900 Greenwood St
Florence, OR 97439



Office Hours
9:00am - 1:00pm
Monday - Thursday
Closed Friday

There are occasions where hours and funtions change, so please call first if you plan to make a long trip.

Justice of the Peace
Richard B. Brissenden, II
Lane County Justice Court 

Attention: Central Lane and Oakridge Justice Courts

The Central Lane Justice Court and Oakridge Justice Court have merged with the Florence Justice Court, which is now simply called Lane County Justice Court

Contact the Lane County Justice Court in Florence for assistance with Central court cases.

Under the provisions of Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapters 51, 52, and 153, the Lane County Justice Court is responsible for the adjudication of violations and misdemeanors filed as violations of traffic, truck-overload, truancy, civil complaints, Lane County Code violations (such as animal regulation, parks, Lane ESD, and waste management complaints) and related post-adjudicative processes.

Court Etiquette:

  • Arrive early
  • Be polite and courteous to the Judge, to all court personnel, and those around you.
  • Cellular phones and pagers must be muted or turned off.  Recording equipment is not allowed.
  • Dress appropriately - suitable attire is required:  Shoes and shirts must be worn.  No shorts, tank tops, or excessively soiled, damaged, or ill-fitting clothing is allowed in the courtroom.  Remove hats upon entering the courtroom.
  • No smoking, food, drink or gum are allowed in the courtroom.
  • Children may be present in the courtroom; however, if they disturb the proceedings, please remove them from the courtroom.  The Court does not provide child care services.
  • Weapons are prohibited in the courtroom, and the building.

The Justice Court is not a part of the Lane County Circuit Court, which is housed in the county's courthouse and operated by the State of Oregon Judicial Department. For information about the Circuit Court, call the state court offices at 541-682-4020 or visit their web site at

Important: You CANNOT file paperwork or make pleas by emailing to the webmaster or justice courts, and these types of contacts DO NOT constitute an appearance by a defendant OR a written explanation. You must contact the specific court in writing through standard mail, or appear in court.

Please note:  If your license has been suspended for failing to pay your fine it is the court's procedure is to mail the license clearance to the DMV headquarters in Salem, Oregon.  We cannot guarantee when your clearance will be received and processed by the DMV.  If your license is due to be suspended soon (or if it is already suspended) and you need a clearance immediately, you may come to the court Tuesday - Thursday between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to pick up a copy of your clearance to take directly to a local DMV office.