June 14, 2000

Harris Hall Main Floor

following MWSD



Commissioner Peter Sorenson presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Anna Morrison and Cindy Weeldreyer present.  Bobby Green, Sr., was excused.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




Morrison noted that the Intergovernmental Relations Position would be taken under Emergency Business.


Weeldreyer added a draft letter to be faxed to Lane Community College for Emergency Business.


Van Vactor was informed that the Fair Board was unable to get a quorum so today’s meeting at noon is cancelled.




a. ORDER 00-6-14-1 Adopting the 2000-2001 Lane County Budget, Making Appropriations and Levying Taxes.


Dave Garnick, Senior Budget Analyst, explained the proposed fiscal year 2000-2001 Budget was approved by the Budget Committee on May 11.  He said the required financial summary and legal notice was posted on June 7 and the Budget must be adopted by the Board of Commissioners prior to July 1, 2000.  He added the Board may make adjustments within a particular fund, but may not increase the appropriation by more than $5,000 or ten percent, whichever is greater.  He said the Board may determine, make, and declare tax levies equal to or less than what was approved by the Budget Committee.  He noted that all of the adjustments that are contained in the document were reviewed by the Budget Committee on June 6.   He added an addendum as there was a correction from one of the departments to add an additional contract (copy in the file).  He noted the change was the only thing different from the work session.


Commissioner Sorenson opened up the Public Hearing.


Mary Ann Holzer, 2620 Cresta de Ruta,  Eugene, stated she listened to the PSCC’s session and she was concerned about halting the committee. She said many of the programs of the PSCC had not been properly evaluated in the budget as to cost effectiveness and cost benefit.   She said with cost benefit, the question is, “Is it worth what we are paying for?”  She added the question for cost effectiveness is, “Does it work?”  She recommended putting into the next budget an evaluation of cost benefit and effectiveness.  She wanted to start next year studying some of the programs and putting money into them.  She said Lane County has to look at the long term.  She noted there are a lot of programs through Health and Human Services, but there aren’t the proper formulas for evaluating the programs.


There being no one else signed up to speak, Commissioner Sorenson closed the Public Hearing.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-6-14-1 including the addendum to Attachment B.


Morrison MOVED, Weeldreyer  SECONDED.


Dwyer stated that Lane County does not have too many options because of the limit to levy taxes.  He said he would like to do more, but Lane County is constrained by law to balance the budget.  He said more money needs to be put in the front end and by paying now, it saves misery and crime later on.  He noted there are many challenges ahead and hoped the public will support the Board.


Sorenson agreed that there is a need for greater assessment and cost benefit analysis of programs of the County funds.  He commented that prevention and intervention tend to be better long term if they are done in a cost-effective fashion.


VOTE: 4-0.




Bill Browning, 3348 Videra Dr, Eugene, wanted to discuss chip sealing.  He said he was concerned that all roads in Lane County will be chip sealed.


Dwyer noted that it was worthy of a discussion.  He had no objection about the policy.


Weeldreyer said she would be willing to have the discussion as it is connected with the tourism aspect of the rural roads and encouraging cyclists to come to Lane County.  She noted with changes in the timber policy and the road fund in a declining mode, dollars are having to be stretched further.  She added that the decision to chip seal (while it has not been a Board directive) has been with Public Works to make the road funds last as long as possible and still maintain an adequate hard surface.  She noted that it will be problematic until there is resolution with the federal government regarding payments.  She was willing to have the discussion, but doesn’t think that the cyclists will agree to the situation because of the physical constraints.


Dwyer suggested to check the areas where the cyclists use particular roads so they are not impeded.


Morrison suggested that this could be a discussion at a Roads Advisory Committee meeting.


Jay Bozievich, 304 Sunnyside, stated he is an avid cyclist, civil engineer and county taxpayer.  He wanted the commissioners to check into standards for resurfacing roadways.  He said there hasn’t been sufficient public input to the changes.  He suggested changing the aggregate size for chip sealing this summer.  He suggested going back to a smaller size rock for this summer until there has been sufficient public input on the design.


Sorenson suggested that Bozievich send an E-mail to him so that it could be forwarded to Public Works.


4. EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660






a. Announcements:  None.




a. FIFTH READING AND SETTING SIXTH READING AND DELIBERATION Ordinance No. PA 1141 Amending the Rural Comprehensive Plan to Redesignate Land from “Agricultural” to “Rural”, Rezone that Land from “E-40/Exclusive Farm Use” to “RR-5/Rural Residential,” Adopting an Exception to Statewide Planning Goals 3 and 4; and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (file PA 98-2230; Doak).


