SAV-IT Program 

Savings Are Valuable to Individual Taxpayers (SAV-IT) 
was created and endorsed by the Board of Commissioners to solicit from and administer awards to County residents for cost saving proposals.

The SAV-IT Program will solicit and review cost-saving ideas from the community. Among the Board’s guiding principles is accountability that Lane County “will always strive to get the most benefit from our available resources.” Exploring community members’ cost-saving ideas will help achieve this goal.

How does it work?

The SAV-IT COMMITTEE is composed of seven (7) members, identified as follows:

  • Five (5) members, one selected by each member of the Board of Commissioners.
  • Two (2) members from the SAVE Committee to be appointed by the Board following recommendations from the SAVIT Committee.
  • Increase productivity, employee motivation; and  life and use of tools, equipment or supplies.
  • Committee members shall serve two (2) year terms. Proposals are evaluated by the committee and those determined to be eligible are forwarded to the Lane County Board of Commissioners for recognition.


Click here for the SAV-IT proposal form