FY 11 12 General Fund Service Option Sheets (SOS) 
Summary List of Service Option Sheets     
    SOS Summary  
    How to Read a SOS  
Assessment & Taxation   
    Property Tax Assmt, Collection & Distribution  
Children & Families  
    Resource Development Prevention Programs  
District Attorney  
    Family Law  
    Kids First  
    Prosecution of Juvenile Defendants / Dependency Court  
    Prosecution of Adult Defendants  
Health & Human Services  
    Alcohol / Drug Addiction Treatment for Offenders  
    Animal Field & Kennel Services  
   Basic Health & Safety Support for DD Adults  
    Communicable Disease Control  
    At-Risk Children w/ Dev. Disabilities  
    Human Services  
    Health Services High Risk Pregnant Women / Infants  
    Psychiatric Hospitalization - Transition Team  
    Veterans Services  
    Women, Infants & Children Nutrition Program  
Justice Courts  
    Justice Courts  
Management Services  
    Board of Property Tax Appeals  
    Elections and Voter Registration  
    Marriage Licenses Domestic Partnerships  
    Recording and Public Records Research  
Sheriff's Office  
    Civil Process, Inmate Transport and Court Security  
    Disaster Management  
    Mandatory and Evidence-Based Inmate Services  
    Violent and Sex Crime Investigations  
    Violent Offender Jail Capacity  
    Law Enforcement and 9-1-1 Response  
    Marine Patrol, Enforcement and Water Rescue  
    Offender Community Service  
    Offender Work Release  
    Resident Deputies  
    Search and Rescue  
    Supervision of Offenders in the Community  
    Traffic Safety  
Youth Services  
    Youth Services Administration  
    Youth Offender Intake and Supervision  
    Secure Custody & Treatment for Youth