Jerry Kendall, Land Management, reported that this was a pro forma matter, setting a Sixth Reading on June 28, 2000.  He noted it was for deliberation only and didn’t require a time certain.


Weeldreyer asked if the Board needed to take action on the determination of whether Mr. Tyler received adequate notice.


Kendall responded that could be taken up on June 28.


MOTION: To approve a Fifth Reading and Setting a Sixth Reading and Deliberation for June 28, 2000.


Weeldreyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 3-1 (Dwyer dissenting).




A. Approval of Minutes:  None.


B. Assessment and Taxation


1) ORDER 00-6-14-2 A Refund to HMT Technology Corp., in the Amount of $78,867.72.


2) ORDER 00-6-14-3 A Refund to States Industries, Inc., in the Amount of $15,077.79.


C. Management Services


1) ORDER 00-6-14-4 Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute a 24 Month Lease Agreement, with an Expense Not to Exceed $300,000, with the State of Oregon for Approximately 10,500 Square Feet of State Owned Office Space Located at 165 East Seventh Avenue, Eugene for the Probation and Parole Program.


2) ORDER 00-6-14-5 Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute Up to a Five Year Lease Agreement with the Federal General Services Administration, with $170,000 in Projected Revenues, for the Daycare at 540 Oak Street, Eugene and Up to a Five Year Agreement with Busy Barn, Inc. Governing Operations of the Daycare.


3) ORDER 00-6-14-6 Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute a Lease Renewal Agreement with Sarah Land Company at an Expense Not Exceeding $85,000 for Space at 1897 and 1907 Garden Avenue, Eugene Used for Mental Health Programs.


D. Public Works


1) ORDER 00-6-14-7 Awarding Requirement Contracts to Various Contractors for Establishing Unit Prices for Liquid Asphalt Materials, Delivery, CRC Distributor and Operator Needs During Fiscal Year 2000/2001, Contract No. 00/01-M&S-52.


2) ORDER 00-6-14-8 Releasing, Dedicating, and Accepting Parcel “A”, in First Addition to Freeway Park, Book 56, Page 6, a Parcel of County Owned Real Estate, as a County Road (Co. Rd. No. 1867) (College View Road) (18-03-14).


3) ORDER 00-6-14-9 Releasing, Dedicating and Accepting Parcels “G” & “Y” in Lynnbrook, Book 64, Page 28, and Parcel “D” in Lynnbrook II, Phase I, File 73, Slide 418 & 419, Parcels of County Owned Real Estate, as County Roads (17-04-03) (Brotherton Ave.) and (Hyacinth St.) (17-04-02). (Hampshire Ln.)


E. Workforce Partnership


1) ORDER 00-6-14-10 Designating the Lane County Board of Commissioners as the Chief Elected Official for Purpose of Implementation of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.


2) ORDER 00-6-14-11 Appointing a Member to the Lane Workforce Partnership Board of Directors.


MOTION: approve the Consent Calendar.


Morrison MOVED, Dwyer SECONDED.


VOTE: 4-0.




Weeldreyer announced the Tree Planting Festival in Oakridge and invited the public to attend.


Dwyer reported that today is Flag Day, June 14.


Morrison reported that all the flags were put up in Florence by the Kiwanis Club.


Sorenson noted that LRAPA met yesterday and there is a vacancy on their Board of Directors.  He announced that Jim Grier, Director of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will be at Armitage Park today at 5:00 p.m. and the Board had been invited to meet with him.  He reported that he and Bill Van Vactor will attend a meeting on Friday, June 16, 2000 of various elected officials from the cities for a discussion on intergovernmental cooperation.




ORDER 00-6-14-12 Amending the Classification and Salary Range for Intergovernmental Relations Manager in County Administration and Authorizing A Monthly Automobile Allowance


Van Vactor reported that they have gone through the process of selecting an Intergovernmental Relations Manager.  He said the candidate they are recommending wanted to keep his salary level.  He noted in discussions with personnel, they thought it appropriate to make a two step adjustment to the salary range and if that is done, it would be close to his salary level.  He added they will be adding duties with regard to intergovernmental relations at the local level and any other intergovernmental tasks that arise out of strategic planning.  He stated in the order he passed out yesterday, he failed to include the authorization for a car allowance.  He passed out a revised order. (Copy in file.)


MOTION: to approve ORDER 00-6-14-12.


Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


Dwyer said this is the most important position that Lane County will have.  He noted Lane County is lucky to be able to have him.


VOTE: 4-0.


