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Only the following Ordinances and Orders for 1981 are currently available on-line.

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JANUARY 14, 1981

Ordinance PA 849 Adopting Amendment to the Long Tom-Fern Ridge Subarea Plan (PA 80-375). (PASSED) (PDF format)

JANUARY 28, 1981

Ordinance PA 850 Adopting the Lane County Parks and Open Space Master Plan (PASSED) (PDF format)

FEBRUARY 18, 1981

Ordinance 1-81 Amending Chapter 5 of Lane Code to Delete LC 5.250, Appointment of Dog Control Board; Reimbursement for Loss of Livestock Claims. (PASSED) (PDF format)

Ordinance PA 845 Rezoning Certain Land from RR-2 to CT (ZC 80-198) (PASSED) (PDF format)

MARCH 11, 1981

Ordinance 2-81 Amending Chapter 10 of Lane Code to Allow Commercial Rabbit Raising as a Conditional Use in the Agt Zone. (PASSED) (PASSED) (PDF format)

MAY 6, 1981

Ordinance 9-81 Amending Chapter 6 of Lane Code with Regard to LC 6.997 to Provide Reward for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction for Acts of Arson, Theft or Vandalism at County Facilities. (PASSED) (PDF format)

MAY 8, 1981

Ordinance 5-81 Amending Chapters 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15 of Lane Code Relative to Land Use Applications to (1) Extend the Authority of the Lane Use Hearings Official for Certain Applications Authority, (2) Revise Appeal Procedures, (3) Assign Certain Applications Authority to the Planning Director, and (4) Make Certain Housekeeping Revisions: Adopting an Emergency Clause with Some Exceptions and a Severability Clause (PASSED as Amended)

(NOTE: Ordinance # 6-81 was not used.)

MAY 13, 1981

Ordinance 10-81 Amending Chapter 6 of Lane Code to Repeal Provisions for Outdoor Assemblies. (PASSED)

Ordinance 7-81 Amending Chapter 6 of Lane Code to Revise Provisions for Outdoor Assemblies [DISMISSED 5/13/81].

MAY 27, 1981

Ordinance 11-81 Amending Chapter 2 of Lane Code Regarding LC 2.280 (2) to Provide a Uniform Procedure and Standard Criteria When Determining Employee Layoff and Declaring an Emergency. (PASSED) (PDF format)

JUNE 3, 1981

Ordinance 8-81 Amending Chapter 5 and 6 of Lane Code to with Regard to LC 5.800, 5.990 and 6.600 to Classify Illegally Dumped Rubbish as an Infraction and Provide a Prima Facie Case and Declaring an Emergency. (PASSED) (PDF format)

JUNE 10, 1981

Ordinance 12-81 Amending Chapter 10 of Lane Code to Revise the Use, Criteria, Minimum Area and Procedure Requirements of the EFU, A-1, A2, FM, F-1, F-2 and FF Districts and Related Changes to Other Portions of Chapter 10; Make Certain Housekeeping Revisions; and Adopt an Emergency Clause and a Severability Clause (TABLED 6/10/81)

AUGUST 5, 1981

Ordinance PA 852 Adopting Amendment to the Coastal Subarea Plan (PA 81-12). (PASSED) (PDF format)

AUGUST 19, 1981

Ordinance 13-81 Amending Chapter 10 of Lane Code to Add FF-20, GR-10, GR-I and GR-II Districts to Certain Subsections of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) Section. (PASSED) (PDF format)

Ordinance 14-81 Amending Chapter 5 of Lane Code Regarding Dog Licenses and Other Fees. (PASSED) (PDF format)

(NOTE: Ordinance # 15-81 was not used.)

SEPTEMBER 23, 1981

Ordinance 16-81 Amending Chapter 2 of Lane Code (LC 2.260) to Delegate to the General Administrator Authority to Approve Reclassifications. (PASSED) (PDF format)

OCTOBER 7, 1981

Ordinance 17-81 Establishing Reapportioned District Boundaries for Election of County Commissioners. (PASSED) (PDF format)

NOVEMBER 25, 1981

Ordinance 18-81 Amending Chapters 10, 13 and 14 of Lane Code to Provide for 1) Mandatory Referral of Partition and Subdivision Applications to the West Lane Planning Commission, 2) Reinserting Both Planning Commissions in to Quasi-Judicial Zone Changer Process, 3) Making Certain Housekeeping Revisions, and Setting an Effective Date. (PASSED) (PDF format)

Ordinance PA 853 Adopting an Amendment to the Eugene-Springfield Area 2000 Transportation Plan, a Component of the Comprehensive Plan for the County of Lane, Relative to the North Springfield Area. (PASSED) (PDF format)

DECEMBER 9, 1981

Ordinance 19-81 Amending Chapter 2 of the Lane Code Revise Procedures with Regard to Initiative and Referendum. (PASSED) (PDF format)

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