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July 12, 2000

Harris Hall Main Floor

1:30 p.m.


Commissioner Peter Sorenson presided with Commissioner Bill Dwyer; Bobby Green, Sr., and Anna Morrison present.  Cindy Weeldreyer was excused.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, Assistant County Counsel Stephen Vorhes and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




a. PUBLIC HEARING AND FINAL ORDER 00-7-12-16 The Surrender of a Portion of County Road Number 452 (South 57th Street) to the City of Springfield.


Bill Robinson, Land Management, reported this was whether to approve the order to surrender a portion of County Road 452 (S. 57th Street) in Springfield.  He noted that the City of Springfield enacted a resolution requesting that Lane County transfer the segment of County road.  He noted the proposed transfer of road jurisdiction is in line with the County/City Roads Partnership Program Agreement of July 1998.  He stated that the Director of Public Works recommended that this segment of road be transferred, in agreement with Option 1, page 2 of the Agenda Cover Memo.  He noted that all legal notices have been provided by posting and publication in the Register Guard.
Green asked if it was an improved road.  Robinson responded that it was an improved road that would be given to the City of Springfield to be maintained.


Commissioner Sorenson opened the Public Hearing.  There being no one signed up to speak, he closed the Public Hearing.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-7-12-16.


Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 4-0.


b. PUBLIC HEARING AND FINAL ORDER 00-7-12-17 The Surrender of Portions of County Road Number 294 (Camas Swale Road) and County Road Number 615 (Butte Road) to the City of Creswell.


Robinson reported the issue is the surrender of a road.  He stated Oregon Revised Statutes 373.270 provides for the transfer of  jurisdiction within the city limits.  He added it provides that the city in-kind is agreeable to accepting the transfer of the jurisdiction and they initiated the request.  He noted that Creswell had enacted an ordinance requesting that Lane County transfer the two segments of roads.  He stated the action of the County would be to agree to the transfer.  He noted the transfer jurisdiction is in line with the County/City Roads Partnership Program Agreement of July 1998.  He stated the Director of Public Works recommended that segments of the road are transferred to Creswell and it is in agreement with Option 1, page 2 of the Agenda Cover Memo.  He noted it had been posted and published in the Register Guard.  He added they had received a letter in support of the transfer, dated July 5, 2000 from James Goff, 1195 Ashgrove Loop, Creswell.


Commissioner Sorenson opened the Public Hearing.


Sorenson read a letter into the record from Alan W. Brown,  dated July 12, stating Brown was supportive of the City of Creswell taking control of the proposed surrender of the sections Butte Road and Camas Swale Road.


There being no one else signed up to speak, Commissioner Sorenson closed the Public Hearing.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-7-12-17.


Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 4-0.




Green reported he attended the 162nd Battalion Deactivation Ceremony at Autzen Stadium.


Morrison stated she is leaving tomorrow for NACo in North Carolina (Weeldreyer will also be attending).  She added former Commissioner Ellie Dumdi will also be attending.  She noted she has the roadless letter ready for Sorenson’s signature.  She stated she received a hand-delivered letter from the Home Builders Association with regard to Land Use Code Update.  She asked how the letter would be handled.


Van Vactor recommended referring it to Kent Howe, Land Management, and County Counsel.


Sorenson stated he was unable to attend the National Guard Decommissioning Ceremony.  He reported on his meeting with Grace Crunican of ODOT.  He said her concern was that Lane County was the only county that was not part of an area commission on transportation.  He also announced he would be travelling to Denmark and Norway for two weeks.


One the MPC, Van Vactor reported what concerned him was the existing 2000-2003 STIP, specifically the West Eugene Parkway at $17 million.  It was his understanding that will continue to be on the list.  He questioned whether it was wise to keep the project because it takes up an allocation of money and when it doesn’t get spent, it goes to other parts of the state.  He asked that it be raised at the MPC meeting whether this should remain at the top of the list.


Green said he would raise the issue at tomorrow’s meeting.


Regarding Lane County joining an area transportation commission, Dwyer said it is a question of principle that elected officials report to appoint officials.


Morrison stated that Lane County being the only county not in an ACT is not true. She said that Multnomah County does not have an act.




ORDER 00-7-12-18 Accepting Revenues in the Amount of $1,586,406 from the Cities of Eugene and Springfield to Approve the Intergovernmental Agreement between Lane County and the Cities of Eugene and Springfield and to Delegate Authority to the County Administrator to sign an Intergovernmental Agreement for FY 00/01 Attached as Exhibit “A.”


Nancy Waggoner, Human Services Commission, reported the item is an intergovernmental agreement that failed to get into the budget package that David Garnick, Senior Management Analyst, assembles for the new fiscal year.  She noted it had not been added into the budget.


Van Vactor responded the expenditures were in the budget, but the authority to execute the intergovernmental agreement was not attached.


Concerning general administration, Morrison asked who would be doing the evaluation for contracted services.


Waggoner responded their program HSC staff performs the evaluation.  She added she will review it, and also Eisler and Company, which does a financial review on a quarterly basis. She stated they do a programmatic review on a quarterly basis.


Morrison asked about the criteria.


Waggoner stated her department had put together a coordinated evaluation system.  She noted there are different levels of monitoring.  She said there is a formal quarterly process that is done in-house.  She added other agencies are shared.  She noted they also do a formal site review as part of the coordination.


Morrison asked if an evaluation is done which measures the effectiveness of the program.  She said there could be the best of intentions, but if they are not having an impact, its continuation is questionable.  She asked if anything evaluated contracted services.  She wanted to make sure that the money is accomplishing what is needed.


Waggoner responded that when they contract for services, it is done for a certain period of time.  She noted they have some guaranties to ensure they are making a difference.  She said they wouldn’t know what the long-term effect would be.


Van Vactor asked if the Board would be interested in forming a subcommittee of the Board to work with department heads to arrive at an understanding of what the Board means by “evaluation.”


Morrison said it is important to document at a local level that the plans submitted for approval to the state are in compliance.


Waggoner stated that happens on a regular basis in their department.  She added they are required to evaluate all of their programs by all funding sources.


Green stated it would be a good start to have the Board convene a work session on effectiveness, as it relates to programs the County is funding.  He said there needs to be a baseline understanding of what is meant by the terms they use.  He plans on supporting this order.


Dwyer said evaluation is checking to see if a program is doing what it is intended.  He added there needs to be a definition of evaluation.  He noted most of the money comes from the federal government.


Sorenson said he wasn’t interested in creating another subcommittee, and wanted a full Board work session.  He was concerned about an evaluation that would eliminate essential services.


MOTION: to approve 00-7-12-18.


Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 4-0.


There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson recessed the meeting into Executive Session at 2:35 p.m.



Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary


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