Weeldreyer  brought up concerns raised in her district around the Bloomberg Road area relating to planning activities of the armory.  She said  conversations are taking place with LCC, the National Guard and Public Works to improve traffic circulation around the 30th and I-5 interchange.  She added because of all the activity, she suggested through an E-mail process that the Board convene a coordinating committee for all of the planning activities that are underway to make sure there is adequate communication to all of the stakeholders.  She noted the Board approved that action yesterday and she composed a letter.  She asked for the Board’s approval for the letter, signed by the chair and then faxed to Lane Community College so they might be able to take action at their meeting tonight to appoint their college representatives to this group.  She added the letter also indicates direction from the Board to have the Lane County Public Works Department staff this committee, as it will be gathering information for future policy decisions and there would need to be an open meetings process with minutes taken.  She said they identified that staff resource coming from Public Works.


Sorenson asked to have his name taken off.


Weeldreyer noted that Sorenson had indicated  by an earlier E-mail that he was interested in helping with this issue.


Sorenson said helping was one thing, but getting appointed to another committee was something else.


Morrison stated with Sorenson’s decline, that she would fill in the gap.


MOTION:  to send the letter to LCC as modified.


Dwyer MOVED, Weeldreyer SECONDED.


Sorenson read the changes into the record:  in the second paragraph, the Board formally appointed Commissioner Weeldreyer as Commissioner of the District and Commissioner Morrison to serve on this coordinating committee (page 1).  He noted on page 2,  second paragraph, second sentence:  “in addition to County and college representatives, we are suggesting that other stakeholders who will be impacted by these changes include representatives from the Oregon Army National Guard, the U.S. Department of the Navy, Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Oak Hills School, the residential neighbors to the north of 30th Avenue,  the businesses that parallel and other potential stakeholders.”  He said on page 3, the word “Army”  needs to be placed between “Oregon” and “National Guard.”


VOTE: 4-0.


Kitty Piercy, State Representative, asked the Board to reconsider the closure of Passages as part of their budget document.  She said it is worthy of more consideration.  She said two men begged her to do what she could to preserve the Passages program as it had saved their lives.  She said as a state legislator, she had heard many presentations about the high cost of repeat offenders.  She said the closure of Passages seemed counterintuitive to the prevention and treatment model they talked about supporting.  She noted that there was a low recidivism rate of those that go through the program and it cost $55 per day.  She said the second issue was the process.  She said that no notice was given to the non-profit before the recommendation was made.  She added it took them by surprise and it was disrespectful.  She expressed her concern.


Dwyer said they were in a bind.  He asked what the timelines were for budget opportunities, otherwise there is no opportunity to resurrect something that had been taken away.  He said if the program works and there is an opportunity, he would like to keep it working.


Van Vactor reported at the PSCC meeting last Thursday, representatives of Passages where there and many people spoke.  He noted the PSCC committee recommended the closing of Passages.  He said in the course of the discussion, Passages people indicated that they had not renewed their lease and it is expiring.  He said he didn’t know if they could renew.  He added they are already sending current participants in the program to other facilities and it is partially shut down.  He recalled last fall there was a budget discussion because there wasn’t enough money to maintain all of the CCA programs and the Forest Work Camp.  He noted the discussion centered around that in the past with regard to the CCA programs.  He said there had been a lapse and everyone agreed to have that pattern repeat, taking the lapse money and funding the Forest Work Camp.  He noted that no programs would need to be cut.  He said the direction was clear that that was not the case of other CCA programs which would be reduced because the Forest Work Camp was a high priority of the Sheriff’s and Board of Commissioners.  He noted they didn’t know until late in the fiscal year that the lapse wasn’t there and there would need to be cuts.  He said the CCC committee of the PSCC met and everyone was to come with ideas to reduce CCA programs.  Rockstroh recommended cutting Passages without impacting other programs.  He said that Passages did have a representative in attendance and they learned about the closure the same time as everyone else.


Morrison noted there was an open process at the Community Corrections Committee meeting.  She said they did their best to maintain current programs with the dollars and be creative with prevention and intervention around drug and alcohol treatment.  She said her concern is that the state for over ten years has been funding alcohol and drug treatment programs and she had failed to see any changes in the statistical numbers in the State of Oregon.  She added there needs to be flexibility around dollars.


Van Vactor noted the recommendation from the full PSCC will be coming to the Board on June 27.


There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson recessed the meeting at 10:25 a.m.


Commissioner Sorenson re-opened the session to hear public comment.


Peter Farris, 6201 Hollis, and Eugene, stated there were three people who were coming in to testify.  He said he will ask those people to leave their comments with the Board.  He mentioned that staff has been looking at language in the resolution and he has language that the Delta employees had developed.  He offered it to Van Vactor for his review.


There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson recessed the meeting at 10:27 a.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary