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APPROVED 11/7/00 


September 19, 2000

following SPEC Meeting

Camp Lane




To be held later.




a. DISCUSSION Letter to Federal Highway Administration Regarding Rule-Making for TEA 21 Highway Funds for Rural Areas.


Commissioner Weeldreyer said the letter (copy on file) is what NACo sent, except for the second paragraph where she had talked about Oregon and how we have a pretty good relationship which allows rural communities and counties to work together with ODOT.


There was a discussion regarding the language differentiation between rural communities and counties.


Weeldreyer moved to approve sending this letter to U.S.D.O.T over the signature of the Chair of the Board of Commissioners, with copies to Lane County Public Works, Oregon Department of Transportation, Association of Oregon Counties and the National Association of Counties.


Commissioner Morrison Seconded.


The motion passed unanimously.  



ORDER 00-9-19-1 Delegating Authority To Satisfy Lien.


The Board Order was read into the record by Commissioner Sorenson.


Commissioner Weeldreyer moved approval.  Seconded by Commissioner Morrison.


There was a discussion regarding the history of the property, where it was located and if this was a fair price.  Commissioner Weeldreyer reported that it was an eyesore and health issue and has been drug infested for at least 10 years.


Commissioner Morrison also noted that the responsibility for clean-up on the property would be removed from the County.


The motion passed unanimously.


There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson recessed the regular meeting.


Jerry Pierce

Recording Secretary


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