all employees were invited.

Sorenson opened the public hearing.

Richard Fairbanks, 37290 Wheeler Rd., Pleasant Hill 97455, commented that one of the goals in the draft plan says that Lane County government will strive to preserve and enhance the County’s quality of life and will work for a strong economy by providing quality jobs. He said he works for a large federal agency that has spent a long time trying to create community stability by selling logs. Fairbanks said they couldn’t control how many jobs were produced by those logs. He said it is just a fair statement that, if you are a government agency, you cannot always provide jobs. He commented that they could create conditions conducive to quality jobs or family wage jobs but can’t really provide them directly. Fairbanks said that, in his case, more logs produced fewer jobs and it became a lose/lose situation for everyone. He said he could see Lane County getting in over its head by chasing jobs. He said he likes user fees as long as they keep in mind that Lane County’s first priority is public service. Fairbanks stressed that they should not forget that Lane County is a government and try to make a profit. He cautioned against getting captured by the idea of user fees to build houses just to get the money for the permit. Fairbanks commented on resource planning and allocation and stressed the need to strengthen analytical capabilities. He said good solid data is going to be crucial. Fairbanks said he knows things are tight but urged them to budget for that as it will result in better government.

Sorenson asked Fairbanks if the plan needed more substance and detail. Fairbanks said that if they are at the strategic level, he assumes that there are already policies in place. He said he also assumes that they have a tactical level. Fairbanks stated that if this is the strategic plan then, yes, it should be more specific because there should be a technical analysis in place for anything Lane County does.

Betty Blu, 2840 Tomahawk Lane, Eugene, stated that she does not want to see the plan affect or take money away from parks.

Sorenson closed the public meeting.

Sorenson discussed the survey that will be going out into all the local newspapers for public participation. He also noted that the commissioners would be having open office hours for comment on the strategic planning process during the week of February 15-19.

There being no further business, this meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Zoe Gilstrap
Recording Secretary

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