May 11, 2000

5:15 p.m.

Commissioners’Conference Room



PRESENT:  Marie Bell, Verna Brown, David Crowell, Mary Ann Holser, Angel Jones; Commissioners Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison, Peter Sorenson and Cindy Weeldreyer.  Commissioner Bill Dwyer was excused.  Also present were Bill Van Vactor, David Garnick, Tanya Heaton and Greta Utecht.  Melissa Zimmer, Recording Secretary.




Evelyn Anderton, Parole and Probation, urged the Board to maintain support for the Domestic Violence Program in Parole and Probation.  She said they are close to a system that makes a difference for domestic violence in Lane County.  She warned that taking away the program would dismantle the system.


Emily Heilburn, Coordinator of Domestic Violence Council, asked the Board to support funding for Parole and Probation for misdemeanor domestic violence.  She said the department is faced with the elimination of four positions that could supervise domestic violence offenders.  She added that the domestic violence system carries out what is ordered by the judge.  She noted that many offenders are dangerous and will become more violent if not dealt with by strong supervision.  She urged the Board to maintain the Domestic Violence program in Parole and Probation.



Dave Garnick, Budget Analyst, reported that $99,196 in Health and Human Services, would restore 1 FTE to Parole and Probation, but it would not be in the Domestic Violence work area.


MOTION: to pass the Technical Adjustments for Health and Human Services Increase Revenue and Expense for $99,196.


Brown MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 8-0 (Jones absent.)


Garnick reported that for the District Attorney, by swapping expenses and eliminating an office position, would be able to increase revenue and decrease reduction in the amount of $12,500 in general fund revenue.


MOTION: to approve the Technical Adjustment to increase revenue and decrease reduction in the amount of $12,500.




VOTE: 8-0.


Garnick reported that for the Sheriff’s Office Enviro Deputy, funding would come from Public Works, the Road Fund and Parks.


Van Vactor noted it was a pilot project using a half-time deputy that had appropriate powers instead of full-time and using private security to make up part of the difference.


MOTION: for a technical adjustment for an Enviro Deputy in the amount of $104,000.


Weeldreyer MOVED, Brown SECONDED.


VOTE: 8-0.


On elected official salary increases, Garnick noted there was a difference of $28,249.  He stated a two-percent cost of living was included for the Justice of the Peace and District Attorney.


With regard to the Discretionary General Fund portion, Garnick reported there was room for a two-percent cost of living.  He said the estimated total costs would be 55% of $848,000.


With regard to overtime in the Sheriff’s Department, Van Vactor said he asked to review overtime in Public Safety to get a better understanding of what is driving it.  He suggested working with the problem in the next fiscal year.  He recommended taking $100,000 out of the cash balance to fund it.


Bell suggested giving more money to Parole and Probation.


Weeldreyer discussed the recent computer virus.  She suggested an add package to provide equipment to minimize impact and the loss of productivity.  She added there needs to be a way to mitigate some of the impacts so they do not lose more productive time.


Van Vactor responded that he and Gary Ingram discussed the problem, that Public Safety had a higher priority.  He added the money needed to come from somewhere and more than two-thirds of the budget was dedicated to Public Safety.


Jan Clements, Sheriff, stated the INET detective needed to be funded at approximately $70,000 and a Dunes deputy for $40,000.  He noted the proposed  elected official salary increases in the proposed budget that were not passed on would total $25,000.  He suggested the revenue generated by one additional Traffic Team deputy would be a total of $50,000 for an INET detective.  He added they could come up with the additional $20,000 by foregoing $20,000 in indirect.  He noted they are $20,000 short for the Dunes deputy.  He said the recommendation was to go with video lottery funds as the Dunes deputy could serve as an educational piece.


On the Dunes patrol, Morrison noted there was a chance that next year the dunes may be off limits due to the endangered species and roadless initiatives.  She said she was optimistic about the future.  She suggested taking the $20,000 to fund the Dunes patrol out of materials and services.


Weeldreyer stated that the subject of education was broad and thought the Dunes patrol could use education around safety.  She suggested using video lottery funds for either the INET detective or Dunes patrol.


Clements noted the use of economic development funds was also an option.


MOTION: to approve allocating $28,000 from the general fund for an INET detective; approve revenue generated by one additional Traffic Team Deputy for an INET detective; $17,000 in video lottery funds for educational purposes to be determined by the Sheriff’s Office;  $20,000 in video lottery funds for similar purposes at the Sheriff’s Office’s discretion for formal education with the idea of funds moved into those replaced in the general fund to fund the Dunes patrol.


Crowell MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


Garnick noted the total would be $90,000:  $70,000 for INET and $20,000 for Dunes patrol.  He added the breakdown would be $28,000 from the general fund, $25,000 from Traffic Team Deputy, $17,000 from video lottery funds for education and $20,000 in video lottery funds for the Sheriff’s Office. 


Crowell amended the motion to add $100,000 to come out of reserve from the Finn Plan for overtime for the Sheriffs Office.


Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 9-0 (Angel Jones present).


MOTION: to have the Budget Committee take $21,232 out of the video lottery reserve for the 2000-2001 dues for Fiber Optic for Community education and development.


Weeldreyer MOVED, Brown SECONDED.


VOTE: 8-1 (Morrison dissenting).


MOTION: to place $107,000 to the general fund from care rental tax for the fiscal year and $114,474 of anticipated care rental tax for parks and open space fund.


Sorenson MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 9-0.


MOTION: to put any unexpended funds in operational reserves.


Brown MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 9-0.


MOTION: to approve the entire FY 2000-01 Budget with all previously agreed upon adjustments, additions and reductions.


Crowell MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 9-0.


MOTION: to approve the entire FY 2001-01 permanent tax rate and bond tax levy amount as shown on the attachment marked comparative summary of property tax levies and rates.


Crowell MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 9-0.


There being no further business, Commissioner Green adjourned the meeting at 7:10 p.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary


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