DATE: July 19, 2016

CONTACT: Diana Avery, (541) 682-8781

The Lane County Board of Commissioners is seeking applications from citizens interested in serving on the advisory committee listed below.  The committee advises the Board of Commissioners on a wide variety of topics and issues.  Details about the committee and its composition, meeting schedule etc., are listed below.

PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Makes recommendations to the Public Health Administrator and advises the Board of Health and the Board of Commissioners on matters of public health, planning, policy development, control measures, funding, public education and advocacy; and acts in a community liaison capacity to provide a link between the community and the Public Health Division.

MEETING SCHEDULE:  Second Monday of the month from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

VACANCIES: Two (2): One (1) At-Large positions and one (1) designated to be filled by a person “licensed by the state as a health care practitioner”.

TERM: The positions are 4 year terms (commencing 9/2016 and ending on 8/31/2020).

MEMBERSHIP:  Consists of twelve (12) members with a broad public health interest and concern, not limited to single interests or issues.  Committee representation shall include geographic, socioeconomic, and professional interests.  Membership shall include: five (5) persons “licensed by this state as health care practitioners” and seven (7) “persons who are informed on and interested in public health matters”. (ORS 431.412 (5) (a) (b) Public members with diverse backgrounds are preferred.  County employees are not eligible for membership.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  5 p.m., August 17 2016.

Applications are available on line at and in the Board of Commissioners' Office located on the 2nd floor of the Public Service Building, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene.  To request an application by mail, please call 541-682-4203. 


DATE: June 28, 2016

SUBJECT: Community Health Council

CONTACT: Rochelle Black, 541-682-4161  

The Lane County Board of Commissioners is seeking applications from citizens interested in serving on the Community Health Council.  The committee advises the Board of Commissioners on topics and issues related to the Community Health Centers of Lane County, a Federally Qualified Health Center, and also serves as the governing board for the Health Centers.  Details about the Council and its composition, meeting schedule and the requirements for service on the Council follow:

COMMUNITY HEALTH COUNCIL: Provides assistance and advice to the Board of Commissioners and the Health & Human Services (H&HS) Department's Community Health Centers of Lane County (CHCLC) in promoting its mission to provide comprehensive health care that is quality-driven, affordable and culturally competent to the people of Lane County. The Community Health Council will provide input and feedback to generally advise the development, implementation and evaluation of CHCLC programs, including but not limited to all programs funded through the Federal Bureau of Primary Health Care Grant(s). This may include providing feedback and advice regarding the health care needs of Lane County residents. One goal of the Community Health Council is to review marketplace trends and to provide assistance and advice which reflect the economic realities of the marketplace. The Council works with the H&HS/CHCLC's management team and with community leaders to actively engage in long-term strategic planning to build sustainability for the centers.

MEMBERSHIP:  The Council has a membership range of 9 to 15.

MEETING SCHEDULE:  Monthly.  The Council meets the third Tuesday of every month from 5:15-7:15 p.m. at the Delta Oaks Clinic at 1022 Green Acres Road in Eugene.  This meeting location is convenient to bus routes.  Meals are provided and stipends are available to offset transportation and other costs which may be associated with meeting attendance

VACANCY:  The Council is seeking up to five consumer members.  To qualify as a consumer, the candidate must be a current registered patient of the Community Health Centers of Lane County and must have accessed services at any of the Health Center locations within the past twenty four months.  Lane County is particularly interested in attracting consumer members who can represent those who utilize mental health services and/or those who utilize pediatric services.  A legal guardian of a consumer who is a dependent child or adult, or a legal sponsor of an immigrant may also be considered a consumer. In an effort to ensure the Council is representative of the community at large, Lane County is also interested in attracting consumer members who live in Commissioner District 1 (West Lane County), Commissioner District 4 (North Eugene) and Commissioner District 5 (East Lane County).

TERM: Four (4) year terms with a limit of two (2) consecutive terms of membership.  When vacancies occur during the unexpired term of a member, the Council may nominate a new member to the Board of Commissioners for consideration for appointment for the duration of the term.  Such appointees shall serve as members of the Council until the end of the terms of the outgoing members, except in the case of vacancies occurring within the last 6 months of a term, which shall be for the remaining term of the vacancy plus 4 years.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Thursday, July 29, 2016, 12:00 p.m.


DATE:  June 1, 2016

CONTACT:  Mo Young,

EQUITY AND ACCESS ADVISORY BOARD:  The mission of the Equity and Access Advisory Board is to guide and advise the County Administrator on policies and practices surrounding equity, inclusion and access in both internal and external matters.  The Advisory Board will work towards ensuring that:

  • All County services and programs are provided equitably, and that access to those services and program resources are responsive to and inclusive of the divers needs of the communities served;

  • Recruitment, retention and advancement practices of the County are equitable and inclusive;

  • County staff has the ability and opportunity to communicate equity issues to management in a safe environment;

  • Performance of the County as an organization will be continuously assessed through the adoption and implementation of an equity and access tool;  

  • Providing quality services to rural and geographically remote areas will be a priority; and

  • All meetings, minutes and documents of the Advisory Board subject to the requirements of Oregon public meetings and public records law will be made accessible to the public.

MEETINGS:  Monthly, or as needed

MEMBERSHIP:  Up to fifteen (15) members and not fewer than nine (9) members.

VACANCIES:              Between nine (9) and fifteen (15) members.

GEOGRAPHIC MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Advisory Board members must live within the geographical boundaries of Lane County.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  5:00p.m., Thursday, July 29, 2016

Applications are available online at and in the Board of Commissioner’s Office located at the Lane County Public Service Building, 125 East 8th Avenue in Eugene.

APPLICATION SUBMITTAL:  Hard copy applications can be turned in at the Lane County Public Service Building, 125 East 8th Avenue in Eugene.  Applications may be submitted by e-mail to:  To request an application by mail, please call 541-682-4203.