October 30, 2000

Florence Events Center


5:15 p.m. - WORKING DINNER

APPROVED 3/14/01


Commissioner Anna Morrison presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Bobby Green, Sr. and Cindy Weeldreyer present.  Peter Sorenson was excused.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.


Morrison presented to the City of Florence, a check in the amount of $123,956.40.  She also presented a check to Dunes City in the amount of $66,888.20.


1. Clear Lake and Canary Road Project Update.


Ollie Snowden, Public Works, presented a progress report on the Clear Lake and Canary Road project.  He said the contractor had completed work on the Canary Road  Project  from the park boundary to Clear Lake Road. He said there was slope failure, but it was not a major problem and they would be installing a culvert in that ditch.  He said it would not be a long-term project.  He noted for Clear Lake Road, there are two projects, (from Highway 101 to Jensen Lane) and they are acquiring right-of-way. He said it should be about $900,000.  He added the remaining section of Clear Lake Road (from Jensen to Canary Road) is in the CIP for Fiscal 2002/2003.


2. Statewide Transportation Improvement Program Priorities.


Snowden distributed ODOT projects. (Copy in file.)  He explained that ODOT was changing the way in which it gets public comment on its modernization projects.  He said this year was a different process and the list was proposals from Region 2.  He said the projects that the four area groups agreed to send onto ODOT as their recommendation for projects would be funded in Fiscal 2004/2005.  He hoped that Lane County would be getting close to $4.8 million.  He noted that ODOTís modernization money had diminished.  He recommended that the Peterson Tunnel project be put on the list.


3. ODOT Local Street Network Project Priorities.


Snowden said they were requested to set priorities in Region 2 for the bond fund approved by the state legislature last session to fund local projects beneficial to state highways.  He said the list included the Oak Street project in Florence.


4. Florence Shops Status Report.


Dale Wendt, Public Works, reported they had three sheds for roof overlay, replacing siding and having the moss chemically treated.  He noted that one of the subcontractors pressure washed the roof and released the asbestos on the roof.  He said because the material was wet when it came off, the majority stayed where it landed on the shrubbery behind the sheds, but some went into the shed.  He said when they discovered they had a problem, the primary concern was the day care center in the Airport Center Building in the northwest corner.  He noted they set up air monitoring stations and took dust samples.  He added the samples had no traces of asbestos.  He said the childcare center was operating and they are monitoring the air daily. He said within ten days the new metal roofs would be installed and all areas cleaned.  He thanked the City of Florence and the citizens for their help.


5. Highway 126 Corridor Study.


Snowden said he learned that ODOT hoped to use a different format for this corridor study than what was planned.  He noted it was a contract between ODOT and LCOG.  He said ODOT has a corridor study report on I-5 and will use that as a model on Highway 126 West. He said the study identifies existing conditions and would develop a project list and an early action.  He said because of the change, the timeline would be delayed by a few months.  He noted LCOG was working on a letter to the steering committee members.  He said it would be a year from now when the next study is done and sent onto the transportation division.  He said this was the only corridor study that ODOT was funding in Region 2.  He added that ODOT was looking at state highways that should receive an expressway classification.  He noted ODOT staff had identified Highway 126 as one candidate.


6. DISCUSSION Florence Jail.


Alan Burns, Mayor of Florence, reported there was talk about having a Western Lane County Jail.  He said the City of Florence asked if the County was interested into looking at the Florence Justice Center for more use as a jail versus a holding facility.


Van Vactor asked who would fund and operate it.


Burns responded that needed to be worked out, but if the County was not interested, he would not pursue it.


Van Vactor recommended Sheriff Jan Clements coming to the Board for a work session and inviting representatives from the City of Florence for a discussion.


Burns said there is a 30-bed facility that was not being used to its full potential.  He said at some point they should make it productive.


Morrison noted through the PSCC, Lane County put up a special governance committee that is looking at the system and how to simplify things.


7. Parks SDC.

Bob Keefer, Former Parks Manager, said he brought the Parks 2005 plan to the Board and within the plan there was a funding mechanism for capital development.  He said they decided to use more funds for operating and maintaining the parks and looking for other sources for development.  He said they discussed system development charges.  He noted from July 1999 to April 2000 they worked on the SDC and brought it forward to the Board on April 26.  He said they were requesting that the County parks SDC of $450 per residential dwelling be assessed inside the cities.


Keefer said if they are going to have a system of parks, shared funding should be considered.  He recommended that 25% of the funds received through the County parks SDC be shared with the cities.  He said, based on about 2,000 building permits per year in all of Lane County, it would amount to $210,000 available to the cities.  He said if all cities collect the fees, they would be split 40% equally among the cities and 60% per capita.  He said that would be $11,000 per year for capital expansion funds for the Florence park system.  He noted it could not be used for maintenance or replacing existing recreation facilities. He recommended in the first year they try to determine what the actual costs are for collecting fees and then going to a three-year program on a percentage basis.  He stated they would continue to make improvements to Harbor Vista and the campground and Heceta Beach.  He noted the investments in Florence parks in the past five years included $250,000 improvements to Harbor Vista campgrounds with new paved roads and expanded facilities.  He said these and other projects all affect the city residents of Florence.


Lonnie Iholtz, City of Florence, stated he had concerns about park acquisition, as Florence canít maintain the parks they have today.  He added that parks are not a top priority.


Burns asked if a parks and recreation district was formed within Florence, the city may be out of the parks business and asked where the funding would go.


Keefer stated that Lane County could not collect the SDC within the city limits of Florence without the City Councilís approval.  He recommended that if a city did not support collecting a fee, revenue sharing should not go to the city.


Keefer noted he sent a memo to the cities asking for a letter of concurrence.  He said they moved the public hearing to December 6, with an implementation date set for the beginning of March.


There being no further business, Commissioner Green adjourned the meeting at 7:00 p.m. (Morrison left early).


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary


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